Judith’s last shuffle of the Chess board 

National Party Caucus

In the end it may have been Nick Smith’s penchant for putting Nick first that sealed his fate.

The factions have been moving and sounding out possible votes to challenge Judith and Nick was always up for grabs. Replacing him with Harete Hipango looks like a win for Judith because Hipango is a Collins cheerleader, but ultimately it could prove disastrous because Hipango’s fundamentalist Christianity would serve Luxon and the Lamb over Crusher.

National have no policy and no way to combat the solidarity that the unique universal experience of Covid has created, all they have is fear and resentment.

Unfortunately those are the two most powerful forces in politics.

The segregation and separatism stuff was too ham fisted but the teaching white privilege and free speech for gender critical feminists is culture war dynamite.

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Fight the culture war in a way that gets cut through or generate real policies. Those are the two choices for Judith – this is her last reshuffle of the Chess Board before her own Caucus checkmate her.

Judith needs to be less Crusher and more Defender.

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  1. One person among “that lot” who is looking quite chipper lately is Nicola Willis (saw her comments on recent events) – Could she be the one to replace Collins? …Given that the “bad boys club” is looking grimmer by the day, while Luxon’s zealotry might be too ott for some of them.

  2. National will continue to suffer from their initial and continued failure to understand the seriousness of the virus outbreak and accept that a coalition response was/is required. I think most NZers are still more than content to live in our bubble and just see National’s continued sniping as pathetic politicing and unpatriotic to the ‘war’ effort.

  3. The 2 ‘hit jobs’ whether they originated in the media party or the wider ‘red’ tent have come at a time when national was just starting to get traction. Don’t believe that this was a coincidence – it clearly was not. Neither of these hit jobs/behaviors are any part of Collins. She will be rightly pissed. Last time she was pissed on this type of issue she blew ILG brains all across the floor. I suspect Utu is coming and I’m sure there has been dodgy things going on in team red.

    • National don’t need hit jobs with Collivida in charge Frankie and why does anyone to do “hit jobs” on a self destructing blue tent. I seen some bizarre conspiracy theories in the past Frankie but even you’ve stretched your imagination to find one. A bit like the imaginary 11.7 billion dollar hole.

      “National Party leader Judith Collins says she was told about a Parliamentary Service inquiry into MP Nick Smithers months ago”

      “National Party leader Judith Collins refuses to confirm or deny having told MP Nick Smith of an imminent media story into his alleged bullying in the workplace, which he has cited as a reason for resigning.”

      “National Party leader Judith Collins warned her caucus early last month that media were about to break a scandal involving one of the party’s MPs. POLITIK has been told she did not name Nick Smithers, who on Monday resigned from Parliament, saying he was shortly to become the subject of a media story about an inquiry into his behaviour to staff being conducted by the Parliamentary Services Commission. But nothing appeared in the media after Collins’ warning. Then Collins told Smithers last Friday a story would appear this Tuesday. Smithers has said that it was his understanding that a story would appear which persuaded him to resign. But so far, no story has appeared other than those reacting to his resignation. It appears either by accident or intent that Collins forced Smither’s resignation because of her claims of the imminent publication of the story.


      Now Frankie, not once has the red tent been mentioned so your attempt at blame is as long a stretched bow as I have ever seen. Now imagine if Smithers had stayed, Smithers brains would be all across the floor.

        • Yet your’s is still a wild conspiracy as you haven’t produced one piece of evidence. My analysis as stated is backed by research of others, not just my opinion Frankie. Running around saying ‘it’s a hit job” is beyond you and the feckless ones and absolutely makes no sense, given the dismal state of the National party . Why would you need a hit job on a party that is in self destruct mode? Just ask Nick Smith.

      • Good post. I’ll say it again…Collins is ducking disaster. National have no chance unless the clean now out and bring fresh economy ideas soon. It’s not that hard because Labour is a disaster at running the country. Fuck Ashburton they say, let’s build a billion dollars cycle bridge…they cannot be serious!

        • If Labour are a disaster, National and ACT are a catastrophe of biblical proportions, Labour plan to build a bridge, National promised to build 10.

      • Why don’t you just call them deplorables like Hillary did. The easiest way to alienate voters to change side is to belittle them.

  4. “The segregation and separatism stuff was too ham fisted but the teaching white privilege and free speech for gender critical feminists is culture war dynamite.”
    I don’t understand this sentence. Can you please simplify?

  5. “The segregation and separatism stuff was too ham fisted but the teaching white privilege and free speech for gender critical feminists is culture war dynamite.”
    I don’t understand this sentence. Can you please simplify?

    • Can you please simplify?

      “Brown power scary” didn’t cut the mustard.

      “The (woke) inmates taking over the asylum” might work.

  6. Arrrh! That explains it! Hipango. I wrote to her a while ago when she was the opp Treaty MP for a very short time.
    She was fuckn useless then!
    Didn’t know fuck all about fuckn anything.

    I don’t know if she was even aware that she had been appointed the minister of Waitangi Treaty Negotiations!

    The Bain of Maori Oppression/Oppressors.
    The 3 “C’s”.
    Colonialism, Capitalism,

    The world would be a much better place without them.


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