Soooooo Judith was just making racist shit up?

'stealth radical “separatism” campaign'

Ummmm. Shouldn’t we talk about this?

Judith Collins says she hasn’t talked to Ngāi Tahu since alleging Government were going to give it ownership of water

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says National’s allegation that the Government is planning to give iwi partial ownership of the South Island’s water is based on a document the Government didn’t actually comission.

Using a single page from a leaked document, National leader Judith Collins alleged on Sunday that the Government was “transferring” 50 per cent of publicly-owned water assets in the South Island into Ngāi Tahu ownership.

National Party leader Judith Collins says she hasn’t contacted Ngāi Tahu since alleging the Government were going to give the iwi partial ownership of the South Island’s water.

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Collins has alleged this was part of a stealth radical “separatism” campaign from the Government, continuing a theme she has followed for several weeks.

“Labour’s proposal is yet another example of a radical interpretation of the Treaty that is leading New Zealand’s government towards a fifty-fifty ownership with iwi,” Collins said.

But Ngāi Tahu put out a furious press release saying Collins was wrong, and the iwi was only seeking co-governance of the assets – in order to keep them in public ownership.

Dr Te Maire Tau, chair of the iwi’s freshwater group, said Collins would have her facts set straight if she had contacted the iwi directly.

…so Judith’s example of this ‘stealth radical “separatism” campaign’ is a report the Government didn’t even write and she has gotten the wrong end of the stick over because it didn’t call for what she claims it does.

This attempt to paint out a ‘stealth radical “separatism” campaign’ is fucking Qanon lunacy.

Look, this is either the actions of a bumbling Leader under immense stress who is feeling the pressure of those disastrous Polls or this is the desperate actions of a vile politician who is willingly race baiting to unleash the worst of our angels.

Bashing Māori for political gain is so 2004.

This was the cell phone NZ was using when Don Brash did his infamously racist orewa speech.

That’s National right now – a Grandads phone howling at the Maaaaaaaaaaris.


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  1. And now even her own ministers are ducking for cover. Her days of lies, deciept and dirty politics are over. Whailoil needs a new partner?

    • Actually this is the most united I’ve seen the National caucus post-covid. There seems to be a lot of noise for unpopular “race baiting”. Campbell this morning was positively frothing and foaming.

      Do you really think forcing primary kids up in front of their class and shaming them for their white privilege is acceptable? This issue has got legs and the hysterical reaction from the feckless 4th estate highlight this.

      This represents the next step in NZ politics as consensus is on the wane and partisan gains ascendency.

      • United they stand but divided they fall, it’s only a matter of time and yes the race baiting has got legs but just does not resonate with voters. 5 % leadership is a sackable offense. When a party has to tell the media they are united, history shows the opposite is the truth.

        And do you think smacking Maori for not speaking English in school is acceptable?

        • I think that practice died out in the 60’s Bertie. Nowadays there are schools that teach Te Reo (as there should be) if you or your family are so inclined.

    • Her lies and bro bashing is pandering to the Natz base supporters who are properly racist rednecks and although dwindling in numbers they are still there whining to anyone within range. This is Natz mantra and will carry on with the next head rodent leader as long as the base is still there. Doomed to fail but heartwarming failure, long may it continue.

  2. Judith‘s “placid exterior” makeover left her internal grudge holding malevolence undisturbed.

    The appropriately termed “execution” of Ian Lees Galloway on TV demonstrated that, and her “what’s your problem?” brushing aside of her husbands nasty porn tinged attack on Jacinda Ardern. The Māori bashing shows where she is at. I guess the question is how many New Zealanders agree with her reactionary position.

    The 2023 election will be a major test for the successor generations to boomers.

  3. Judith amplifying racism is her nature. Anything for oxygen including deception. Upshot is that some of her supporters more than happy to call for a race war to ‘sort the Maori out, once and for all’ to make NZ a land of ‘one people’ ruled by White Mans Law. Even talk of armed insurrection as NZ now a dictatorial communist state apparently. I’m hoping this will blow up in her face by emboldening the really racist and downright insane to come out into the light and pour forth their poison all in Judith’s name, only to be ‘Trumped’ by Judith as she disavows them while blaming the left for the whole sorry saga, much to the horror and disgust of the majority of Kiwis. National Party may be forced to act before this happens as individual MP’s are not immune to ‘disappointed’ supporters relaying their displeasure.

  4. From the linked news story:

    “I think the New Zealanders I speak to want to be able to have open conversations about the Treaty of Waitangi, its place in our community, AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO REDUCE INEQUITY, without those conversations, always being reduced to accusations of racism,” (Nicola)Willis said.

    I highlighted the interesting phrase in caps. Inequity? Aha! We’re onto you Ms. Willis! As far as the disputes that arise between The Crown and maori groups go, framing the problem as inequity would be a good way to announce our current form of democracy does not recognise the combined losses of the past. Our democracy still argues over 50% of something, theoretically balanced by 50% of the other. But maori are not yet equal partners at the negotiating table. Inequity asks the true value of something to be recognised, or that of an accumulative loss – it is based around the concept of justice. Would that result in a maori co-governance model that has more than 50% share of state power for the sake of “overall fairness”? My goodness me, first Shane Reti campaigning for Labour, now Nicola Willis is revealed as a maori activist. Her secret agenda is sovereignty by stealth! Ngāi Tahu must stop these people giving them stuff, at least for the sake of their workload, but what chance do they have against such generosity?

  5. Really she is divisive and desperate not very good qualities to have for a PM, making her highly unsuitable to ever be our PM. National would have been better of leaving Bridges in there to have a go, instead they panicked and everything after that was an absolute shambles. At present I don’t see anyone in the National caucus who could have a crack. Despite the talk of Luxon being groomed he is just more of the same.

  6. I’ve been waiting for the words “lame duck” to pop up somewhere in the comments… Oh well, never mind… Collins’ official title on election night 2020, was “Caretaker”.. The Fourth estate kept up the pretense of relevance on her behalf until it was decided that the anointed leader could take over at the most politically advantageous point, which is coming up real soon, thanks to Collins allowing herself to be compromised like this.. She will have already agreed to a deal that allows her to continue making hay from her position… As the song goes “Tyre tracks right across your back but I can see you’ve had your fun”..

  7. As I said, she’s can go and retire to her Koru Lounge where she hears people saying things. Don’t believe she’s actually racist being married to a chinese-samoan, but she’s just totally the wrong leader or would be totally the wrong PM. Warmed-up has-been tv dinner. We need someone fresh, not Luxon either! I’d rather have Willis, but don’t know enough yet. I believe the sooner the better so we can get used to a new face. Still Martyn, why did Labour keep that report under cover if it’s that important? They keep way too much under cover to be transparent, as Jacinda prides herself. Any answers? Anyone…Bert..Covid is pa…you seem to know a lot…

    • Who said the report was under cover, you or Judith? Pretty sure it wasn’t Labour…

      “Ardern said there was a good reason the report had not been released prior.

      “That did not come back to Cabinet, it had not been approved by Cabinet and it was not government policy.

      “That was the reason it had not been released, because it did not have our final sign off and it was not our final declaration plan,” she said.

      There Jaspinda, it wasn’t “under cover”at all. I’m surprised you didn’t know as you seem to know everything. Why did you not know that this was just more National Party propaganda or race baiting. Speaking of which tell me, the know-er of all things, why does National not stand for election in the Maori seats, is that not seperatist, racist?

    • Ardern said there was a good reason the report had not been released prior.

      “That did not come back to Cabinet, it had not been approved by Cabinet and it was not government policy.

      “That was the reason it had not been released, because it did not have our final sign off and it was not our final declaration plan,” she said.

      Seems Collins was talking shit after nall.

  8. Jude has really jumped the shark this time.
    Unfortunately the shark looked up at the wrong time and is now in therapy.

  9. “…is a report the Government didn’t even write and she has gotten the wrong end of the stick…’

    Sheesh, you must watch too much Yankee TV.
    Trade in the “has gotten” for the simple “had”.

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