Why National’s race baiting won’t create another Don Brash Orewa Moment


The desperation of Judith to try and spark a political race war by calling the Māori Health Authority ‘segregation’ is an embarrassing way for her to end her leadership.

She is actually better than this and we should attempt to remember her as such.

There is a story for National to tell and proudly to take to the electorate, but this sad sorry race baiting ain’t it!

It’s not just the morality of blowing such an ugly dog whistle, it’s that the tactic won’t work!

NZ is different now than when Don Brash vomited his Orewa Speech up.

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We sing the National Anthem in both languages now.

Pakeha have a greater awareness of the injustice of our past.

Our children sing Māori songs in school.

The idea of Māori who have been failed by the system gaining their own agency sounds like a solution, not Māori privilege.

But most importantly, all the old boomer pakeha who get emotionally triggered when they hear Te Reo on the TV or Radio are dying out.

There will be no great reactionary tsunami of ‘one law for all’ petty bigotry masquerading as principle that will sweep aside Jacinda in 2023 because that election represents the first time in NZ political history when Gen X and Millennials are numerically larger than Boomers, and this next Generation don’t see Māori sovereignty as anything to be fearful of.

Judith pulled this stunt to stop haemorrhaging votes to ACT.

ACT have become the defacto Right Wing Values Party and their rise isn’t a fluke, it’s a true realignment on the Right, but this race baiting crap by National isn’t where ACT are making inroads, they are gaining traction from authentic Right Wing value issues like freedom of speech, gun rights and culture wars.

I think this is disastrous from Judith and a total misread of the electorate. The reactionary vote that Don Brash surfed with his Orewa Speech coalesces around Woke micro aggression policing and culture war hot buttons now, not Māori gaining their own Health Authority.

There just aren’t enough people frightened by Māori anymore for these tired tactics to work.


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    • If the MP from Mexico has his way, it looks as if workers/persons in New Zealand on non-valid visas, will be granted residency. Many of these are in fact Asian, and an unknown number are exploited Asians.

  1. I have never understood the call for targeted campaigns to stop Maori smoking or eating the wrong food. All the Maori I know speak and understand English and are not unable to read so why cannot they understand the messages put out for the general public
    . One area I feel Maori have been let down is by those that call themselves leaders as many are very overweight and not a good example to follow and others like Winston smoked

    • Gee trev as usual you are talking a whole lot of verbal diarrhea. We ain’t the only ones that smoke, drink and are over weight. And we ain’t the ones that have been in charge of this country in local and central government either we are a minority so don’t blame us for the fucken mess our country is in.

      • +1 covid is pa

        The reality is NZ, for better or worse, has a founding document that is about a bi-cultural relationship and division of assets and ownership in NZ. This has not been honoured in many ways, but in particular under neoliberalism it is not honoured by selling off or giving away natural assets to foreign powers and individuals who control them, while allowing a third wave of immigration that is greater than the existing Maori population and thus creating new voter power base, and power and poverty transfers, massive demand on social welfare like health and superannuation, in a completely different direction from the treaty aims.

        The fact that disease and addiction has been used in history to dis empower and destroy populations (small pox/American Indians, opium wars/UK, Meth/opium/covid/China) is a valuable lesson in the legacy of such tactics.

        So to just blame the people involved without examining the sources of the danger, the legality of spreading harmful products and disease, and lack of effectiveness in stopping the above, to enable other power groups to benefit instead. (AKA opening border and MIQ to people who have Covid to work and increasing the community spread risks, as foreign Fishers, foreign sportspeople or foreigners studying/working in NZ, or those here and abroad want to go on internationals holidays to the risks of local people). (Running down our health system, allowing spread of diabetes, smoking, alcohol, tobacco

        Many of the harmful products are coming into NZ illegally with little regard to the vulnerable groups who take it up and seem to get off or with little penalty by the NZ legal system as money can be made from social deprivation (aka social bonds).

        https://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/abandoned-boat-leads-police-to-record-448m-haul-of-methamphetamine/77RJ7RVTXHSNEAVZ6IRF524GYA/ https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11842563 https://www.tvnz.co.nz/content/tvnz/onenews/story/2019/03/07/hold-filipino-shipping-agent-escapes-jail-time-after-225k-un-tax.html ).

        Where are the massive amounts of drugs/contraband coming from that have been streaming into NZ for 15 years and now being bought into NZ in massive quantities and dropped around our coasts?

        Cartels are scrambling’: Virus snarls global drug tradehttps://apnews.com/article/global-trade-tx-state-wire-china-ny-state-wire-virus-outbreak-4f0a4ca93cc2fee94d386efb13db31a0

        Yuancheng Group, also known as Wuhan Yuancheng Technology Development Co., Ltd., is a Chinese chemical manufacturing company headquartered in Wuhan, China. The company is a notable supplier of precursors for the manufacturing of illicit drugs, such as Methamphetamine and Fentanyl. Yuancheng has approximately 700 employees and 30 locations across China.[1] Yuancheng is designated as a New and High Technology Enterprise and therefore receives additional incentives from the Chinese government.

        Obviously no interest in the Uyghur pllight by the woke and government as well as the above when you want to continue to make individuals millionaires more money and get easy political donations.

          • Oh so now it’s a crime to inherit property from your family.
            Labour MPs alone own 73 properties, so what’s your point, apart from not being objective yet again.

            Data on New Zealand MPs’ financial interests reveals a large number of MPs own at least four properties.

            National MPs
            Nathan Guy (National, Ōtaki)

            Farmland dwellings (x4) – north of Levin
            Family home (owned by trust) – north of Levin
            Rental properties (x3, owned by trust) – Waikanae Beach, Wellington
            House (owned by trust) – Wellington
            Interests in commercial properties (x20) through Roof Above Head Superannuation Scheme’s investment in Te Waiiti Limited (Whangarei and Hastings), Vogler Limited (Tauranga, Ngāruawāhia, and Auckland), Tahi Limited (Auckland, Hamilton, and Porirua), 265 James Limited (Auckland, Hamilton, and Te Awamutu), Snell LP (Morrinsville, Auckland, Palmerston North, and Hamilton), and Kake Investments LP (Tauranga, Wellington, Hamilton, Rotorua, and Kūmeu)
            Dr Parmjeet Parmar (National, List)

            Residential rental property (R & P Parmar) – Remuera, Auckland
            Residential rental property (R & P Parmar) – Half Moon Bay, Auckland
            Commercial property (R & P Parmar) – Mt Wellington, Auckland
            Family home (owned by trust) – Eastern Beach, Auckland
            Residential rental property (Ninian Holdings Limited) – Manurewa, Auckland
            Residential rental property (Nanak Deep Investment Limited) – Bucklands Beach, Auckland
            Commercial and residential property (R P & M Parmar Partnership) – Flat Bush, Auckland
            Barbara Kuriger (National, Taranaki – King Country)

            Family home (owned by LS & BJ Kuriger Trusts Partnership) – New Plymouth
            Family home (owned by LS & BJ Kuriger Trusts Partnership) – Te Awamutu
            Dairy farm (owned by Shortland Farm Limited Partnership) – Ōpunake
            Dairy farm (owned by Shortland Farm Limited Partnership) – Ōpunake
            Dairy farm grazing unit, joint leasehold interest – Ōpunake
            Apartment (owned by LS & BJ Kuriger Trusts Partnership) – Wellington
            Amy Adams (National, Selwyn)

            Farm property (in trust) – Aylesbury
            Commercial property (in trust) – Templeton
            Commercial property (in trust) – Temuka
            Residential property (in trust) – Cromwell
            Residential property (in trust) – West Melton
            Residential apartment (in trust) – Wellington
            Jacqui Dean (National, Waitaki)

            Rented property (owned by superannuation scheme) – Ōāmaru
            Commercial office (owned by trust) – Ōāmaru
            Apartment (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wellington
            Apartment – Waikawa
            Rural block (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wairau Valley
            Apartment (owned by trust) – Ōāmaru
            Gerry Brownlee (National, Ilam)

            Property, Havelock, Marlborough
            Residential property (beneficial interest), Marlborough Sounds
            Residential property, Ilam, Christchurch
            Residential property, Bryndwr, Christchurch
            Residential property, Fendalton, Christchurch
            Andrew Bayly (National, Hunua)

            Family home (in trust) – Karaka
            Farm (in trust) – Tuakau
            Share of house (in trust) – Coromandel
            Share of property – Onehunga
            Apartment (in trust) – Wellington
            Nicky Wagner (National, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Christchurch
            Commercial property (jointly owned) – Christchurch
            Commercial property (jointly owned) – Christchurch
            Holiday home (owned by trust) – Picton
            Rental property (owned by superannuation scheme) – Blenheim
            Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi (National, List)

            Family home (owned by Bakshi Family Trust) – Auckland
            Investment properties (x2, owned by Kautha Trust) – Auckland
            Investment property (jointly held in partnership) – Auckland
            Investment property (owned by Bakshi Superannuation Scheme) – Auckland
            Simon Bridges (National, Tauranga)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Mātua, Tauranga
            Apartment (in St Catherines Superannuation Scheme) – Parnell, Auckland
            Apartment (in St Catherines Superannuation Scheme) – central Wellington
            Commercial property (owned by EHJ Property Limited) – central Tauranga
            Ian McKelvie (National, Rangitīkei)

            Family home (jointly owned), Whareroa, Taupō
            Farm land (owned by various entities), Manawatū
            Commercial property, Palmerston North
            Apartment (owned by trust), Wellington
            Dr Shane Reti (National, Whangarei)

            Commercial building – Whangarei
            Rental property – Kohimārama
            Residential property – Whangarei
            Residential property – Far North
            Alastair Scott (National, Wairarapa)

            Family home – Kelburn, Wellington
            Vineyard land (including house and winery buildings) – Masterton, Wairarapa
            Beach property – Ōhope, Whakatāne
            Beach property – Eastbourne, Wellington
            Scott Simpson (National, Coromandel)

            Family home (owned by trust) – Thames
            Rental property (owned by trust) – Remuera, Auckland
            Family home (owned by trust) – Kuaōtunu, Coromandel
            Land (owned by New Chums Trust) – Whangapoua, Coromandel
            Stuart Smith (National, Kaikōura)

            Family home (owned by Tayler-Smith Family Trust) – Dry Hills, Blenheim
            Apartment (owned by Tayler-Smith Family Trust) – Thorndon, Wellington
            Timeshare week (owned by Tayler-Smith Family Trust) – Queenstown Mews
            Rental property (owned by Tayler-Smith Family Trust) – Redwood, Blenheim
            Nicola Willis (National, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Karori, Wellington
            House – Kelburn, Wellington (owned by Appledore Trust of which Willis is a discretionary beneficiary)
            House – Riversdale, Wairarapa (owned by Appledore Trust of which Willis is a discretionary beneficiary)
            House – Wānaka (owned by Appledore Trust of which Willis is a discretionary beneficiary)
            Jonathan Young (National, New Plymouth)

            Family home – Vogeltown, New Plymouth
            Residential property – Paihia
            Residential property – Royal Heights, Auckland
            Residential property – Wellington
            David Bennett (National, Hamilton East)

            Dairy farms (x3) – Te Awamutu
            Drystock property – Te Awamutu
            Residential property – Hamilton
            Anne Tolley (National, East Coast)

            Residential house (jointly owned) – Ōhope
            Residential flat (owned by superannuation trust) – Wellington
            Commercial shops (x4, jointly owned) – Napier
            Hamish Walker (National, Clutha-Southland)

            Lifestyle property (owned by trust) – South Otago
            Family home (owned by trust) – Queenstown
            Apartments (x4) (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wellington
            Judith Collins (National, Papakura)

            Family home (owned by trusts) – Auckland
            Commercial and residential property (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wellington
            Residential property (owned by superannuation scheme) – Nelson
            Paula Bennett (National, Upper Harbour)

            Townhouse – Mt Eden, Auckland
            House (sold February 2020) – Ōrātia, Auckland
            House – Te Atatū Peninsula, Auckland
            David Carter (National, List)

            Farm property, Banks Peninsula
            Farm property, North Canterbury
            House, Marlborough Sounds
            Matt King (National, Northland)

            Family home – Ōkaihau
            Apartment – Wellington
            Farm – Ōkaihau
            Todd McClay (National, Rotorua)

            Family homes (x2, owned by trust) – Rotorua
            Family holiday home (owned by trust) – Pukehina
            Home (jointly owned) – Belgium
            Mark Mitchell (National, Rodney)

            Family home – Ōrewa, Auckland
            Apartment – Thorndon, Wellington
            Rental property (commercial) – Pukekohe, Auckland
            Maureen Pugh (National, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Turiwhate, West Coast
            Farm (jointly owned) – Turiwhate, West Coast
            1/52nd share of property – New South Wales, Australia
            Erica Stanford (National, East Coast Bays)

            Family home – Ōkura
            Residential property, family home (owned by parents’ family trust) – Ōkura
            Residential property, holiday home (owned by parents’ family trust) – Whangamata
            Michael Woodhouse (National, List)

            Family home – Andersons Bay, Dunedin
            Holiday home – Cromwell, Central Otago
            Apartment – Thorndon, Wellington
            Matt Doocey (National, Waimakariri)

            Family home (owned by trust) – Rangiora, Waimakariri
            Residential property (owned by trust) – Merivale, Christchurch
            Andrew Falloon (National, Rangitata)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Pleasant Point, South Canterbury
            Wellington dwelling (jointly owned) – Karori, Wellington
            Paul Goldsmith (National, List)

            Family home (owned by trust) – Remuera
            House (half share) – Waitakere Ranges
            Denise Lee (National, Maungakiekie)

            Family home – Auckland
            Apartment (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wellington
            Melissa Lee (National, List)

            Family home – Auckland
            Rental property (owned by superannuation scheme) – Wellington
            Dr Nick Smith (National, Nelson)

            Family home, Nelson
            Electorate office and rental property, Nelson
            Alfred Ngaro (National, List)

            Family home – Te Atatū, Auckland
            Second home – Pētone, Wellington
            Simon O’Connor (National, Tāmaki)

            Rental property (owned by retirement scheme) – Auckland
            Apartment (owned by trust) – Wellington
            Chris Penk (National, Helensville)

            Family home (owned by the Barkley Trust) – Waitakere, Auckland
            Rental property (owned by the Barkley Trust) – Tauranga
            Louise Upston (National, Taupō)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Cambridge
            Apartment (jointly owned) – Wellington
            Tim van de Molen (National, Waikato)

            Horticultural property (owned by Caritim Limited) – Tamahere, Waikato
            Residential houses (x2) (owned by van de Molen Family Trust) – Tamahere, Waikato
            Dr Jian Yang (National, List)

            Family home (owned by trust) – Auckland
            Rental properties (x3, owned by Jinjan Limited) – Auckland
            Lawrence Yule (National, Tukituki)

            Farmland – Ōtamauri, Hastings
            Joanne Hayes (National, List)

            Family farm (partnership) – Feilding
            Harete Hipango (National, Whanganui)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Whanganui
            Brett Hudson (National, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Khandallah, Wellington
            Nikki Kaye (National, Auckland Central)

            Personal home – Ponsonby, Auckland
            Maggie Barry (National, North Shore)
            Family home (owned by trust), Stanley Point, Auckland
            Sarah Dowie (National, Invercargill)
            Family home – Invercargill
            Paulo Garcia (National, List)
            Apartment (jointly owned) – Wellington
            Chris Bishop (National, Hutt South)
            Family home (jointly owned) – Pētone, Lower Hutt
            Simeon Brown (National, Pakuranga)
            Family home (jointly owned) – Pakuranga, Auckland
            Tim Macindoe (National, Hamilton West)
            Family home (jointly owned) – Grandview Heights, Hamilton
            Todd Muller (National, Bay of Plenty)

            Family home – Tauranga
            Dan Bidois (National, Northcote)
            Agnes Loheni (National, List)

            Labour MPs
            Adrian Rurawhe (Labour, Te Tai Hauāuru)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Whangaehu
            Interests in 26 Māori land blocks in the Aotea District
            Interests in one Māori land block in the Tai Tokerau District
            Interests in two Māori land blocks in the Tākitimu District
            Interests in 11 Māori land blocks in the Waipounamu District
            Interests in Waipū general land block, Rātana Pā
            Jenny Salesa (Labour, Manukau East)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Auckland
            Rental property (owned by Praescient Limited) – Auckland
            Two acres of land (owned by 99-year lease) – Haveluloto, Tonga
            Apartment (jointly owned by Kaha’u Superannuation Fund) – Wellington
            Louisa Wall (Labour, Manurewa)

            Family home (owned by trust), Manurewa
            Whānau home (jointly owned), Taupō
            Rental property (jointly owned), Tūrangi
            Angie Warren-Clark (Labour, List)

            Family home – Papamoa, Tauranga
            Rental property – Papamoa, Tauranga
            Pine blocks (owned by trust) – Northland
            Meka Whaitiri (Labour, Ikaroa-Rāwhiti)

            Family home – Whakatū, Hastings
            Family home (owned by trust) – Manutuke, Gisborne
            Interests in blocks of Māori land (beneficiary) – Tairāwhiti, Hastings, Himatanga
            Iain Lees-Galloway (Labour, Palmerston North)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Hokowhitu, Palmerston North
            Family home (owned by trust) – Terrace End, Palmerston North
            Rental property (owned by Alva Glen Limited) – Thorndon, Wellington
            Dr Liz Craig (Labour, List)

            Family home – Richmond, Invercargill
            Farmlet (includes house) – Rōmahapa, South Otago
            Conservation block (land) – Little Bay, Coromandel
            Willie Jackson (Labour, List)

            Family homes (x2, jointly owned), Māngere Bridge, Auckland
            Family home (jointly owned), Rotorua
            Apartment (jointly owned), Wellington
            Poto Williams (Labour, Christchurch East)

            Family home – Waimairi Beach, Christchurch
            Wellington residence – Thorndon, Wellington
            Dr Megan Woods (Labour, Wigram)

            Family home, Hillmorton, Christchurch
            House, Spreydon, Christchurch
            Jamie Strange (Labour, List)

            Family home – Hamilton
            Apartment – Wellington
            Aupito William Sio (Labour, Māngere)

            House – Manurewa
            House – Māngere Bridge
            David Parker (Labour, List)

            Home (owned by trust, part let), Dunedin
            Holiday home (owned by trust), Karitāne, Otago
            Stuart Nash (Labour, Napier)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Napier
            Apartment block (owned by superannuation scheme) – Napier
            Nanaia Mahuta (Labour, Hauraki-Waikato)

            Family home – Ngāruawāhia
            Rental property – Hamilton
            Trevor Mallard (Labour, List)

            Home – Wainuiōmata
            Rental property (jointly owned) – Dunedin
            Chris Hipkins (Labour, Rimutaka)

            Residential property (jointly owned) – Upper Hutt
            Residential property (in superannuation trust) – Raumati South, Paraparaumu
            Marja Lubeck (Labour, List)

            Family home (owned by trust) – Rodney, Auckland
            Rental property (owned by trust) – Rodney, Auckland
            Jo Luxton (Labour, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Ashburton
            Family home (jointly owned) – Akaroa
            Paul Eagle (Labour, Rongotai)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Wellington
            Rental property (jointly owned) – Wellington
            Dr David Clark (Labour, Dunedin North)

            Family home (owned by Clearwater Trust) – Ōpoho, Dunedin
            Holiday home (owned jointly by Richard Clark Family Trust and Faye Clark Family Trust) – Alexandra
            Tamati Coffey (Labour, Waiariki)

            Family home – Hinemoa Point, Rotorua
            Investment property – Kāwaha Point, Rotorua
            Raymond Huo (Labour, List)

            Family home (held in family trust) – Auckland
            Rental investment properties (x9, as a shareholder of the company that owns the properties) – Auckland
            Anahila Kanongata’a-Suisuiki (Labour, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Onehunga
            Rental property (jointly owned) – Totara Heights, Auckland
            Dr Deborah Russell (Labour, New Lynn)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Titirangi, Auckland
            House (jointly owned) – Karori, Wellington
            Jan Tinetti (Labour, List)

            Family home (jointly owned by Merton Tinetti Family Trust) – Mātua, Tauranga
            Apartment – Wellington Central, Wellington
            Rino Tirikatene (Labour, Te Tai Tonga)

            Vacant land (no dwelling) – Rātana Pā
            Interests in various South Island Māori land blocks – North Canterbury, South Westland, and Southland
            Kiritapu Allan (Labour, List)
            Family home (jointly owned) – Sponge Bay, Gisborne
            Family home (jointly owned) – Edgecumbe, Whakatāne
            Ruth Dyson (Labour, Port Hills)

            Family home – Christchurch
            Cottage – Akaroa
            Clare Curran (Labour, Dunedin South)

            Family home – Musselburgh, Dunedin
            Willow-Jean Prime (Labour, List)

            Family home (jointly owned), Pakaraka, Northland
            Jacinda Ardern (Labour, Mt Albert)

            Family home – Mt Albert electorate, Auckland
            Kelvin Davis (Labour, Te Tai Tokerau)

            Family home – Kaitāia
            Kris Faafoi (Labour, Mana)

            Family home – Camborne, Porirua
            Damien O’Connor (Labour, West Coast – Tasman)

            Family home – Upper Moutere
            Priyanca Radhakrishnan (Labour, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Glen Eden, Auckland
            Grant Robertson (Labour, Wellington Central)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Wellington
            Andrew Little (Labour, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Island Bay, Wellington
            Greg O’Connor (Labour, Ōhāriu)

            Share in property – Westport
            Carmel Sepuloni (Labour, Kelston)

            Family home – Titirangi, Auckland
            Phil Twyford (Labour, Te Atatū)

            Family home (jointly owned), Te Atatū, Auckland
            Michael Wood (Labour, Mt Roskill)

            Family home, Mt Roskill
            Dr Duncan Webb (Labour, Christchurch Central)

            Family home (owned by trust) – St Albans, Christchurch
            Peeni Henare (Labour, Tāmaki Makaurau)

            Kieran McAnulty (Labour, List)

            Ginny Andersen (Labour, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Belmont, Lower Hutt

            New Zealand First MPs
            Shane Jones (NZ First, List)

            House – Tai Tokerau
            Family home (jointly owned) – Kerikeri
            Houses (x2) – Mangonui, Tai Tokerau
            House – Mill Bay, Tai Tokerau
            Ron Mark (NZ First, List)

            Family home (owned by trust), Carterton, Wairarapa
            Apartment (owned by trust), Pētone, Wellington
            Leasehold property, McLeans Island, Christchurch
            Numerous blocks of Māori land in Te Waipounamu, Tākitimu, Aotea, Waiariki, and Tairāwhiti
            Winston Peters (NZ First, List)

            House – St Marys Bay, Auckland
            House – Whananaki South, Northland
            Land – Whananaki South, Northland
            Clayton Mitchell (NZ First, List)

            Home (jointly owned) – Mt Maunganui
            Bach (jointly owned) – Mt Maunganui
            Tracey Martin (NZ First, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Carterton
            Rental property (jointly owned) – Warkworth
            Fletcher Tabuteau (NZ First, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Hamurana, Rotorua
            Apartment (jointly owned) – city centre, Wellington
            Jenny Marcroft (NZ First, List)

            Family home – Matakana, North Auckland
            Mark Patterson (NZ First, List)

            Family home – Lawrence
            Darroch Ball (NZ First, List)


            Green MPs
            Eugenie Sage (Green, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Diamond Harbour, Christchurch
            Rural land 8.4 ha (jointly owned) – Buller, West Coast
            Vacant residential section (jointly owned) – Beckenham, Christchurch
            Julie Anne Genter (Green, List)

            Apartment – Mount Victoria, Wellington
            House – Berhampore, Wellington
            Golriz Ghahraman (Green, List)

            Family apartment (jointly owned) – Freemans Bay, Auckland
            Jan Logie (Green, List)

            Family home – Cannons Creek, Porirua
            Gareth Hughes (Green, List)

            Family home (jointly owned), Karori, Wellington
            James Shaw (Green, List)

            Family home (jointly owned) – Wellington
            Marama Davidson (Green, List)

            Chlöe Swarbrick (Green, List)


            Jami-Lee Ross (Botany)

            Lifestyle block – Howick, Auckland
            David Seymour (ACT NZ, Epsom)

            • Idiot, all that for nothing. None of those deny they own property.
              Only Seymour who purported not being able to afford home ownership knowing full well he had 3 properties in a trust to fall back on, yet used it as political point scoring. Anyone else would call it lying! Wank on all you like Pedro, Seymour has even admitted it!

          • Bert you are pathetic. Seymour does not own a house. Full stop. And who cares if he did.

      • Fascinating how people are foaming at the mouth for control of the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, but do nothing to erect the barricades at the top.

      • The generic victimhood response. Personal and life choices dont even enter into the equation.
        All other ethnicities in this country by default according to you are, oppressive, racists, who are property speculators, home owners, are in perfect health, owe no one any money, have no addictions or mental health issues, dont abuse their kids, dont live in social housing and get preferential treatment throughout the nation and its social services and continually beat anyone of brown skin into the gutter.

        More money please.

    • Your comment is a bit more direct than I would be but when lifestyle diseases are a major problem expecting that changing the health provider will fix that problem is very unlikely to help unless they have a better way of encouraging lifestyle change. I am inclined to think that poverty & education (in a broad sense, not just academic achievement) are better indicators of health status than race is.

      • Bonnie – I’m inclined to agree with you here. My generation trotted off to weekly cooking and nutrition classes at the local normal school, and we learnt a lot of basic healthy living stuff as youngsters. I think that all that got tossed out by those politically correct pen pushers in the Dept of Education. I also did Nutrition as one paper in my School Certificate General Science option.

        I don’t know how anyone is meant to know anything that they haven’t been taught, possibly more so Pacific Islanders swamped with all that disgustingly fatty tinned meat sent over to them from New Zealand, and a much greater health hazard than freshly caught fish will ever be.

        Poverty, of course, dictates buying the cheapest food options, and takeaways are a norm for many, who often know little about food or cooking – or are too busy working multi or overlapping family shifts, to prepare food.

        The Quit Line acknowledges stress as the main trigger for smoking tobacco, but again and again, instead of addressing the triggers and the stressors, smokers get walloped with higher and higher costs, exacerbating both the causes and effects. It’s a vicious circle.

  2. Collins was asked a question and answered it. You’re blowing this way out of proportion yet again. Just like yesterday when you had a picture of the KKK above a similar article. Get a bloody grip!

  3. ” She is actually better than this and we should attempt to remember her as such.”
    No, she’s not. She’s not better than anything. She’s fucking horrible. She’s a greedy, racist , sociopathic narcissist and when I think that my taxes, even in the smallest, tiniest way go towards her grotesquely over privileged life style while hungry kids and homeless people who are over represented by Maori are the new kiwi norm’ I get a little bit of sick. Fuck judy. I pray for her irrelevance and obscurity and sooner rather than far too later.

    • Yep. Mired in Dirty Politics and so deep in the swamp, she’s below all the good swamp kauri 😉
      Gives psychopaths a bad name.
      That the National Party deemed her fit to lead them tells us all we need to know about that corrupt organisation.

  4. Hope you are right Martin, but I was taught Maori and sang the national anthem in Maori in my primary school 40 years ago. The kids were very positive about it and loved the Maori teacher in the primers, but from about the age of 9 or 10 I was shocked at the racist attitudes they had picked up, presumably from their parents. Judging by all the reactionary comments here, there will still be a lot of children hearing that kind of negativity.

    • We were singing the national anthem in Te Reo at my high school in the late 70s. I learned Maori songs at primary school. The difference back then was that it was NOT a political statement. We were just getting on with being NZers – Pakeha and Maori side by side

  5. Quality Free Health care is declining due to lack of effective policy around constantly expanding population demand in NZ.

    This includes the ability for foreign nationals to easily get permanent ability for free social services in NZ with permanent residency and citizenship but not necessarily live in NZ and pay any taxes here. It is estimated that around 1 million people have this ability (aka team of 3 million 20 years ago is now 5 million and growing).

    This means many foreign dual nationals can ‘cherry pick’ to have children and retire here or live here if they are on low incomes (or have relatives who can do that), which is the most expensive demands on NZ healthcare/social services.

    Meanwhile this ability is not being measured in immigration forecasting, aka there may be huge ‘debt’ of new people who may tax zero to little taxes in NZ, while be able to come back to NZ at any time and claim benefits.

    We are seeing this with Covid when planes full of people with Covid are rushing back to take advantage of NZ’s free MIQ, health care and so forth. Some are foreign pensioners who have Covid. When the threat abates, they can then return back to their old lives in their old countries. (After buying a property or two in NZ which is their ‘family’ home. (sarcasm) .

    Meanwhile for frequent users of the NZ health systems, many of the new businesses such as takeout or importing in poor quality food (juice with MDMA aka Sroubek) seem to be food related and negatively effect the local population.

    Type 2 diabetes for example effects 250,000+ people in NZ
    Obesity effects 30% of the NZ population.
    Smoking is a huge drain on the health system and clearly there is an expanding and lucrative business in keeping smokers going in NZ. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/115014183/cigarette-smuggling-case-defendants-keep-names-secret-to-protect-children-employees

    Tobacco and alcohol are essential businesses in NZ during Covid.

    Coronavirus: Cigarettes are essential, MBIE confirms

    ‘Hit’ jobs case: PR consultant apologises and promises cash to settle defamation case that came from Dirty Politics

    Health care in NZ is extremely efficient but funding is not keeping up with the growing demand where NZ seems to be interested in supporting both legal and illegal harmful businesses expanding here, and leaving the more principled advocates for better healthcare in the lurch.

  6. Agree this tactic is dumb, National if they were smart would be going all out to get the Maori/pacific vote, National has a story to tell, like it or not they were the first major party to have a Maori leader and they also had a female maori deputy, Keys govt oversaw huge reforms to maori and the largest series of treaty settlements in History and Maori and Pacific islanders are by and large socially conservative in fact National if they were really smart would appeal to the regions and Maori, pacifica, Asian and indian and socially conservative working class voters of all ethnicities and leave Labour/Greens the suburbs and central cities as Labour and the Greens go on these woke vanity blasphemy and men hating witch hunts Nats should be releasing decent policies to look sane and moderate and just to get headlines when Lab/greens vote them down ie l Keynesian housing policies, first $10 k tax free and releasing pharmac and especially cancer treatment policies and get labour to vote them down and make labour look like partisans HELL if they really were smart they’d introduce a weed decriminalization bill and see if labour votes it down, honestly I could see that method really hurting Labour (putting forward bills that Labours base would like and Labour supports in theory only for labour to vote down) but instead of trying to be moderate pragmatic conservatives they are going mental at every moving car.

  7. I totally agree with you Bomber. She is embarrassing. Didn’t think you’d hear that from a right leaner.
    I am embarrassed to be one at this time because the void in forming and selling useful ideas from National is staggering. Pisses me off. National are an empty shell. Not good for the nation to have this govt running freely without decent opposition or better ideas.

  8. Sadly, to replace a bloated DHB system, with another duplicated service is no solution. NZ is already struggling to resource the current system. A Maori health system will be inferior, as even with all the money in the world wont be able to resource services adequately. Poor resourcing is already one of the main drivers in poorer regional services and poorer health outcomes for rural communities. It is an injustice and discrimination to segregate Maori health into an inferior system. Having separate services has absolutely no impact on rendering services and health outcomes. Maori is already extensively involved in the health care of Maori. If the current system is not providing the services required Maori’s own management is to blame as they are already function as segregated units in DHB’s. A full integration of Maori services would have been a far better solution to achieve better clinical outcomes.

    Health should never be a political game. In this instance Judith is correct.

  9. Wrong.
    It is possible to support Maori language, culture and tikanga without having separate Maori govt. agencies.

    In this case Collins is right to question the move towards further ethnic separatism, through the creation of yet another race based bureaucracy.

    She is also correct to say there needs to be a national conversation about where this is going, and how far (e.g. education, justice?) it might extend. The typical screeching about ‘white supremacy’ whenever these questions are raised are wearing thin on intelligent people’s ears.

    Where in the treaty of waitingi does it say ‘separate but equal’? There was a time when the left in this country represented the working class of all races, now it has fully embraced a racist ideology disguised as progressive. More and more NZers of all colours are seeing through this divisive bullshit.

  10. Wrong.
    It is possible to support Maori language, culture and tikanga without having separate Maori govt. agencies.

    In this case Collins is right to question the move towards further ethnic separatism, through the creation of yet another race based bureaucracy.

    She is also correct to say there needs to be a national conversation about where this is going, and how far (e.g. education, justice?) it might extend. The typical screeching about ‘white supremacy’ whenever these questions are raised are wearing thin on intelligent people’s ears.

    Where in the treaty of waitingi does it say ‘separate but equal’? There was a time when the left in this country represented the working class of all races, now it has fully embraced a racist ideology disguised as progressive. More and more NZers of all colours are seeing through this divisive bullshit.

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