Political Caption Competition


Spot the difference because Simeon Brown can’t


  1. Really Big simeon is why you DON’T vote for the national party factory building gangsters out of poverty and exploitation.
    If you take an average working class family with kids and crush them with poverty you’re going to get crime and when kids start out doing crime they get quite good at it by the time they’re adults but will eventually get arrested and do long, long lags.
    If you take the terminally greedy and soulless who comprise the national party who create criminals out of society because it supports the insurance scams and justifies banksters you get a different kind of criminal who commits far more damaging crimes but they get well paid by us then retire on huge pensions and perks.
    You see where I’m going with this, right?
    Want more crime? ( And you will if you profit from it.) Vote national.
    If you want less crime? Then VOTE ! But not for the capitalist fascist natzo’s.

  2. The looser is the road code which would not have been enforced here or for that matter anywhere since the M.O.T was disbanded in 1992 and merged with the Police in a neo liberal brain wave that was designed to save money but ignore traffic enforcement.
    The behaviour of a lot of the driving public is deplorable and is overdue for a major change in the way licensing and education is applied with some good old fashioned punishment to drive home the health and safety message that at work we have to adhere to.


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