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  1. Human right privatisation

    In 2012 (NZ Herald, 2012) our Prime Minister declared “No one owns water”. In 2021 the New Plymouth District Council disagreed, voting to charge residents for this basic unit of human life using water meters. Despite opposition from 40% of public submitters (RNZ, 2021), a majority, the Council capitalists will now sink tens of millions of community dollars into privatisation instead of using that money to upgrade the water system (Council management used classic double speak and said “It will save ratepayers money”. Local residents will also ‘save lots’ by dropping at least $50 million on a monument to their gods, a.k.a. a sports stadium). A two thousand year old plumbing technology running two hundred years of city infrastructure has suddenly been appropriated by a local council. What these councillors and associated enablers seem to be saying is that the previous 8 generations of early pakeha settlers and at least 50 generations of Maori have been stealing off the Crown and now they want it back. Surely some pushback would come from the Labour government, champions of the moral majority and for doing what is right? The only article I could find in recent days has been about the Labour Party’s new headquarters (Stuff, 2021). No one owns water ay Jacinda?

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  2. I usually try to avoid The Panel with Wall Arse. Today’s is worth a listen where Chris Finlayson is able to now say what he really thinks. Shame he didn’t say some things during his time
    I always wondered why he became a gNat. I remember his saying that he grew up a while back.
    His opinions on Dutton, Stray-ya generally and its condescending attitude to NuZull, Ummigration NuZull aren’t too bad.
    He’d have done better to have gone with Labour a while back. He could have become Prime Munster

  3. And in braking news, ScoMo-ron has just touched down in the Oz seat of gummint with a band of hangers on preparing their slots on Paul Murray Loive (keen ta know what ya theenk), and various other MSM cutlets.
    Hopefully the pilot wasn’t the same one that made a double approach in Quoinstearn. I’d hate it if his Christian values got a scare ……… or not.
    Dutton is on hand I suspect to offer him a bit of tongue.
    Meanwhile JA has flipped off to ChCh with worshipers and enterage in tow to relieve the Fa-fa-aaaaa-F-F-F-Fa-aaa-f-f-f-Foi of any media responsibilities. She’s a better actor. Or maybe that should be Actress – Nope – Actorine

  4. There is far too much concentration on small details, far too much armchair ob-zee-vation of others’ action. That’ll kill us. The species.

    The actions necessary — the positive — is everything.

    This is down to our present time utmost comfort prior to a cliff of utmost desperation.

    Good speakers from comfort are not likely.

    The ‘designoid’ of evolution has it over us designers.


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