GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – A shot in the arm for our economy

Had my first Covid jab last week.
Big shout out to the great team at Westgate Vaccination Centre! Thank you for your efficient and caring – and yes, painless – process.
Feeling very privileged and grateful to be living in Aotearoa/New Zealand during this global pandemic.
The vaccination centres are busy , the roll out is happening. We’ll get there.
Let Victoria be a warning – we don’t want to be in lockdown again. Keep up the good work – washing hands, use masks on public transport and contact tracing .
Stay safe. Look after each other
Kia kaha
PS Anti- vaxxers please find somewhere else to post your opinions


Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. ‘A shot in the arm for our economy’


    I thought this was supposed to be about protecting people.

    Probably not. It’s far more likely to be about keeping the NZ ‘livestock’ alive so they can keep slaving away for the sociopaths that run the system.

    Anyway, as you have pointed out many times yourself, Bryan, the economy is the problem, not the answer.

    The good news on that matter is that the government has shot itself (and the economy) in the foot so many times it’s no longer funny.

    The minor devastation currently being experienced in Canterbury is a mere taste of what is to come, pretty much everywhere, as the Earth grossly overheats as a consequence of ‘the economy’.

    You won’t hear that narrative from the corporate media or the phony LINO government, though.

    What you’ll hear from the LINO mob and the corporate media is yet more bollocks about the ‘need for growth of the economy’, i.e. faster Planetary Meltdown, and in the future many, many more of the events of the kind currently underway in Canterbury.

    Pity the children, who are lied to every day.

  2. “Keep up the good work – washing hands, use masks on public transport and contact tracing” Amen to that! Please people start & keep scanning – complacency is just laziness.

  3. Not anti vax – but more than happy to have my dose go to India where it’s actually needed. My body, my choice.

    • the problem is, your choice impinges on my rights – if everyone gets vaccinated that stops the virus in it’s tracks. By people like yourself not doing so you put others at risk.

      • So my choice to drive a car impinges on your rights too, by your standard. My body, my choice is my right – you want to take that away?

        • If you’re killing people or maiming with your car then yes, it does. Consider the impact vaccination choice had on the last measles outbreak and the needless deaths there. Of course it’s your choice, however the consequences reach far beyond you as an individual.

          • Daryl, it’s called the road toll, maybe we should ban driving. Anyway my main point was about saving lives in India by sending our vaccines. Let’s do this.

  4. Friends flew in from Wellington at theweekend a half hour flight . They were of course expected to wear masks but we’re given snacks and a wine to consume. Am I the only one who finds this weird especially as there are 79 untraced travellers from Melbourne on the loose,

  5. Once everyone is vaccinated then what?

    Fling the doors open and let the world AND COVID in?

    How about the 5% of people the vaccine doesn’t work on?

    How about the new variants that will flood in and could beat the vaccine?

    NZ does not understand that tourism and travel is gone for a long time. Queenstown will be a ghost town soon.

    NZ had better come up with another way of making money because tourism is over, I suspect NZ GDP to start freefalling soon. NZ is in trouble and house prices are over a million? It does not compute…. the crash is coming, hold on tight.

    • Yes, let’s live out the rest of our lives in fear over something that has a survival rate of over 99%…you may want that, that’s your choice, but it isnt mine.

      • Its not what I think is important, its what sort of angelic look Jacinda wants to keep portraying is important. She cannot afford to open up the borders if it causes a single death, which would be inevitable. Jacinda would be blamed and she cannot afford that sort of media attention. Jacinda has trapped NZ in a corner and it is paralysed. This is big news and is the biggest threat to the economy, however the MSM are not picking up on it.

  6. The best vaccine would be to keep the borders closed and kick out the foreign owned banksters after asset stripping them (It)
    ( Although the actual vaccine would be better than dying, one must admit.)
    That would mean billions extra for health care starting with those most at risk then moving up.
    ( Why do I feel as though I’ve written that before? Was it a memory of one of my distant future and infinite iterations of one of an existential future selves who beamed down into a 2nd century BC piss up at a Papua New Guinea funeral rave and tried to explain the 21st century logic behind bitcoin to them? )
    Before the virus ? Crush the bankster. After the virus? Crush the bankster.
    It’s the banksters who keep pushing and shoving to open the borders and I can write that without fear of contradiction because only the bankster would have such a callous and careless disregard for human life and comfort to make a billion dollar profit from a country already clearly suffering short falls in funding for those most at risk.
    To say that the criminal intent of the bankster is hiding in plain sight is best expressed in one of my own photographs of homeless people, including little kids, nestling down in a door way of the brand new bnz on Hereford St in Christchurch.
    We’re only five million people for fucks sake? Why do we need four foreign owned banks taking billions out of our economy for ?? I mean, think about it?
    The terrible reality for the bankster, which they must do their utmost to gloss over, is that we would be far, far better off without them. Lets try it and see?
    Lets start with keeping our borders closed. We don’t want to be placed at risk by greedy foreign ‘Scunthorpes’.
    Scunthorpe is a large industrial town in the unitary authority of North Lincolnshire in Lincolnshire, England of which it is the main administrative centre. Scunthorpe had an estimated total population of 82,334 in 2016. Wikipedia

  7. Well complacency has certainly settled in with respect to the public i have seen walking past the hand sanitiser and not stopping to sanitise, not filling in the sheet with your name and address and scanning the Q R code still visible as you enter a store or venue. i seem to be the only one. Everyone is just to busy to stop and take ten or so seconds out of their day to do the right thing.

    Not that it matters i have more chance of dying at the hands of the red light runners so desperate to not stop and speeding past the light that has already gone green allowing me to pass and i include the massive juggernauts that barrel down the road doing incredible speeds because they just don’t want to apply the brake and actually stop.

    I have been incredibly lucky not to have been killed or seriously injured driving over the last week.

    For a country so intent on enforcing health and safety at work seems to just go out the window when we walk past the sanitiser and get into our cars and drive like there is no one else on the road just them and their utter contempt.

  8. Maybe use the whole of the south island as a leper centre?

    Anybody that doesn’t want a jab, the sick and the poor too, can all be relocated to the south island.
    A bit like they did in the days of the ‘Dominion’ in NZ. When they, the Ministry of Health experts picked an island to rehabilitate those that are ill.

    Or, do as society dictates …. take the jab.


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