MEDIAWATCH: The cancellation of Eagle Brewing


Do you know what is the most surprising tool for deradicalization?

An act of kindness from someone perceived as the enemy.

Apparently it shocks our preconceived beliefs and forces us internally to reassess hateful assumptions.

Aren’t human beings funny?

The best way to pull a person back from the edge of hate, is kindness.

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With that in mind, let’s have a chat about the cancellation of Eagle Brewing.

Now I don’t care about how this looks for the craft beer industry because I don’t drink beer and think craft beer is the most pretentious wank in the Western world. They take inclusivity to an atomic level, that they all denounced David Gaughan’s idiotic and ignorant Facebook rant is as unsurprising as Trump eating KFC for Breakfast.

So I don’t have a dog in this fight because I don’t drink this stuff and don’t look to alcohol brewers for my views on contemporary social issues.

To start with though, the name doesn’t help does it?

Eagle Brewing. Sounds a bit fash’. Like Goose Step Distilleries or Stasi Hop House.

It’s an acquired taste.

Is he only making Pale Ale’s? Does his Blonde Beer have hints of Aryan supremacy? Am I making too many beer jokes?

So this award winning craft beer brewer makes a deplorable and very ignorant Facebook comment in relation to a shooting near a school claiming all Māori men are the problem…

“Ok let’s speak the truth. Maori are the scruge[scourge] of New Zealand. The quicker we put them in prison the better. I’m talking about the majority of the male population. The ones who beat their missis. Who don’t give a f..k about society. Yeah you who will Rebel against these words. But truth be told you are NZ biggest problem right now.”

…ok, lots going on there. Apart from the vast number of false racial assumptions, he’s not really helping himself by:

a) Stating he is about to lay down some heavy truth bomb that then explodes in his face or

b) Then invites those he’s just ignorantly smeared to @ him with their rebelling at his words before doubling down again on how his ignorant statements are ‘truth’.

Triumph of the Will this is not.

The response has been universal and righteous.

Fuck off.

The ignorance, the false bravado, the lack of any genuine intellectual position – leave that for National Party MPs, it has no place in Craft Beer Brewing!

Unfortunately however, this being a social media lynch mob, politics without mercy is now the name of the game with contestants on Twitter getting virtue signalling credits for devising new ways to cancel Eagle Brewing.

If Gaughan commits suicide you get the feeling Woke Twitter will start an Action Station petition demanding he not be buried in NZ.  ‘NO RACISTS IN OUR EARTH’!

Instead of destroying a person for posting an ignorant statement on a news story from a media industry that has driven those racist stereotypes for profit since Gaughan was a child, rather than cancelling him, how about kindness?

There are white people in NZ who feel nervous by all this Te Reo on TV, and this assertion they are racist for feeling nervous makes them even more nervous. Māori political power is on the ascendency, imagine if instead of crucifying Eagle Brewing…

Māori Authority wants Eagle Brewing put before Human Rights Commission over racist comments

The leader of the National Māori Authority (NMA) is calling for a New Zealand brewery to be hauled before the Human Rights Commission after racist comments sparked an eruption of criticism online.

…they instead showed kindness and forgiveness to Gaughan?

I appreciate that suggesting kindness instead of sowing his garden with salt and euthanising all his pets makes me a uniform wearing Nazi apologist, but surely actual racism that is exacerbating poverty, housing and health are our real enemy here, not angry dick head craft beer brewers who said something stupid on Facebook?

If we on the Left want to keep crucifying every white person who says something ignorant on social media, we are going to need a lot more wood and nails.

Wood and nails we could probably be using to build houses.


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  1. Well, there’s a first for AO/nz.
    Ignorance being the new knowledge. wow. never saw that coming. gee, fancy that? who’d a thunk it? well, I never. He’s clearly drinking too much of his own deadly horse piss.
    Give that man an Ecstasy tablet.
    And now that he’s out there cuddling that tree watch this.
    The Truth About Alcohol.
    God knows why the long URL?

  2. This was an epic case of a drunken bomb maker whose work went up as he set the clock. What in God’s name was he thinking?

    I’m picking this dude had one too many of his beers, the especially sour granny smith fermented apple flavor that craft beers have corroded his inhibitions and he went into print.

    Woke up the next day in his Sydenham apartment with a bastard of a headache from drinking the antifreeze he brews and noticed his twitter account had gone nuclear.

    It would have been one of those “How the fuck did that happen” moments!

    At least the country has now heard of Eagle Brewery, now the new choice of beer when singing the Horst Wessel song!

  3. I am not sure what punishment is suitable, or if one is required, for David Gaughan. But, where has this guy been living for the past few years? People spend their time online searching for what they feel are injustices in this world, whether they are real or imagined. Statements are stripped from their context or dug out from the past and reassessed with contemporary sensibilities. In a post-George Floyd world, the media has been more focused on reporting on race, with opinion and anecdotal accounts at the ready to keep the issue in front of the reader.

    So, Gaughan goes onto the 1 News facebook page, makes that statement under his real name and becomes a headline himself.

    Even if Gaughan is not a racist, he is clearly paying for his stupidity.

  4. I agree with your assessment.. From what I’ve seen and heard since arriving back, NZers have become a very trigger happy and childish bunch.. I’m starting to think they would be happier with a tory government. as it would sit better with the level of “intellectualism” that is being employed in political debate here.. Meaning (to those who refuse to use their own brain) that They would then have a government that reflects their own minds… Seriously, why bother to put a reforming government in, if all that’s going to happen is they get blamed for everything that ever happened since years before they took office, and then had their work degraded, or destroyed by the champions of colonial economics… The short sighted stupidity of Kiwis is becoming a serious handicap to the viability of our ability to govern ourselves competently…

    • I think people thought they were voting in a reforming government but so far this Labour government has not shown any great steps to reform or improve the lot of any particular group and some groups are worst off. There seems to be a move to cement their Maori cabinet with grace and favour but Jacinda is to scared of the impact with those swing voters if she laid out their total plan to move power .

      • Trevor Sennitt: “Jacinda is to scared of the impact with those swing voters if she laid out their total plan to move power.”

        If this government had gone public with He Puapua before the last election, it’d have been walloped, virus or no virus. And NZ First would still be in Parliament. The PM knows this full well.

        It’s blindingly obvious that Labour hid it from Winston and NZ First: not a peep of it was there, in all of the election campaign.

        I have no doubt whatever that, one way or another, he’ll exact revenge for that piece of subterfuge.

  5. Amazing response. Natural instinct would be to slice and dice him, but your approach is probably a bit better and less messy. Interesting how Manama Davidson outraged on it, then declaring that his staff would suffer and must be supported. I know she won’t do anything useful, like order a few boxes of Eagle beer which would help the staff, but I will.
    Well written Martyn.

  6. In a twisted way, white supremacists who have the hair cut, the shirt, the tattoo, and the online links, are due more consideration than a fuckwit who neglected to self censor online while using his own moniker and company branding!

    Gaughan has blown up his business all by himself, and he cannot even spell “scourge”. There may well be thousands of white guys who just don’t “get it” rather than being actual neo nazis or committed white power supporters. But as usually female partners to errant men say–“I am not your rehab”. And neither should anti racists give the likes of Guaghan a cuddle.

  7. On this one bomber I’m going to have to disagree with you. As one of the “scourge” I’m sick of being told I should forgive and show kindness to those who want to lock me up. It angers me more that this immigrant throws the hospitality shown to him by allowing him to live here in my face. We deal with systemic racial problems in this country, the sooner the racists get the message and start to feel scared the better.

  8. Personally, I’m glad to know what the idiot thinks. I do occasionally buy craft and am glad to not support a business led by someone espousing this type of crazed ideology in the same vein that I use my limited powers excerciing my belief in the efficacy of BDS. The guy is not just some harmless individual unless you think that the likes of Don Brash and Judith Collins are. Craft beer companies do make money and people like this end up giving financial support to people in politics that espouse their views. To say its not important is to say that any boycott and/or divest campaign is meaningless. Are we just to stick our heads in the sand and acquiesce to our bettters? A dickhead got exactly what he deserved.

  9. Man makes offensive comment on facebook. Gets blowback. Aggrieved say they won’t buy his product. Mans business partners concerned. Stockists of mans product concerned. Man apologises by admitting comments were racist, but he himself is not racist in the slightest. MSM covers story on 6pm news with short interview of man, business partners and stockists. Reporter asks viewers if this mans apology is worth anything. Stockists begin to pull brand from shelves. Man offers his resignation. Stockists change mind and stock brand with profit sent to charities. Everyone wins…Man has said his piece, business partners given lesson in how social media is a 2 edged sword, Eagle brewery still gets paid by stockists, stockists get high profile of anti racists at no cost, MSM gets a good click bait story, and the anti woke get another
    cancel culture story to gnash their teeth at. Hooray.

  10. I’d never heard of Eagle Brewing until this blew up so when offered one of their Pilsners yesterday I had to have a try. It’s pretty good stuff.

    As to what the dude said, he’s a older pale skinned male in NZ so whatever he says it will be framed as wrong by someone younger or by someone with vested interests. That is just how NZ rolls these days.

    • Racism provides free advertising and marketing he is lucky he lives in the South Island his company might not been still standing if he lived up north.

  11. Martyn, I have to say your post on the topic is the most sane I have read. Unlike most of the media, you understand perfectly how cancel culture risks backfiring on the left.
    If David Gaughan is telling the truth about online sales going through the roof over the weekend, it’s reasonable to conclude that a lot of people don’t want to see a business ruined on account of stupid comments made on social media. They might not agree with with the comments (and let’s hope they don’t), but, like me, they think an apology should be enough.

  12. Martyn I agree with defusing belligerence with winning kindness BUT.
    I know several dyed in the wool outright and closet racists who have learned to hate others as a part of a toxic upbringing.
    Given an opportunity to change they choose not to as their self image as a ethnic hater is supported by others.
    No, haul him over the coals and a long spell of community based periodic detention in gangs of mixed ethnicity.
    He may learn something before he flees our shores.


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