MEDIA WATCH: What Mike Hosking’s big back down really says about the state of the right


Mike Hosking and Jacinda Ardern: Newstalk ZB host backtracks on not having PM on show

Radio host Mike Hosking has backtracked on comments he made after an interview with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on his radio show – and has issued an apology to one of his colleagues.

Mike is the voice of hard right NZ, a self aggrandising societal segment of rich white male privilege plus those who want rich white male privilege all wrapped up with a smug sense of entitlement only 100 years of living in Wellington could ever achieve.

These are the New Zealanders who have benefitted most from neoliberalism and see their personal success as self driven  and proof positive of their own superiority.

That Mike has been forced to backtrack on his call to ban Jacinda is probably the greatest indicator that the electorate has seismically shifted in a way even Mike is intimidated by.

What the Right have failed to understand about Covid is that the lockdown became a universal shared experience and that universal shared experience has created a solidarity that obliterates the selfishness the Right have traditionally relied upon.

Mike’s back down will be because banning the PM threatens his own audience who themselves have been impacted by this newly found solidarity and are turning away from the right.

60% of the country voted Labour+Green, right wing media are only now realising what the enormity of that actually means.

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Hell, we might even get a Left wing Talkback host out of this new political landscape.

Happy Days.

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  1. ‘Hell, we might even get a Left wing Talkback host out of this new political landscape.’
    Appreciate the sentiment but having a genuinely impartial one might be better.

  2. Hosking is an employee not the owner of ZB. Doing the maths here indicates the Blairite’s media goon squad are leaning on ZB’s owners. Don’t be surprised if Hosking fucks off soon and you get a ‘softer’ host such as Simon Barnett. Despite the majority of this site’s view on Hosking (little) Aotearoa needs a critical voice opposing the government for the sake of democracy. Otherwise the media will continue their move towards partisan cheerleaders (Jesse Mulligan, Simon Dallow, Jessica Mutch et al) as opposed to critical and independent voices.

    • They pay him ungodly amounts of money per year (enough to allow him and wife to drive Maserati’s and Ferraris – you can work out the minimum amount of money ZB is paying to allow that sort of frivolous luxury) because he brings in the listeners (and hence ad revenue). You could argue that he is effectively the “owner” of ZB because if he goes so does his audience.

      • They won’t care in the end if the pressure is too great. You can hear it in his voice, Mike is ready to leave the building. He can’t be fucked forever pointing out the cluster fuck we have as a government when the majority of the population doesn’t care. He’s set for life already. I suspect he is gone (by his own making) within 12 months.

    • You completely lose credibility if you seriously think Hosking is critical and independent.
      Is this independent…take a look at the photo and where was the critical voice from Hosking here? I understand this was probably ahead of your time?

    • Another reminder of Hosking’ “independent voice”…

      In an interview with North & South in 1990, Hosking described himself as “a money person, I’m a capitalist. I’m to the right of Roger Douglas.”

    • But wait there’s more…In 2013, he was the master of ceremonies at Prime Minister John Key’s state of the nation speech, which he also endorsed. Hosking is a climate change skeptic, stating on Seven Sharp that he doesn’t believe in the IPCC report.

      Yep surely independent…

      and this…

      Newstalk ZB breakfast radio host Mike Hosking promoted Lexus and the National government while Mcing at John Key’s state of the Nation speech.

      You see Frankie boy, if you’re going to come to a gun fight, don’t come armed with a knife!

    • Frank, you have obviously forgotten NZ under John Key when he got rid of John Campbell and we very quickly had a mainstream media all singing from the John Key song sheet. There was little or no criticism of his Government, and those that dared were hunted down by the Police (think Nicky Hagar). He was asked for his opinion on everything, and to this day is still frequently sought for his ‘opinion’ by the NZ herald. Give me break!!

  3. Sounds like Sad Mike is still butt hurting over being jilted by the Phantom Ponytail Puller of Parnell

  4. I have said this elsewhere:
    Due to some sense of delusion Mike Hosking thinks he is a big fish in a little pond and he doesn’t need to hold himself accountable for his actions(and rants albeit on radio or the tabloid NZ herald).

    He is nothing short of a bottom dweller in the murky pond that is the NZ National Party.

    Hosking is the official Mouthpiece of the NZ National Party. But his articles in the NZ herald and his rants on the radio confirms a number of things. He is contributing so well to the mainstream NZ media losing all credibility and respect. He is a wannabe National MP but he is too volatile and as National needs such a twat in the media they feed him piece-meal information which becomes the foundation for his anti-Labour rants in both the herald and on the radio.

    So keep up the good work of your rants Hosking. No-one will take you seriously and you are making both yourself and your beloved NZ National Party look like idiots. But then National has already lost credibility and so you don’t need to go too far to achieve the same lowly ranking as National.

      • He’s whale-oil in a sly way, Slater was brave enough to not try and appear intellectual, Mad Mike has pretensions of grandeur but like Slater is very pathetic.

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