Golriz Ghahraman insinuates Jacinda is racist – cue eye-rolling now


With all due respect, what a load of garbage…

Why not UK and United States? Green MP Golriz Ghahraman questions if ‘race is a factor’ in India travel ban

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman is questioning if “race” is a factor in the Government’s decision to ban travellers from India entering New Zealand for two weeks. 

…Golriz is insinuating that Jacinda is racist for closing down travel from India.


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India is being targeted because they have 127 000 cases a day and the trend is exploding

The US has 73 000, but look at the trend line

and look at the UK

India is being targeted NOT because Jacinda is racist, it is being targeted because there is an exponential explosion inside India.

Golriz takes a second bite of the racism cherry by throwing in Brazil.

We don’t have many people coming in from Brazil, that’s why they aren’t on a ban list.

Banning India is about the science and the evidence, it’s not because Jacinda or the Government are racist.

Middle Class Indentitarians can only see the world through the lens of identity and jump to inane conclusions based on only that paradigm.

Some people are so accustomed to seeing only racism that they scream racist when they see their own shadow.

Jacinda isn’t racist, she’s trying to protect NZ.

I like Golriz, I do. But she is so far off the mark here.

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  1. Fair question from Golriz imo–there is a big Indian community in NZ, often associated with the Labour Party. USA & UK have been prime offenders in aspects of their COVID conduct, and given that they are perceived as Anglo nations, it would have been good for the PM to rule out certain angles.

    According to media reports, it is the usual G20 suspects who are getting vaccines first, and or in quantity. Cuba is doing pretty good too though!

    • This is the question that always fucks over the humanities proffesors.

      So hosital waiting lists are over capacity. Choose one of the following for targeted funding and explain why:

      1) children

      2) single woman

      3) single male

      4) male with family

      5) female with family

  2. It is not even about how much Covid is each country, it is about larger amounts of people from India coming to NZ that arrive with Covid or have Covid in MIQ. Apparently 30 people from India had Covid on Day 1!!! Only 3 from other countries.

    Never mind. For the woke wiping out NZ citizens is ok or making everyone do another lockdown is fine. After all, when you spend all your time on twitter being outraged at more outrageous racism in between writing books about yourself and your suffering.

    It’s a bit of a shame so many woke came to NZ as they are so offended living here, in their living hell, maybe settle somewhere else less racist, wokies!

  3. Please! Greens! Get your shit together. I need an alternative from voting Labour after a lifetime.
    You and the MP are halfway there. I can understand the “logic?” behind the India outrage and it has some validity depending how you measure things, but accusing Jacinda of racism rather than various other things she is guilty of just doesn’t do it for me.
    Keep it up and all those emails I get regularly will go on an auto-trash destination.

  4. Golriz thinks it important we are non discriminatory when it comes to importing this virus.

    If plane loads of travellers from India bring it in and it gets out and you or I get infected, at least then can thank our lucky stars of being infected with an ethically and morally cleansed version. A righteous version.

    There is just no hope for brand Green, is there?

    • 🙂

      Yep, don’t worry – It’s a completely woke virus!!

      There is just no hope for brand Green, is there?

      (scanning the horizon on that one)

    • No hope for brand Green? Yep, I’d have to agree at the minute. It’s dopey bullshit like this that prevents me from supporting them.
      And like OnceWasTim, I need an alternative to Labour, who have betrayed the working class for the final time as far as I’m concerned.
      Leaning very very heavily towards Social Credit at this stage.

  5. There is a legitimate question about differing treatment of different countries here – but it has more to do with economic, trade and political power. To put it crudely, closing off India is not as much a threat to exports. But Golriz misses this to make a cheap shot. I hope the government use the next two weeks to develop some objective criteria on border closures that would apply to all countries.

  6. Is banning people from India or implying Indian people travelling to NZ are the real problem?
    “Health ministry noted that it was thought that most people who arrived positive caught the virus either travelling through India or en route.
    En route for all means transit at Dubai airport onto an Emirates flight which travels daily to New Zealand from Dubai. Is Dubai airport a hotspot for cross-infection?”
    Dubai airport does offer rapid Covid testing for a fee!!
    It should not be targeted at any race because it is a delivery transportation and health management communications issue.
    They should cease “all” inbound travel until they fix the transportation and medical certification issues which this is.
    One rule for all!
    Not a race issue to be politicised.
    Don’t believe the National party’s false profit, he who chases cars, C Bishop.
    The latte lite labour party are just trying to neutralise the racist National party attack puppy at the expense of showing themselves to be racists.

  7. When everything is viewed through the lense of identity politics, actual discrimination and inequality fades into the back ground.
    Golriz could stop getting offended when proper data and advice warrant the prime minister making the right decision for the health of ALL kiwis. Does she want Covid raging through our communities or just her 15 minutes of whinging and virtue signalling at every opportunity she gets?

  8. This probably is racist so no politician dare state the obvious, bit i bet false negative testcertificates are a good deal easier to come by and cheaper than they are in the other countries mentioned.
    D J S

    • They get infected leaving their safe bubbles to get the pre flight test. This is why they test positive on day zero – a day 3 positive would occur if they were infected on flying out.

      • In which case countries need to permanently ban flights from India until 90% of the rest of the world populations are vaccinated, as their residents (unlike most other countries ) now seem to be flying with Covid and infecting everyone else on the flights and countries they arrive at and spreading the pandemic.

        If it was infection at the lay overs then other nationals would have the same problem, aka arriving at countries of destination with Covid on Day 1, but most other nationals are not.

        I’d say there is a simplier solution and individuals faked the Covid test in the first place (or they are using faulty tests) and that should be the first concern, aka corruption from individuals in the system, spreading the virus globally.

        In our virtue signal world, even WHO is more interested in virtue signalling racism and not offending countries, but history is going to show that potentially the WHO delays and relying on conversations with China, rather than WHO being cautious and risk adverse, proactive and independent, has aided the deaths of millions of people with Covid and Covid related issues around the world.

    • Kia ora David
      If you have booked and paid for a flight to New Zealand, you have booked a place in a Managed Isolation and Quarantine facility in Auckland, and you then need a certificate to say you are Covid-free before you can fly, then you will want to get that certificate by hook or by crook, rather than risk losing everything and going back to scratch. If you are desperate enough, and have the opportunity to obtain a forged certificate, you might be tempted to do so. You may also feel yourself to be morally justified on the grounds that you are going into MIQ anyway, and that you will no longer be contagious by the time that you come out of MIQ, so will tell yourself that it would be folly not to avail yourself of a fake certificate.
      (Given this reality, it is hard to see why New Zealand demands these pre-departure certifications of negative Covid tests).
      The argument above applies to any person, regardless of race or nationality, but it may be that travelers from India are more desperate and have more opportunity to circumvent the system than travelers from, say, the US and UK. The New Zealand government has been careful not to tell us whether that is the case, but in the end it does not matter. The argument revolves around the fact that two thirds of imported cases of Covid come from India, and presumably (though we are not told) the proportion of returnees that come from India is significantly less than two thirds. That constitutes the prima facie case for restricting the right of return from India.
      Ghahrahman can call this racism, because within the New Zealand political establishment the definition of racism has become as broad or as narrow as one chooses it to be in any particular instance, and the concepts of “race” and “nation” are either confounded or differentiated to suit the argument. So discrimination against people coming from China may be deemed to not be racial discrimination because it is a discrimination based on nationality rather than race. But discrimination against people coming from India may be deemed to be racial discrimination because most people coming from India are of the “Indian race”. (This is where Ms Ghahraman comes in).
      In New Zealand political discourse the distinctions between racial discrimination, racial prejudice, racial stereotyping, racial enmity and “racism” are usually glossed over, leading to a great deal of confusion. To make matters worse, in New Zealand there is a line of argument that to propose the existence of racial groups, or to allege any differences between racial groups (which logically amounts to the same thing) is itself racist, and a very bad thing.
      All this confusion arises not because the politicians are stupid, but because it suits their purpose, which is to divide and rule. Truth, logic and clarity unite us. Confused definitions divide us.
      So, as I have on the subject of colonialism, colonizers and colonized, I will propose some premises and definitions on the matter of race and racism.
      Firstly, I will assert that race exists categorically. We distinguish race by certain physical characteristics, which we definitively associate with descent or whakapapa. We also non-definitively associate race with culture and language (which is a component of culture).
      Racial stereotyping or racial generalisation is the assumption that people of a given race will share certain characteristics. Like any generalisation, it can be completely wrong or largely true, but it can never be entirely correct.
      Racial prejudice is to judge the character of an individual and to make assumptions on the basis of the presumed characteristics of the racial group to which that individual is thought to belong. It is inherently hazardous.
      To racially discriminate is to act in accordance with a racial prejudice.
      Racial enmity is hatred of a particular race. It is not necessarily associated with racial stereotyping prejudice or discrimination and is much less commonly encountered than any of these phenomena.
      To some, my initial premise, that race exists as a category, is classified as “racism”. I believe that particular definition amounts to a distortion of the original meaning of the word, but if we were to all agree on it as a definition I could live with being labelled “racist”. I can accept racial stereotyping or generalization, so long as we remember that it is just that. On the other hand racial prejudice and racial discrimination are beyond the pale, and racial enmity is a gross violation of God’s law.
      I suspect that those who deny the reality of race are those who subconsciously believe that if race is real, then it would be acceptable to prejudge, discriminate against, or harbor hatred towards those of other races. They feel that way because they are strangers to the Wairua Tapu. They believe in a neo-liberal ideology which is based on the false premise that we are all equal in attributes and abilities, and therefore are ourselves responsible for our own outcomes in life if given equal opportunities.
      When Te Paipera Tapu says “Kahore he Hurai, kahore he Kariki” it is not denying the existence of Jew and Greek. It is saying that “i roto i a Karaiti Ihu” they are all one. That is what is missing from the current discourse on race within the colonialist camp, and why race is such a vexed issue for the regime.

  9. Well done Golriz. Really concentrating on the huge issues affecting NZ society.

    It’s time to play the music
    it’s time to light the lights
    it’s time to meet the muppets on the muppet show tonight.

  10. Here is what Golriz was actually doing today:
    NZ Companies exporting military equipment to countries violating human rights

    She was calling this lot out, which takes some courage.

    But hey, continue to deflect on some throwaway social media comment – Let’s not look at weapons of war, items to facilitate cruelty, torture and death, being sent out from our country, eh.

    Let’s not think about that.
    Let’s all just worry about some stupid social media wokey comment crap.

    • @Kheala, Sadly did not make it even to the news section on the Greens own website. How are people supposed to know what Greens are up to (outside of their pet peeves) when all their news seems to about ‘supporting’ and ‘calling for’ mostly racially based view points.

      Note to greens, doesn’t matter what race you are, when the planet is destroyed. But maybe they will still be arguing that it’s far worse for their x,y,z, racial or focus group to be offended on behalf of. They seem to be sitting around doing nothing, with a few ‘support’ calls on others trying to do something, that actually doing anything real for the planet themselves or making it worse aka giving away water to foreign interests. Then when they do do something aka Sexual Violence Legislation Bill, it is not environmentally based and seems to be doing the opposite of their virtual signals and increasing racism bias and victimisation. https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2021/04/10/waatea-news-column-more-maori-men-will-be-found-guilty-of-sexual-assault-thanks-to-law-change/


      “Green Party spokesperson for Pacific Peoples Teanau Tuiono MP, supports the demand from Pasifika communities fighting for climate action as their homelands are more at risk in the Pacific region.”

      The Green Party supports the six demands for climate action put forward by School Strike for Climate NZ, who are striking across the country today.

      The Ministry of Justice Māori victimisation report, released today, reinforces what we already know about the impact of systemic racism in Aotearoa and that urgent action is needed.

      Greens legacy bill to ensure a more inclusive and accessible Aotearoa to be debated in Parliament

      The Green Party is calling for the Government to do more for New Zealanders who continue to miss out, as main benefits are set to rise by less than $8 a week tomorrow, Thursday 1 April (at the start of the financial year).

      Auckland light rail back on track, Greens welcome engagement with community

      RocketLab failing to properly consult with Hapū: Greens meet with ngā uri o Rongomaiwahine

      Greens support calls for Dawn Raids apology”

      Blah, blah, Blah,

      • There is more environmental, activism, and worry about undermining existing human rights in the Maori Party news.

        Māori Party announces Mariameno Kapa-Kingi as Te Tai Tokerau candidate

        Māori Party: Govt must remove warrant-less searches of marae from health bill

        Ngā Iwi o Taranaki announce end of iwi community checkpoints

        Māori Party calling on Govt to ensure RMA changes don’t undermine Māori rights or the environment

  11. So by agreeing to a travel bubble with Australia, is Jacinda being racist to… the rest of the world?

    • Perhaps not racist, but definitely discriminatory. The Realm of New Zealand favors the Commonwealth of Australia in this as in so many other ways. Taiwan has just as good a claim for unrestricted travel to New Zealand as Australia does.

  12. Shouldn’t everyone crossing our border be treated as if they have covid ,regardless of where they come from.

    • The woke are morons, a bunch of idiots who bemoan the new restrictions, the overcrowded trains etc, then document their trip on said overcrowded trains anyway after waiting next to trash piles for hours, all to visit their elderly parents, and sign off by saying they’ll blame the government for any COVID related infections / deaths that result…

      If only the virus targeted stupidity…

  13. New Zealand Aotearoa has a solid racist streak across the whole of the society. But many whiter (and perhaps older) Kiwis have a well-developed (unconscious) mechanism to ‘make it wish away’ or ‘talk your way out of it’, combined with insufficient warning lights to recognize where it actually pops up.

    This TDB website is no exception to this, there are many pure and borderline racist comments made here over time, often led by a person self-declared as savior of NZ.

    But even more intellectually oriented spirits do no shy away from the occasional racist flirtation.

    The casual daily racism of NZAO hits similarly upon Maori, Pacific Islanders, Asians, African, others, but somehow a slightly modified distinction is sometimes made toward the Maori citizens, this mainly because of the prevailing historical-political narrative.

    Ms Ghahraman has a far better understanding of this subtle mechanism – and probably more practical experience at the receiving end, too.

    In the center of the public psyche sits an ‘unresolved’ interpretation of the treaty with the naïve imagination and politically maintained myth that the earlier settlers of the AONZ simply gave away their lands and natural resources against protection by the crown.

    • Mr. Staab the question here is not whether “New Zealand has a solid racist streak across the whole of the society” (quite a claim) but whether there were solid grounds for temporarily blocking entry from a country that has been the predominant source of recent covid-19 cases. What is your proposal about this specific issue? That we let people from a high-risk country so we don’t look “racist”?

      “Ms Ghahraman has a far better understanding of this subtle mechanism – and probably more practical experience at the receiving end, too.”

      Seeing you raised this point … Ms Ghahraman’s familiar “woman of colour” narrative rings hollow when she has Caucasian features, could easily pass for someone from a Latin or Balkan country, speaks English without an accent, and wears western attire. Most of the flak she cops has nothing to do with her ethnicity, and everything to do with her self-absorption, her grandstanding, and her own poor judgement.

  14. The wokes have destroyed the rest of us and now are feeding on themselves. Poor woke Jacinda, woke Golriz will be fed on next by another more woke woke.

  15. Pulling the Racist Card is quickly becoming the new Godwin’s Law.
    Soon as you do it – YOU LOOSE

    • Fark no. Palangi thinking they the victims of racism. That’s not shocking to me. That is a refusal to believe racism is a problem. Bring it on bitch.

        • That’s fragile, friendo.

          Like, the Golriz keeps asserting that this is some massive, threatening phenomenom that we should all be worried about, but doesn’t provide any evidence for it. At worst, Golriz is lending greater visibility to something that could easily have just died out on the fringes of social media.

    • Bruce- Exactly. Golriz and her bestie can be counted upon do a Markle and whine “Racism” at every autumn leaf which drops from a tree, cavalier about the consequences of fostering societal disharmony and division.

  16. It is obvious why we stopped people from coming from India. Just look at the numbers. Overwhelmingly people who tested positive in MIQ came from there. This is where ideology blinds people. It’s dumb of her.

    Same as the sex offenders register ie saying that most kids are abused by family and people known to them. Failing to recognise that many kids are abused by step parents whose backgrounds aren’t known to the family. Dumb, dumb, dumb

  17. All flights from India…that’s now racist!!!!!! OMG.
    Someone in that green party leadership needs to tell Golriz and that Mendez dude and Marama to wind their heads in and shut the fuck up….or better…just go away. They are destroying the little that’s left of the credibility that party has.

  18. She does have a low being-offended threshold; she was also seeing all sorts of dodgy implications in a B-52 overflying an air show in the Wairarapa recently. She has little insight into the thinking of an average older Kiwi bloke.

    • I think there are two ‘Marks’. It’s a common name.
      They need to put another letter after the name, or a number or something.

        • I think so, yes. They seem to have quite different writing styles and ‘accents’ – the words they use and the way they use them.

          Mark PRC 🙂 has an almost militaristic precision in the way he writes, and throws in American slang sometimes. Cf, Mark-the-renter sometimes bumbles his words.

          But, maybe it’s one person with dual sides – dunno.

          (Apologies to all Marks 🙂

  19. Meanwhile on people’s normal lives, if anybody can help this lady help the little blue penguins on Waiheke Island who are about to be destroyed by The Marina Developers owed by Auckland Council? I put this in the hope that somebody from the Green movement, reading this post, can help her/the penguins.

    “Can you help us? We are in crisis! This may be unbelievable but it is true. The Marina Developers have permission to destroy little blue penguin habitat.
    We have little blue penguins on Waiheke, and their burrows are going to be destroyed next week and they risk the loss not only of their homes but their lives.
    We need your suggestions, we don’t know what to do! WARNING! You may find this disturbing and it is unprecedented in NZ.
    On Wednesday morning I had a call from an ecologist with 4Sight Consulting (working for the Kennedy Point Marina Developers ) asking me if I could go to Kennedy Point the next day and pull out any penguins that are in their burrows when they demolish the breakwater/ rock wall. I was absolutely shocked and couldn’t believe it! We ended up having a heated discussion along the lines of me saying “what am I meant to do with these penguins! They are not injured or ill, they’ll have just been forcibly evicted from their homes! Her explaining that she thought I had a DOC permit to handle penguins so I could do this.. .. me: yes I have a DOC permit to rescue and rehabilitate penguins and yes I can handle them but it is not for the purpose of taking them because they are at home and in the way of you destroying their burrows! Cat: there have been 34 indications of penguins by the sniffer dog, we can’t see into the burrows so we won’t know if they are in there when we demolish the rock wall…. I can’t legally handle penguins so the penguins need you there… the conversation was repulsive and I stated I wanted nothing to do with the deliberate destruction of known existing penguin habitat and this was illegal under the Wildlife Act and was animal cruelty.
    Lots of phone calls and emails later and the work was not going ahead the next day. Phew! But I felt sick, I felt powerless against this huge wealthy organisation with a room of lawyers, social media practitioners, spin doctors and lots of time to spin and craft words to sugar coat and twist the truth.
    Myself and the volunteer team still had nine kereru to clean and feed, the pied shag, the ruru, the kōtare, the moiweka, the grey-faced petrel etc… it’s not a job you can defer, they need to be given medications, therapies, fed and cleaned etc.. it was an incredibly stressful morning shift with the volunteers who had overheard the call in absolute disbelief and distressingly angry.
    I felt like I had been dropped into a David and Goliath plot but it was the penguins I had to save.
    So today I received an email, it seems that Auckland Council have given their blessing and they will be destroying the section of the rock wall where there are two known active nests.
    As of next week the penguins are going to be evicted or if they are out they will return to no home as it will be demolished.
    With my limited time, resources, and experience of a situation where corporate might destroys the environment and threatens the lives of our taonga, I am at a disadvantage and have exhausted my options of what to do. The barge that will demolish the rock wall arrived tonight so they may even start sooner.
    Please put any and all suggestions and feedback below. We seriously need some inspiration as I’m so worried for these kororā/little blues. They already live in a refugee camp situation as their habitat on land has already been destroyed by the ferry terminal so they have resorted to the breakwater wall, which is like living in a tent on the beach, it gets flooded in king tides, it’s miserable in storms. Not ideal but it’s their home. Now where will they go?
    Can this really be legal in New Zealand? Can Auckland Council give resource consent that ignores the Wildlife Act and Animal Welfare Laws. Do these people really have the money and power to get away with this?
    If requested I can post the letters and emails in the comments. The video is simply to help you connect to the animals being submitted to unlawful actions. Sione, Heidi, Kikorangi and Te Morehu were recently released on the northern coastline. Watch the bit where Sione is yelling in her nesting box after getting a fright! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.
    You can contact Karen on nbrwaiheke@gmail.com or 0204739464

    • The above, aka activists saving Little Blue Penguins used to be what the Greens were about. Now nothing, no protests, nothing about anything that is local to NZ destruction. Did not hear about Chloe, worrying about Auckland University destroying the specialist library books when she went there. Obviously some Blue Penguins had to go too.

      Meanwhile why we need more marinas in NZ?

      As well as giving the rich options for global warming and sea level rises, they destroy the planet for everyone else with their rampent profiteering, it also makes great money in the new economy blooming in the Pacific of drugs and contraband trafficking.

      The Pacific is in danger of becoming a semi-narco region

      Yachties in Auckland are being asked to transit drugs from other countries, as with Covid it is hard to get the drugs and contraband through airlines and shipping containers being disrupted.

      Yachts are selling like hot cakes apparently around Auckland!

      A not very well publicised hotline will save us!

      New Zealanders urged to help protect borders from drug smugglers

  20. Border controls do not exist for health reasons?
    Why do we quarantine imports? Racism? Yeah right.

    Border controls for racial, religious reasons?
    Golriz should check out India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Kashmir. Sri Lanka for free border access.
    Do not forget the Rohingya.

  21. Border controls do not exist for health reasons?
    Why do we quarantine imports? Racism? Yeah right.

    Border controls for racial, religious reasons?
    Golriz should check out India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Kashmir. Sri Lanka for free border access.
    Do not forget the Rohingya, Uighur.
    I agree it is unfortunate to be on the wrong side of a border closure. It is more unfortunate. It is more unfortunate to permit possible /probable free access, it is not acceptable that our overloaded health systems (thanks to (,more prebble douglas richardson shipley key english treasury neo liberal (hooton) bullshit.
    Our national health matters more than incoming overseas arrivals.
    The “business sector” will no doubt whine and moan about how profit matters more than health.

  22. NZ is protecting its borders against a viral pandemic.
    NZ is anti viral pandemic anything.
    It has nothing to do with sub continental ethnic groups.
    NZ border controls are about health, not nationality.
    The relationships between India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, myanamar, are not always easy.
    Gharaman needs to tread carefully
    The Green Party need to sort out their priorities.
    The natzis are in a , happy place, happily.

    • Would you support hate speech law if?

      Would you support an invasion of privacy law if?

      Would you support suspending due process if?

      Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

  23. Stfu golriz, this is N.Z not India respect our country their lucky we allow them here stay india if they don’t like it no excuses!

  24. I never liked her since the lies and vainglorious puffery in her maiden speech. Drama Queen….never in a warzone where her mother took her on holiday…and as for partying and drinking with War Criminals….yuk

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