MEDIA WATCH: Reflecting on my experience with Police 10-7


It seems to have surprised most of New Zealand that Police 10-7 is heavily edited in a way that is always positive to the police.

Maybe we live in a culture so deluded by ‘reality tv’ that we are incapable of deciphering what reality actually is any longer? Didn’t it surprise any of you that there was never a negative police story ever on that show?

I’m guessing the same people surprised by Police 10-7 being so heavily edited also believe whatever they see on MAFS or The Bachelor.

The US military do the same thing as Police do with Police 10-7…

Monsters & the military: How ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ follows a long tradition of US meddling in the movies

The Pentagon has a lengthy history of ‘supporting’ the production of monster movies, often influencing the script and generally portraying the military in a hugely positive light

…the current debate about Police 10-7 has sunk into the usual ‘is it or isn’t it racist’ bullshit argument where nothing gets sorted because everyone falls back to their tribal corners and throws shit at one another.

The bloody show should be banned because it’s propaganda for the bloody Police!

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I realized this in 2005.

I was hosting a TV series called ‘Stake Out’ which had some pretty infamous moments on NZ TV, and one of the shows I wanted to do was follow the police around and secretly film their violence. Unfortunately Stake Out was made by the same company still making Police 10-7 and I was told there was no way a cash cow like Police 10-7 was going to be put at risk by my show, especially seeing as we had already embarrassed them with some of our shows.

Police 10-7 is reality TV and reality TV is a reality the Producers want you to see.

It’s Police propaganda, nothing more, nothing less and from that point of view it should be trashed.

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  1. It doesn’t matter how profitable or what you call it. Making entertainment based on voyeuristic exploitation of other’s misery and drama is the wrong energy. You just nasty.

  2. Yes, a nasty show. Always fronted by a sanctimonious ex copper of some description. Relentlessly focused on brown people–at night, dark corners, menace, oooh the scary mug shots! The Mareeeeees are coming for you lot watching your giant flatscreens, with your full cupboards and security cams, and the nice ex D is doing his best to hold back the tide of filthy crims.

    Police propaganda end of. Boot it.

  3. If Maori didn’t commit far more crime per capita than any other group, then perhaps they wouldn’t be so prominent on shows like “Police 10-7.” The crews go where the crime is, because nobody wants to watch groups of Whites or Asians boringly following the law. Similarly, it was always shirtless Blacks on “Cops” in the US because they are the ones committing all of the crime. I’m just surprised Police 10-7 has remained on screen for so long, as it clearly show us where the undeniable social problems lie, rather than some politician or talking head telling us where they would prefer the problems lay.

    • Are you lost?

      The cops got caught editing their image. Those numbers you’re holding onto are imaginary.

      Look to anyone sensible it’s clear you”re just wrong and clinging onto a delusion here.

    • I used to call the show “drunk-watch” —- but the direct link between our No1 drug abuse problem and the huge crime wave resulting from this abuse was never stated….

      Making it easier for National to do their Dirty Politics hit job on Alcohol law reform ,,,and its goal of lowering Alcohol abuse in our communities.

      National Literally and very effectively worked for drug pushers ,,,,with all the corresponding ethics morals ,,, and outcomes.

      With the huge amount of crime and thousands of extra victims they were happy to ignore ,,,, they have to be judged worse and more criminal than ANY Maori criminal ever appearing on police 10-7, or in the history of NZ.for that matter.

      Super predators ,,,,,,,,,,,,,who say the same lines as you Antoine Forbes-Hamilton

  4. The government should make it illegal for our public service to wander the streets harassing the public with their little cameras and bullying (for entertainment purposes not as a function of their employment), instead of serving the public as our servants. And for what, to give someone a ticket on camera for having no car rego, just for the LOLs? To show us who is boss? What next, installing a camera at the public library so we can watch a librarian issue fines to teenagers for overdue books? Why don’t the police confront the largest group of crooks in the country with their little cameras, the tax fraudsters, and break down their doors in their affluent suburbs and televise that. This isn’t entertaining, informative, inspirational, motivational, balanced or even valuable as archival footage, (unless we want a documentary record of propaganda and media manipulation by police). It’s value to broadcasting is negligible.

  5. ‘If Maori didn’t commit far more crime per capita than any other group, then perhaps they wouldn’t be so prominent on shows like “Police 10-7.”
    I would like to ringingly endorse Antoine’s comments. Of course the problem is with the natives – always will be until we whip ’em away to reservations to wither away into extinction.
    Mind you in the 1920s the problem was Roman Catholics – hardly ever saw a Maori in court y’know. Strange.
    I suppose it might have been something to do with Maoris not living in oppressive urban environments and largely left in intact communities in rural areas.
    Roman Catholics now. Why such high criminal offending among the papists d’ya think?
    According to m’good friends Peter Philsme-Tightyly and Ophelia Hardcox – Knightly your RCs were the Irish migrants and the poorest section of the community in the 1920s.
    The Irish – another set of damned, unruly savages who refuse to bow before the lash. B’God there are definite parallels here!
    Colonised and poor. Oppressed and poor – some soft hearted pinko, liberal might go about saying that these are the things that drive crime. These idiots would suggest higher living standards and a more equal society might reverse the drivers of crime.
    After all not many people would accuse Roman Catholics and people with Irish surnames of being prone to criminality today. This is probably something to do with their successful transition from the poorest section of society.
    Antoine and I realise that it is important to prevent Polynesians from ever successfully transistioning out of poverty because we will lose a tremendouly useful scapegoat if they ever do. The Police, the courts and yes, die hards of colonialism( Antoine and myself are proud members along with Ima Dumknt-Sorewe, Wilya Suckmeoff-Kwickly and Ebenzer Shagsya-Sideways) are doing everything possible to prevent Polynesian progress and keeping the poor where they belong. In servitude to their betters.
    In conclusion Antoine I want to say I do not think your views are incredibly antiquated and that you are the relic of obselete racism( as suggested by Stern Rogering-Bumsaw). Nor do I think you need Psychiatric help ( as suggested by Hesa- Pullen- Thrice-Daily and Yew Double-Handed-Tosser).
    Everybody has the right to be stupid – even if you abuse the privilege.

  6. Personally writing I have no strong moral opinions either way on the police. They’re bastards when they bust a person and they’re invaluable when they save a persons arse. I’ve experienced both of those fundamentals of policing within the, so called, sophisticated, democratic society we’ve come to hope to Christ is ours.
    Grave troubles begin, however, when the police are monetized. When they’re exploited as a money making opportunity. Our police, like them or not, must never become a means to a profit. Otherwise they’ll become gangsters and will dance to the tuneless racket money makes.
    We must never allow ( By voting, keenly monitoring MP behaviour etc ) the police to become a trinket for commercial media to play with. The police are ours, to keep us safe and to protect us from each other. After all, that’s why we pay them and if they’re not doing that job then they’re not our cops so we should ask, then who’s cops are they?

    • …”They’re bastards when they bust a person and they’re invaluable when they save a persons arse”…


      So, so true. As is this :


      …”We must never allow ( By voting, keenly monitoring MP behaviour etc ) the police to become a trinket for commercial media to play with. The police are ours, to keep us safe and to protect us from each other”…


      Let us never forget the setting up of Arthur Allan Thomas , but by the same token, lets never forget the hundreds of times the Police have recued so many New Zealanders , and in doing so, put their own lives at risk.

  7. So wrong that the police should even spend any of their, obviously needed, resources on a PR exercise…this is really not an acceptable use of their resources…

  8. The whole thing is a crock. Was at demo recently with the cops with tasers, Illegal of course but but but …….. I have little time for the cops I watched the shoving by three of them shown on TV1 at the weekend here in little Otautahi, all illegal of course, have they been stood down doubdit

  9. In a move which promises to be interesting the Guardian, the englander fishwrap whose foreign ploicy and UK domestic policy editorial slant leaves much to be desired, are starting to use their newly embedded in Aotearoa, journalists in ways our police force are 100% unfamiliar with.
    As we all know all major kiwi newspapers treat the police as if they were god’s gift to humanity, reports on issues that concern police are sycophantic and frequently inaccurate especially when it comes to more ‘background’ stories which analyse statistical data on kiwi police’s efficacy.
    Over the years journos have rationalised this in all sorts of ways but the common thread for TV, newspaper and radio journos is that the police are a major, for any kiwi reporter ‘news source’.
    Saying bad things about police be it of an individual police person, a police region, or police in general is a fast way to get left out of the loop from police, leaving a news journo out of the picture for a vast rage of info even those which the police’s invilvement is only peripheral unless you work for the Guarian, in which dat to day news is less important.
    In today’s Guardian there is an article about the numbers of people in Aotearoa who have been imprisoned for breaching Covid-19 rules:

    “Most breaches of New Zealand’s Covid rules don’t result in prosecution, but according to new Ministry of Justice data, a total of 640 people were charged with Covid-19 related offences, and more than three quarters of those, or 460, were convicted. Of those convicted, almost 20%, or 85 people in total, were sent to prison. The vast majority – nearly 80% – of those charged and convicted were young men.
    How New Zealand’s Covid success made it a laboratory for the world
    Read more

    However, justice system advocates said the arrests indicated racial bias and profiling in the enforcement of Covid rules.

    The data revealed a significant racial tilt in the enforcement of Covid-related orders – nearly half of those charged and convicted were Māori, despite the fact Māori make up just 16% of New Zealand’s overall population.

    Tania Sawicki Mead, the director of advocacy organisation JustSpeak, said the new data showed how structural racism and bias worked in policing. “There’s a lot about it that isn’t surprising – it reflects the massive discrepancy in decisions that are made every day by police,” she said. “This shows how racism is tied up into that judgment – those decisions about who, at face value, deserves good will and the benefit of the doubt.””

    The cops may find their previous disdain for the media no longer cuts it because if some Guardian story about the police makes it back to Aotearoa and an ambitious kiwi reporter decides to look past the usual platitudes and evasions which normally take police past the usual good oil from a well trained ‘police spokesperson’ their corrupt and/or inefficient behavior will stand out for all to see.

    That of course depends on the Guardian – they may be genuinely wanting to highlight institutional racism here in Aotearoa, or they may just be creating a little kerfuffle as a way of letting the government know neoliberal land d did not sign the “Joint Statement on the WHO-Convened COVID-19 Origins Study”.
    That statement alleged China failed to supply needed data to the study team, a team whose members all signed up a report detailing & applauding China’s rapid response and fast output of Covid-19’s’s probable danger to the rest of the world.

    Once team members got back home however and I have no doubt after a week’s intense pressure some of the team made press statements which criticised the study. Issue one would expect to have been raised, privately, then publicly while the study was running, so they could get the right answer.

    I’m cynical about the Guardian’s motives after watching them gleefully join in the stitch up of one of their former journos, Julian Assange.

    I have no idea which could be correct, but I do know a major fishwrap writing objectively about Aotearoa’s police is very unusual.

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