KFC coms fiasco is another nail in the coffin for Ministry doublespeak  


COVID-19: KFC worker Case L wasn’t contacted directly by health officials until after shift – OIA documents

New documents confirm coronavirus Case L, who went to work at an Auckland KFC before testing positive three days later, wasn’t contacted directly by health officials until after the shift.

The first lesson any Minister needs to understand before they take up the job is that their officials will lie through their teeth to you.

That’s what happened with the KFC coms fiasco, Jacinda was assured the contact had been made, it hadn’t.

Talking with Minister’s you have example after example after example of butt covering by Ministry’s who tell you what you want to hear.

The colossal cock up inside Corrections that allowed for riot conditions to explode at the beginning of the year is a classic example.

The great Unionist Robert Reid said it best…

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…Labour won by accident in 2017 and Covid overshadowed 2020 so none of them have any real reform platform for the Public Service which allows the neoliberal public service to call the shots.

The ideological right wing acolytes  who have taken up residence in our public service, must be cut from the body public as one cuts out a tumour. These spiteful people have spread their hateful right wing beliefs and infected every inch of what should be a welfare system designed to protect and help rather than punish and torture.

We have seen example after example after example of how these ‘servants’ damage and kill the poor they are supposed to serve. Hounding a beneficiary into suicide for a debt that never existed is an abomination.

Our civil service has become uncivil.

Our Public Services are supposed to be the bastions of egalitarianism which are essential for a progressive liberal democracy progressing. Instead, spiteful zealots mutate it into the cruelest of torture devices used by the State to keep the poor too terrified to fight back.

Just like Oranga Tamariki stealing babies,  Housing NZ evicting tenants, Motels housing the homeless, Corrections miscalculating Prisoner sentences and sparking prison riots– all of them don’t care about the actual welfare of the people they are supposed to care about.

Add mental health to the longest of crises we are now suffering thanks to the Wellington Bureaucratic elite…

A routine report on the Government’s mental health services was delayed for over a year as officials battled behind the scenes over plans to dramatically reduce the amount of data in it.
The annual report, released more than two years late on Tuesday, still showed a very distressing picture of New Zealand’s mental health system – with a spike in the use of seclusion, a practice some liken to torture.
But many indicators usually included in the report had been removed after a months-long and contentious editing process revealed in an Official Information Act request, including wait-times, suicide stats and the overall proportion of the population using specialised mental health services.


…Big Government may be back because of Covid, but if it’s the same neoliberal Wellington Bureaucratic elites, why rejoice?



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  1. Not sure what this OIA request really proves.

    Why would Case L receive any direct communication from public health prior to her sibling testing positive and Case L being identified as a close contact?

    Generic information was supplied to the household via the Papatoetoe High School student, not to each specific individual of the household. An OIA request for the sibling, Case I, would be more meaningful.

    But the communication was not the clearest during this outbreak, and seemingly confused at times. It needs to be simple and consistent for everyone to understand, else the message will be lost on some, or exploited as an excuse for others.

    • Agreed. Why on earth would the Ministry have been communicating personally with Case L until after her sibling case I had tested positive? Until then, case I was just one of 1500+ “casual plus” contacts at the school who was being provided with general information about what to do. It has still not been explained why Case I took so long to get a test after the original Valentines Day outbreak (as was clearly and immediately requested of all Papatoetoe High students). If that had been done in a timely way then we wouldnt be having this discussion.

  2. The rejoicing will start when the criminals and clowns who got us into this mess, and the criminals and clowns who perpetuated dysfunctional systems get charged with treason…well criminal negligence at least.

    Sadly, a lot of the original criminals are now dead or extremely old, but there will still be plenty of heads to roll when the neoliberal experiment collapses (later this year?)

  3. Exactery @Martyn. As someone who has jumped in and out of the public service over 40 years or so, I used to be quite defensive towards criticism of our so-called servants.
    Just can’t do it anymore. The neoliberal religion changed everything in subtle ways at first, but now in ways that are actually quite anti-public, anti people, anti service, amoral and sometimes overtly self-serving.

    I’m getting to the point where I wouldn’t that horrified if some of them were named and shamed.

  4. Is Jacinda going to say sorry to this young lady after she slammed her or does the kindness not extend that far. I understand she was possibly mislead but that is her problem to solve .
    How do we break through Ministry shortsightedness. Another example is school buses in the rural area . The rules were made in 1904 about which children can be picked up . We now have a situation were half empty buses are going past children who then need to be driven to school. A waste of time and effort not to mention the carbon footprint it causes. There is no plan to try and change the rules and Hipkins does not want to push the cause

    • First of all, Jacinda never says sorry. She waaaaaaaaay too arrognat and waaaaaay too above that kind of kindness. Secondly, she wouldn’t have the guts to do what Martyn suggest, and that is to cut out that ‘public service tumour’. If she did that, OMG, she would be unpopular. We just can’t have a PM doing something unpopular, can we! For my money, if she did that, for once she would show some steel. She’s a jellyfish…that can read scripts. Perfect for the UN – I just wish she would go now.

  5. If its accountability your looking for it ain’t going to happen.

    Definition of accountability
    : the quality or state of being accountable
    especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions
    public officials lacking accountability

  6. I find it interesting that you thing the public service are right wing.

    From where I sit, they appear to be woke and left wing.
    Commissioner of Police!!!!
    Departments rushing to put out reports sprinkled with Maori(why not an English language version and a Maori language version rather than bastardising both).
    Departments rushing to give themselves Maori names that 98% of the population don’t understand.

    • Comrade

      It’s a fair question – how can they be neoliberal if they are dressed in the cloak of woke? It’s because woke identity politics is in itself a mutation of neoliberal individualism over all. It’s like how the Israeli Defence Force avoids all the war crimes and horror they commit by pointing out how liberal they are when it comes to their acceptance of gay and trans soldiers.

  7. The bureaucracy is the new 9 years of neglect. These ministers are on +$250k yet its excuses, excuses. It would be nice if there some accountability but alas nothing.

  8. I like Bradbury because he tells it as it really is. I’ve supported a loved one in a mental hospital and if you weren’t crazy and paranoid before you went in, you certainly would be by the end of your stay. A terribly coersive environment where staff routinely lie to and about patients who are completely vulnerable. Patients walk the halls all night screaming keeping you awake, but if you need to catch up on sleep during the day it’s written in yr notes as a negative against you. Winz are equally likely to drive a person mad or at least severely undermine thier sense of worth. Avoid these types of ‘help’ at all costs.

    • I will go a step further and say there must be alot of people out there who are deemed recovered or in remission, but continue to struggle because they have been so traumatised by the mental health system that they are terrified of ever being ‘helped’ again.

  9. Not sure you can blame the government advisors for why with healthy homes, the state and community housing tenants are the last to get the healthy homes https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/housing-crisis-hawkes-bay-family-elated-at-warm-and-dry-kainga-ora-home/AOGSQI7HLO2DIZEQWXORP2ENAQ/ and why state housing is in such a poor condition and un renovated, while all effort seems to be on the ‘development’ side and government money supporting developers providing private housing for first home buyers, some of whom can apparently buy a Kiwibuild house for cash and 30% not even being NZ citizens, while some people had large deposits at their disposal but suspiciously not much income https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/391713/kiwibuild-pre-approved-applicants-list-raises-eligibility-questions and further loosening of criteria. https://www.interest.co.nz/property/101518/kiwibuild-eligibility-criteria-broadened-buyers-and-developers-less-taxpayer-money

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