Team Queen vs Team Meghan: Greatest Generation Duty vs Millennial self interest  – I gloriously don’t care 



I don’t have a dog in this fight.

The Royal Family are a parasitic class elite whose life of privilege should make one cringe, not bow while Meghan Markle represents an easily triggered woke social climbing generation who are self interested in their brand without a second thought for obligation or social duty beyond virtue signalling.

Good riddance to them both!

What i love is the clash of generations.

Listening to Millennials champion Markle as some sort of feminist icon when she has purposely disrupted a 1200 year dynasty that is currently being run by the most powerful Matriarch on earth is as funny as it is shallow.

The Queen fought the Nazi’s FFS, Meghan starred in Suits. Hashtag feminism. Hashtag solidarity.

Listening to the long lush whinge of the Sussex’s on Oprah citing the kind of petty justifications teenagers do when they don’t have enough life experience to dress up their tantrums as legitimate was as tedious as it was eye rolling.

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Not being able to get the help she needed ended up sounding like nothing short of every newspaper editor being extra nice to her would have sufficed.

The business with the title for Archie is actually just not true and it opens up questions of how informed they actually are.

Pretending the skin colour comment is evidence of mass racism inside the Royal Family is faux outrage.

‘Whipped like Hazza’ is a term I have heard used out in the wild many times now. It looked like he had Stockholm syndrome, a man triggered by his childhood trauma now holding him hostage to the threat of loss in the present.

As for her comments…

Right at the start of the interview, Meghan said she was unprepared for the reality of being a working royal when she married into the family.

“I went into it naively, because I didn’t grow up watching the royal family,” she said.

“It wasn’t something that was part of conversation at home. It wasn’t something that we followed.

“I didn’t do any research. I’d never looked up my husband online. Everything I needed to know, (Harry) was telling me.

“What does it mean to be a working royal? What do you do? What does that mean?

“I didn’t fully understand what the job was, what was needed of me. There was no way to understand what the day-to-day was going to be like.”

…oh come on.


That’s what we have to believe here is it?

She was so self absorbed that she had no idea of the British Royal Family, the 1200 year legacy she joined and just didn’t like it?

Come on. Beyond the tribal woke who see her marrying Harry as breaking some glass ceiling on race, can anyone support her after that?

Nothing manages to sum up the vast cultural chasm between Millennials and the Greatest Generation quite like Team Queen vs Team Meghan. The Queen stands for obligation, sacrifice and duty. Millennials stand for themselves, their total well being and lashing out when they don’t get their way.

Meanwhile the fucking planet is melting!


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  1. I’m sure in the last days of the Holy Roman Empire they had similar issues. You’re entirely correct that this sums up Western civilization at present and stepping back how truly ashamed we all should be.

    As for our feckless media – after I came back from pub quiz night (thank the lord on at the same time) I had the misfortune of watching some of the after interview analysis:

    1). Why would you need after interview analysis on this tripe?
    2). How is a former Shortland Street actress a royal ‘expert’?
    3). Tv3 were obviously pandering to the woke given their analysis was essentially one-sided dribble.

    The sooner television dies the better we will be as a world.

    • Yes Frank, this is a sick society that we belong to and I am so ashamed that I am part of this bull shit western so called culture . It’s so melodramatic, at least I can turn fucken Coronation St off.

  2. i haven’t watched the interview or read the news articles – i refuse to feed and reward the sorry saga.

    But Meaghan strikes me as someone who believes her feelings define what is reality, and others must then live by her reality.

    Such people are nightmares to live or work with.

  3. Wot! No Harry as Race Relations Conciliator then? New Zealand headed the green and pleasant pastures which they hoped to abscond to, failing getting ambassadorships to Canada or the Emerald City. Dad cut his allowance, the rotter. Meghan could get ACC counselling here, and my blind neighbour would knit Harry a pair of socks if I give her one of my famous gluten and lactose free cheese scones – well, one sock anyway.

  4. Ada: “i haven’t watched the interview or read the news articles…”

    Me either. The little that I know comes from what I’ve heard from a friend, and from Google headlines.

    The pair of them come across as whining, self-entitled brats. I doubt that anything they claim has an iota of truth in it.

    I couldn’t give a good goddamn about either of them. But I’m horrified that they’d do an interview like this, clearly aimed at white-anting his family. They’re his kin, for god’s sake: what the hell was he thinking, conniving at this vicious rubbish?

    • “They’re his kin, for god’s sake: what the hell was he thinking, conniving at this vicious rubbish?”

      And yet, the evidence indicates they had a point. The racist double standards at Ms Markle was clear for all to see.

      At the risk of ignoring what she went through, let’s consider for a moment: if it can happen to a person living a life of privilege – what do other women of colour have to go through? If she could endure so much disrespect, harassment, and fear – what do other women with less resources go through?

      It is a truism that domestic abuse (and I class her experience as a form of domestic abuse, albeit on a more institutionalised scale) is no respector of class or economic standing.

      We’ve just witnessed an example of that.

      Ignoring her experience on the basis of anti-Royalty sentiment is just a more sophisticated way of suggesting that “she probably deserved it”.

      What was he thinking? I think he expressed his thoughts very well. He did what survivors of abuse do; they get out.

    • More…

      Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. If we’re going to discriminate as to which woman deserves to have her story of surviving abuse respected, based on economic standing – what’s the income cut-off point?




      Over $999,999?

      Because that’s what this is sounding like. So we just need to agree which women are deserving of their abuse stories being valued – and which do not, based on economic wealth.

      Is that really what we’re saying? I hope not.

      • So Dianna, Fergie and Camilla are all people of colour. Well Fergs has red hair I guess. IMHO they all get slaughtered if they do something wrong.

    • “Ada: “i haven’t watched the interview or read the news articles…”

      Me either. The little that I know comes from what I’ve heard from a friend, and from Google headlines.

      The pair of them come across as whining, self-entitled brats. “

      Wait, what?

      You *HAVEN’T* watched the interview?

      Yet you have judged them as “whining, self-entitled brats. I doubt that anything they claim has an iota of truth in it”?!

      How does that work?! Is pre-conceived notions and here-say sufficient for you to judge someone?

  5. To quote you, Frank: “The racist double standards at Ms Markle was clear for all to see.”

    Is it clear? Were you there at the time? Witness it yourself?

  6. To quote you, Frank: “The racist double standards at Ms Markle was clear for all to see.”

    Is it clear? Were you there at the time? Witness it yourself?

  7. Rich foreigners, including Gary Lin, have no place in No Zealand. This is indulgent sideshow antics for former ACT supporters with lawns and cats while the Aotearoa underclass festers.

  8. Good grief, Frank! It isn’t necessary to watch interviews to figure out what those two are about: just read the bloody headlines! That’s what I’ve done. They come through my Google feed.

    Surely you aren’t suggesting that you actually believe anything these two said in that interview? The old friend who told me as much as I want to know about it was equally credulous. And was a bit surprised that I pooh-poohed their account.

    Racism schmasism! What individuals think and say may be prejudice, but it isn’t racism. So somebody said something mean about the baby’s skin colour? Unless they’re prepared to name names, we’re justified in being highly sceptical that any such thing ever happened.

    What was the other thing I was told? Oh yes, that bit about their having been secretly married three days before the public wedding. Right: I said. That would have been at the same time that she and her mother were staying at that fancy pantsy private hotel in the country? I only know about that because I happened to see a programme about said hotel, in which she and her mam were pictured arriving by car.

    Fake fake fake…..

  9. No self respecting Prime Minister would tolerate being lead from a far.

    I want a Republic. The monarchy has no stamina to lead New Zealand. We should get out from under Britian as soon as possible.

  10. Meghan got her father’s looks, even the same mannerisms and dress sense. From poor stock to third division actor and now royal parasite. No wonder Piers tapped out

    • Ethan, you are part of the problem thinking it’s ok to criticis someone for their looks dress sense and acting ability.

      Btw the Meghan and Harry aren’t getting any money from the royalty, they are financially independent

      • Not only is it ok to “criticis [sic] someone for their looks dress sense and acting ability,” it’s actually a profession – at least for the dress sense and acting. Can’t do much about the looks.
        As for Ginge and Whinge being financially independent, the crux of one of their complaints is that that their little nuclear family unit has been deprived of their security detail – a little thing provided by the UK Government or whatever unfortunate Government happens to be hosting them. Until no one wanted to pay for it anymore.

  11. Poor old Madge (Liz) must be wondering by now what the hell she did to deserve her children: Charlie Farley, Andrew, and the rest of them – failed TV producers et al. Margaret probably wondered the same thing.

    Gordon Campbell seems to have a good take on things: (after his take on Covid vaccines)

    including Charley Farley’s antics and “William who seems to have gone from youth straight into advanced middle age without picking up a personality along the way.”
    Time for a republic if we can sort out constitutional issues (including and especially those associated with the Treaty) when Madge pops her clogs. We should be preparing now because can anyone else imagine Charles and his steed running things?

  12. You can dose animals with products to get rid of parasites, and you can see a medical practitioner to get help getting rid of worms and other human parasites.

    But there is no cure for the royal parasites that prey on Britain and the Anglophile nations, other than what the French did in 1789.

    I guess it will come to that eventually -when things get bad enough in Britain.

  13. Ffs seriously angry about this column and comments.
    Frank mcc makes great points about who is isn’t deserving of our concern.

    Martyn do you really want to align yourself with Piers Morgan, who went on some sort of date with Morgan once and then ghosted him. She’s allowed to by the way. He has devoted columns, many of them, to trashing her. Over and over again. He is an entitled man spurned. He was allowed to keep up his unrelenting vitriol against her. You all ok with that? A rich man abusing and lying about anyone? Whale oil me thinks.
    Anyone who followed the tabloids could see Meghan was being lied about, very unfavourably c/p to Kate. What about the journo who when M and H got pregnant, showed them and inserted a monkey in the middle? But got forbid call any of this racism………and don’t call the comments about a babies skin colour racism, no sir!
    It’s not at all hard to see why Meghan developed suicidal thoughts and didn’t want to live. Where is your empathy guys? Haven’t you heard about the effects of on line trolling on mental health? Last year a young women media personality in the UK killed herself because of on line trolling. You all ok with that????? Shame on you all if you are.

    I thought Harry and Meghan have a right to tell their point of view of what happened. Good for them. I found their side very credible. I wish them a happy and fulfilling live, now they are free of the life they had as members of the royal family

    What f…ing planet are you people on.

  14. Further more, I don’t see it as Team Meghan or team anything else. The royal family have some very big issues to sort out. Huge. Like it or not they are our head of state. Remember The Treaty of Waitangi was between Crown and Maori.

    I think the Queen has been an outstanding leader. A woman thrust into that role at such a young age, when older blokes run the show.

    I hope what comes out of the interview is more accountability and constraint of the tabloids and the likes of piers M, who seem to have licence to trash people.

    For the likes of Ada and all those who think the interview was a pack of lies, you are entitled to that view.

    I did watch the interview and found the couple completely credible. Btw an academic from London university who has some sort of speciality in working out whether people are making shit up, came out and said he thought that the couple were telling the truth…..

    The comments on this sight have come across as nasty and negative. I usually associate left wing sires as being caring. Will need to consider coming on here in the future

    • I’d half agree Her Madge has been an outstanding leader despite hubby who was prone to drop a few clangers from time to time. And Marge, poor woman, who seems to have suffered from the same sort of issues H&M ® ™ have.
      There are quite a few in her former colonies that’d agree – including those in that Jewel of the Crown, while there are others who’d be just as happy to see all the structures that came with imperial presence turned into public urinals or water pumping stations out in the stix. Or even just watch as Mother Nature and Father Time takes over as they watch them collapse.

      Fortunately, times change and we ‘evolve’ – if that’s the right word, sometimes for the better. Not that often though lately. When Her Madge does pop Her clogs, let her rest in peace. The rest of them can rest in pieces.

      Coping with her offspring must be really really ghastly, and she’s possibly thinking she’d have been better off putting more time into her corgis. Let’s hope some of them survive her – one or two of them might be able to teach the next in line (Charles) a few things

  15. Such dull and dreary nonsense. The day the royal family gets cancelled will be the day I dance in the street. The day Meghan and Harry get cancelled will be the day I dance at the pub (if there’s any left). And the day Oprah gets cancelled will be the day I dance in front of the tele (if I even have one).

  16. One last comment Martyn. Your headline says boomer duty v milenial self interest.

    It is hard to fathom that boomers could be considered people of duty rather than self interest. Sadly the hallmark of my generation is rampant self interest and this can be seen in the housing market and the ladder being pulled up time amd and time again.

    • No the greatest generation refers to those born before 1928, as the Queen is.

      FYI those born 1928-1944, such as Joseph Biden are known as the silent generation (not sleepy generation).

  17. Extremely rich priviledged kids discover a bit of real life and immediately use their influence to call Oprah, and get worldwide coverage including hordes of mindless followers and adversarial detractors? Who’d have thought it. It’s hardly a great service to mankind. Thanks kids I would never have knowed. Even before Elizabeth, you could imagine the crap Queen Victoria had to field, although by all accounts she was quite the badass. “Help… racism!… hmmm… should I make a circus out of it with me as centre, or quietly expend my resources on people unlike me who don’t have any options? Make a circus. Yep, definitely a circus.”

  18. A major flaw in this article is characterising the Queen as a “Boomer”.

    Having been born in 1926 would make her part of the Greatest Generation and the stereotypes of duty, etc, more apt considering her wartime experience and an alternate name of that generation as the World War 2 Generation.

    Considering this flawed characterisation of a generational schism (Boomer vs Millennials aka Echo Boomers), it is interesting to note how the generation between these two (Generation X) frequently doesn’t get a mention. Even though one can easily find as much greed and self interest in that cohort as any other.

  19. Some incredible vitriol in these comments. What a relief to read the decidedly more empathetic comments by Ankar and Frank Macskasy.
    Prince Harry and his wife may be born into or willingly embrace public life and privilege, but it doesn’t mean they are immune to the brutal bullying and abuse that occurs in every powerful institution. These two merely showed their vulnerability and their humanity in the Winfrey interview. For those who did actually watch the interview it was easy to see that Meghan was angry and Harry was hurt. And who wouldn’t succumb to the racist bullying and torment aimed at Meghan from the British tabloids? Much of the commentary, as well as the interview itself, hasn’t given enough attention to this. Here we are in the second decade of the 21st century and the media is allowed to carry on like this against a woman of colour! It’s appalling. And Let’s not forget what happened to Princess Diana, the whole reason, it seemed, for Harry to speak out, fearing a repetition of such a tragedy.
    Harry said this is different and more dangerous than the situation with his mother because there is race and social media involved. He’s right about social media. We didn’t have social media in 1997 (and what a happier world it seemed). But he’s wrong about the race issue. For those of us who remember well the tragic death of Princess Diana, race was a central issue. She was dating a Muslim of Middle Eastern origin. One of the most plausible conspiracy theories circulating at the time as to the reasons the British establishment may have orchestrated Diana’s death is that she was pregnant to her then boyfriend, Dodi al Fayed. It was unthinkable that a potential heir to the British throne could have Middle Eastern blood (even though she had by this stage left Charles it was by no means clear that any subsequent child she had was free of royal connection). Dodi’s dad certainly thought this was the case and pursued it in the courts for years, until it was all given a huge whitewash by the British High Court and the press left the story of Diana’s death alone. We’ll probably never know the truth of Diana’s death but many circumstances surrounding the ‘car accident’ have never been satisfactorily explained and certainly have all the hallmarks of a hit job. This royal family have a terrible history of being a nasty lot that goes all the way back to Henry VIII and further, Henry VIII, of course, being the model for Hitler and Stalin.

  20. Oh dear and people wonder what’s wrong with society. Only need to read the above to get a reasonably clear picture.

  21. …” The Queen fought the Nazi’s FFS, Meghan starred in Suits. Hashtag feminism. Hashtag solidarity ”…

    L0L0L !!!

    So true !, and my how times have changed, … some used to say we needed wars to reset economy’s and cull the population, – I reckon its more because people get bored shitless of their banal existence and think it’d be a great idea at the time… until its their turn to get the chop.

    Now as for the Royals, I reckon they’ve got a finger in all the global pies, and yes, they seem ‘toxic’… at times. And while not quite being the Mafia, I’d suspect there’s a fair amount of skullduggery going on. Much like all family’s. And most family’s are accorded privacy from salivating media pratt’s, they are not.

    But that’s a double edged sword because people like Megs can use that same perverted voyeuristic media to gain an edge. And maybe make some cash. And so can grubby little parasites like Ophrah too.

    You see, in all family’s there are quirks. And what’s a bet your extended family doesn’t have its tokens racist’s as well?

    Come on, you know its true.

    Don’t bullshit me.

    So maybe the reasons the Royals are the longest running soap opera besides Coro St is simply because they reflect what’s in our own family’s, eh hypocrites?

    Maybe that’s the root cause of all the perversion – that we set up others to be the standard bearers of what we’d like to be. But know we never will. And so will they,… never will.

    I’m with Martyn, I don’t give a ratshit about the Royals. Or the media or the ‘millennial’ woke. And one must ask oneself, … that apart from geopolitical concerns,…just WHAT relevance do the Royals have in the running of our day to day lives?

    Not a lot.

    They just make good TV viewing, right? Something to gork at on the computer screen while we pick at our toe nails, right?

    Something to go Ooh aah at while we blindly focus on them and point the finger while we irresponsibly and deliberately overlook our immediate ‘leaders’… and for those who say ‘ But they are public figures and we expect them to set an example’,…

    How about you set an example for your family’s and start your campaign in your own backyards first? Clean up your sordid acts? The Royals have to ‘set an example’ because the media are onto a good thing , get rich by it and sell that news to all the ravenous groobles out there whose lives are so mundane they need something to make themselves feel better about it all.

    If the media weren’t such a pack of perverts and we weren’t so monotonously boring the Royals could go about their toxicity, get rich with their investments, have their family squabbles and no one would be the wiser. Just like your family does.

    Pink Floyd – Time

  22. The biggest take for me, was the

    1. exposure of the British media for the lies they published which came for palace sources. Such as the one that Meghan made Kate cry. And when this was corrected in the interview, rather than apologise the same media then proferred up Meghan slamming to door in the face of Kate when she came to apologise. This was either from the same palace source as the previous lie, or the new media spin from someone one who knew what had actually happened eariler all this time and was sitting on the truth as a serivce to the palace (that is operate as a service gaslighting a member of the family yet to be broken to subordination).

    2. All the attack columns in their media since then needs to be seen in the light of the above.

    It is in the end a jingoistic media servicing their culture, heritage as their nationalism – brand royalty.

    I’m a little dismissive of any deep state authoritarianism where the people are subjects of the Crown – and of media decpetion since the lies of WMD, etc.

    And I find it unsurprising that so many older white race men are inclined to dismiss “woke” rejection of its underlying racism. Inherent in Brexit, Trump is a nostalgia for the yesteryears order and deference to the old regime they were raised up to bow down to.

  23. And there is a serious ssiue here – for the palace, No 10 and Commonwealth Office, it’s the future of the Crown in the role of head of the Commonwealth after this.

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