Political Caption Competition

When Peter Jackson doesn't have his hand up my arse, China does!

Th quick red dragon jumps over the lazy white kiwi.


  1. Those red dragons can jump over this lazy Kiwi any time they like.
    Is weird, odd and funny.
    I’ve been fucked over, lied to, swindled, cheated, manipulated as though I were a fool, rorted, exploited and manipulated mercilessly and that was just my friends.
    And none of them. Not one of them was ‘ a person of colour ‘ to use an odious term no doubt coined by non leg shaving man bunners to assuage their guilty pleasures at being unapologetically racist while hiding behind their gag worthy hypocrisies.
    Compared to the old white male Kiwi-As beer swilling bloke with just that little bit too much power for their old tired nubbin cocks to cope with, the Chinese must surely view us as desperadoes thinking to ensure a place in Eternity we must fuck everyone over in this mercifully fleeting version of an average existence.
    The real and true nasty fucker is the one in the suit plotting to make good coin so he can be seen towing his launch to the dock behind the Range Rover you’re paying for because he’ll have worked a legal scam where by the Rangie will be a GST deduction or he’ll be leasing it so that means you and me, in effect, will be paying for it.
    The wee man in the tacky T shirt is the mayor of Wellington. All jokey blokey and back slappy while his white masters yank on his strings.
    P.S. Remember wee peter? Tearfully pleading for our understanding and getting up, in, and behind him because the hobbit was off to Rumania, I think it was, because of the lack of funds to produce it here? Remember that? Remember warner brothers effectively fucking NZ film crew over as a result of deals done by jonky and pete? Remember jonky stumping up OUR $130 million to keep the fucking film here?
    Sir Peter Jackson. Net Worth? $600 million NZ. ( $450 Mil USA.)
    See? There you go.

  2. Desperately needed : Gallant knight to rescue four damsels from hideous Peter Jackson created monster

  3. 92 China Hong Kong 20.7
    91 Canada Vancouver, BC 13.0
    90 Australia Sydney, NSW 11.8
    89 N.Z. Auckland 10.0
    88 Canada Toronto, ON 9.9
    87 Australia Melbourne, VIC 9.7

    Most severely unaffordable cities in latest demographia.
    All known hot spots, with complacent and enabling politicians that have been only too willing to put overseas “investment” and immigration ahead of the housing needs of local ciitizens for decades.

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