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  1. This morning on RNZ National, Kathryn Ryan interviewed Anjum Rahman from the Islamic Women’s Council and Andrew Little, the lead Coordination Minister for the Government’s Response to The Royal Commission’s Report into the Terrorist Attack on the Christchurch Mosques.

    Well and good. (At times I’ve thought that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if Jacinda had to take 6-9 months leave on personal issues – maybe get married and have a honeymoon, and Andrew Little had to take over as a sort of “acting” PM)
    By chance, Kathryn Ryan brought Anjum back in after Andrew Little had his slot and the looming time pips were pending.
    Find the fucking specifics yourselves – there is audio of it all. It even breached the pips.

    What it told me was that Labour (captured by its neo-liberal senior, and upper muddle generic mangler public servants) just DO NOT get it.

    Anjum happened to mention they’d been given a couple of minutes to scan the 44? recommendations of the report and then make submissions. Some consultation huh? Something cudda shudda wudda happened very simply so that didn’t happen – I’ll bet it didn’t even OCCUR to them – which is a big part of the problem rather than any conspiratorial sort of explanation.

    There is now such master-of-the-universe; we-know-what’s-best-for-you; manipulative media spin and comms and marketing bullshit that Labour have been caught up in – even been a part in fostering, there needs to be a real cleanout.
    It’s not as though there isn’t one or two cadets that coould step up to the plate, but I suspect it’ll be woosh!!!! Right up until the time they self-destruct and are reborn.

    The sooner the fucking better – no matter what the economic cost-accountant’s cost – opportunity or otherwise (in this space, going forward).

    I’m kind of wondering though (on more serious matters of course) why Tony Alexander hasn’t decided to call himslef “Zander”.

    He seems to have become a Guru – even ‘liked’ by an Hickey (who I admire). Maybe he has ekshully got his shit and credibility together since the days of Branch 900, ‘cos man!, they were pretty bloody trejuk.
    Maybe Giles @RNZ could do an in-depth study, or even Nicholas. Let’s even hear it from Craig – from Investmint Partners – better still the lady with the work-life-balanced portfolio. I’d like to hear what anyone of them fellas has reckons

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