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  1. This:

    Ministerial capture, generic neo-liberal managerialism all wrapped up in the art of spin, PR comms and marketing. It’s pervasive, and it applies across various agencies.
    And any advice from experts or people at the coalface that deviate from the ‘officials” line is taken as an affront.
    Ombudsmen, Childrens Commissioners, scientists, workers rights and beneficiary advocates – all at the coalface are secondary to the official line. Very suffusticated!

    Whatever you think of Denis O’Reilly, or wherever you want to aportion blame, his quip on a failed rehab programme is as applicable across a lot of agencies:
    ………. “the square peg of contractual compliance” …. [ and all the managerialist’s devised hard and fast processes and procedures that never get reviewed until there’s a fuckup ] …. “with the round hole of community reality.”


    CEAC Support ‘Youth School Strike’ For Government To Take Climate Change Action Now
    Saturday, 23 January 2021, 6:17 am
    Press Release: CEAC
    CEAC Support ‘School Strike 4 climate’ School strike 4 climate

    We applaud The Youth of NZ for standing up for climate action once again on January 26th outside of Parliament for School Strike 4 Climate NZ’s 100 Days 4 Action campaign rally.

    “We believe it is vital to hold our new Labour-led government to account from the get-go. Like many, we have seen countless promises on policy, actions and goals in the past year – but we often question ourselves, what will they deliver? We are demanding real transformative action during this newly sworn-in government’s first 100 days. It is time for real change, to protect our people, whenua & planet, for good.” Says SS4C NZ Coordinator and Media Representative, Ethan Reille

    As climate change affects every New Zealander and every part of society, we are inviting everyone to join us. This rally will be intergenerational. Parents, teachers, aunties, uncles and grandparents are asked to join youth on January 26th to stand up for climate justice, and the many issues that follow such.

    “Climate change is not only an environmental issue but a justice issue as well, we are demanding that the Government addresses it with this in mind. Not only do we have a real need to mitigate its impacts on our planet, but we must do so in a way which protects the people who live on it, particularly those on the frontlines of climate change. In its first 100 days, the Government must act to ensure that climate justice is a key component to their decisions throughout this Governmental term.” Says SS4C NZ Coordinator and Media Representative Ash Putt-Fallows

    We have collated a list of demands from people across Aotearoa, New Zealand, which we demand the Government act on in it’s first 100 days. To which on January 26th, we will take to Parliament to demand that real climate action is taken, based on such demands.

    CEAC strongly applaud our youth for demonstrating their environmental concerns and actions.

    We at CEAC are proud to stand with our youth who are to inherit the climate change uncertainties of tomorrow, and urge the second term Labour Government now to fully support our youth in taking action now to lower our CO2 emissions and protect our communities against the imminent dangers and deaths from future adverse weather events.

    At CEAC we along with the community have been constantly advised by Government that a sharp reduction in emissions of burning fossil fuels is needed to lower the CO2 levels of our transport use coupled with other activities that use fossil fuels.

    CEAC in February 2020 stood before the Government select committee with our verbal and written submissions with solid evidence for how Government can improve far lower CO2 emissions from NZ transport by requesting Government increase all regional rail freight and passenger services.

    We are still awaiting a response to our submission we produced almost one year ago.
    CEAC has made many past references to this point, we have considered our best choice to lower transport climate emissions is by the use of rail freight not road freight for lowering climate emissions and an excellent example was back exactly just two months ago on Thursday, 12 November 2020, 10:14 am | Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre

    CEAC Call On Government Take Climate Change Action Now As Time Is Short

    ‘As this latest study proves all coastal cities will suffer from increased rainfall amounts as Hurricanes/cyclones stay stronger longer after landfall than in past’. A new study finds that hurricanes are staying stronger longer after striking land … More >>

    Then CEAC in September we had supported the Green Party push for action on climate change mentioning to use rail.

    Wednesday 30th September 2020, read this article also for our reference.

    CEAC To Green Party Use Rail Freight Not On Road For Lowered Climate Emissions Air Pollution

    In this plan , “Greens Announce Bold Plan To Ensure NZ Transport Tackles Climate Change” CEAC challenges Green Party to consider using ‘Rail Freight’ in large amounts now, to tackle ‘Climate Change’, as their policy does not explicitly … More >>

    We must have this second term of a Labour Government take climate change action now and support our tomorrow’s generations future now, not in the future as climate change is here now and needs urgent swift action.

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