The toxic Trump legacy – winners and losers  


4 years.

4 years of malice and spite as a Presidential reign of madness.

30 000 lies told by one man creates a legacy of deceit and an empire of conspiracy that corrodes the very heart of a democracy.

Trump thankfully has been vanquished and hopefully Republicans in the Senate seize this impeachment opportunity to exile him from the body politic forever because his toxic influence will stain America for a generation.

The sooner America starts excommunication of Trumpism, the sooner it can heal from the trauma of this orange lunatic.

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Let’s try and sum up his repugnance and damage in a binary list of winners and losers.


Nascar Fascism – Did you listen to the Orange Lives Matter Insurrectionists? 50% of them sounded like they thought the earth was flat while the other 50% sounded like they thought dinosaurs were a hoax. These are not smart people. Nascar Fascism is the best way to describe these lunatics, the kind of people who turn up at Nascar to watch cars go round and round and round in the hope of a crash. Their intelligence stunted by the fumes, these stormtroopers of fascism are cruel but very simple. Unfortunately there are fucking millions of them and they don’t have the capacity to learn. They will believe Trump had the election stolen until they die from an opioid overdose. This is the driving force inside the Republicans now.

Social Media Disinformation – You can’t attract that many stupid people without a great propaganda machine and Facebook’s algorithms are the new nicotine, booze and meth all rolled into one for addictiveness. It’s been the greatest PSYOP ever created, fuelling the most neurotic and paranoid aspects of our humanity and whipping us up into a toxic polarisation of debate that makes the Gender Critical Feminist and Trans Ally death match look positively charming.

Apartheid Israel – Haven’t they done well under Trump? More cleansing of Palestinian settlements, more selling out Palestinian rights for the common enemy in Iran and reducing any meaningful two state process into a joke.

Amanda Gorman – If there was one bright moment of hope, it came in the immediate aftermath of Trump with the words of a young black female poet. The Universe paused and the gravity of her insight made the present bloom in ways we had feared were dead after Trump. Her truth managed to wipe his hate in 5 minutes. I just want to live in those words and close the door behind me.

Putin – How unbelievable has the Trump win been for Putin these past 4 years? A level of chaos Russia couldn’t have dreamed of. They will already be scouting out the next corrupt billionaire to inspire.

Identity Politics & Cancel Culture – In the end Trump warped Identity Politics to create class chaos. Jaw-droppingly more people voted for Trump in 2020 than 2016, because Cancel Culture by the woke drives those they cancel straight into the arms of our political enemies. The Culture War will replace actual ideological differences and the Right will exploit it mercilessly.

Biden – Americans chose the emotional support labrador of Biden over the revolution of Bernie because after 4 years of the Trump trauma, Americans didn’t want more fighting, they wanted a hug. Biden is that hug.

Katy Perry Fireworks Inauguration Song – They really do know how to put on a performance don’t they? Perry singing Firework as the fireworks went off was just complex enough of a narrative twist for most viewers of The Apprentice to appreciate.

Foo Fighters Inauguration Performance – You can trust Dave to bring a performance that resonates with Gen Xers and comforts us that while those fucking Boomers are never dying so we can’t advance our own careers and the fucking Millennials are micro aggression policing puritans you’d never want to do drugs with, Dave will always love us. Thank you Mr Grohl.

Black Lives Matter & White Feminism matters more – Diversity was the strength behind finally defeating Trump and the Union is stronger for replacing mediocre and talentless white men. True equality will be here when mediocre people of colour and women can gain leadership roles with the ease of basic honkies. With the changing demographics of America, diversity is the future and the Republicans are not.

Working Class Pain – The Democrats had stopped listening to the pain of the working classes because the working classes kept screaming about the neoliberal economic model the Democrats had sold out to long ago. Their support of Trump enabled that economic pain to be articulated as naked rage. Now the Democrats are frightened of it, they might do something about it.



Fox News – The despicable manner in which these media maggots fed the rot of Trump’s lies with the glee of a meth dealer peddling to children should shame every single staff member from the on air Joseph Goebbels wannabes, to the corporate owners to the producers, cameramen, writers, journalists down to the doormen. There is no honour here, Fox’s enabling of Trump leaves them with all the ethical integrity of Nazi plunder. Trump turning on them at the end is too beautiful for words.

The Military Industrial Complex – When Trump saw bombs dropping, all he could see were dollar signs. His aversion to starting a new war was driven from a belief that it’s a ferocious waste of money and Trump cares more about money than anything else. This has stymied the Military Industrial Complex and seeing as America is an industry built upon war mongering, not invading anyone to open up new markets for American military hardware at the expense of contracts going to Russia or China has created an itch the Military Industrial Complex urgently needs scratching. Expect to hear about a sudden new conflict that Biden simply must have boots on the ground for some faux human rights crisis that an American corporation has probably had a hand in.

China – By naming and shaming China’s genocide and war crime against the Uighur people, China has been recast from economic powerhouse who has benign global designs to a Murderous Communist Regime drenched in blood. China won Trump’s trade battle but lost the PR war and with more investigations highlighting China’s role in being deceitful over Covid, China’s use of soft power to influence the world is forever corrupted.

America – Trump’s lack of leadership on all of the major issues confronting humanity has destroyed American Exceptionalism while pretending to empower it. America’s lack of criticism against Authoritarian regimes has set back the cause of Democracy and made America a gauche global joke with no punchline.

400 000 Covid dead – The American Health system is a septic social wound that simply can’t stop a pandemic because the profit margin is more important than the common good. This is Corporate Sociopathy at its most venal. The manner in which Trump politicised mask wearing is the greatest intellectual description since the burning of the Library at Alexandria.

American Plutocracy –The Billionaires who bankrolled Trump’s worst angels almost got their  Fascist Plutocracy. They know the demographics are turning on them, expect them to become even more vile and toxic.

The Barbarians and the Vandals are literally at Rome’s Gate, and they’ve brought their friends, the Incels

Qanon – These fucking clowns. Jesus wept. It’s like a panel of lepers judging a beauty competition. These lunatics couldn’t get laid at a monkey brothel wearing banana suits. It doesn’t look like the semen that met their mothers egg had a tail, is this an evolutionary throwback? The intellectual equivalence of mouth breathing? Fuck them and their lunatic crazy satanic cult robbing Trump of the election bullshit. These people fear eclipses and burn books. Never, ever, ever stop mocking them.

Climate Crisis – While the planet burned, Trump fiddled. His inaction has cost the West any leadership and probably cost the planet immeasurably.



The reason liberals in America hate Trump so much is because as a bloated narcissist secreting mass produced selfishness masquerading as exceptionalism, Trump actually represents America perfectly!

The grotesque fake tan, fast food gaucheness, the gleeful ignorance, the casual violence and exported malice.

Trump is America.

Boasting, wasteful, frightening and arrogant.

America is Trump.

Dangerous, self serving, intellectually barren, sexist and racist.

Trump is America.

Make America Great Again was a call to the era of the white supremacist’s noose and the feral rabid mob. His demented followers were manipulated into self-defeating rage by an economic system that was always rigged against them.

Trump leaves America in post traumatic stress.

Weakened, frightened and self tortured.

An empire of orange conspiracy deceit built upon the worst angels of our nature is his malignant and broken legacy.


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  1. Another group to add to the “Loser” side of the list is all the New Zealanders who weren’t that interested in hearing about “TRUMP!!!” every other second for the last 4+ years.

    Whether the story was big or small, truth or gossip, we had to hear about it. We became Americans and bought into the victimhood. And if you weren’t feeling it, weren’t losing sleep over it, you had to be pro-Trump.

    I’d like to think it’s over. But it’s not, is it?

    PS This comment is directed more at the mainstream media of NZ rather than this blogsite, which obviously is politics-oriented.

    • So sorry to hear they interrupted your diet of rugby and property porn.
      Haven’t you got hands? Turn the newspaper pages or click on the link to alternative story if reports about the lunatic sitting in the world’s most powerful office bore you.

      • No need to apologise. I don’t follow rugby, nor am I a property owner or investor. However, I don’t recall there being a lack of articles on either of those things.

        When it comes to consuming content, the clue is in the headline. I just found that there was little of substance or interest in a lot of the headlines, so just scanned past them. Visits to the Herald or Stuff have become increasingly brief because the content has got less worthy of a click.

        Events like the killing of Soleimani are newsworthy. But social media reaction to Melania’s outfit change? Give me a break.

  2. Yes, good riddance to Trump.

    And now watch Biden backtrack and fail the people of America, whilst serving the 1%ers (again).

    ‘The past 4 years were the only time Biden has spent out of government since the Nixon administration

    lol @ people just finding out he breaks promise’

    Needless to say, the current mess has taken several decades to construct. And it certainly can’t be fixed.

    It must be 10 months ago I said on TDB that America is a basket case. Maybe 11

    The Fed has decided to increase the infusions of fake money ‘blood’ to keep the patient alive, and in doing so ensures death.

    ‘As for diminishing returns: consider what the Fed “bought” by handing $1 trillion to financiers, banks and billionaires in 2008-09 and what it “bought” with $3 trillion last March. The Fed’s balance sheet shot up from $925 billion on 9/9/08 to $2.08 trillion on 9/9/09– an injection of $1.16 trillion to “save” the global financial system (and the U.S. stock and debt markets) from complete meltdown.

    The Fed continued goosing markets higher, adding another $1 trillion by 2013 (balance sheet $2.96 trillion). So the Fed “bought” a five-year rally in global risk assets–a rally that sent wealth and income inequality into orbit–for a mere $2 trillion.

    Last year the Fed had to print over $3 trillion in three months to “save the markets” from a reckoning with reality. Take a quick look at the chart below. Notice how the Fed’s “saves” are tracking a near-parabolic curve. So will the next “save” require $5 trillion, or will it be $7 trillion? And what are the consequences for such insanity on the U.S. dollar’s global hegemony?’

    • Seems to me that it’s now a tossup as to what sort of event produces the first mass death, I’m taking 100,000/500/000 in a month,in your face, your time is up mf.
      Will it be an iteration of covid or the next one in waiting? A nation wide wet bulb killer heat wave? A massive methane release? Or a good old fashioned war/ethnic killing spree?
      Have you caught up with the interview with Guy on Black Bear News and the linked panel discussion on Facing Future?
      When eternal optimist Stuart Scott is talking about we are going but lets try to save something, you know the doomer stance is vindicated.
      And as to what follows Trump, Kunstler said it right on this mornings post.
      “Who will step forward in his absence? Probably someone we haven’t heard from yet. That’s how those things work.”
      Interesting times.

      • The trouble with trying to predict the future is that often something totally unexpected changes matters in the short term.

        I had a discussion yesterday about how the predictions of oil shortages and high prices made in the early 2000s were turned on their head by the extraordinary drop in interest rates that facilitated the fracking boom, which in turn gave the world approximately a decade of extra time on the oil teat. So the crunch cones around 2022, rather than around 2012.

        And in the early 2000s no one I know of predicted oil prices dropping the way they did. It was Nicole Foss, and then Gail Tverberg who, around 2010 pointed out that oil prices could drop in a time of shortage as a consequence of severe demand destruction that accompanies impoverishment. Just what we have seen in recent times.

        My son noted that, even as the world is in collapse, there are still people in NZ driving round in gas-guzzlers, having gas-guzzler festivals etc., and celebrating insanity.

        Given its energy density and all the things oil facilitates (and given its dire effects on the environment), oil ought to be ten times the current price, i.e. $550 a barrel. But that’s not how the world works, and if a significant number exporters can get extract oil for $35 or $45 a barrel, the international price won’t be much more than that.

        All that said, we do know for certain that all the trends of all the things that matter are bad or extremely bad.

        The trouble with Guy McPherson is that he takes the trends and makes unsubstantiated forecasts that don’t match the scientific data on the basis of those trends: that is why he and I fell out in 2016, when he was talking about global meltdown “in a matter of months”. He is absolutely right long term, but overstates the shorter term.

        The factor that is likely to have the biggest impact over the next few years is probably the Arctic ice cover (or lack of ice cover). Well below the norm and consistently below the worst year ever (when a severe storm system broke up the ice in 2012), it is on track to deliver an extraordinary low ice cover later this year.. with potentially dire consequences for both weather and climate.

        In the depth of the Northern winter ice formation has stalled again as a consequence of the extraordinarily high water temperatures in the region.

        As discussed many times over the past two decades, higher temperatures plus less ice plus greater absorption of heat forms a lethal combination. When I did a review for ‘What a Way to Go’ (one of thousands of failed attempts to wake the slumbering masses) I highlighted the potential for eruption of methane clathrates from the shallow Arctic Sea.

        I don’t try to wake people to environmental-energetic-financial reality any more (other than what I write on TDB): people are-
        too uninformed
        too stubborn
        too full of hope (hopium, as it’s referred to)
        too trusting of politicians
        too captured by the notions of progress and the possibility ‘someone somewhere will find a technological solution to our predicament’.

        They still don’t understand that the chief source of problems is solutions, and that every ‘idiotic’ idea that industrial humans come up with has blowback.

        The Arctic sea ice:

  3. This whole Trump thing really seems to have become a ‘slow burner’ for the media to bang on about. He lost, you won time to move on. Biden already has. Overturning a lot of Trump’s madness in his first day in office. Meanwhile, in a far off land…

  4. So wise. Better analysis would be hard to find. This is coming from a yank.

    But what a shame the author fell for the two huge stupidities of US generated propaganda against Russia and China, every bit of it a psyop, and not a bit of evidence to back it up. And the absurdity of these anti-Russian and anti-China skreeds, all of it generated by the US State Department. The purpose of that propaganda was for US local consumption so the US war profiteers could seize the people’s tax money and impoverish them, by scaring them with false flags and tales of foreign monsters (who happen to be their imaginary rivals).

    It was never meant for you guys. Unless they took the truth and twisted it into an ugly mutations to keep the Southern Members of the Five Eyes in full froth. Did the Russians come there and hurt you? Did the Chinese? (They never did anything to us, either.) Is it all a fever dream based on US propaganda? You are owed an apology.

    You’ll find out the truth in good time. Lucky you to live in paradise. Don’t let US propaganda ruin it for you. I’m actually surprised the US elite haven’t annexed parts of your nation yet for their armed enclaves, once they are on the run from their crimes against the US. Or, are they already there, making large real estate purchases? Hmmm? Is there talk of building a US military base? For godsake, don’t let that happen.

    Carry on and be mindful of the brainwashing.

  5. Re comment about Qanon as a ‘Loser’ – “Jesus wept” – I’ll bet he did, or would have!

    Especially when Trump cynically prayed with the Christian ‘evangelicals’ in the Oval office as they ‘laid hands’ on him; or heard Paula Jones preach – ranted – in her pulpit from the gospel according to Trump; and southern Baptists named Trump as ‘God’s man in the White House’!.

    You can add such ‘evangelicals’ to your list of Losers. The likes of them, by all accounts, supported Trump to the end. They and their wealthy, conmen/women televangelist cheerleaders, make a mockery of the the basic precepts of their faith. They all display evidences of appalling ignorance, gross misinterpretations, and unbelievable hypocrisy.
    Sad. Very sad.

  6. Trump= who cares?
    In fact I’d go so far as to write …’U$A? Who cares? Russia? who cares? China? Who cares?”
    Who gives a fuck? The world is a round thing covered in a wondrous myriad of wee beasties and the world excluding we desperate few humans doesn’t give a fuck.
    We humans are a pathetic scourge on this beautiful place. We should be ashamed of ourselves.
    On a lighter note…? There is no lighter note. We’re fucked. Serves us right.

  7. ‘When Trump saw bombs dropping, all he could see were dollar signs. His aversion to starting a new war was driven from a belief that it’s a ferocious waste of money and Trump cares more about money than anything else. This has stymied the Military Industrial Complex and seeing as America is an industry built upon war mongering, not invading anyone to open up new markets for American military hardware at the expense of contracts going to Russia or China has created an itch the Military Industrial Complex urgently needs scratching.’

    I’m never really sure whether American activity in Syria is about Syria daring to oppose expansion of Israel or the oil. Probably a bit of both. Anyway, it look like it’s time to start bombing/shelling Syria again.

    ‘Two separate reports from Middle East news sources at the end of this week strongly suggest that both Russia and the United States are building up their forces in war-torn Syria within the opening days of the Joe Biden administration.

    First, Syrian state media is alleging a major US build-up and reinforcements sent to “illegitimate bases in Hasakah countryside”. The report in Syria’s SANA details:

    “…that a convoy consisted of 40 trucks loaded with weapons and logistical materials, affiliated to the so-called international coalition have entered in Hasaka countryside via al-Walid illegitimate border crossing with north of Iraq, to reinforce illegitimate bases in the area.”

    Damascus said further that tons of US heavy equipment was observed going toward building up US positions at Conoco oil and gas field: “Over the past few days, helicopters affiliated to the so-called international coalition have transported logistical equipment and heavy military vehicles to Conoco oil field in northeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, after turning it into military base to reinforce its presence and loot the Syrian resources,” SANA wrote further.

    This comes at a moment Biden’s Syria policy and direction is still largely a big unknown – though it remains that his cabinet looks to include foreign policy hawks – particularly many of the same officials responsible for Obama’s both overt and covert interventions in Libya and Syria upon the start of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’.

    For now President Biden is likely simply to continue Trump’s policy of keeping a contingent of American special forces troops stealing [cross through] occupying Syria’s oil and gas fields.

    Meanwhile a separate story on the same day as the reported US convoy reinforcements says Russia too is busy building up its forces in an area near where Americans and Turkish patrols are occupying northeast Syria.’

    ‘A Syrian child searching for food in a waste dump, and seen behind him the Syrian oil wells that are under the USA occupation.

    USA is bringing misery to all of Syria.’

  8. Yep nothing about the actual work done, man oh man reading this crap makes trump look bad, but nothing at all of substance,
    You like the mainstream media distract from the truth!
    Nothing about the obvious crimes committed on what this pathetic crowd either right or left! Trumpism, trumpists, trumpeters?
    The same can be bashed on about the latest anti fascist control arm rioting for months on end while the media run around feeding portions of BS about the tireless effort one president managed to do, while all the the fake wishywashy covid trust the science that none of these paid actors had facts to share,
    Pcr tests for a virus even your gp would recommend bed rest and fluids for, as the virus has to run its course, this entire article is moronic!!!

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