Justice demands an end to Zionist racism


In a personalised Press release, dated 7 January, the Israel Institute of New Zealand (IINZ) attacked Maire Leadbeater, Janfrie Wakim, Green MP Golriz Ghahraman, John Minto (accused by IINZ of running a group no different from neo-Nazis) and Roger Fowler (whom they say associates with terrorists). The IINZ also attacked The Daily Blog for likening Zionism to Nazism, as though there was no basis for such criticism. The Zionist obsession with race and ethnicity appears in the opening sentence of the IINZ Press release that begins: “The Arab Palestinian leadership refused offers of coronavirus assistance . . . ” It is worth noting here that it is Zionists, alone, who commonly refer to Palestinians as ‘Arab Palestinians’ – imagine the reaction if critics of Zionism were to constantly refer to Israelis as ‘Jews‘! And there is little value in the IINZ quoting the Palestinian leadership, which itself is compelled to co-operate so much with the Israeli military Occupation.

The Israel Institute Press release claims: “The Oslo Accords are widely considered the international legally binding agreement between Israel and the Palestinians and they clearly stipulate that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for healthcare . . .” But the Oslo Accords were arrived at through merciless military coercion and economic sabotage. The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the elected Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip cannot, without help, fund and distribute vaccines and they are forced to depend upon global co-operation, such as that afforded by the WHO-led COVAX programme, which still has not begun distributing vaccines. While Israel’s vaccination campaign includes Israeli settlers (Israeli citizens) living inside the illegally militarily-occupied West Bank, it excludes the territory’s 2.5 million Palestinians. Article 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention makes clear, unequivocally, Israel’s obligation to maintain “public health and hygiene in the occupied territory, with particular reference to the adoption and application of the prophylactic and preventive measures necessary to combat the spread of contagious diseases and epidemics.”


The IINZ Press release accuses its New Zealand critics of ‘anti-Semitism’ for calling out Israeli racism but, like all Zionist propaganda techniques, the term itself is misleading and should be dismantled‘, as Jewish Voice for Peace puts it. In New Zealand Sh’ma Koleinu – Alternative Jewish Voices (AJV) published a Press release entitled: “What is the Israel Institute, and for whom do they speak?” AJV defended Golriz Ghahraman, who had been accused by the IINZ of ‘anti-Semitism’ for expressing anti-Zionist views. The Zionist ideology claims to represent all Jews but, as AJV reminds us, “When you think of the Jewish community, assume diversity.”

By sharing its racist vision and stereotyping all who oppose it, the wealthy benefactors of the Zionist enterprise enable the ideology to exercise influence far beyond its actual following. The recently-deceased billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, in 2013 can be heard speaking in a video at Yeshiva University, New York, maintaining that “there’s no such thing as a Palestinian”. The former biggest financial contributor to the Republican Party then goes on to stereotype Muslims, declaring: “these people espouse the destruction of the Jewish people worldwide and the state of Israel”. In the real world, Islam and Judaism are regarded as Abrahamic religions and share a common origin. Islam actually incorporates Jewish history in conjunction with its own.

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Just over a year ago, Joe Biden, now US President, declared as “bizarre” a proposal to withhold US military aid from Israel if it did not moderate its behaviour towards Palestinians. Biden accused Palestinian leaders of “fomenting” conflict and “baiting everyone who is Jewish.” On 21 December, the United States Congress passed another bill that included a massive sum of money for Israel.


The year 2020 will be remembered by everyone for the menacing Covid-19 pandemic but, for the defenceless Palestinian people, it was also yet another year of seemingly endless suffering under Zionist military oppression. There were 27 Palestinians, seven of them minors, killed by Israeli forces. Palestinians living under foreign military Occupation are constantly harassed by highly-developed Zionist population-control measures, such as severe limitations on freedom of movement. Besides the regular checkpoints that Palestinian people must pass through, under strict supervision, last year also saw them held up and ill-treated at more than 3,524 spontaneous Israeli Army checkpoints and road-blocks. The disruption is extreme, especially for children on their way to school and workers on their way to employment. In addition, delay in the transfer of essential supplies, such as farm produce, is also economically damaging.

Home invasions and population control

An average of more than five Palestinian homes were destroyed each week by Israeli Occupation forces last year. With at least 19 residents (children making up over half that number) rendered homeless, week after week – imagine the dread their neighbours feel, wondering if and when their turn may come. All forms of home invasion involve a terrifying loss of privacy and security but the destruction of houses must be about the worst. This is especially true when those members of a family who are to be made homeless are ordered to carry out the demolition themselves. Failure to comply is punished by charging the family an exorbitant fee for Israeli Occupation demolition squads to carry out the vandalism instead. Home invasions are psychologically-damaging and oppressive and, as many victims have described them, they certainly amount to relentless acts of state terrorism with, last year, armed Israeli soldiers randomly raiding an average of 267 Palestinian homes every month! Most raids happen between midnight and 5am and last for well over an hour, with Israeli troops awakening women, men and children, with absolute contempt, carrying out acts of violence and vandalism inside their homes.

The IINZ has to be reminded of the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that prohibits arbitrary state interference with the right to privacy: “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence . . . ”

2021 – oppression and ruin continue

Since the beginning of 2021 our daily newsletter reports, In Occupied Palestine, have recorded increasing violence and oppression by both Occupation forces and illegal settler colonists. From 1-10 January, inclusive, despite there having been no Palestinian missile-firings from Gaza, Israeli forces committed 66 Gaza ceasefire violations, including opening fire on, and pursuing, Palestinian fishing boats, a destructive military incursion and attacks on agriculture. In the West Bank, there were 35 Israeli Army invasions, six of them in UN refugee camps – seven homes were destroyed. Over 50 Palestinians were wounded or injured in the first ten days of the year, among them was a 15-year-old boy, Hamza Zahran. One person was shot and killed.

On 17 January, still with no missile-firings from Gaza, Israeli forces did encounter armed Palestinian Resistance when, after making an incursion into an area east of al-Farahin, they began laying waste to Palestinian land. Of course, such resistance could never stop Israeli forces and is carried out more to strengthen resolve than anything else. Nevertheless, Israel responded with two air strikes and two Israeli Army attacks on Gaza farming areas. Israel cites security’ as the reason for its aggression in Gaza and yet it is the Zionist regime that constantly violates Gaza’s airspace and commits incursions as often as it likes. No security for Palestinians and and never any mention of the Palestinian right to security by Western politicians or the mainstream news media.

In what can only be described as acts of armed robbery, the Israeli Army, on 1 January, opened fire on a resident, Harun Rasmi Abu Aram (24), while invading his home in the al-Musafir area of Hebron, shooting him in the neck and rendering him quadriplegic; then moving on to seize and take possession of a power generator from another home, the property of another resident, Rasmi Abu Aram. On 2 January, Israeli Occupation troops seized and took possession of a motor vehicle at the entrance to Azzun, taking prisoner the occupants: Uday Hamza Hussein and Abdul Rahman Nizam Abu Haniyeh. The next day, in Bethlehem, Israeli Occupation forces seized possession of a bulldozer from another resident, Mahmoud Abu Aahour, near Wadi Rahal village.

On 5 January, near the entrance to the village of An Nabi Samwil, the Israeli Army seized two tents, mobile health-facilities and outdoor cooking facilities from workers at a park. On 8 January, Israeli Occupation troops seized possession of a tractor being used by a farmer for ploughing, in the al-Rafid area of Sinjil, as well as a tractor in the village of Furush Beit Dajan, being used to repair an agricultural road. On 10 January, the Israeli Army seized a truck in the village of Khirbet Atouf that was being used to transport material for road-building there.

Palestinians depend upon agriculture for survival, and so Israel and its settlers relentlessly sabotage it. On 1 January, the Israeli Occupation ordered the removal of 10-15-year-old olive trees standing on Haris village land, claiming it as Israeli state land while vandals, from the Bracha Israeli Occupation settlement, raided a Burin village olive grove and uprooted trees. Israeli settlers also attacked a number of shepherds in the al-Tha`la area, east of Yatta, and prevented them from grazing their animals. The following day, Israeli settlers terrorised Palestinian shepherds at work in the Umm al-Abar area of the North Jordan Valley and invaded Kafr Laqif farmland while militants, from the Itamar Israeli Occupation settlement, raided the Karama agricultural area of Aqraba and terrorised a bulldozer driver, Raslan Hanani. That day also, Israelis from the Mitzpe Yair, Beit Yatir and Sons of Yaqoub Dalia Occupation settlements, attacked a family of farmers near Umm Lakhos, injuring them and forcing them to abandon cultivation of their land.

On 3 January, the Israeli Army ruined farmland near Bidya, uprooting olive trees and grapevines. The next day, militants from the Beitar Illit Israeli Occupation settlement pumped their sewage onto Husan village olive groves and vineyards. That same day, the Israeli Army fired stun grenades and tear gas canisters to prevent an olive tree-planting event, north of Halhul, and a gang of settlers laid waste to crops in the al-Farisiyah area of the North Jordan Valley. On 7 January, the Israeli Army laid waste to Palestinian farmland, west of Kafr al-Dik, while stone-throwing Israeli settlers raided the village of Kafr Malik. The settlers then attacked farmers at work ploughing their land, severely beating and hospitalising three of them. On 10 January, militants from the Yash Kodash settlement outpost raided and plundered farmland in the Shaab al-Kharab area, uprooting and making off with 130 olive seedlings.

Space does not allow a full update of Israeli Occupation war crimes so far this month, suffice it to say that, from 1 January, Israeli forces rampaging through the West Bank up to and including 17 January, carried out 243 raids by day and by night, with 39 of them involving home invasions. One person was killed and over 70 people were injured or wounded. Israeli troops even shot and wounded a 15-year-old boy. The Israeli Army and settlers (sometimes with Army complicity) continued to lay waste to Palestinian farmland and, in both Gaza and the West Bank, Israel committed 132 agricultural/economic acts of sabotage. On 13 January Israel approved a major West Bank settlement roading project, seizing more Palestinian land.

Ending Israel’s immunity

The Israel Institute, along with powerful individual and state promoters of the Zionist enterprise, are entirely unmoved by the daily inhumanities committed to achieve its aims. With not one word of regret or sorrow, they either deny the crimes being committed or seek to divert attention from them. If Israel’s largest human rights group, B’Tselem, can have the courage to call Israel’s Zionist enterprise ‘apartheid’ then what excuse can our politicians offer for their own silence?

If members of the United Nations were to shoulder their responsibility, unite and act in the spirit that inspired the Fourth Geneva Convention, it would be impossible for Israel to get away with its callous violations of international humanitarian law.


  1. In Israel we have a real actual state that really operates a concentration camp with real actual walls and armed check points and remote controlled machine gun towers. This isn’t just conjecture. The evidence is readily available for anyone to look at. And yet the world gets possessed by rumours of concentration camps in countries that are designated hostile and sanctioned. On the strength of rumours. There is no better documented concentration camp existent in the world than the one that is run by Israel. And yet they are deemed a friendly nation. Fed trillions by the USA. Open for business for most of the world. Our military buy robotic equiptment that was developed in the construction and policing of this concentration camp. And we tolerate this?! Thank goodness for politicians like Golriz and Marama who arent cowered by the attacks such as the IINZ. When is Nanaia going to join the ranks of the brave and the true?

  2. Golritz and Marama….the same Marama that wanted to normalise the word c*nt, and both of them hijacking the Chch shooting tragedy by going on a ‘all white men are supremists’
    Nice to see who your political heros are lol

    • “imagine the reaction if critics of Zionism were to constantly refer to Israelis as ‘Jew‘!” This had me laughing my sox off. ‘Critics of Zionism’ try to disguise their antisemitism by avoiding the word Jew but fool no one, of course. hen they say Zionists they mean Jews. Moral cowards.

      • Oh dear Gaby I am a big fan of Noam Chomsky – the man is a Jew we all know that, BUT he is not a zionist!

        Does this make me antisemitic probably in your weird view of the appalling state of Israel.

    • On the c*nt subject taken out of context which is standard for preople that need to destroy the mana of those that show solidarity with the oppressed the comparison was being made with the word n*gger another word invested with the same dominating hatred when used in reference to black Americans. In the case of n*gger, black America started to use the word amongst themselves in friendly and even loving conversation with the object of taking the sting out of the word especially for their children when confronted with the hatred injected into the speech of white supremacists. C*nt has the same traditional use by many men injecting similar levels of hatred into the word when speaking to women.
      With regard to your second diversion which you seem much keener to debate than the topic of this post probably because you find it increasingly difficult to generate support for the murderous state of Israel, all I can say is that you saying something as fact with no linked article just shows how lazy and ideologically bereft your position is.

  3. The Devil’s a tricky little shit. Creating absurd religions to foment dysfunction from behind the lines. Bending the truth, abstracting common sense. Turning friend against friend, creating friction where there was once fluidity, trust and commonality. (I’ve just described the national party.)
    I’ve also described the devilish machinations of waring factions with penis envy. The well monied and the big haired. The orange and the red. I’ve got a Big Dick but get closer? See? It’s bigger now isn’t it?
    There’s a faction of ‘human’ that isn’t. A cancer. ‘What’s that about’

  4. My favourite part of this is where Leslie denies that other muslims and muslim states have claimed the objective of wiping out Israel and jews because their religions have the same beginnings. Just shows how blinded and naive the useful idiots in the west of the Palestinian movement are

    • Did you wilfully misrepresent what Mr. Bravery had written or did you just not comprehend his rebuttal of the Adelson claim? Accusations of, “naive the useful idiots…” is a two way street. The same criticism could also be justifiably made of your comment. For what it is worth, Bravery has provided links to support his thesis, you have only made unsupported assertions.

        • The whole point about The Daily Blogs campaign against Israel’s apartheid state is that people like me and aom don’t have to respond to delusional wankers like gabz with thesis style reply.

        • Like your thinking Gaby. You’re so full of it, so rabid , so blind, so pumped by pig ignorant hate one wonders how much you’re being paid for the venomous drivel you vomit as commentary here. I visualize you as a windup toy with a stuck spring where there should be a brain and it’s eyes falling out of it’s head as a froth cascades in from it’s mouth.

        • That is a very interesting kneejerk reaction Gaby, since the links come from international media and Zionist Israeli sources. Even the late US lawmaker buyer-in-chief Sheldon Adelson’s video is a personal appearance, not a second hand biased rehash of his utterings. By contrast, the rubbish you always put up makes a punch of owl shit look highly credible as a source. As has been repeatedly pointed out in detail, your offerings are exclusively rehashes of propaganda from no-talent no-names who have been indoctrinated and schooled by Zionist sodomisers of the truth.

          Please note Gaby, shabby name calling isn’t evidence of anything!

    • Not just blinded and naive but utterly obtuse. He also objects to the Palestinians being called ‘Arabs’. What the heck does he think they are then? To this day their surnames reveal what villages they came from in Syria, Egypt, Jordan. Thousands of them poured into Palestine between 1932 to 1944 because Israel had made the land bloom. Arafat himself was Egyptian. Furthermore, they only adopted the epithet ‘Palestinian’ after losing the 1967 war.

      • It is unclear what might be the basis for your statement, “Not just blinded and naive but utterly obtuse. He also objects to the Palestinians being called ‘Arabs’.” Could you please elucidate as you are the only person who has used the term Arabs on this page. To clarify, Palestinians may be of Arabic ethnicity but it doesn’t follow that all Arabs are Palestinians. No doubt the reason for your confusion stems from your strange notion that all Jews have to be Zionists. Also, since the origin of names seems so important, could you please explain why so many Israelis have Eastern European names, not names of Pharisees, Essenes or Sadducees origin.

        Where is your evidence for the claim that there was an influx of people from Syria, Egypt and Jordan between 1932 and 1944? Also in the interest of accuracy, you do realise that Israel didn’t exist until 14 May 1948 so it was impossible that, “Israel had made the land bloom which caused the mass immigration between 1932 and 1944?

        As for the making the desert bloom claim, this was promoted by the Readers Digest in the 1950’s, no doubt on the basis of a statement of David Ben-Gurion that had nothing to do with plants growing in the ground. The Reader’s Digest claim was subsequently discredited but still seems to have some currency among propagandists such as yourself. To enlighten you further, here is the link to a site that provides evidence of agricultural outputs based on a survey done for the Anglo-American Committee of Enquiry done in 1944-5: https://lawrenceofcyberia.blogs.com/news/2010/03/palestinians-made-the-desert-bloom.html. Please read it by doing another of your usual cursory dismissals.

        Once again, please learn to research and provide evidence before making outlandish assertions. It is becoming tiresome cleaning up your lazy propagandist dishonesties.

        • Should read as: ‘Please read it BEFORE doing another of your usual cursory dismissals.’ Probably a forlorn hope though, with your evidence free approach to propagandist smearing Gaby.

            • Well Gaby, we all know you have a serious literacy deficit, a miniscule attention span and an inability to process information beyond monosyllabic sentences. It is also noted that you don’t even have the decency to acknowledge your critics by using their own names or pseudonyms.

              In reality, your wild propagandist fantasies are used as fuel for research and the provision of facts that enable people to see just how insidious Zionist disinformation can be. Most informed comments on this site are for people with far more intelligent than yourself.

        • Oh dear, you’re commenting on Bravery’s post and lecturing me about reading stuff when you actually missed Bravery’s tanty about the word ‘Arabs’. Typical Lefty double standard.

  5. For anti-Zionists, the Jewish people — alone of all races and ethnicities — should be deprived of the fundamental right of self-determination, and instead return to the vulnerable and demeaning status of being a permanent minority. To justify this position, anti-Zionists like Bravery, Minto, Griffiths and their sad little minority of Kiwis distort the history of Zionism, ignore Israel’s remarkable achievements (which include the creation of a stable, multi-racial democracy), and obsessively focus on Israel’s real and imagined shortcomings. These malevolent tactics differ from traditional anti-Semitism only in that the target is the Jewish state as a whole, rather than individual Jews.

    • What a load of drivel! “remarkable achievements”, “the creation of a stable, multi-racial democracy”, “obsessively focus on Israel’s real and imagined shortcomings”. Obviously you have low benchmarks, even though you presumably live in a country, which despite questionable aspects of its past that are still a work in progress, demonstrates the ever worse failings of the state and governance of Israel. However, feel free to live in your obsessive, racist little world Gaby. All you have left are the old ‘antisemitc’ canard, weird misapprehensions and abusive name-calling, to defend state sanctioned human rights abuses.

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