Is Israel trying to start conflict with Iran before Trump leaves?


Each 24 hour news cycle oscillates between Trump being a high functioning coward narcissist and full blown Supervillain sociopath.

As soon as he shows some sign of accepting the reality of a Biden win, he then u-turns and demands proof.

Likewise his insane desire to strike Iran militarily before he’s forced from Office.

Curwen has done an excellent break down of what has happened with the recent assassination  of Iran’s head of their nuclear programme, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

The fear that the Israeli’s are killing high ranking Iranians so as to provoke a violent retaliation that Trump uses to escalate into military action is one we will all share until this lunatic is forced from office.

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  1. Israel’s alleged actions have more to do with Biden than Trump. Donald doesn’t have the stomach for war but but Joe and his military connections do.
    This goading Iran to react has been building for months and America is always looking for ways to enforce its prestige and authority that has been eroded since Trump came into office.
    I don’t think a Trump business deal will cut it but the control of the persian gulf and the supply of oil will be the excuse for conflict when it arrives.

    • Agree. Read this as Israel putting a gun to Biden’s head and saying support us or else. Israel has previously indicated they will strike Iran before it develops Nuclear capability. This isn’t an empty threat.

      Trump, well Trump don’t give a fuck anymore.

  2. Trump may soon be forced out, but that will make no difference to the American stance on Iran: Iran must be punished for overthrowing the American puppet Shah Palavi, and Iran must be punished for humiliating America via the hostage crisis, and Iran must be punished for winning the proxy war the US sponsored via weapons and money it gave to Iraq. And Iran must be punished for supporting freedom-from-American-interference movements throughout the Middle East.

    Iran’s latest ‘crimes’ include trading oil with ‘rogue’ nations like Venezuela and China, and trading without using US dollars: these are high crimes indeed.

    The problem for America is that Iran is no longer a backward nation that cannot defend itself but now has superfast missiles that can take out aircraft carriers. Hence all bluster and no action.

    As for Israel, it’s heyday is well past, and like all other nations is on the slippery slope that leads to collapse, but further down that slope than they want admit.


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