MEDIA WATCH: Smart move by Oranga Tamariki to censor Newsroom story on latest appalling uplift 


By censoring the latest damning documentary and expose on the horror that their department has now become, Oranga Tamariki have cleverly bought themselves some breathing space…

Court orders Newsroom to remove Oranga Tamariki video

UPDATE Judge orders Newsroom to remove from our website the Melanie Reid documentary on Oranga Tamariki taking children from foster parents in a ‘reverse uplift’

A High Court judge has ordered Newsroom to remove from this site a video documentary on Oranga Tamariki social workers removing children from their ‘forever’ foster home.

In the High Court at Wellington, Justice Francis Cooke also directed Newsroom to remove two other articles, one a full text story on the findings of the documentary and one reporting the reaction of Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis to the story, and remove a photograph that appeared on a fourth story.

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…the fucking audacity is that Oranga Tamariki have managed to censor the story under the pretence of looking after the 4 children’s welfare which they clearly are not looking after.

This is a reminder that the Sate looks after itself while pretending to care about you.

Oranga Tamariki took this story down before the rest of NZ had a chance to see it, and they have done that because once the rest of white NZ realises what Oranga Tamariki have done here, there will be an explosive backlash against Labour.

Oranga Tamariki placed 4 Māori children with a white foster family.

Oranga Tamariki told those 4 Māori Children and the white foster family that it was a ‘forever family’ in that the Children would no longer be endlessly moved around and could finally call this place home.

The white foster family sold their home and bought a bigger home for their new family.

It lasted 2 years.

Then Oranga Tamariki came under heavy criticism for their Māori baby uplift programme that uses big data algorithms to save the State down stream costs in what is nothing more than a neoliberal welfare experiment and that criticism of due process and compassionate outcome sparked a panicked response to review all Māori children placed with white families and then insanely remove those vulnerable children from those white parents.

By pretending to care about the 4 children they are traumatising, Oranga Tamariki have managed to temporarily censor Newsroom so they can buy time to desperately get their story straight before Pakeha NZ realises what they’ve done.

Panicking and just removing Māori children from white homes they’ve been told are permanent, Oranga Tamariki have shown they are a broken and counter productive agency who are actually endangering and causing pain in Children’s lives.

If Kelvin Davis doesn’t sack Grainne Moss, then he should step down now.

Once the footage is released again, Pakeha NZ will explode with rage, Labour have no comprehension of what is about to hit them in the backlash and Kelvin looks as bad as his poetry sounds.


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  1. Martyn. Remove the reference to white please as if a white foster family is something wrong or evil. Doing something that aweful to those 4 kids has nothing to do with Maori or white. It has to do with massive incompetence.

    • Herman – Oranga Tamariki established a programme of methodically extracting Maori children from white foster parents because white is bad. The parents weren’t bad, some may have been brilliant, but they were the wrong colour, a bad colour. There is at least one party political leader who promulgates this, and it is part of the divide and rule agenda being enacted in New Zealand right now, and it is wicked when it is used to harm already disadvantaged and vulnerable wee children. Incompetent, yes, but that’s an understatement. And what’s more, I don’t believe that the bureaucrats involved were unaware that they were damaging children – they would have to be sub-human or criminal, not to be, and they should be called to account, but that is not the New Zealand way. We’re dirty.

  2. Good God. Be scared. Forget Moss, this is a much bigger issue. I looked for that video last evening and saw more than I could stomach on You Tube about how NewZealand government practices damage children.

    It will be very costly indeed if Oranga Tamariki tries to censor You Tube, and better still if they put as much money and diligence into protecting children as they do saving themselves. So much for open government, and transparency, and all the sweet sounding buzz words – but hey – at least our island isolation, and our own commonsense protected us from the the virus – time now to save kids.

    There’ll be more back story here, and OT clearly panicked clawing back kids, and it was dumb at every level, but using children as sacrificial goats is disgraceful, as are govt organisations and political parties and individuals fostering racial divisions in my country.

  3. Jacinda Ardern ” this will be the most open transparent government ever ”

    Well we are waiting Jacinda.

    Oranga Tamariki
    Mosque security failure
    Chief technology officer Derek Handley
    2019 budget hack


    Please consider reading this Martyn. Finally someone is writing about what really happens in OT.
    Do they sometimes get it wrong? Hell yes! I hope this article helps you and others have an understanding of the complexity of what they are dealing with, the judgement calls they are having to make. Most jobs are far easier, the stakes less high.

    These social workers, some who I know are incredible and are working in the most difficult situations. We need to support them for their work, not jump on them when something goes wrong as it will invariably do. I note the father in this article who is the perpetrator plays the racist card, lying about his violence to his poor child.

    Open your eyes Martyn. OT will be an imperfect organisation, their ceo completely flawed. But read this article. This what OT are having to deal with.

    Banging on and on about the agency will only encourage the good social workers to leave. After all why would you stay if not only are you doing an extremely difficult complex role, being paid shit for it and have to put up with a band wagon of media giving a one sided account of things, while at the same time jumping up and down if you make a mistake. In most jobs mistakes don’t matter

    • Thanks for your honest account and reflection and opinion.You have some sincere indsight..What a damn hard job for a lot of people who work for OT.. Yes social workers are really at the cutting edfge of it all,making decisions on child safety,whilst considering their wellbeing.
      Well lets have a damn decent honest look,at the past history of many innocent children who are sadly beaten..Some have had endured cruelty beyond imagination,we have seen it on the news fir years.What happens when all this is kept silent,from anyone knowing..Can the children cry out?.Some cannot and sadly some family members are perhaps not managing that well.Or might have Add problems,maybe ahe,but are the voice for their children.Thankgod for social workers and OT and a fair family system.

    • Anker do your homework many of the social workers have left and why do you think they left? the CEOs bullying practises, culturally inappropriateness. The issue is not about the parent/s it is about the organisation failings despite being well paid, still doing the same old thing, no improvements, racis and discriminative ex parte law and actually hurting the very children they are suppose to be helping. We know some of the parents are useless.

    • Anker my sister worked for OT she has just left and she said its about time all this came out it true. And many social worker left primarily due to the bad practises, bullying, bad acements, bad treatment of Maori staff. So do your homework before you post about an organisation you know nothing about.

  5. Where are the press and radio news outlets . This is a real horror story and the lead on National station was that James Shaw wanted to ban the wearing of ties in Parliment . I hope this does not get lost in the lead up to xmas . Over the last 3 years the Friday 4 o clock release of sensitive reports has become very regular occurrence with this open and transparent government.
    Well done for holding a blowtorch on Kelvin Davis over this story

    • And don’t forget our many churches and religious schools and their priest who have been touching kids for many years and sweeping it under the table, they just moved the culprit to another area so he could touch some more kids.

    • Yeah and what about all those dirty perverted priest who touched the kids and then got moved to another school in another area to touch more kids, while the church turned a blind eye.

  6. So sad for the four kids and their new family. It is not a good place to be a foster family in NZ with OT and now practically impossible to adopt (you essentially adopt the dysfunctional parents too).

    Some parents are not cut out for raising children safely and if a child is at serious risk, the children don’t want to live with their parents and it is not safe for them, adopt the children out to permanent homes and have proper procedures to check that the children are happy and thriving before it is done.

    Having the children in impermanent situations with multiple placements is damaging to the kids. Children need to be placed as soon as possible and the parents given a chance to get them back, but if the parents can’t be safe in the near future, then the kids welfare need to come before the parents and the new caregivers/parents not our keeping the kids in limbo and moved around all their lives due to woke and inconsistent OT and our laws putting more money into lawyers for children and their abusive parents, not the children themselves and their ability to move on from the trauma!

  7. Actually the judge took the story down. OT took the issue to court and the judge made the judgement that the stories should be taken down.

  8. Actually, I see two problems here. One is the SSC, and the other Crown Law – both of who seem to invest their energies in preserving the status quo. And a partisan senior PS in quite a few areas. They’ll act on Ministerial Chinese Whispers when it suits, and push back when it doesn’t.

    FFS! And they want a 4 year term. Well not before they show a greater respect for things like The Treaty, BORA and OIA

  9. Ekshully, let’s go a step further (and with all due respect for N Hager and J Stevenson).
    If you’re a PS whistle blower, or an investigative journalist (you know – one of them ones that understand the principles and values of a 4th Estate), or a ‘junior’ PS, generically-managed by a master-of-the-Universe,
    NEVER EVER agree to a settlement that contains a confidentiality agreement UNLESS it is to protect a victim rather than a wrong-doer AND you can afford to (which is often what they rely on). If you can’t afford to – the simple life really isn’t that bad.
    It never was the end of history, and right about now, it’s more than just rhyming. Communication and marketing degrees aren’t going to cut it for much longer (in this space, going forward)

  10. Anyone that does not believe that OT uplifts children unfairly has never lived in Northland. Yeah, these fuckers showed up at my place when I was living up north, why, because my last name- MARINO. It was because a malicious teacher aid had made complaints because I did not want her working with my kid anymore (the cunt literally sent home a dead bird with my kid..) – and these scum bags from OT looked at my name and in their stupid brains they thought Maori!!! They showed up and threatened me! Of course I got I lawyer. Not only that, I was certain that the teacher aid that was attempting to have my son uplifted was a sexual pervert – and I told them I would meet them in court. I have a Maori name but I am an American with a Pakeha partner, but yeah I got a good flavor of NZ racism. Snitch culture is gross. Not only my story I had a girlfriend up north who hired a contractor to do work on her place – he did not finish it and – she did not pay him. So this asshole made several complaints to OT, got her kids removed and she was separated from them for over 6 months before she got justice. My advice, just advocate for each other. Yeah, and many kids in care have been molested.

  11. My understanding is that when OT ‘uplift’ a child from its mother, it is because of an order from the Family Court. That explains why there was a police presence at the Hastings ‘uplift’ to ensure the Courts order was carried out. I further understand that the Family Court only make such an order when there is a serious likelihood of the family/whanau to which the baby would return, presents a danger to that baby (and there has been plenty of evidence in the last few decades of very young children/babies suffering, some to death, by family/whanau.
    There is always an impassioned public outcry when the awful deaths of such young ones occurs at the hands of family/whanau – often fuelled by addiction. Which, in turn, is too often fuelled by poverty, homelessness, etc etc.
    So….The Labour government has one hell of a challenge and opportunity on many fronts, to deal with these and other societal ills and they MUST deal with them. Forget going for the centrist vote.
    Please, please Labour, use your majority and just do it! All in the next three years.
    Do it and if the people re-elect you in 2023 for stabilising society, you will thoroughly deserve it.
    If you are not re-elected, you will nevertheless leave an honest legacy and leave office with a clear conscience.
    If you do NOT do it, then it will likely not be done and that does not bear thinking about.
    Coz it will certainly never be done by the Nats.

  12. Blame everyone except the people that are doing the killing, by defending the perpetrators, you are as responsible for the damage done as they are. How about laying some responsibility where it belongs.

  13. If you actually knew the truth you would be stunned.

    All is not as it seems.

    No matter who was managing this embarrassment to our country you would be bitching as if you knew the answers to the issues.

    I assume you will do what you do to any reasoned dissent to your ill-informed views and not include in responses – so how is this blog any different to the tard mainstream?

    I just wish a ‘wisthle-blower’ would come out of the woodwork to provide some balance to your ridiculous comments about OT.

  14. Jacinta Adern is the Minister behind child poverty Oranga Tamariki are government sponsored they been going for d.p.B benefit & forging parents/mothers signatures for child carer 6months but they drag it on with there yellow files typed out by social worker and given to the judge in family court ….. & also giving the children a.d.h.d pills and its not on their medical so they can receive more money…….What the hell stole the children from school…….


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