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  1. Jesus wept!
    Have a listen to the latest “Focus on Politics” at RNZ.
    It epitomises the problems with our neo-lib public service.
    “I can’t just do this”…….. “I can’t just do that” – blah de blah blah blah blah.
    No you can’t Tracey, and nor can other Munsters across various portfolios. (A heap encompassing the Munstry of Everything; NZTA, MSD/WINZ, Krekshuns, and various others)
    What you CAN do though is to write to the SSC (privately) pointing out your dissatisfaction (IF indeed you are pretending to be dissatisfied) outlining points of non-performance. AND do it repeatedly as and when there are repeated failures – as there are, and as a matter of record.

    Put it on the SSC – who should be monitoring performance, AND with regard to an elected gummint’s policies and intentions. You know – the sort of things an electorate voted for
    Fuck me with a feather duster!
    And if and when you discover that the various processes and procedures that comprise this little neo-liberal managerial orgasm aren’t actually working (as supposedly designed and promoted a few decades ago, ) then maybe look at finding better ways of doing things.

    • Actually. all that of course assumes Tracey and “the team” at OT have all their cutesie little purchase agreements and KPIs in order, along with various expectations of the ‘deliverables’.
      Or maybe they were all just “aspirational”.
      I had to listen to that Focus on Politics again. My ears weren’t deceiving me.
      Don’t be surprised if we now need to parachute in someone from the Chicago School to assist in developing various purchase agreements and aspirational KPIs.
      And here’s me thinking Tracey (from NZ1) was just a tiny bit cynical of neo-liberalism.

    • Tim – Establishing a matter of record is the crux here. I wrote to Mark Prebble, the then SSC re a govt dept.
      I received a fairly meticulous reply, including agreement with one of my points. I always post a hard copy, not email.

      I wrote because I was dissatisfied with the reply I’d received from the person answering on behalf of the Govt Dept CE. The SSC has to cover himself too; bringing an issue to his attention is an effective mechanism .

  2. Wellington suffers from out of control house prices and extortionate rental costs causing debt and rent cost deflation depressing a once vibrant city:
    Has Wellington lost its cool title to Auckland?
    ” Twenty and thirty-something Wellingtonians are starting to make a noise about the city they have chosen as home: a crumbling infrastructure, pricey homes to buy and the country’s largest housing shortage, a cut-throat rental market, poor city vision, and a lack of jobs and career progression. ”
    ” Originally from Whangārei, he chose Wellington over Auckland for the work and its vibrancy. He rents a nice townhouse, but has stayed in substandard rentals before. Rents are up 10 per cent, and Wellington has one of the worst rental shortages.

    “We heard from people who were thinking of buying who couldn’t, and we heard from people whose rentals were really awful even though they were earning good money. ”
    ” “Wellington has to stay on top of its game. It’s not just about jobs and putting on events. It’s about making the city. You need the deeper infrastructural support like housing and transport, ”
    ” With property prices up 20 per cent, and rents up 10 per cent, the council’s controversial draft spatial plan, Our City tomorrow, says the city has to plan for 50,000 – 80,000 more residents over 30 years. Foster says: “Our biggest issue is housing. It’s (young professionals’) biggest issue. We know that. But it’s a useful reinforcement of what we already know. It’s a national problem.’’ ”

    ” Murdoch Stephens describes his relationship with Wellington as “ambiguous’’.

    The author, editor and refugee activist doesn’t have the drama of traffic queues or public transport like many young Wellingtonians because he bikes everywhere. But the 39-year-old is currently staying with friends. He has rented some pretty awful houses before, where life felt precarious because the landlord would put their rent up, or the property manager would come in every couple of months for inspections. A house should be a fundamental right, but many of his friends are just like him: feeling like the city they once loved will no longer shelter them. ”

    ” “I love Wellington and many of my friends are here. Maybe I could pull it together and get a mouldy flat or something. But it definitely makes you feel like you’re not wanted here.’’ ”

    ” “These are really massive issues. These challenges are particularly acute in Wellington at the moment. If people don’t have a place to live, they won’t put down roots.’’ ”
    Why I left the U$K buying a house was impossible considering the wage levels.
    Wellington’s youth are leaving ,the city is turning into a glorified retirement village? Speculators for capital gain have ripped the guts out of it!

  3. Financialization and Deindustrialization – Michael Hudson
    Trump’s economic policies have not addressed the fundamental forces that have gutted industrial jobs under the administrations of both parties, says economist Michael Hudson on podcast with Paul Jay.

    2 days ago
    The financial world has developed into an adversary of societies. The untamed greed sucks all the energy out of those who keep the banks afloat.

    1 week ago (edited)
    < 7,000 views – no wonder we’re screwed… In a reasonable world Michael Hudson would be required reading in all High Schools and Universities…

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