Actual crowd shot of voters waiting for NZ election in Wellington 1931

Election 2020 Live Results

The votes are in, the results await!

Tonight we are plotting in Auckland and you are welcome…

…and I will be covering the election live on MagicTalk from 7pm on Saturday with Sean Plunket, Damien Grant and a host of others.

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We will try and call the election before Radio NZ.

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  1. The Earforce is sending out a Hercules to look for the Jerry, while killing two birds with one stone – dropping aid, National Party branded laxatives and chocolates in various electorates. It just flew really ow where I am.

  2. Btw. I’m really really devastated. I can’t seem to find any words of wisdom from the Corduroy King SM or Bill’s little boy Tobes.
    If I get desperate, I’ll stoop as low as Granny Herald if I have to.

  3. Faaaaaark. Finished a bottle in the wine in 10 mins. For those on the left – enjoy. Democracy as always wins – life goes on. Enjoy – it’s been a fun time – you win we lose. As Arnold say We’ll he back.

    P.S. struggling to post – must be pissed.
    P.P.S kids are as interested in politics- great democracy lives on

  4. Oh fuck – Jimmy the Wiesel on. Did euthanasia win. Too soon? Be kind team of 5 million….

    Please I’m in the fetal position. Don’t kick the head; don’t kick the head.

  5. Big thanks to NZ First who believed in Labour coalition three years ago and without who this tilt left may never have happened. Go well Winston and team

    • I may be wrong, I hope I am but I sense she’s a Blair, social justice objectives will be quietly forgotten or just given tokens and Labour will become National Lite 100% instead of 96%. property capital gains speculators will continue on their merry way, child poverty will , well? It’s their fault really! Why should we tax the F.I.R.E sector and banks it’s all too hard. Capitulation pays off as we’ve seen this night. She’s OK! 🙂 no threat to the stablished rip off system.

    • Sad sack. Look internally for the back stabbing, lying, conniving, arrogant and unpopular National MP’s as the reason rather than made up bullshit on the most popular PM in our history.


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