It’s election day – let us celebrate our Democracy – back online at 7pm


My dear Comrades. Brothers & Sisters, fellow citizens of Aotearoa.

Today is our formal day of election.

The arguments are done, there is no more debate, adverts and campaigning is over, you have the sacred privilege of making up your mind as an individual in our society in that voting booth.

Let us rejoice whatever the outcome tonight, because our democracy is the winner here. The peaceful transfer of power without violence or intimidation is a sacred blessing we enjoy on a planet where many are denied this dream.

We must lay our verbal weapons and social media stones to one side now as we graciously accept the will of the people.

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There won’t be any posting on TDB today and we will be offline until 7pm when we will begin live streaming results.

On the election night we are plotting and you are welcome…

…and I will be covering the election live on MagicTalk from 7pm on Saturday with Sean Plunket, Damien Grant and a host of others.

We will try and call the election before Radio NZ.


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  1. Voted yesterday. What a pleasure it is to vote in this country. The officials, workers and whoever organised this election should be congratulated with the officials being so friendly, pleasant and organised.

    We should celebrate our ability to vote freely here, because around the world there is such a decline in fairness, freedom of speech and democracy for people. AK US elections and the 1/4 mile queue in Ohio plus all the denial of voting, China communist state without a democracy that allows voting for each citizen to elect who leads the country. Just saw this from France, extremely sad, when a teacher is apparently beheaded for talking about freedom of speech in his class.

  2. Indeed! Let’s celebrate what we’ve got but remain alert to the fact that it’s always under threat – mainly from those that subscribe to a neo-liberal agenda, but also from the fundies from wherever they sit on the now out of date left-right spectrum.
    As things stand, come 7pm – we’ll get what we deserve. We haven’t quite got to the stage where there isn’t much choice.

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