MEDIAWATCH: Facebook remove Advance NZ page because of misinformation

There must be some kind of way outta here Said the joker to the thief.


Advance NZ claims election interference after Facebook takes down party’s page, citing ‘misinformation’

Advance NZ, which has garnered controversy for its anti-vaccination stance, is claiming “election interference” after Facebook took down the party’s page just two days before the election.

If by ‘interference’ you mean someone repeatedly and specifically pointing out your Facebook page and list of misinformation directly to Facebook’s legal team in NZ, sure.


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Shouldn’t the medium responsible for spreading this madness be forced to curtail it?



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  1. There’s a sheep out my living room window calling to her kids. She makes more sense to me than advance nz does. She goes ” Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….? ” Her lambs go in reply ” Bleep, bleep, bleepty bleep, bleep ” then run to their mum and head butt her udder-breasts for milk while she sublimely re chews her regurgitated stomach contents in a crouching position and seems to really enjoy the whole thing. Then? She just steps on her kids heads and walks off when she’s empty.
    It’s a funny old world. Let wondrous nature’s sanity in and we soon look like a barking mad pack of dangerous aliens. We clad our skins in incredibly complex arrangements of various materials then we parade about in them hoping to fool others into having respect for us in some way. We pout and preen and flounce about while puffing out gasses interspersed by vocal gibberish. If animals could, would they take us humans seriously
    One day our planet will be occupied by human, humans who will be so awesome and lovely and kind and generous and funny and quirky and vital and creative and brave and confident and safe and helpful and not an arse hole to be found with the need, indeed desire, to deceive and lie and cheat and manipulate and exploit.
    Thus dear old billie TK will become redundant and so he’ll be able to sit under a cabbage tree with a gin and tonic and joint and simply reflect on a life deliciously well lived because it was a hoot for no other reason and let’s face it, that was reason enough.
    ( Until then son? You have plenty to go crazy over. And pay your fucking bills man. I mean c’mon dude? )
    Bizarrely, I kind of like the Fringe Set like A/NZ. Y’know? I don’t know why, but they make me feel … sane.
    Because we should remember…? The truly loony are the likes of collins and others like her, God help us, who have no gift for irony. They’re coldly insane and radiate menace and scare the shit right out of me. They want to hurt us. They want to steal our money and lie to us and put us in jail.
    Jail? You do know what jail is, right? Someone wrote recently… “If you want to know what being in prison’s like? See how long you can live in your bathroom.”
    collins is the real menace. Her and her ilk. Never mind billie t what’s it. He’ll be gone into the mists of the mind soon enough.
    But with collins. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.
    When I see and hear collins, I smell trump people.
    The problem with modern bedding is that while we’re sleeping on the box base the monsters have no choice but to go into politics

    • Beautiful, CB. Yep, I like the weirdos too, because many of them are real, and they are doig the best they can with what they’ve got. But Billy should have paid the band. It comes around.

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