BREAKING: LAST TVNZ POLL – Labour 46% National 31% Greens 8% ACT 8%


The last TVNZ Poll is in and it looks like it will be Labour-Green Government, plus whatever happens if the Māori Party win an electorate seat.

The Left have rushed to save the Greens to ensure Labour do something meaningful, please don’t let the Greens fuck this up.

Labour – 46%

National – 31%

ACT – 8%

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Greens – 8%

NZF – 3%

14% still haven’t made up their minds, my feel is that herdism will drive them towards Labour.

Seeing as over 1 and a half million have already voted, my suspicion is that a lot of that will already have been banked for Labour, so their vote could easily be much higher than this poll suggests.

On the election night we are plotting and you are welcome…

…and I will be covering the election live on MagicTalk from 7pm on Saturday with Sean Plunket , Paula Bennett and guest appearances from Damien Grant and a host of others.

We will try and call the election before Radio NZ.


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  1. The Collins preference % in the poll is good. Reflects the well-deserved tribute in the Campaign Winners opinion piece.

  2. Both Labour and National are past their used-by-date.

    I Voted:
    Party: TOP
    Electoral Vote: Duncan Webb (Labour; Webb is easily accessible)
    Cannabis: Yes
    Euthanasia: Abstain

    “Every country has the government it deserves” and “In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve.”
    ~~~ Joseph de Maistre ~~~

  3. Watched the leaders debate just to see if either of the two had anything useful to offer. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    • Herman Shovel Ready,

      Here’s a first. I almost agree with you.

      It was a flat, sterile and completely sanitized affair. The most powerful moment was Ardern expressing her frustration at Collins over the misinformation about the Greens Wealth Tax. Ardern didn’t appreciate repeatedly being called a liar by Collins and used the platform to express that.

      The most nauseating moment was Collins for the first time referring to Ardern as “Jacinda”. I would normally applaud this type of respect but it’s been completely absent from Collins all through the campaign so it coming out at near the finishing line just looked… SAD.

      The format for such “debates” needs to be urgently addressed. They put far too much power in the hands of the moderator and nowhere near enough time for meaningful debate. It’s just perfunctory nonsense and shouldn’t be called a “debate”. I expected Collins to leave nothing in her bag of festering turds but she either finally recognizes Kiwis are recoiling from her in huge numbers or she genuinely believes she can farcically win the election and doesn’t want to rock the boat…… or her performance was ALL about being retained as leader rather than actually winning the 2020 election.

      Ardern on the other hand played it very safe and assured. Both leaders could have sent cardboard cut outs in their stead and the debate would have lost nothing.

      Ardern obviously won the “debate” for numerous reasons including the fact Collins had so much ground to make up but astonishingly, was absent.

      J.M.M was so quick to move away from Ardern’s answer of stepping down as Labour leader if she didn’t win the election, that big moment was virtually lost in the fog. Collins on the other hand went into detail on how and why she wouldn’t step down as Latrine Rodent Party leader when she loses. What Collins wasn’t acknowledging is she won’t have any say in her staying on as leader. She is toast and will be gone within 48 hours of election night. If I was to tell you my sincere perspective it would be that Collins performance in the last debate had virtually zero to do with winning the election which even Collins now accepts she has zero chance of doing. Play nice, get “reasonable” numbers and don’t cause anyone else to recoil. It was a totally contrived appeal to all levels of the National Party to keep her on as leader after Saturday’s inevitable drubbing. Had she vomited out her usual bile, it would have sealed her fate and she of all people knew it. Ultimately, it won’t make a blind bit of difference. She is gone and deservedly so and soon to be followed by her announced retirement from politics and a by-election for Papakura in March next year.

  4. So Labour keep losing support. While I have no time for polls I have no trouble believing that’s probably the case. No amount of personality politics is going to hood wink voters when their policy shortcomings are so glaringly obvious.

    As for the Greens they are hardly a panacea to capitalism either. We can but hope for new parties made up people who are fed up with the status quo and want something more.

  5. Oh deary deary me!
    46%! Sounds like the song in Top Gun! With the lyrics “Highway to the danger zone
    Right into the danger zone
    Highway to the danger zone
    Gonna take you right into the danger zone!”

    • DennyPaoa,

      Can always count on you to provide absolute proof that it is indeed possible for a troglodyte to assert enough pressure on a keyboard and trot out utterly pointless drivel.

      Thank you.

      Much love,

      Terry Tibbs.

  6. Voted today. Wish there was somebody I really wanted to vote for, but voted anyway.

    The most amazing thing about voting in NZ is just how pleasant it is! Seriously so easy. Smiling and friendly officials. I absolutely can not fault whoever organised this years voting.

    Thanks to all who made it possible behind the scenes and the workers who made it such a great experience to vote.

    Also thankful to COL those in jail can vote this year. I just think it should be a NZ citizens right to vote.

    However I also think that NZ needs to be respond to globalism and threats to democracy, and tighten up who can vote and influence our elections. To only live in NZ one year and being able to influence our elections when we have such a small population, is wrong and too much of a loophole in NZ’s sovereignty. Only citizens and NZ’s long term residents (10 years) should get voting rights here. I wonder if Labour’s fortunes (and Natz misfortunes) are also due to Covid and less influence on our elections by foreign nationals.

    We are very lucky to vote in NZ, when you see other countries like US and their denial of democracy (and the results) and China where there is no voting and a dictatorship.

    Be thankful we live here!

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