BREAKING: Roy Morgan Poll – Labour 47.5% National 28.5%


The most mocked Poll in NZ, the Roy Morgan Poll has come out with their last Poll before the election.

I say most mocked because they gave the Greens at 9.5%.

Labour – 47.5%

National – 28.5%

Greens – 9.5%

ACT – 7%

NZF – 2.5%

The TVNZ Poll is due out in 30minutes and I would expect to see them claiming the lead has narrowed.

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2 days to go.

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  1. Hi Martyn, problem with this poll is it’s too old, with a mid point of September 15/16. We’ve had four Colmars and a Reid since then. Hope we get a NewsHub/Reid tomorrow.

  2. Looks like many Kiwi’s want a type of wealth tax and will peg there nose and vote Green. I am and I do.
    Greens 7-10% on election night. Labour under 50% trending down possibly to the Greens.

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