ACT trade on negativity & New Conservatives trade on Conspiracy – why that is so dangerous


Surprise surprise. ACT trade on negativity and the New Conservatives trade on naked fear & conspiracy…

NZ Election 2020: Which parties’ Facebook feeds are full of fake news and half-truths revealed in study

Kiwi political parties on the right are more likely to post “half-truths and fake news” on their social media accounts, new research has found

And separate research has found that sadly – depending on your point of view – candidates who lie are perhaps more likely to get elected. 

Political scientists from Victoria University of Wellington analysed posts on Facebook over two weeks in September made by the country’s nine biggest political parties – National, Labour, NZ First, the Greens, ACT, New Conservatives, Advance NZ/Public Party, The Opportunities Party (TOP) and the Maori Party. 

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…the desperation of the right and the anger that desperation is brewing are making the fringe right more nutty and radical.

If the Left don’t use this mandate about to be gifted to Labour to insulate these people from the worst bite of the looming recession, this fringe will take today’s bitterness of loss and grow a dangerously furious tomorrow.

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    • Okay, you’ll be telling us where exactly these wokeness league tables are published? (outside of the voices in your head)

  1. ACT ‘trade on negativity’ as they can hardly campaign on their nutty policies after all.
    Slashing public investment in health and education, ignoring extinction level climate change, and defending the rights of greedy corporations over citizens.
    ACT’s recycled failed Rogernomics is best kept away from the light of serious inquiry, or some of their recent converts might accidentally wake up to what they’re voting for!

  2. I’ll think you’ll find its more to do with whether you are in opposition or not. Compare it to Labour under Goff and Cunliffe then if there is a trend fair call

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