In defence of Phil Twyford


I like Phil Twyford.

His crime with Kiwibuild was that he was trying to use free market solutions to a housing market that is utterly broken by free market greed.

Phil is a good MP, a good Cabinet Minister, sure Kiwibuild was a fuck up, but he sure as Christ doesn’t deserve this kind of far right Christian bullshit!

NZ Election 2020: National MP Alfred Ngaro accused of spreading ‘gross piece of misinformation’ on Facebook

Labour MP Phil Twyford has slammed a “gross piece of misinformation” posted online by his National Party rival for the Te Atatu electorate, Alfred Ngaro.

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Ngaro, ranked 30th on the party’s list and in danger of being eliminated from Parliament on recent poll results, took to Facebook on Friday to attack Twyford and Labour.

“Your local MP should represent the values of the people and place,” he wrote, accompanied by an image of Twyford overlaid claims “a vote for Phil” was a vote for legalising recreational cannabis, decriminalising all drugs, full-term abortion and “abortion based on gender and disability”. 

I have NEVER liked Alfred Ngaro.

He is a fanatical zionist Christian with troubling fundamentalist viewpoints.

Ngaro’s vile religious zealot slur on Twyford is disgraceful and has no place in NZ politics.

This kind of obscene misinformation based on religious dogma should be crucified.

NEVER allow Ngaro to EVER speak on ANY issue without reminding him what he did.

Ugly, ugly politics.

National should be ashamed, National voters should be embarrassed.

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  1. ” His crime with Kiwibuild was that he was trying to use free market solutions to a housing market that is utterly broken by free market greed. ”
    The early rconomists including Adam Smith defined the ” free market ” as one free from the feudal hangover of rentier free lunch overheads. We do not have a ‘ free market ” we have a housing market crippled by rentier speculation foe capital gain. To the shame of NZ our young couples the future of NZ haven’t a hope in hell of buying their own place except a lifetime of mortgage slavery. The answer is and was to issue the credit from our own Reserve Bank to build the houses, but that’d mean dropping the red pill and waking up to the horror of the neoliberal matrix. No one has the courage or guts to do this so we drift on into utter disgusting orgies of capital gain and an impotent government that can’t even impose a CGT of at least 60% while child poverty languishes. Our political social system is morally in the trash heap.

  2. It’s severely warped, even for the National Party who never seem to know when to say when on filth.

    Ngaro had so so much material to work with on Twyford, a rare gift from the political gods to an opposition party, the likes I’ve never seen. Kiwibuild, Fail. Housing, massive Fail and actually a worse festering sore than when Labour got into power. Light rail to Mt Roskill, Fail, Light Rail to Aucklands North West, Fail, 1 mm of light rail anything, Fail, walking bridge over the the harbour also known as Skypath, another Fail. These were all Twyford policy announcements.

    It’s so bad no one can describe a single achievement from this minister. His name, as Audrey Young rightly wrote, is synonymous for non delivery. That’s polite! Twyford might be a nice chap but as a government MP, he’s a liability.

    Alf, you should have played the ball because you owned it, it was handed to you on a silver platter, not the man.

    Thing is Alfred clearly felt empowered to do this by his rotten party. So he’s only partially to blame.

  3. The irony here is up in lights.

    Alfred Ngaro makes big and desperate calls during an election campaign that Chucky says don’t reflect her policy and that of the National Party. Sounds very similar to what Chucky herself was doing last week much to the disgust of other Nats she hadn’t run it by first.

    Chucky obviously very embarrassed by Alfred Ngaro and his outrageous statements. Recently, Chucky’s husband also made outrageous statements but Chucky claimed she had no control of him as he’s an adult…..bla bla bla. Alfred Ngaro is also an adult, isn’t he?. What Chucky is really saying is she 100% agreed with what her P.O.S husband said about “my little pony” but is concerned that Alfred Ngaro may cost her votes and she knows there is zero room for that.

    Alfred Ngaro is useless and utterly pointless but like Collins, his back is up against the wall and is facing the chop so will say and do anything. Politicians that are entitled and desperate sums up the 2020 National Party.

  4. Never trust wee men with designer hair cuts, ever. It’s the ultimate male vanity. This anti-Twyford mud sling is straight from the dirty politics for dummies guide book. Ngaro a former pastor ? Oh dear.

  5. I have no time for Twyford but this attack is embarrassing we do not need these people the National party should have let him go and form his own party and join the losers like Tamaki ‘s mob

  6. Another member of Bennett’s trained seals going off the reservation. At this rate she’ll become a toxic as a Boag.

    But Bomber – a good cabinet minister….Really…..reaaaaally? The only thing Twyford is good at is making a meal of anything more complex than tying his shoes. I’m sure he’s a hell of a nice guy but appears to lack competence.

    • What do you mean he “appears to lack competence” Frank?
      He is massively lacking competence.
      Lets call a spade a spade.
      I would like to see him and that twat David Parker gone. They should have both been sacked 6 months ago.

  7. It’s sad that so many people buy into the idea that Phil and David Clark are incompetent. Both are the victims of bullshit propaganda from National and their right-wing media lackeys. For example, Kiwibuild was underfunded due to the BRR, and Labour must have known the target was impossible (shitty ethics to pretend it wasn’t). They never expected to actually have to implement it. Twyford’s job was to reduce damage as much as he could.


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