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Yo, this is our final call for contributions for the election. We haven’t pushed for a contributions drive as we march through to the election for sometime because everyone from Newsroom to Scoop to The Spinoff to Stuff keeps begging for donations and contributions but as we enter the final month of the election, if you have any money down the back of the couch, we’d love for you to flick some our way!

You know what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice going into the 2020 election, and are in a position to contribute – please do so here.

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Here’s to the 2020 election.




  1. NZ is egalitarian in terms of rewarding hard work and usefulness. Sadly for “woke” leftists, if the most productive members of society don’t reap the greatest reward, then you don’t have a society. National and ACT understand this and Labour and Winston First do not.

    • What an unbelievably breathless social change. We know what Judith and Woodhouse want to do they want to cut taxes and services because enhanced government makes the wealthy angry and confused. When running deficits you don’t cut, YOU SPEND IT. SPEND IT!!! and you have the balls to come in here claiming National and act have an economic policy with your dick hanging out you wanker. Well the government is providing $500 million a week in wage subsidies to New Zealand Families and you want to cut everything else and you sweet talker you you want to take $5 away from families or even more if you had a shred of competence to even know what you’re talking about.

      • Calm down ad-hominem bot boy 🙂 Were you in a coma during the so-called “year of delivery”? The only economic activity was taxpayer funded working groups / blather fests that resulted in zero real world results. The government is using borrowed money to prop up the economy in an election year and when that runs out, the real pain begins for the brainwashed masses.

      • Simple question Sam
        Your comment spend spend spend
        Where does the money come from? How does it get paid back?

        You may be too young to remember the rampant inflation of the 70s. Mortgages at 25%.

        That Sam, is what WILL happen if the Governmnet just spends spends spends.
        SO you better rush out and pay your mortgage of because in a few years time. As surely as night follows day. Interest rates will go up.

        Don believe me. Check on a bit of history!

        • Oh, here we go, more commentary from a script that was written 50 years ago. Did you not learn anything in that time?

          Do you really have to ask me a bunch of question and then go on to try and make those questions valid. If you’re really good at asking questions then someone might go on and write about you.

          It’s not that Roger Douglas was completely useless and yet we know that The Labour Party in the twenty-first century is made up of good people because not every NZ party represents the bulk of the people instead of trying to do a deal with Roger Douglas’s leftovers, the ACT party. You name it, the Labour Party is in its own way trying to make peace with what Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson have done to New Zealand society.

          How dare you tell me about history.

          If you want a framework to think about inflation you have to mix in energy prices and a leader has to think differently from that of her ministers because the leaders thought processes have to be different to make people believe.

          For a leader to truly shine their backs have to be against the wall especially when Labours opponents are so ordinary. It is a search for perfection but leaders are never comfortable in the search for beauty in the policy as it is in the search for well defined and wonderfully created policy.

          • the Labour Party is in its own way trying to make peace with what Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson have done to New Zealand society.

            Thanks, Sam. That is so well thought and written, and has cleared some of my own thoughts.

  2. Thanks to the TDB for keeping us truthfully and factually informed. It is a reminder of just how inept and corrupt the MSM actually is. Also to everyone who expresses their opinion on this site and contributes by way of a post we are very fortunate that so many of you care enough to contribute on a regular basis. There is some fantastic writing from very committed caring kiwis.

    Much appreciated.


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