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  1. Climate Change Podcast: NASA climate scientist, Peter Kalmus, speaks out
    ” Welcome to Shaping The Future – in this episode, I interview NASA climate scientist and author, Peter Kalmus, about the extreme fires in California and Hurricane Laura that struck Louisiana.

    Peter talks about the underlying drivers of these frightening impacts that stem from our collective addiction to burning fossil fuels.

    He also talks very personally about his conscious decision to speak out about how terrified he is with regard to the worsening climate breakdown. ”

    robin hood
    1 month ago
    Things will get seriously seriously bad by 2050s. I can’t imagine too many humans if any being left by 2100.

    Mohammad Rahman
    1 month ago
    In fact all the bad stuff we are told about global warning we were told in 80s and 90s is now happening. I live in Europe and summers are starting at end of April. This is has been happening in last 3 years. I live in the UK and we now have summers that are way too hot for countries even in the Southern Mediterranean only 15 years ago. All this is happening because of 1c change in average global warming since November 2015.

    robin hood
    1 month ago
    @Mohammad Rahman The hotter it gets, the faster it gets hotter.

    The hotter it gets the more positive feedback loops are triggered.

    The more years pass by the more people exist creating more emissions.

    The greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere right now will continue to heat the Earth for another 200+ years even if we stop all of our emissions today. That heating is locked in.

    The RCP8.5 model seems accurate to me. This means we will likely hit 4.c heating mid century. At which point most of this planet becomes simply incompatible with human biology. I personally cannot see many if any humans still being around by 2100.

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