The best progressive outcome? A Labour+Green+Māori Party Government


There is one outcome from the Rubric cube of MMP that produces the most progressive Government NZ could ever have.

This most progressive Government ever could actually implement the radical reforms necessary for the reset our economy and society urgently require post pandemic and rebuild the sustainable re-imagination the climate crisis demands.

If the Māori Party win Tāmaki Makaurau, Te Tai Hauāuru and Waiariki they will create an overhang which will lift the Parliamentary majority required.

You could have a situation where Labour poll just under the majority and require the Greens to form a majority, but the Greens could be argued with that they should include the Māori Party in their negotiating team so that it’s a Labour, Greens, Māori Party Government with all the extra policy leverage that would come with both parties negotiating with Labour as a united front.

The Greens + Māori Party negotiating team could negotiate a first 100 days legislative platform to ensure the change is transformative and immediate.

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The Left might be able to actually wield a mandate.

The Right are just waking up to this and are launching a Taxpayer Union fear attack trying to scare the bejesus out of the landed gentry with the Greens wealth tax.

I don’t think it will work, if anything it will convince wavering National voters to give Labour their party vote to block the Greens while the message of real reform will keep enough Labour voters party voting Green.

We could have a very exciting Election night result.


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  1. John Tamihere as the ultimate ‘Decider’ of the election?
    Ok, it’s an outside chance, but… you never know.
    A game changer that would be 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to the night I will be watching the marginal seats for both of the two bigger parties.

  3. If Labour don’t need them, I don’t see why they would allow them into a coalition. They won’t do anything but hinder Labour policy and provide Labour excuses for not doing what they are campaigning on. Also imagine if the Greens want their Jedi Academy as part of their deal. Or the Maori Party demands the Government hand back all NZ water rights to the Maori? If Labour definitely want to lose the 2023 election, then partnering up with the Greens and the Maori Party (both of which are highly divisive among average voters) is imo the best way to do it.

  4. Lab-Grn-Mri Coalition is a very appealing concept, on paper at least.
    I like the idea of a strong cross party Maori Caucus to promote a new kaupapa for us all. A move away from gross consumption and mindless unsustainable growth in search of profits for the greedy.
    That decade of Key/English do-nothing-but-enrich-the-few really feels like wasted time now.
    Rapid change is happening, and we are under prepared.
    To the Finance Minister of the new Govt: please spend like there’s no tomorrow, because………in a sense, there is no tomorrow (at least, not one that bears any resemblance to what we have now)! Direct fund via the Reserve Bank (see these guys for a clue.
    Build railways, water supplies, electricity distribution, well equipped hospitals, emergency services etc. And do it properly. The infrastructure required for this new future will require incredible resilience. It will test our engineers, but I’m sure they are up to the challenge. They have to be – for their kids sake.

  5. “The best progressive outcome? A Labour+Green+Māori Party Government”
    Ain’t it just!.
    And for me, like a father-in-law before me that ditched Labour after a lifetime when it embraced neo-liberalism, this really is the last dance at the OK Corale.
    I’ll be doing everything to keep the wet and woke Greens on the stage in the hope they’ll grow the fuck up, as I will the Maori Party, but the party vote will probably be Labour (I could possibly just throw a coin and do Green – and as it happens, there half a dozen family/extended family members who’ll do likewise – now I think about it there’s about 9 or 10).
    I hope Jacinda is thinking longer term than this election and knows who the non-performers are. Some stick out like dog’s balls – or more politely, like a food truck touring around Porirua offering food at a maximum oercentage interest rate who (coincidentally) happens to be “in”active in other Labour Party failures such as immigration and broadcasting/media. Just as well for them, the gNat/ACT alternative plans and policy is worse. Or maybe a super-nice guy going through his mid-life crisis.

    For me, this is indeed the last chance at the Labour Party’s OK Martinborough corale

    • My sentiments as well OnceWasTim. IF Jacinda gets to form a Govt. then this time around it’s Time to act like a Proper LABOUR Party. And we haven’t seen one of those in Decades. Cause they’ve embraced the Neo Con bullshit for far to long.
      For instance Massive Immigration which they haven’t done anything about as they promised to just fiddled at the extremities, especially the less talked about Temporary Work Permit type (355K annually until Covid) has been Beggaring Aotearoa Residents. Including the Young who are taking on Telephone Number Mortgages these days, cause they gave no choice not too, many not realizing that Interest Rates of Yore can always come back Someday… And not understanding what that can Entail for them…
      Wages have been held in the Basement and House Prices / Rents through the Roof.
      So called “Market Forces” and Natural Supply and Demand Laws cannot Work when Skewed by Planeloads of the Worlds Poor coming in to undercut our own Working Poor.
      Charity begins at Home.
      When 23% or more of Kiwi Kids are living below the Poverty Line cause they are in Poor Families, in this Land of Milk and Honey, then Something is Badly Wrong…
      Rents and Shopping Prices are believed to be the Prime Reason for that, especially Rents. Minimum Wage isn’t enough to Keep Up for our Working Poor.
      The Evidence is already Mounting, despite the Unmerciful Screams of the Low Wage Employers, that a Cheap Labour Shortage due to Covid and severely restricted Temporary Immigration is leading to Kiwis being Begged For to come and Work and at better Wages.
      There never was a Shortage of Kiwi Workers, just a Shortage of Super Cheap Ones.
      Without mass Low Pay Immigration to Artificially Skew Workplace Renumeration Dynamics the “Minimum Wage” wouldn’t even be needed. The Market would have worked as it should AND Rents would also be more Equitable…
      IF Labour and Partners get in and don’t Make Big Changes for the the huge numbers of Working Kiwis condemned to the Breadline over the last several Decades, through National AND Labour Govts. then they (Labour) need Consignment to the Dustbin of History. We know what National stands for.
      It’s Time that Labour stood for what they were Originally Formed For.
      Or next Election in 2023 those with a Social Conscience will need to ignore their Excuses and try to find a Credible Alternative.
      Right now they seem the best of Two Bad Choices (for the way they’ve conducted themselves since Douglas) It’s on Them to Make Amends….

  6. I would love to see a TOP representative in a Labour coalition government.
    1. They appear to have sensible policy and…
    2. Are far more moderate rational than ACT.

    • Just for the sake of clarity here Bert, but ACT are complete nutcases.
      Seymour’s “austerity for the masses” will tank the economy and sink our already slim chances of preparing for the future.
      They shouldn’t be on any sane persons radar as an electoral option.

  7. The gweens aren’t coming back.
    That just leaves the Maori Party to the rescue the middleclass latte socialist pakeha party.

    • hope you are right about the gweenies… but the Maori Party did prop up Jonkey Nact for nine years….and I hope NZF comes back…lets hope they have all learned their lessons and stick to their principles

  8. ” The Greens + Māori Party negotiating team could negotiate a first 100 days legislative platform to ensure the change is transformative and immediate ”
    Well let’s hope so but imho i think the Maori party will be a challenge to work with and i hope that the Greens make it back with enough support that Labour is not backed into a corner relying in the Maori party to govern.
    There are serious challenges ahead to 2023 on a number of fronts and Adern and her colleagues will be tested again and again with the Nasty Natz and their considerable resources and friends will be waiting to go in for the kill. The 2020 battle will be won but not the war.

    • I read the article and wonder why Andrea has 6 children then complains about not being able to get ahead . Why not have only those children you can afford . This would help them and the planet . We have too many people and we do not need more especially when they take money out of the state purse to look after them.
      With regard to teeth why are not floride tablets handed out at school . This would be cheaper than adding it to all water which only a small percentage is drunk.

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