Not another National Party meltdown


You would think a past President leaking Covid patient material to a sitting MP who sent it to the media, another sitting MP who sends dick pics, a senior Party figure ringing late night talkback to smear a candidate and the entire Muller coup fiasco was enough internal meltdown for one year.

Apparently not.

Judith is now being accused of bullying and there are new internal leaks…

National MP says Judith Collins ‘bullied’ another MP in her party

A National MP has told 1 NEWS the party hasn’t had a caucus call or poll result for weeks and says there is a culture issue in the party.

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The MP told 1 NEWS Judith Collins has “bullied” MP Denise Lee and hasn’t brought the caucus together.

It comes after an email leaked to Newshub showed National’s Auckland Council spokesperson Denise Lee criticising a National policy to review Auckland Council.

Lee called it a “highly problematic idea”, a “nightmare” and “another working group”, and said bypassing her was “incredibly poor form and displays a shockingly bad example of poor culture”, while another National Party member said Collins was consistently “making up policy on the hoof” and creating division.

The MP who alleges the bullying told 1 NEWS that Denise Lee is in full campaign mode and was “forcibly expressing her disappointment” over not being in the loop about the policy. The MP says decisions need to be made quickly on the campaign trail.

…how can National run the country when the internal factions are already massing against Judith and leaking to the media?

They can’t generate loyalty because Judith’s leadership is malice first ask forgiveness second.

Add the internal culture of dirty politics to the feckless and wild policy crap Judith is promising her redneck base and a National Party win would represent a great leap backwards for NZ.


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  1. Strangely reminiscent of Labour post Clark. Not sure why but under pressure political parties go full retard. Lee from all accounts is a bog average MP that is about to get swept out by the unicorn wave. Take it as a death rattle from another B-grade player. Move on.

    • Gee Frank, solid analysis there. Way to address the poison in the National party – put the focus on Labour and dismiss the complaint as the complainee’s fault.

      • Lol so St Denise now joins St Jamie. That one turned out well for you all on the left. Parties have factions and policy disagreements all the time. A disciplined party keeps these in house. Credit where credit is due Labour is extremely disciplined right now. This was an own goal by Lee and this afternoon she has acknowledged it. Was she the leaker to the media – probably not and will the party know who it is, probably. If it is who I think it is, that MP has well and truely fucked his leadership aspirations.

  2. It has been abundantly obvious that Judith’s policy announcements are entirely comparable to writing cheques with no idea what is in the bank account and no plans to honour them.

    It is “make it up as it goes” politics. Worlds your oyster.

    As for bullying. Noooooo, say it isn’t so, Judith, no way!

    Good on Denise Lee to stand up to this and at least question it. Maybe someone in National has some ethics!

  3. National certainly seems to be in some sort of death wish spiral at present but the show isn’t over yet. Just reflect back to the Clinton vs Trump election in the USA and the game changing role played by the so-called ‘Christian Right’. With her prayerful photo op, Judith Collins is playing a ‘fundamentalist-lite’ version of Trump’s game here in Aotearoa.
    While atheists, agnostics & pagans may have found it politically nauseating, I suspect it has garnered National a few more votes from wavering mainstream Christians. For those still wavering, a recently amended version of the Church of England’s goto prayer would be a good thing to read. It could make them come to their senses.
    The Prayer of Saint Judith of Pakuranga, Patron Saint of Hypocrites
    To all voters who believe in heaven,
    Hallowed be my name,
    May my kingdom come,
    And my will be done,
    On earth as in heaven.
    Give me today my photo op,
    And forgive me my smirk,
    As I forgive those who smirk at me.
    Lead them not in to temptation
    But deliver them from Labour.
    For the kingdom, the power
    And the glory should be mine,
    Now and forever,
    (with apologies [sort of] to The Church of England)

    and finally, I suspect Ms Collins would fully agree with this
    Judith’s Bedtime Mantra
    I am the leader of National.
    I am not a Socialist.
    I control my Party.

  4. Judith Collins is a bully sesoned bull or aunty.Hollow woman worse than Jenny Shipley.She is bully.A man in woman’s body.
    See what judith collins is a crooked person.Dont forget Oravira in China business dealing.she was sacked by John Key from Her boss John Key.She was scheming

  5. Don’t ever forget the unknown amount of swamp kauri she and her husband illegally exported while National was in power and then invested the money in a classic car collection including an E type jag. They may still be at it.

    • Rather than running for PM, shouldn’t that woman be facing charges? and on trial?

      What have we become as a nation, that overt corruption is leading the way?
      What happened to this country that we love?
      Our forefathers fought to protect it. For us, for future generations.
      Now vultures are tearing the land itself apart and feasting on the bones of what once was.


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