Over 250 000 NZers already voted in advance voting


Advance voting stats are out and there has been an enormous surge in early voting, over 250 000 NZers have already vast a vote…

…we can’t take anything from the advance voting other than people who have already made up their mind.

Hopefully this leads to a large turn out for 2020. This year you can enrol and vote on the day, last election that saw almost 45 000 votes disallowed, this election they will be included.

Prisoners can also vote this election.

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More people voting is good for our Democracy.

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  1. The working from the home crowd continues to cause problems. There are, half maybe correct a hundred and one explanations for that, half may be correct, the other half may be full of crap. So will we see inflation?

    We’ve seen oil explorations banned which makes the fiscal response much more important than we think but there’s much more inflation than we thought.

    What that means is there’s a lack of discounting, did air travellers get their refunds or access to discounted flights of choice and so on. And we can’t really inflate our way out of that. Obviously, there needs to be a change at the policy level compared to actual outcomes.

    So there is a range of ideas on offer and the things we don’t want are being pushed onto the electorates. But anyone cheering for lower voter participation should think again.

    There is a demand for change there but it looks demand-driven and not supply-driven and that drive for inflation is supply driven.

      • Also possibly some people voting multiple times.
        This has increased since the advent of advance voting and will probably be worse this time as many more advanced voting booths will be open.
        People who think they are helping their preferred candidate or party by trying to vote multiple times are really stupid.
        They are not helping, they are hurting.
        If you vote multiple times you WILL be caught.
        The cross referencing is very vigorous.
        If detected ALL votes you cast will be disallowed, including the original.
        And you will likely be prosecuted if it is considered deliberate.
        Not joking, there really are some muddled up people who forget they have voted and do it again, incredible as this may seem.

  2. I’m holding out till election day. Too much can happen between now and then. Right now I’m leaning ACT, but if Labour has a serious chance of losing I’m voting for them. I can barely imagine what a Collins government would be like, let alone have had a hand in making it happen.

  3. Voted Green x2 and yes on both referendum questions. Made sense to vote early rather than leaving it the Saturday as i will be busy with election work. I sincerely hope we get a Labour – Green administration for the next three years and finally bury the Key English Collins disaster from memory with sensible policies that will tackle some serious structural problems.

  4. Unfortunately, most voters will vote for more of the same, whether more of the same is delivered by a Labour government or a National government. And more of the same means more industrial living which is ‘killing the planet’ and which is turning humans into zombies:

    More of the same means ever-higher atmospheric CO2 and ever-higher levels of pollution everywhere, including inside the bodies of children. All with utterly dire consequences:


    More of the same also implies going into the imminent collapse of long-standing economic arrangements in a state of ignorance, complacency and delusion.

    I’m sad to say it, but voting won’t alter our trajectory one iota at this late stage in the game, though it may affect the viciousness of the government’s response to the economic-financial-environmental-social meltdown which is almost upon us: an Adern government is likely to be somewhat less vicious in its treatment of the general populace than a Collins government.

    • I haven’t voted yet but will do exactly the same. We don’t have a Green party candidate in New Plymouth, so can’t 2 ticks for Green.

      • ‘We don’t have a Green party candidate in New Plymouth, so can’t 2 ticks for Green.’

        What was the result last time? National 18,000; Green 800. or something like that. Jonathan Young got returned just for doing nothing (other than promoting the destruction of his children’s future). Rather like Harry Do-nothing constantly getting returned by doing nothing (other than promoting the destruction of his children’s future).

        I guess it’s all pretty fucked now, what with oil and gas languishing and tourism [that NPDC poured so many tens of millions of $ into] down the drain.

        There’s still a property bubble to inflate a bit more before the crash, though.


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