National go full blown ACT Party Free Market madness 


The internal polling is screaming that National is haemorrhaging votes, left, right and crazy.

200 000 45+ National voting women walked to Labour.

The religious nutters club have gone to Vision, One God Party and the New Conservatives.

The hard right gun fascists and Death Cult Capitalists have run to ACT.

To counter this, Crusher is getting softer to try and woo voters back from Labour, having chat with God…

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…to win back votes from the religious fringes and are implementing far right free market policy like it’s raw meat at an Incel social gathering with no girls.

National want to privatise the border, take back the wage subsidy, dump climate change legislation, unaffordable tax cuts for the middle classes and now tax breaks for property investors???

Election 2020: National promises tax breaks for property investors; Labour calls it ‘reckless’

National leader Judith Collins is promising property investors a tax break by reducing the bright line test back to two years in an effort to make more Kiwis landlords.

If elected, National would also pass emergency legislation its first 100 days to force councils to release land for 30 years of urban development and sell state houses to their occupants.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern slammed the policy saying it would “take us back to the 1990s” and move New Zealand away from delivering housing to first home buyers and build state houses.

“To suggest that as an answer to the housing troubles that New Zealand experiences, to sell off state houses, I think is absolutely wrong,” Ardern said.

National are prepared to say and promise anything to the most selfish angels of our nature to win.

I just don’t think the solidarity that the universal experience of lockdown has provided will be seduced by such crass and obscene bribes.

Judith is desperate because she knows if she doesn’t win, National will dump her the next day. Watch for that desperation to come out tonight at the leaders debate.


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  1. Desperate and dangerous.

    Whatever it takes to get hold of the Treasury benches – the people and the country can go fuck themselves.

  2. Collins is doing everything she needs to do to woe back National voters (specifically from Labour)… and she doesn’t even need that many when you think about it. What’s scary is it might actually work. If the Greens don’t get above 5% (and don’t win an electorate, which they won’t imo) then despite Labour still being by far the biggest party, Labour might still lose because National/ACT form a majority. Could easily happen imo.

    • Yes it’s very possible that Labour will lose & if so they deserve to. Labour & the Green have no one to blame but themselves in continuing their naive & pathetic “holier than thou” stance on refusing to do an electorate deal with Chloe Swarbrick in Auckland Central. If they really cared enough about NZ’s future they’d play to the absolute letter & limit of the rules they’re given.

    • Nah. St Jacinda’s deeds in recent months and her liaison with Ashley will win the day. And Jacinda is a damn side nicer than Judith. Judith can be charming (in an odd sort of way) when it suits her but when challenged by those she thinks are below her, look out! Jacinda’s just evasive at times. Labour will cozy up with the Greens. Oh… the policies. Well, that’s the bigger picture. The major parties may know what to do but not sure if any of them really know HOW, or have the political will once elected. But Labour / Greens? A different space to the one we’ve had for the past 3 years? Maybe for the better. Certianly better than Natz/Act. In my view.

      But hell, who knows?

  3. Is that why Soimon has such a big smile on his dial nowadays in fact he is probably chuckling to himself, ‘they should have just given me a go’.

    • Yes, that’s 2x 8 BILLION dollar blowouts.
      That’s a lot of zeros.

      But hey, you know they’re “responsible”, right?
      You know the economy will somehow magically be better under them, right?
      After all, to quote their great leader who did not know the current price of block of cheese, 8 Billion dollars is “Inconsequential”.

  4. This beautiful snowflake is making up stuff on the hoof.
    Everyone knows it, even her own MP’s are leaking now.
    The Nats had one good week last week but the train wreck is back !!!

  5. I generally support National and ACT but even I can see that “sell state houses to their occupants” is a trojan horse and a free kick to property developers.

    • @ fredonas…”I generally support National and ACT ”
      Serious questions and here they come…
      Why? And how?
      National / ACT are heads of the same monster that’s benefited one or two and fucked the rest of us and has all but tanked our economy and our society/culture. National and ACT are a toxic salad of sociopathic ingredients and only misery will come from encouraging them with a vote.
      I’m being earnestly serious here. Without that much malice. Hand on my heart. On my dear old Ma’s ashes. I honestly want to get inside your head. How do arrive at wanting to follow ACT/NAT? How can someone love something so un lovely. So unlovable. So venal, greedy and vile. So money-first and if you got none, then loser, better find a park bench to die on. Is that national? ACT? To answer my own question; yes, it is.
      I literally cannot comprehend how anyone with a heart beat and warmth in their clothing could vote for National / ACT. It feels to me like voting for torture and cannibilasm.

      • You’re not alone in that, mate. I work with a few National Party cheerleaders, and from what I’ve been able to glean in conversation (the conversations that don’t devolve into political sparring, anyway) they’re largely fine with whatsoever National does just so long as it doesn’t negatively impact them in any meaningful way. And if they end up paying less tax and get to jack up rents on their property portfolios again, super. Pure self-interest. I’m alright, Jack, fuck the lot of you. Individualism versus collectivism.

        But you know what’s really fucking mental? When we’re not jousting over ideological differences, they’re great blokes. We work together, have a laugh, share a meal… and then there’s this weird disconnect when it comes to politics. “Fuck beneficiaries, they’re all bone idle wasters! Look at those Maori having whinge about everything again! Jacinda looks like a horse and she’s so sickenly nice, she makes me want to regurgitate my last meal!” It’s genuinely disturbing, but what can you do other than roll your eyes and sigh resignedly. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of cure for selfishness, sadly.

  6. Blimey, should I wear a full suit of armour to the debate tonight? It is true she is going after every vote she could possibly leverage. However, in pursuing some voters, she is surely going to alienate others

  7. I think it is a good policy to sell state houses to those tenants occupying them.
    It is far better to own a home than to rent one.

    • @ Scott Pearson. No. You’re wrong on at least two fronts.
      Selling state houses is to ignore the original need for state housing in the first place. And that was simply to get people into houses. Fuck the money. Just get people under roofs.
      Buying and selling houses involves far more money than most people have access to cash wise. What they DO gain access to instead is debt. If a person today wants to OWN a house they must first get into debt.
      Why? Because it puts fat arses in Lamborghini’s, that’s why. It also lines the pockets of our four now foreign owned banksters lying in wait down at the water hole. AKA the real estate office.
      And that’s where our $6 Billion dollars went just last year. Fucking gone. $6 billion. Gone.
      “It’s far better to own a home than to rent one.”
      No, it’s not. Not if you’re on the bones of your arse with kids it isn’t. And if, by some miracle you managed to hook, suck, fuck, pimp and scalp P for long enough to get your deposit together you then have to pay the fucking mortgage. For ever… and ever and ever and ever and ever.
      Did you know that the Latin definition for ‘mortgage’ is ‘ a debt until death’.
      Another favourite of mine is ” The measure of any society is of how well [it] treats those most at risk.”
      Then I think that makes us, as a society, a bit shit don’t you? By following the ‘home ownership’ logical fallacy we soon find out that our every move is determined by a foreign owned bank and the hard earned money we give them is then syphoned off shore.
      And a word of dire caution. We’re soon to find out that we’ve been lured into a trap.

      • Countryboy I get that we need to provide state houses for those in need.
        But imagine people getting things together and having the opportunity to buy their own home.
        Perhaps tenants could demonstrate the ability to consistently save a small deposit and the government sells you the state house you tenant.

  8. Hey everyone, it’s me. Guess what, I’m note voting National. That’s right, they are crap. The last few days have only confirmed that. Strong team my arse.
    But here’s the kicker. I’m voting ACT. Why wouldn’t I. Clear ideas. Well worded policies (yes I read them). Believe in freedom. Believe in less govt and officialdom. Lower taxes. End of life bill. What’s not to like?
    Why on earth would you all want more govt…more clipboards…more Wellington?

    • So translated that means you believe in : Freedom for poor people to never own a home and if they do, – for all that money to go to offshore banks, less govts and officialdom to regulate those banks and other rorter’s, lower taxes for corporates which disproportionately places the burden of tax onto wage earners instead, and a stressful lifestyle that hastens the end of life even sooner but not for the wealthy.

      I’d say there’s a whole bunch of GOOD reasons right there why no one should be voting ACT.

    • Me too, National under Collins is a shit show.
      I’m voting with HSR – you can’t beat stupid.


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