Trump’s Path to Power – how he steals the 2020 election & why muting his mic in the next debate will help him 


Political pundits in America talk endlessly about their candidates ‘path to power’ with the Electoral College as a rubix cube of a multitude different ‘paths to power’, each strategy is aimed to maximise the numbers required to win the Electoral College and thus the White House.

Most of the time a candidate will have different paths to power and various strategies to fall back on when one path closes.

I fear that Trump has picked the only path to power possible for him and will ruthlessly chase it regardless of what it does to scar America in a way that never repairs.

Many pundits looked at Trump’s performance in the first debate and because of his belligerent and bullying behaviour, they’ve concluded it was the worst debate in history and that Trump needs to be muted.

That’s the worst understanding and suggestion of that Debate.

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Trump is speaking only to his support base because he needs that base to vote on the day in huge numbers.

To his QAnon acolytes, white supremacists and angry white working classes, his performance was the classic Trump brand of beer they love to chug and news that the Lamestream Media will mute the President so Biden can speak will only be further proof of the attempt to steal the White House away from Trump.

Trump will ensure his right wing anti-Abortion nutter becomes a Supreme Court Judge while screaming incessantly that mail in votes will be rigged.

On election day, Trump’s mask hating, freedom loving, Kid Rock greasy, Nascar Gun appreciation club and quasi fascist Proud Boys proudly march to the ballot boxes while Democrats stay at home and mail in their vote the dynamics of which award Trump the barest of victories on election night.

You and I both know dear reader that Trump will declare victory on Election night and as the mail in votes start to come in, Trump will start legal battles in every situation to recount or disallow votes.

Trump keeps the legal cases going for 35 days after which the Supreme Court, which he has just stacked 6 to 3 in favour of Conservatives, makes the call.

As the country erupts into anger at the magnitude of Trump’s corruption and out right theft of the election, he ruthlessly enacts emergency powers to quell the riots and calls on his armed militia and military to protect him.

These are dangerous days now.

Amerika is rising.


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  1. Agreed, ‘muting the president’ will be seen by many supporters as another ‘commie’ ‘leftie’ style conspiracy. When you silence someone and by extension their supporters they find another place to speak… in this case the street or the voting booth.

    • The left has to come to the view that there is no longer a centre ground in America. We have ridden The Civil Rights movement that was made popular by Martin Luther King and now it is time to change that view. If you are out there working it’s no longer about being the most virtuous. Are we going to bash Oprah Winfrey for being super-wealthy? Are they going to keep bashing Obama for selling out? people need to realize social justice has come to an end and any good reason for not liking these people then you don’t like yourself and you don’t know what it is to do the job of managing the day to day aspects of American society.

  2. I wasn’t impressed with the debate from either side. Both candidates were not at their best for different reasons. Biden lied constantly about his son’s dealings with Ukraine and China and also lied about the conditions attached to the $1B Ukraine aid payment that he later bragged about on a clip available on youtube. Characterising the Proud Boys as fascist or white supremacist (as Rosemary McLeod also did today in an ill-informed article on the Stuffed website) shows that you haven’t done your research as it is in fact a multicultural men’s support group started as a joke by Gavin McInnes on his Compound Media web show and has men from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds in its membership e.g. its current spokesman is an ADoS black guy and the Miami and LA chapters are majority hispanic. The name comes from a song (“Proud of your Boy”) in the Broadway musical Aladdin and the initiation ritual is to name five breakfast cereals while being punched in the torso and legs by other initiated members.

  3. Does anyone think that Trump will meekly agree to participate in a debate where the opposite side has the power to muzzle him? To censor what he says at will? I don’t think we are going to see a debate run on those terms.
    D J S

  4. At some point the United States military will step in to “save democracy” and choose whoever they think will best keep America functioning. Unlikely to be Trump, could be another Republican, or else a mainstream democrat. In the short term, that might be good for keep the US together but in the long term it sets a precedent where the military can intervene whenever it wants to.

  5. I’ll start by saying I’m no fan of either contender for the US Presidency. That said the most recent headlines show that pro Trump mail in voting papers have been turning up in dumpsters. The FBI have been tasked with looking into this.

    The US is a country with a deeply flawed two party system that aggressively shuts out other parties like the Greens and the PLS (Party for Socialism and Liberationan). This is aided by a wholly biased MSM and as previous elections have shown, a dysfunctional voting system, open to corruption.

    Suffice to say I can see no happy for US voters because both main parties represent essentially the same bleak thing, globalist neo liberalism.

  6. America is rising alright! And they’re behind Trump.

    This just in: RNC: 60% of Attendees of Trump’s Minnesota Rally Were Not Republicans. The detail:

    60% of attendees were NOT Republican
    20.9% were Democrat
    17.2% did not vote in 2016
    8.4% have not voted in last 4 elections

    I’m no pollster but that looks to me like he’s getting massive cut-through with his message

    So when Trump wins by a landslide, the left/liberal talking heads in NZ will be shocked and astounded. This is because their diet of news is based on the drivel produced by CNN and the like, copied and pasted into our laughable media.

  7. and now this:

    Jim Kunz, business manager of Local 66 of the Operating Engineers International Union, which represents nearly 8,000 members in Western Pennsylvania and three eastern Ohio counties, said he believes Biden’s earlier comments about limits on fracking were misconstrued and he stands with the union workers in Pennsylvania’s natural gas fields.
    Likewise, union officials are asking members to put their employment ahead of other concerns they may have about the Biden-Harris ticket and fears they might support limits on gun rights.
    “What we’re trying to explain is that union labor, working families cannot withstand another four years of assaults on the middle class,” said Bill Sproule, executive secretary-treasurer of the Eastern Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters.
    Biden, himself, seemed to concede he had ventured into less-than-friendly territory.

  8. Lets ask the USA ambassador to AO/NZ to unleash this California congresswoman on trump.
    adern? collins? This is how it’s done.
    “The California congresswoman used the old-school device to win free Covid-19 testing for Americans and she’s not done yet.”
    Watching her peel that rich old crook like a grape is incredibly satisfying.
    This woman must become the first president of the USA.

  9. trump stealing what ever? Who fucking cares? We’re at worst a British commonwealth country with an extraordinary pre European history that’s been nearly wiped out by greed and ego.
    Thus. Fuck the yanks. Ignore them and hope they’ll vaporize themselves before they do any more harm to the rest of the already tattered old world.
    Lets ask the USA ambassador to AO/NZ to unleash this California congresswoman on trump.
    adern? collins? This is how it’s done.
    “The California congresswoman used the old-school device to win free Covid-19 testing for Americans and she’s not done yet.”
    Watching her peel that rich old crook like a grape is incredibly satisfying.
    This woman must become the first president of the USA.

  10. The Democratic elites have again delivered a candidate who cannot challenge Trump’s extremist pro-capitalist agenda directly or forcefully, because they agree with a milder form off the same agenda.

    Because Biden can’t openly go toe to toe to counter Trump, anywhere near as forcefully as Trump can and does promote his agenda, Biden wants to muzzle Trump to be heard.

    Business as usual is not working for the vast majority of the American people, and they know it.

    As Mike Moore said of the previous Presidential election; if you can’t give working class people a candidate they can truly support and identify with, having no other choice, they will choose to give you, a big ‘Fuck You’.

    Donald Trump is the Fuck You candidate. Joe Biden is the business as usual candidate.

    Muting the current sitting President of the United States of America would be a massive mistake.

    Muting the President will hand Donald Trump the political card of outsider he played so well last time, not powerful incumbent, but rebel underdog challenger.

    All I can say to Joe Biden and the DNC is, ‘Good luck with that’.

    Through your actions Donald Trump will rightly or wrongly again be perceived as the disruptive outsider challenging the deep state and Washington Beltway insiders like yourselves,


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