MEDIAWATCH: Shane Te Pou is right & why the Greens need Sue Bradford & Nandor now

Actual Green Party Caucus meeting


Shane Te Pou has written a very good column on Newsroom arguing for a Green revival.

As a lifelong Green voter, I am pleasantly surprised that the Greens have managed to hold on. It could still be close but the internal polls I’ve seen show the Greens in a good enough position to get back in.


The timid policy caution that hides behind Labour’s facade of Jacinda’s crisis leadership means the poorest and weakest amongst us will simply go backwards, the Green Policy platform provides the spark of radicalism that we desperately need.

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If the Greens are returned and if Labour need them, the Greens must pause and reflect on what could be the most important moment in progressive politics.

I would advise in the strongest terms that the Greens outsource the negotiation process. I won’t list the many, many, many strategic failings of the Greens that have led them to barely getting back in, so let me kindly suggest that the Greens invite a negotiating team to represent them and report back negotiations.

I would advise you ask Sue Bradford and Nandor to be part of that team.

You need the best brains in that room negotiating, the outcome is too important for anything less than your best and if we were really honest, I think we would appreciate the last 3 years hasn’t been the Greens at their best.

A well known negotiating team who are trusted and respected would gain the most politically and begin building the far wider outreach within the left community a Green-Labour Government would quickly need to build as the Right go into meltdown.



  1. Well done! Good post Martyn. I was at the point of getting on your site, but only reading certain posts by other people. The reason was I was tired of the praise given the Greens, then next post shifting to abuse towards the Greens. Here you are being kinder; there was less detailed criticism, but you delivered a synopsis with such precision. To be honest, your criticism of the Greens over the years (though too rough in my opinion), was getting too close to something I was working hard to push down, push aside. I was having disappointments myself. I’m from the States, and I always wanted to vote for the Green Party in the States, but with the two party system, I felt I never could. So, arriving here in 2000, I was so thrilled that here in New Zealand it was possible.

    As a member going to my first AGM, I don’t think I ever witnessed Democracy in front of me as I did at that AGM. To be surrounded by so many like minded people, to hear from the many layers of the Green Party, to have a shared vision, voting on remits and witnessing the consensus process with such dignity. And the facilitator was amazing; I don’t remember the woman’s name, but I’ll never forget the skill she had. Now that woman should host the U.S. Presidential Debates. Of course, she might of even had a hard time herself.

    Great suggestion of having Sue Bradford and Nandor on the negotiating team. In fact, sometimes I fantasize a few of them running again.

  2. You’re right, the timid policy caution from Labour is so bad it has likely contributed to Aucklands housing market worsening.

    Because they failed so miserably to step up and deal to rampant speculators they’ve been caught in a tailwind of the Reserve Banks lowering lending rates to new lows because of Covid Housing is now beyond broken, it’s practically beyond hope.

    Plenty voted Labour to address that problem, they didn’t. Voter’s deserve better Labour, honour your promises or hand over to someone who will.

  3. Nandor IS still out here and still active/ doing stuff… (On the local Council +++)
    His thoughts/ advice would be invaluable, for sure.

  4. The best cutting edge Think Big Green investment innovations that are happening on the global tables with Marama as NZ’s govt. cultural and liason ambassador for such like Green partnerships would be a NZ international relations winner to go along with Jacinda. imo

  5. Labour may well fall short of a majority on election night with a tense wait for specials. I hope we end up with a Green – Labour government but with MMP anything is possible. There could well be an upset coming that many lefties thought was unthinkable and a right leaning government led by Collins is a real possibility with MMP always surprising with the results on the night. The momentum is with the Crusher and an almighty upset may be on the cards.

  6. Be good to get rid of the privileged middleclass leafies out of the gween party. Them and their wokesterness has destroyed the party.


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