Just when you didn’t think 2020 could get more cray, BOOM!

There is a God, and she has a wicked sense of humour…

…Glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Her truth is marching on!

What shocking news, the hyper irony of it.

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This puts everything in question.

QAnon will become actually deranged.

I’m struggling with the schadenfreude, but the real emotion is a deep sense of relief. It feels like a weight has lifted, like hearing someone you were frightened of and hated has suddenly taken ill and can’t hurt you anymore.

What a wonderful feeling.


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  1. But is it true?
    It gets him out of further debates.
    He can have a miraculous recovery if he hasnt actually got it.
    He can miraculously recover and tell everyone how harmless it is.

  2. Shit happens


    If he dies what happens to the election?

    And if they replace Trump with a monkey; the monkey will beat Biden

    As always

    Be carful for what you wish

    • Meurant says Red Squad, armed with with long batons, “smashed, bashed and ploughed through thousands of protesters, passive and volatile alike,” to make sure the games went ahead.

      Since 1981, [Ross Meurant]’s given countless interviews about his part in that turbulent time. Meurant says this is the last.

      And on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the tour, he reckons it’s time to move on.

      “To this day I still defend that police action. We had no choice. We were the meat in the sandwich – fail and the institutions of the State would have been emasculated by a competing brute force. But the police were cynically used for a political objective.”

      Just like your alter ego Andrew, or Gosman, or Red Buzzard. Or Todd Maga-Hat Mueller?

      Is it an ACT-nutter alter ego, or a Toddy-MAGA alter ego?

      • But the police were cynically used for a political objective.”

        As they were when they busted into the home of Nicky Hager and removed his means of livelihood.

        As they were when they came after Martyn and through him, the The Daily Blog, the most freely open forum for the ‘Left’ in Aotearoa.

  3. He is a horrible person to put it lightly, but wishing severe illness and death, is not a righteous thing. Put yourself in Jacinda and Jesus’ shoes, i.e., be kind and forgive your enemy.

    • FFS its hilarious you comparing JA and JC. Thank you I enjoyed that.
      Possibly you are serious, funnier if you are.

      But you are bang on about anyone taking pleasure in someone’s medical misfortune, whoever it is, it says more about those suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome than anything else.

      The kindness of the political left eh.

      • KC Carry on. To err is human. Ben mightn’t just know that Jesus wore sandals not shoes, and that Ardern wears shoes, boots, trainers, a dear little girl dancing on her feet, wooden clogs, Wellingtons, and bees’ wax balm, so it is an extravagant equivalence for Ben to be making . An LGBTQ person may know these sorts of facts, but the man in the street can be alphabet challenged through no fault of his own. Be kind; it is not an earth-shattering error, just a small mistake that anyone can make.

      • This may help you feel better KC.
        It is from a journalist for whom I have great respect:

        “No one has any idea where this story goes from here.
        In the next hours, let alone days or weeks.
        I pray for everyone’s health and for the strength and stability of our county in a time of deep turmoil.
        I strongly believe we will forge on into a better future.”
        ~ Dan Rather.
        Dan Rather Tweet Link

        • Agree with the trumpsychophant portmanteau Bert. But, those right-wing neoliberals like Trump, for example ACT’s David Seymour, or National’s Judith Collins, [would have] sacrificed elderly and vulnerable ethnic groups on the neoliberal funereal pyre of “keep business open at any cost”. If Trump does have Covid, it’s political and medical karma.
          To quote Trump “It’s a shame”

          Boris Johnson changed once he had it, Trump might even call off his mask-less rallies, his cynical mocking of Biden and those who wear masks. But, I doubt it. It’s hard for an orange cheater to change its spots.

          It’s more likely a chance for Trump to ‘medically’ avoid being muzzled or muted in the next two debates. He won’t have to rely on fake news, dog whistles and bullying, and might have had to come up with actual policy in the next debates had he not caught “Covid”

          Might I suggest a few months on Nurse Ratched’s upstairs ward would be an excellent cure for Covid-bullies like you Trump! Lobotomy has been a proven cure for aggressive behaviour and deluded thinking.

          The Republicans could have “given” Trump a sort of Claytons-Covid to keep him from losing the Republicans the Senate and the Presidency as well. Even Lindsay Graham is in tears because of your “shit-show” debate performance Donald.

          Listen to Science, or be the victim of it, Donald.
          Listen to the Republican Party, or be a victim of it, Donald.

          Because you have told everyone you ‘won’t believe the votes of the American people, and won’t leave peacefully’

          Maybe the Russkies are switching their presidential allegiances? There are 421 million reasons, why Covid is a better and easier to hide than Novichok.

          Or his Covid could just be bullshitting 101 as usual. Trump – bullshitter-in-chief.
          Apparently intravenous bleach and bright light can cure Covid?
          Or listening to Anthony Fauci?

          • “Because you have told everyone you ‘won’t believe the votes of the American people, and won’t leave peacefully’”
            FACT check FALSE

    • Don’t say this Snow White! I can’t bear it because I always think what you say is right. A fake covid-19 would mean no repercussions like real people get. No suffering, just gentle staff caring for the two “patients” and all enjoying the big charade.

      • Janio – I won’t say it again, promise. And I am not the pope. I can assure you that many of the most important decisions in my life have turned out to be not that great.

        But it is jolly good timing for Trump to get smote. And should he get through this ok, there’s a wee possibility that not only he, but the voters could see it as divine approval, and if I were God, I would not be approving of Donald Trump – but I could be wrong there too…

  4. Its all the fault of one (or more) of the following:
    The Democrats
    The MeToo movement
    The Black Lives Matter movement.

    • Mike – What about Meghan Markle and Just Harry ?

      Why did you omit them ?

      What is your agenda here ?

      Was this the kindness of the political left, eh ?

      Do you have a Derangement Syndrome ?

      Who else have you failed to mention, and why ?

      Been up Holloway Rd lately ?

      Is the SIS lady with the pearl earrings your mother ?

      Do not answer the previous two questions, and best wishes to the neighbours.

      • What’s amiss with Holloway Road.
        That’s where Russell the Goat on a Rope comrade lives.
        I kid you not.
        The “road” if full of history and great characters who still haunt the community

        • John W. It haunts the SIS too. It was a cold and stormy night when Bill Sutch met with a Russian chappie around Holloway Rd, and allegedly handed him a folder of docs. People keep writing books about it.

          Sutch couldn’t go to the Russian Embassy in Messines Rd. Dunno whether the SIS watched it, but the Americans certainly did. An acquaintance applying for a USA visa was asked why his car rego showed him in the vicinity of the R E on a specific date. He didn’t even know that the R E was there.

          Sutch was on foot – so it seems – as was the Russkie spy who got away. They could have been exchanging recipes, or ballet scores, but Holloway Rd – a characterful street – is central to the saga.

          The goat could be wired for sound. Try speaking with it, record what it says. The SIS director suggested that their work would make a good reality television programme. Man speaking with tethered goat could be cool.A dark and stormy night.

    • Probably about the same as Trump’s reaction to Clinton’s pneumonia, or his mocking of a disabled person, or his view of John McCain’s war experience etc.
      Please do not be left wondering why contempt abounds for the man, what goes around, comes around.

      • Or the losers in the war cemetery, the children in his border gulags,
        etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
        etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
        etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
        etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
        etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
        etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

        • Trump has said some very unpleasant things, certainly comes across as very arrogant although is taken out of context often for extra media shock value.

          But what sort of people wish actual harm on others?

          Did some peoples parents miss that bit out of their upbringing – you know, the bit about human decency.
          It’s ironic it’s the “kind” left who are saying some truly horrible stuff over Trump getting crook.
          Quite revealing of character, very very hypocritical.

          • Absolute B.S. KC&CO

            When someone is a menace, causing a life-threatening danger to others, such as a crazed gunman firing randomly in a crowded mall, then the KIND and BRAVE and WISE person will try to take the madman down!!!!!!!!

            And YOU KNOW THAT!!!!!

              • If Tarrant referenced Obama as a mentor, I missed it. Rather, it was the king of white supremacists, whom you seem to be defending.

                • Snow White, Thanks, I appreciate yr intention, but KC&CO has proven he’s genuine. We agree, then disagree, on stuff. (I yam what I yam 🙂
                  KC was the first to reassure me when some idiot was shooting up my home, and for that I have full respect.

            • Kheala – And the children. Even Melania expressed concern about children separated from their parents at the border. Sometimes clinging to their parents’ knees, put into vast nightmare barracks, which would not pass muster even in New Zealand’s barbarous prison system. Some of those children don’t find their parents again. Some parents live with nightmares of their lost children. All are traumatised. Some of know what it is to be traumatised child.

              The man has flaunted his basic inhumanity. When the Kennedy brothers philandered, they kept it secret. Trump publicly boasted about grabbing women by the pussy. As a mother of daughters, I would consider my mother remiss in extending human decency to such a dirty old man. As POTUS, and a powerful role model for males, Trump has been very destructive of the well -being of women and children, and that’s just domestically.

              Here we lead the OECD in family violence and killing kids.
              When a PM publicly serially tormented a pony-tailed waitress, his Minister of Women’s affairs stayed silent.Not surprising then that persons of a certain type wail that we need to be nice about Donald. No we don’t.

              I don’t wish suffering or pain upon anyone, but demands to extend the milk of human kindness to Trump do not concern
              me. Nor do I think they would concern him. None of us matter.

          • Trump is and wants to be the context.
            All loud mouth play ground bullies are the same’
            I hopr you got it.

  5. The continuation of govt in the US is now under question, as those around need to be tested too.
    From this link: Trump Positive Covid

    It was not immediately clear if Vice President Mike Pence has been recently tested for the virus. Trump was also in close proximity to his competitor in the 2020 election, former Vice President Joe Biden, during the presidential debate on Tuesday. Though they declined to have the traditional handshake out of concerns about transmitting the virus, their presence together indoors raises the prospect that both candidates may be exposed to the virus.

    CNN’s Dr. Jonathan Reiner had suggested prior to Trump’s official diagnosis that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, second in line to the presidency, should enter isolation given the risk to the president and Pence posed by Hicks’ infection.

    • Biden and Pelosi have both tested negative. Biden has taken down/ removed all negative election ads.
      Those testing positive so far include “a senior White House aide, two Republican senators who sit on the judiciary committee and the head of the University of Notre Dame”. Also most recently Kellyanne Conway.

  6. Believe it when it is multiple verified by other than Trump tweet, and by credible medical practitioners.

    There is way too much propaganda value from his likely “miraculous” recovery for this to be easily accepted as genuine.

    If he does develop an actual case however, the NZ Govt should ship him an urgent pallet of Janola and Nappy San!

    • Agree Snow White, and may I complement you on your insightfulness,

      Trump couldn’t handle being muted by the Presidential Debates moderator.
      Trump couldn’t handle another debate, where he would be asked to denounce the “Proud Boys”.
      Easy tap-out, Mike Pence takes the debate position, or Ivanka takes his place.

      Ivanka probably isn’t the best person to replace Don Trump, because she developed a very noisy wind virus side-effect from Goya beans and would need a debate mute button implant before the debate, so that Biden could be heard above the wind noise, apparently measured at Hurricane Force Beaufort Scale 12, in the range >83 mph.

      Trump also said he was “allegedly, but never seen” taking hydroxychloroquine.
      “Orally, intravenously, or by some other means?” If at all.

      If Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine, how could he catch Covid-19?

      If Trump was being paid or being sponsored by the hydroxychloroquine manufacturers, is that a tax-deductible expense?.

      If it smells like bullying, or lies, or cowardice, or racism. or farts, or tax evasion, and/or the inefficacy of placebos, it probably is.

  7. He only knows he has it because an aid tested positive and so he took a test. He doesn’t have any symptoms and may well never show any. So don’t get your opes up too much folks. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
    D J S

    • OBhave What have you got against tigers ? We’ll see what the World Wildlife Trust and Prince Charles have to say about that. There’s no need to be dragging the royals into American politics either – that’s Meghan and Harry’s job and that tricky pair are also heads of the Commonwealth, i.e. us. This could get messy.

  8. Its the virus I feel sorry for! LOL.
    But seriously, hopefully he comes through.
    Not just because he is a human being, but because the alternative is Pence.

  9. Whether Trump lives, or dies of Covid-19, the legacy of his vicious anti-environmentalism will be with humanity forever (well, until the last of our species dies as a consequence of the policies Trump, plus his associates and his predecessors, promoted).

    The last days of atmospheric CO2 net removal by photosynthesis in the Northern Hemisphere are marked by a new record high of 411 ppm, which will be the base on which the ‘death march’ to 419/420 ppm over the next 8 months will occur.

    And next year there will be more of the same, whether Trump lives or dies: more destruction of the natural world, more pollution, more intense storms, more droughts, more uncontrollable fires, and less hope for humanity or for most other species.

  10. I wouldn’t wish COVID on anyone including Trump but what this highlights is his absolute arrogance and ignorance about the virus and so many other things. Recently, at one of his typically toxic rallies in front of many of his brainwashed followers he mocked older people when he said that corona virus affects older people with heart problems and the like but otherwise is not an issue. What a disgusting comment to make and of course his followers will believe him.

    To me, him contracting this virus also highlights what is wrong about the narcissist we know as Trump – his racism, misogyny, bullying, anger, mocking others and white supremacist views where he tells the group who call themselves the Proud Boys to “stand-by”. People who support Trump support his views and are just like him. Unfortunately, we have quite a few of them here in New Zealand – unintelligent, no-hopers.

  11. Probably about the same as Trump’s reaction to Clinton’s pneumonia, or his mocking of a disabled person, or his view of John McCain’s war experience etc.
    Please do not be left wondering why contempt abounds for the man, what goes around, comes around.

    • Or the losers in the war cemetery, the children in his border gulags,
      etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
      etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
      etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
      etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
      etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
      etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

  12. Oh c’mon , people, – since when has the genuine Left celebrated human suffering? … I should think we have moved a long way from the Bolshevik murder of the Romanovs and their young family. Lets grow up a bit and remember the atrocity’s committed by the far Left as a warning,… that essentially the far Left and the far Right are wings of the same bird,… reaching so far around as to be totalitarianism….

    We should never rejoice in another human beings suffering…not only at the very least to do so is a breach of the U.N’S declaration of human rights, but a moral travesty as well.

    Show a little empathy if it is indeed the truth !

    C’mon !

    I am inspired to include a song, which I have included so often, but for those with ears to hear and eyes to see,…the Sundance song…we are all brethren. Brothers and sisters.

    Dakota Sundance Song

    Sundance Prayer Song

    Father, Great Spirit
    Father, Great Spirit I am saying come, hay-hay
    Father, Great Spirit have pity on me
    The people, the people they want good health
    Saying this, I am sending a plea, hay-hay-yo

    Father, Great Spirit have pity on me
    The people, the people they want good health
    Saying this, I am sending a plea, hay-hay-yo

    Father, Great Spirit
    Father, Great Spirit I am saying come, hay-hay
    Father, Great Spirit have pity on me
    The people, the people they want good health
    Saying this, I am sending a plea, hay-hay-yo

    Father, Great Spirit have pity on me
    The people, the people they want good health
    Saying this, I am sending a plea, hay-hay-yo

  13. It’s like a Shakespearean Drama.

    You just couldn’t write this stuff.

    Imagining this chain of events as a serious script, before Donald Trump’s presidency,
    Begin your screenplay with an unhinged incompetent billionaire president.

    Throw in a global pandemic.

    On top of a civil rights upheaval.

    Followed by a white supremacist resurgence.

    Add various foreign dictators as walk on bit players.

    And finally, have the chief protagonist of this drama and his glamorous wife both come down with the virus.

    It makes the plotline of MacBeth look credible. (Even the witches scene)

    Imagine trying to get this script published.

    Imagining the return comments from critics and publishers;
    ‘outrageous premise’
    ‘start again’
    ‘don’t send me this rubbish’

      • Horror movie, or tragi-comedy. Whatever.

        This drama could still have a few sudden plot twists as it unfolds.

        Will the anti-hero of this drama recover from his illness, or will he succumb?

        Or even more dramatic, will his glamorous and loyal wife succumb to the virus leaving him as the tragi hero?

        It would be the perfect screenplay ending.

        The ratings will go through the roof.

        As the tragic anti-hero triumphs over his enemies to win the election in a landslide.

        Make sure you tune in next week for the latest thrilling installment

        • Whatever.

          Well, the thing is, we’re not just watching a movie, we are all in this one. We are all right here, we’re all a part of it.

      • And it still is: Nuclear War Command Posts Activated by Pentagon

        Two US Navy E-6B Mercury nuclear war command posts were observed in flight Friday, one on each coast of the United States. They were initiating the “Take Charge and Move Out” (TACAMO) defence protocol – essentially dispersing the command and communications facilities needed to control the US nuclear arsenal.

        These aircraft are activated by the Pentagon when it is deemed necessary to communicate with the US Navy’s secretive nuclear missile submarines, stealth bombers and missile silos.

        The move underscores the potential severity of the situation.

  14. What happens if he does the planet a favour and goes to his golden golf links on the other side?

    They don’t yet know.
    “If either nominee dies or withdraws before the Nov. 3 election, his party — @DNC or @GOP — has to designate the replacement,” Sewell Chan, Editorial Page Editor at the Los Angeles Times, explained. “But whether there’s enough time for that nominee to get on the ballot is…up to the states. Given that 29 states have already begun mailing ballots to voters, this could be a big legal mess, tied up in state and federal courts.” Truthout 2nd Oct 2020

  15. Whatever the fate of Trump, cronyism and corporate welfare will rule to an even greater extent until civil war or some other factor, such as the accelerating economic meltdown, demolishes the system.

    ‘If you get your news from the political press and television ads, you might think the US supreme court is a forum that only adjudicates disputes over the most hot-button religious and civil rights issues. What you would not know is that while the court does periodically rule on those important matters, it spends as much or more of its time using business-related cases to help billionaires and corporations rig the economy against ordinary Americans.

    In light of that, Amy Coney Barrett’s US supreme court nomination must be understood as the culmination of cynical tactics that Republicans have perfected over the last two decades. The strategy is straightforward: they nominate plutocrat-compliant judges knowing that the corporate-owned media and political system will make sure confirmation battles focus on partisan wrangling and high-profile social issues – but not also on the economic issues that justices often decide.’…

    Conservatives’ assault on the supreme court is a judicial tragedy in the making.

    In other words: Republican politicians rely on conflagrations over political process and social issues to mobilize their religious base in service of Republican donors’ real objective – smuggling corporate cronies on to the highest court in the land. And if Barrett is confirmed, those Republican donors will not just get another business-friendly judge – in advance of the 2020 election, they will also get a third justice who worked directly on the legal team that convinced the US supreme court to hand Republicans the presidency in 2000.’

    • JEEZ Red Buzztardm quoting RT again:

      How many silver crypto currency rubels do you get for this overt Russian propaganda?

      “RT has been described as a propaganda outlet for the Russian government[12] and its foreign policy.[13][14][15][16][17][18] RT has also been accused of spreading disinformation[18][19][20] by news reporters,[21][22] including some former RT reporters.[23][24][25] The UK media regulator, Ofcom, has repeatedly found RT to have breached its rules on impartiality and on one occasion found it had broadcast “materially misleading” content.[26][27][28][29] RT’s editor-in-chief compared it with the Russian Army and Defence Ministry and talked about it “waging the information war against the entire Western world.” In September 2017, RT America was ordered to register as a “foreign agent” with the United States Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Under the act, RT is required to disclose financial information to the U.S.[30]”

      And what does Zero Hedge say about all this Red Buzzard? Fox? Beribart.

      Shouldn’t you be spreading your right-wing bile and mind-vomit on BFD (here’s the link you can copy and past to your search box and bookmark it)
      BTW they are looking for really good journalists, just like you Red Buzztard. You’d be quids in with your resume of dopey posts here.

  16. He stopped his Hydroxychloroquine preventative medication recently. Now he is on a cocktail of experimental new drugs. The expensive ones. I wonder if this is a sort of process of elimination.
    D J S

  17. When will Russian bots start investing the net alleging the POTUS has been poisoned?

    When will the Qanon fascists, white supremacists, all the useful idiots and conspiracy theorists start marching in the streets demanding blood over this alleged assassination attempt?

    • When will The Guardian declare that Putin did it?

      After all, if you believe totally one-eyed narratives of the Guardian, Putin is responsible for

      Trump being elected.
      The Trump impeachment process failing.
      All of the chaos in Ukraine.
      The invasion of Crimea -that never happened]
      All of the chaos in Belarus blah, blah blah…

      The Guardian is better than most when it comes to the environment (most ‘newspapers’ totally ignore anything of real significance or put a pro-corporate spin on it) but we have to be sceptical about everything these days. And certainly not believe anything any politicians says until verified by reliable sources.

      It has become increasingly evident that Jacinda Adern either hasn’t got a clue what she’s talking about or is lying when it comes to the economy and the environment, and Grant Robertson iclearly s utterly deluded. With National, it’s all bullshit and not one thing they say is believable.

        • What a mean-spirited, malicious, spiteful thing to say. Way to spread paranoia and malice, and it is WRONG!!! It was a write-up in The Guardian that went all-out to undermine Jacinda, by strongly suggesting she was involved in a sex abuse cover-up. The Guardian ran that on the exact same day, at the exact same time, that Jacinda was at the UN advocating for the removal of violent content from Facebook, and for her refusal to meet violent massacres with more violence and massacres. It is NOT the big oil corps etc who are “minding” Jacinda. It is first and foremost ordinary people on the street who respond from the heart, whether to her response to a massacre or her shepherding us all through the pandemic.


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