Trump vs Biden First Leaders Debate – why Trump won & America lost

This is the US Debate right now This is not Democracy's finest hour


Trump vs Biden


This will be a voyage into madness and despair

The nuclear codes will be fought over by two old white men who are barely comprehensible

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It’s like Russian Roulette with two loaded guns!

It begins and from the start, Trump is just smothering Biden and Wallace can’t keep any control over him.

Biden has come for a Boxing match. Trump is here for a WWF Wrestling Royal Rumble Match.

Trump is an agent of chaos and he’s making the debate chaotic – Wallace can’t reign him in and Biden looking to Wallace looks weak.

Trump’s undeserved sense of certainty is making Biden look flustered – this isn’t going well for Democrats

The orange tumour of fascism that is Trump shouldn’t even be close, but Biden’s lack of traction is making him look stronger.

Biden’s contempt for Trump feels so pure and so good and when Biden shows empathy, he shines as a leader, but Trump dominated the debate with terrifying ease.

Trump did so well in this debate, because his entire career of toxic narcissism and talking bullshit enables him to catapult his false confidence of a tall man into a messiah complex that is as undeserved as it is insane.

You can’t debate cancer.

Being angry at Wallace for his inability to control Trump isn’t fair, how do you tell a rabid dog to sit?

Wallace’s impotence is a warning for the other Debate Hosts

If nothing else, tonights Debate sure as Christ kills off any fantasy Democrats have of a landslide win looming – Trump is just too dangerous a psychopath to write off – Republicans will be singing with joy.

American’s worship self confidence as if it was Jesus with a gun, and no one is more self confident than Donald Trump.

4 more years of Trumpian madness looks possible after this debate.


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  1. The debate was nonsense. What was more telling was at the end of the debate. Both wives came on stage, Trump stroked his wife’s arm, Biden was embraced and kissed by his, she’s wearing a mask.
    Trump is dismissive of anything that he doesn’t espouse. As my son in the states has told me, if Trump is reelected there WILL be civil war such is the divide Trump has created.

  2. Martyn good call,
    Never kill a mocking bird eh?
    I liked Trump saying to Biden “I have done hundreds of good things for USA in 47 months than you did in your 47yrs.

    That was some truth there.

    Trump needs another four years more time, like Jacinda does equally against her trump like opponent (Crusher Collins).

  3. Biden has dementia Martyn, he is no more fit for office than Trump.
    At this point American politics, and politics in general, is a freak show.

    • The only bit of clarity was when Trump shut the hell up and Biden was asked about Tax and he revealed he was a tax & spend big government supporter.

      I think Trump was foolish to play the pit bull – just handing Biden the mike is enough to bury him.

    • Which is likely to do more harm to the world in the next four years? Biden’s dementia or Trump’s sound mind and cognitive abilities?

      Or is that going to be down to their particular minders? Biden’s likely to be a team of professionals and Trump’s to be, well just him, doing his own thing encouraged by sycophants and discouraged by those shortly to be sacked for their intrusion.

  4. Trump certainly knew how to rattle Biden . His achilles heal seems to be his son. But I would agree with Bert it is a worry that either of these men have their finger on the button that could destroy the World but if has to be one of them let’s hope it is Biden

    • If you see this …

      Is there anyone in the world who can explain how Biden’s son and allegations/stories/rumours about him and financial dealings in Russia is relevant to Biden being president? And whether it is/was historic?

      Compared to say Trump himself and family and his business and dealings in Russia and this of his family and likely to be current and ongoing. Why didn’t Biden say “Fuck off, he’s not standing for office, you are and you’re the one with sleazy Russina dealings”?

  5. The whole debate was an unfolding train wreck where it became increasingly obvious that the train had no brakes from the start. Entertaining for us to watch, but it was an utter shit show imo. There could be no winners (or even useful information) in a “debate” conducted in such a haphazard fashion.
    Is it bad though, that I kinda hope tonight’s 2nd NZ leaders on TV3 debate is more like this US one (as opposed to the anaemic first TVNZ debate)? [ducks]

    • I don’t believe it’s in anyone’s best interest to try and control the decline of America or to try and look for the light on top of the hill. Every little interaction with the American State and the public just explodes. We should just worry about ourselves.

  6. Good on Biden for turning up and holding his own. Overall the debate was average, he said she said. Donald Trump by a hair, only because he was able to drive a thin wedge between Biden’s Democrats and the far left.

  7. Load of rubbish. Trump’s behaviour would of alienated him from potential support. Biden was competent only but Trump dug a hole for himself and fell right in. A president who won’t condemn white supremacists is a president on his way out of office.

    • Well said Peter, even though the off-white MAGA-loving racists here in New Zealand want a Trump victory. Trump told a far-right group called “Proud Boys” to ‘stand back’ and ‘stand by’. Trump’s racism, and his anti-BLM is now out in the open, for all to see. He still won’t condemn “proud-boys”, today and even had a John-Key-style-Springbok-tour-memory-fade. ‘I don’t know who the ‘proud-boys’ are,’ he claimed.

      Trump wouldn’t denounce David Duke in 2016, when directly asked 3 times.

      I’m sure if Trump is elected and visits New Zealand, “Off-white” and other MAGA loving, gun-toting rednecks will be wearing MAGA hats and cheering Trump at Christchurch Airport.

      Next thing “off-whites” will be claiming is that “all lives matter”, “all forms of violence, but especially Antifa violence should be condemned” and that ‘removing confederate flags and confederate statues, denies white people’s heritage’.

      Answer the damn question.
      Do black lives matter?
      Should confederate statues and flags be removed?
      Are all men created equal?

      • No. You can not look at the totality of violence which is to say “are all men created equal” and then be satisfied with all that has been done to make peace with niggers.

    • He did condemn white supremacists in the interview. He immediately answered “sure” when the question was put t0 him, I guess you missed it?
      Also there is this outright complete statement he made that puts the entire matter of Trump “refuses to denounce white supremacy” to rest imo:
      I guess you need more than this???? Or will it never be enough????

  8. Haven’t watched it yet but i said in a post a week or so ago that Trump will wipe the floor with Biden.
    He WILL be reelected for another 4 years after what will be the closest election since G.W.B and Gore in 2000 and that had to go to court to resolve and declare a winner George . W . Bush or the famous Kennedy Nixon race that was as tight as a nats chuff. Biden may well carry the popular vote but it will not mean squat as the Trump wrecking ball lays waste to everything. America will be a very unstable , dangerous place to be in the very near future. Watch this space.

  9. Lol. Tactically brilliant from Trump. Biden held the line somewhat however Trump can do this again and again and again. Swing states are tightening up on polling averages to margins of error and this favours Trump.

    Never in the history of man has there been an individual with more self confidence. Compared to 4 years ago Trump looks very relaxed and confident.

    Bert is right this might just end in civil war…….

    • “Tactically brilliant from Trump.” No it’s not. This is the school ground bully on hideous display. If you get your jollies watching this stuff then you must be pretty happy with the Crusher as leader. Isn’t she our Trump? Same old old old tactics. Progressive people expect more these days but the oldies love this crap.

        • Diane says, You’re here at a bad time for intel. discussion on this topic, as the site is as heavily infested with trump loving trolls at the moment as a stray dog is with worms and fleas. Useless to argue with a troll, but you might have fun trying.

          Don’t have a treatment, – will probably continue till after the US election, if they manage to have one…

          • Agree Kheala

            Sam October 1, 2020 at 6:08 pm
            No. You can not look at the totality of violence which is to say “are all men created equal” and then be satisfied with all that has been done to make peace with niggers.

            Thanks for the heads-up. We are having battle of wits with unarmed opponents.

      • If it comes down to policy, covid19 response or America’s morality Trump loses bigly. If he turns the debates into shitfests, rattles Biden and gets him to start rambling incoherently then Trump wins. Also in a ‘us against him’ strategy Trump plans to go to war with all the moderators.

        I’ll repeat if you bring your opponent down to your level then a good deal of people will see no difference and vote for the incumbent. It’s a classic strategy of an outmatched underdog.

        This is not a fight for the decided. The election will be decided by 5 million suburban, mainly women voters in 10 rust belt, south eastern, midwestern and sun belt states.

  10. Quite embarrassing really.

    The Democrats (as are the Republicans obviously), are so controlled by the corporates and the established representatives wanting to keep the corporates happy, that they wheel out a guy on stage who clearly is in the early stages of dementia. It is just sad really. Trump’s continued interuptions to Biden’s train of thought played, or should I say preyed on this.

    I came away thinking Trump dominated, but not in a positive way, I actually just ended up feeling dissapointed, and sympathy for Biden in the end. Trump is so used to being combative, he doesn’t know when to rein it in, like when he was unnecessarily interupting the presenter who was reasonably neutral.

    If I was a US voter I think I would want to hear more intelligent arguments from both sides than one taking over. But even more I just think I would be despondant with the choice.

    The two party democracy is quite literally a farce. There is the public chirade that you get to elect the party/president, but the reality is that they end up doing mostly what the professional lobbyists and corporate donors who put them there demand of them, and of course give a few scraps to the general public in the weeks leading up to the next election.

    • Usually most Americans don’t vote as its a waste of time.
      Trump and Biden mean more of the same old Empire looting and polluting the world.
      Bernie was bought out.

  11. Please let me slot in this:

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  12. The real worry if the Democrats get in….is the end of Democracy:

    ‘Two Crucial Things Emerged From The First Presidential Debate’

    “….You can see that Biden made a nonsense statement to avoid answering whether he will preserve the filibuster and the Supreme Court’s current system of nine justices. Shamefully, Wallace let him get away with not answering. Wallace surely understands that Biden’s handlers plan to end the filibuster so that they can pack the court and add D.C. and Puerto Rico as states.

    Packing the court ends the American experiment as we know it. It means that the Supreme Court will be a political body that will exist solely to put its imprimatur on Democrat policies. And for those who say, “Well, if they pack the Court, then Republicans will pack it more when they’re in power,” that’s sadly foolish.

    If Democrats pack the Court, there are no more Republicans. The whole democratic republic will be over. Once Democrats pack the Court, they never again need to persuade American voters to support their policies. One of their first policies in that new era will be to add hard-left Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico as the 51st and 52nd American states. That means four more Democrat Senate votes and a permanent Democrat party majority.

    You see, the hard-left Democrat party views our American political system the same way Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan viewed democracy before becoming a dictator for life: “Democracy is like a train. We shall get out when we arrive at the station we want.” This time around, once the Democrats win, they will change the rules so they can never lose again.

    Heed this warning: If Biden wins, our constitutional America is gone.”…

    (…and dont forget it was the Democrats ….Clinton and Obama that took out Libyan Gaddafi…which was a war crime against a sovereign state and a crime against humanity…Gaddafi and his Libyan people)

    • Here we go again Red Buzztard … quoting another right-wing pro-Russian libertarian site.

      “Over time, Zero Hedge expanded into non-financial analysis,[c] such as conspiracy theories and fringe rhetoric[27] that has been associated with the US radical right[14][28] and a pro-Russian bias .[1][29][30][31] Zero Hedge’s non-financial commentary has led to a number of § Site bans by various global social media platforms, although its 2019 Facebook ban[32] and 2020 Twitter ban were later reversed.[14][33]

      Neoliberal ACT supporters like you and Andrew and Gosman are really scraping the bottom of the conspiracy barrel. Careful your tin hat doesn’t fall off bending over to get down to the bottom of the barrel.

    • So …Red Buzztard ….are you getting paid 30 piece of silver cryptocurrency for you labours?

      Australian telecom company Telstra temporarily denied access to Zero Hedge and other websites on 20 March 2019 as a result of the Christchurch mosque shootings.[47][48][49]

      Several major Australian telecom companies blocked access to many websites accused of hosting and contributing to the dissemination of footage of the Christchurch, New Zealand, terrorist attack on two mosques last Friday.

      According to Nine News, Telstra—the country’s largest telecommunications company—blocked access to 4chan, 8chan, Voat, the blog Zerohedge

      …so Red Buzztard, you are quoting a site that was banned for streaming mosque-killing footage? Will you denounce the mosque killing of 51 Muslims and still get your right-wing payment?

      Also “Zero Hedge was banned from the Google Ads platform on 17 June 2020. An email from Google to NBC said that Zero Hedge violated Google’s content policy that “explicitly prohibit[s] derogatory content that promotes hatred, intolerance, violence or discrimination based on race from monetizing.” The violating comments were found on stories related to George Floyd protests.[53][54] Google lifted the ban in July 2020, after the management of Zero Hedge began moderating comments.[55]

      Zero Hedge revealed on June 17, 2020 that Paypal had, like Google, deplatformed the site,[56] and they would only be able to accept cryptocurrency payments in the future.[57]”

      …and ‘Red Buzztard’…. if you denounced Proud Boys for their right-wing, anti-Semitic hatred, would your cryptocurrency payment be rescinded?

      Red Buzzard, obviously like picking over the bones of victims of right-wing hate speech and right-wing hate actions, and this undermines your comments about promoting Trump and demonising Democrats.

      • Do you nest in the Zero Hedge Red Buzzard, with Gosman and Andrew, and you (and they) have all gone quiet.

        Looking for an alternative alt-right “fact” site to bolt to for your right wing ACT-Party bile?

        Ask Gosman and Andrew to get off their collective asses and help you.

      • LEMMING not Leeming

        Definition of Lemming

        : any of various small short-tailed furry-footed rodents (such as genera Lemmus and Dicrostonyx) of circumpolar distribution that are notable for population fluctuations and recurrent mass migrations Lemmings are the locusts of mammals, and they will strip a habitat bare. Then, they begin migrating forward to find a new feeding ground, swarming over boulders, around trees, whatever stands in their way. If they run into a body of water, they try to swim across.

    • Interesting neo-nazi comments Ricochet.
      The final solution of the weak-minded, to line people up and shoot them?

      We don’t need this sort of ‘Proud Toddler’ hate-speech, or hate- threats to New Zealand democracy, so my suggestion to the moderator of this site, is to ban gun-toting Americans, or their ACT party glove-puppet commentators for promoting lining people up and shooting them.


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