Watching Woke Green activists scream ‘why don’t you love us’ is distressing  

Wellington Twitteratti Green Activists ready for their next micro aggression policing social media lynch mob

The mighty Trolls Troll no understand…

…like all other members of the Wellington Twitteratti coven (hilariously you all know who they are), Dave is sad and confused.

It’s like the woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activists  are incapable of understanding how their behaviour over the last 3 years on social media has done nothing other than alienate voters to the point the Greens are now in danger of sinking beneath 5%.

It’s a process of proxification that the rise of social media has created.

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Most people are on social media and most people have a woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activist in their social media feed screaming they are racist, sexist, transphobic etc etc etc, whatever the daily virtue signal is. Now the woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activist certainly thinks they are speaking truth to power by endlessly calling people out for breaches of woke mantra, but to everyone else they are simply toxic.

People stop seeing the political party and only see the activist and in the end proxification means the activist becomes the proxy representation of the Party, and seeing as people have negative feelings towards the proxy, they turn from the Party.

Because the Greens live and die on Twitter the Party are held hostage by their woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activists so anyone attempting to move beyond pure temple politics to broadchurch politics is immediately lynched in the resulting cancellation call out.

Without solidarity, there is no movement.

Remember the Pride Parade and how it imploded after the Woke hijacked it? That’s the Greens now.

Moving forward maybe two possible ideas could be considered.

Asking all woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activists to remove any reference whatsoever to being Green Party supporters so the proxification process doesn’t happen or maybe a separating of the Party itself?

You could have the Identitarian Greens who call out, Action Station Petition and cancel any micro aggression breaches of woke mantra and the Socialist Greens who focus on radical climate change adaptation and neoliberal economic hegemony dismantling.

That way the Identitarian Greens can continue alienating voters and the Socialist Greens could ignore the middle class virtue signalling and actually move on with preparing for Climate Change and dismantling the oppression of neoliberal economics.

When you are class left, the demarkation of power in society is between the richest 1% and their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us, that’s how we win the democratic majority, but when you are a woke Identity Politics activist, all men are rapists, all white people are racist and anyone supporting free speech is an actual uniform wearing Nazi.

The  identity politics activists are incapable of seeing how their woke purges have pushed away Green voters.

The Right look for recruits, the Left look for traitors.

I say all this as someone who has voted Greens all my life and I’ve only been pointing this trend of proxification out for 3 years now.

The last hope for Green representation in Parliament post this next election is Chloe winning Auckland Central. 


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  1. Spot on Bomber. I personally believe the only hope for future Green Party is a split between the pure environmental side and the social justice side, into two new parties. Then there is a clear voter differentiation, and the two new parties can work together (or not) on a case by case basis.

    I suggest that the (1%)10% vs the rest is what we should be focusing on, but instead some aspects of the woke left have become so radicalised on rights for beneficiaries and the desperate poor that they have now turned against all the working class. Even the economic upper middle class in NZ have very little wealth compared to the few mega-rich, so for the woke left to include all the middle class and most (or all) of the working class in their aggression is not doing them any favours. Marx hated the lowest socio-economic levels, that he called the ‘lumpenproletariat’ (unemployed, criminals/gangs, prostitutes etc, anyone not politiically aware). The modern woke left appear to care only for this ‘lumpenproletariat’ class and hate the workers, seeing them as ‘rich pricks’ to be taxed. While this continues these guys will continue to alienate everyone. I have said it before (and get hated for it), but much of the working class are actually quite socially conservative (even more so in some of our church-focused PI communities), and many have a strong work ethic that creates a natural divide between them and Marx’s ‘lumpenproletariat’ class.

    It is no coincidence that the Green Party (claiming the moral high ground on the environment and poverty) gets almost all of its NZ votes from the most affluent part of virtue-signalling inner-city suburbia, and almost none from the lowest socio-economic regions they claim to represent.

    • Most radical social change movements come from the middle classes throughout history – they have time/breathing space to think about social justice.

  2. Good! The disappearance of the Greens will make for a stronger Labour Government.
    Not THIS Labour Government, they are utterly incompetent.
    But hopefully the NEXT Labour Government.

    • Never mind hopefully–make it happen. The last two mass mobilisations of significance were the 2016 Auckland TPPA Day of Action that closed motorways etc. and National Climate Strike–which was affected by the Christchurch Mosque massacre of course.

      It will take mass community organisation, and direct action, along with internal pressure on Labour’s Caucus and diehard Rogernomes to roll back neo liberalism. It will not just happen. Read up on the NZ Labour Constitution and Rules people.

    • yep all to that Jays;

      Because the labour party need to go back to their core beliefs of egalitarianism
      and away from the rogernomics regime that still grips some within labour.

      • Given the likelihood of neo-liberalism being rolled back being pretty much zero, I’d settle for a competent Labour Government.
        You might not have liked Helen Clark’s manifesto, but at least she implemented it competently.
        Adern has managed to waste a shit tonne of cash achieving nothing.
        It’s not the intent that counts, its the outcome.
        KiwiBuild for example was a multi-million dollar initiative that achieved absolutely none of what it was supposed to.
        Ignoring the fact that they only built a few hundred homes, ask yourself how many were affordable?
        I guess you can slant your view and claim that $600K+ is affordable, but is it really?

        NZ would have been much better off if Adern hadn’t tried to achieve any of here objects. The outcome would have been roughly the same, but would have saved a tonne of $$$.

        As I have said before, the most incompetent Government since Muldoon.

  3. Excellent Post @ MB.
    dirty little douglas infected labour so the Greens, like labour have become proxificationated.
    When we hear “Labour” ‘good’ people remember douglas so labour IS douglas so labour’s popularity falls away and people instead vote for fringe parties which just blot up the disenfranchised who are then binned.
    One could argue that political correctness is really just a weapon which could be used against polite dissent?
    God! Talk about evil genius…?
    That’s why I argue for the return to FPtP and introduce mandatory voting.
    I read in The Guardian I think that in the USA there’s a suggestion that if Black America voted it’d be the end of trump. It’s not mandatory to vote in the U$A.
    That’s why it’s vital that Labour come’s clean with regard to the National Party infesting Labour with roger douglas back in the mid 1980’s.
    Until Labour openly discusses the events of the mid 1980’s how can we trust Labour, and by extension The Green Party?
    seymour and goldsmith speaking about taxation and the evil they seem to think taxation is were the spawn of those who most benefited from the sale of the state owned infrastructures and assets our taxes paid for.
    Many of the proponents of neoliberalism are now multi millionaires and multi billionaires because they took our taxes paid for stuff off us then sold it and kept the money.
    The Guardian
    “New Zealand’s astounding wealth gap challenges our ‘fair go’ identity”
    How that’s not the subject of an independent royal commission of inquiry is beyond comprehension given what’s at stake.
    ( It’s not really that incomprehensible though is it? We’re a small population hiding in our house bubbles watching brain washing tv while hoping no one notices us in our psychological distress. Professor Stanley Milgram would be intrigued. )

  4. The saddest thing is that now, more than ever, ever before, we NEED A TRUE GREEN PARTY!




    …we just have to find one first?

    (Okay, just half kidding.) Seriously though, look at what’s happening in the US! The West Coast of America is going up in flames. Aus burnt down and burnt out a few months ago. etc. etc.

  5. Jays You are so innocently hopeful – next time we’ll get it right! Keeping trying is what counts, there is always tomorrow. Keep it up and shine it out, it will keep other people from sinking into despair and lethargy.

    • Well, three years ago many people were saying that about a young woman who was running for NZ P.M.

      The results were other than expected 🙂

  6. You’re absolutely correct Martyn: These people are indeed a source of embarrassment to the mainstream left. They’re Upper/Middle class kids playing games.

    But thus it has ever been so, in my experience anyway.

    As a welfare kid who managed to get into university to read engineering science in the 70’s, it was quite a shock to find that the students espousing the radical ideologies of the day; the Marxists, Maoists, Trots etc were almost exclusively the progeny of the well-heeled, middle class, professional class. They generally chose a soft subject to study so that they were ‘degreed’ afterwards, but did very little work at uni and spent most of their time playing radical. I suppose that after uni they slotted back into their privileged existence having had their little fling. I suspect that if you scratch beneath the surface of New Zealand’s icons of the left you’ll find the same sort of thing: Faux ‘workers’ who have never had dirt under their fingernails and who live off a trust fund. Hint: Quite a few passed through Epsom Girls Grammar. 😉

    Turning to the USA, exactly who are these indentitarian class warriors trashing American cities today?

    Yep, you guessed. It’s the same type. Posh kids who went to private schools. The same goes for the current flag waver for the left in Congress: AOC. She is just another in a long line of pretend workers. She is actually from the exclusive Yorktown Heights area and only moved to the Bronx in order to create her fake background. Her late father was the president of an architectural company.

    Fool me once…

  7. Being in Twitter saves the environment and the animals. Getting you hands dirty doesn’t.
    What great Green Party. Will do them so good to get smacked by reality.

  8. Being on Twitter saves the environment and the animals. Getting you hands dirty doesn’t.
    What a great Green Party. Will do them so good to get smacked by reality.

  9. Perhaps the problem is that the Greens – like Labour before them – have been captured by establishment liberalism, which is dragging them towards the centre-right?

    “Through a series of unfortunate but certainly understandable distortions of political terminology, the [modern American] liberal position has come to be known as a left-wing position. Actually, it lies right alongside the conservative tradition, down toward the middle of the line, but decidedly, I think, to the right of its center. Liberals believe in concentrated power — in the hands of liberals, the supposedly educated and genteel elite.”

    – Karl Hess, 1975

    If this is what participation in Parlourmint politics inevitably does to left-wing movements (Labour, the Alliance, Maori Party, and now the Greens), perhaps the logical conclusion is that electioneering is not an effective way to progress left political goals? Could it be that the anarchists were right all along?

    • Yep Danyl 100% correct there. GP needs an overhaul as Green Party “have been captured by establishment liberalism, which is dragging them towards the centre-right”? you asked.
      Winston saw this firstly that’s why he was unwilling to go along with most of their policies..

  10. The Great ‘woke middle class identity politics mummy blogger trans ally Green Party cancel culture militant cyclist humourless vegan micro aggression policing activist’ !

    Except back in my day we used to just call em ‘do gooders’.

    But its been around for a lot of years, now, Martyn, and before that it was called ‘woke’ it was called ‘politically correct’. Or, if we were honest, – Stalinism. But that’s just another generations way of saying the same thing.

  11. So the last great hope for the Green party is a candidate who was courted by both Labour and the Greens after her failed mayoralty bid and only went with the Green party because a top fifty list ranking under little looked implausible and a top ten ranking under the Greens three years ago looked rock solid. Oy.

    I’m going to party vote Green, if the Greens want my electorate vote they better release some electorate polling that says she has a chance and if she does I will…

    However having the Luke Mijohns of the world and the faux Marxists who think that throwing money at winz will solve the welfare problem (it won’t you’ll need to purge the staff otherwise they’ll just keep denying people the money to begin with and that involves taking on the PSA) that alternate between abusing,guilt tripping, begging labour voters to vote for them and the sjw wing who thinks that anyone who doesn’t vote green is an actual Nazi I’m not sure I want them back. Like. I’ll vote for them, but a term out of parliament might do the world of good.

    They need to get back the young male voters who ditched them for top every young male lefty was a greenie six years ago now … Honestly … I think young male Lefty’s are just disinterested in politics altogether after being blamed for all the world’s problems for five years. The left needs to fix it’s inability to talk to young men. I’d prefer the Maori party got back in and the greens sit this term out at this rate.

  12. I’ve never read such a blatant load of blithering bullshit on the usually reliable and very readable Daily Blog. This is pigeon-holing and stereotyping of the worst kind. And some of the comments from the supposed left wing anonymous opinionatti (as well as the odd right wing ones) is just mindblowingly mindless to say the least. ‘Politically correct’ is Stalinism? I mean, really? That’s a pretty big stretch. I don’t think calling out the use of offensive language, for example the ‘N’ word, (to take a most obvious example of what is understood by the term ‘politically correct’) is in any way comparable to murdering hundreds of thousands of your political opponents, or placing entire racial groups into re-education internment camps, as our most current Stalinist/capitalist regime does.
    As a passionate environmentalist and animal rights campaigner I’m as disappointed in the current incarnation of Green politicians as anybody, mainly for their dropping of the ball on some key issues that should be at the core of their philosophy, but I do believe that it doesn’t help any of us to employ Black American terminology of street awareness to denigrate those professing to fight for the rights and recognition of minorities. After all, at the heart of any sense of justice, environmental or social, are the rights of the disadvantaged, the disavowed and the alienated. Let’s look at some of these free-form terms of abuse. Middle class. Hmmm, that just says ‘educated’ to me. I’m not sure if we really have much of a middle class left to speak of. We have a gutted middle class due to the ravages of neoliberalism, the displacements of technology and other postmodern diseases. Militant cyclist. Well, car culture has really got Auckland moving fast into the future hasn’t it? Not. Humourless vegan. I think the main reason vegans may be seen as humourless is that everywhere they look in this violent culture they see the propaganda of animal flesh and animal body fluids marketed as natural goodness and vital to human survival whilst glossing over in the most slippery evil ways the impact it all has on climate disruption, water pollution, the human propensity to hold out against heart disease, diabetes and colon cancers, and also the gross exploitation, cruelty and suffering our entire culture is based on.

  13. I follow politics but I don’t know what you’re saying. The chap you quote, on the other hand, dead on.

    Sure you know what you’re talking about but it’s ahead of me.

    Thanks to Muldoon calling an early election I’ve never voted for Labour and I’m RIGHT.

    The Greens are rather mushy, why I wish for the Alliance. But I really need to volunteer for these Greens who approach climate change first and the neediest second. Rather than Grant’s ’emphases’.

  14. I think Bomber had more fun hitting cut and paste than I did reading said cut and pastes. But yeah, people don’t like being lectured.

    • This, combined with their Poverty Action Plan is causing me a deeper re-think, and it is drawing me back. I’m thinking I’ll go Green after all (despite the crappola that was being churned out along the way) .

      The Greens Poverty Action Plan is one main part of the change that is needed if we’re to survive the times ahead. It looks better every time I read it.

      (And, Sepuloni’s “Overhaul” / wink-wink nudge-nudge b.s. released today, just gives the finger to any thought of such change from within Labour.)

  15. Thank you for highlighting the absolute tragedy the Greens have become- when, as Californian climate change fires burn, we need them more than ever.
    Ms Davidson has deliberately cut off potential white male voters because she says we are not wanted- even though I could name 18, myself included, who have voted Greens for the past few elections and would have this time.
    She says because we are white, male, stale, rapists and racist – as if we are gun-carrying Trump supporters- we are not welcome into the Green camp.
    So we will vote Labour.
    The woke activists post-election defeat will blame James Shaw-a man after all, and the party will disappear.
    Thanks Martyn for at least trying to show them the disaster they have triggered. You reap what you sow.

    • A white male writes. As a daughter, mother, sister and wife of white males, I do sympathise with you. You’ve all been dreadfully demonised, and undeservedly so.

      I’m not a great adorer of men per se, but there’s not a lot of gender choices for heterosexual women, and we’re very much on the outer also. Lesbian women sometimes seem to regard us as traitors, but gay men are okay with us- my best male friends are gay.

      But Greens have designated all of us racist – which is nuts – and seriously unfunny when it is so socially destructive and divisive. That was a whack in the guts for me. Worse, I’ve had Maori relatives, friends, and colleagues for years, all interacting in the usual ways, and suddenly these so-called politicians are assuming we’re polarised. Not true. They are.

      Most women, including me, have had bad experiences with men, but this is not a rational basis for writing them all off. Stuff happens. Stuff happens to many people. But there’s a vogue among the contemporary power hungry to elicit our sympathy and lever off that, to try and lecture us. Prince Harry — “ My mother died” – is one of the worst; a politician with a kiddy-fiddler uncle, has no need to share that information with country.
      We all have our own shadows, we carry them as best we can, and there are times we carry others’.

      Robert Frost:

      “ Beware of coming too much to the surface,
      And using for apparel what was meant
      To be the curtain of the inmost soul.”

      I feel sorry for our young guys having this constant pus dripping down from the Greens on top of Bill English’s consigning them all to the rubbish heap, and very much hope that they realise they are not the problem. The problem is people in Parliament who may just be too emotionally immature to be there, and too dumb to realise the damage they’re doing – or have other agendas.

      Kia kaha.

    • Oh, bollocks. You talk like a consumer, waiting for product to be presented. Politics for the people is as cooperative as it’s that commercial model, just like gardening is sharing as much as purchasing, says a jobbing gardener. TOP and the Maori Party are alternatives in my book but the more realistic Greens concentrate on climate change and increasing benefits according to the welfare experts’ advisory group’s recommendations. That, despite their lack of force, is all I need.

      I think it would be terrible if Labour got a majority on their own. They are committed to bullshit goals — ‘party of government’, not upsetting the rich’s applecart. Grant Robertson talking about how Left he was in the politics pub programme prior to be electing makes me throw.

  16. Read the policies and vote on what you believe in. Denigrating a whole party for the perceived actions of a few doe not invalidate the policy.

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