Open Letter to Labour & National Auckland Central voters – Why you should vote Chloe Swarbrick



I’ve lived in Auckland Central most of my life. Unfortunately I don’t live there now because if I did, I would vote for Chloe.

I think if you are a progressive living in Auckland Central, you have an obligation to candidate vote Chloe.

She is a unique candidate…

Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick makes Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of world’s most influential people

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New Zealand politician Chlöe Swarbrick has been named in Fortune magazine’s 40 Under 40 list, celebrating the world’s most influential people under the age of 40.

Her inclusion follows an expansion to the list from previous years, when 40 people were named in total. This year’s list sees 40 people named in each of five categories: finance, technology, health care, government and politics, and media and entertainment.

…and the naked reality is that the Greens as a Party have inadvertently shot themselves in the foot again this election and the only Green representation may be through Chloe winning Auckland Central.

National Auckland Central voters, come on, you voted Nikki Kaye because Nikki was a unique candidate who crossed ideological barriers. Emma Mellow has the greatest name in NZ politics, but she ain’t no Nikki Kaye and you all know that after the weird confused ‘Merv’ calling late night ZB Talkback to smear a candidate, National don’t deserve your vote this election, Chloe does.

As for Labour Auckland Central voters, comrades, the way Jacinda is smashing it, she’s going to get a majority Labour Government and Helen White will come in off the Party List, so candidate voting Chloe while giving your Party vote to Labour ensures you get both in Parliament.

Chloe could articulate a new politics and represent Auckland Central as the dynamic and vital electorate it is.

It’s time for Auckland Central to step up and project a global voice and that’s why National and Labour voters in Auckland Central should candidate vote Chloe.

Oh and it would also shock and piss off David Seymour who doesn’t think Chloe can win and I’d love to rub it in his face.

Like really love to.

Like I would dine out on Chloe proving him wrong for the next 3 years.

Come on Labour and National Auckland Central voters, throw me a bone here in my ever running grudge match with ACT.



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  1. Sorry we have a problem Martyn,

    Chloe may be an exceptional candidate but she represents a party that is ow toxic!!!!

    If Chloe had done something to stop ‘the rot killing our old “Green party’ which was the ‘bastion of the environmental movement’ when we were founding members in the early 2000’s then we would say fine we would back her.

    But we would hope she will go ‘independent’ now and because her party voted against the “whaka jumping bill’ and join another party then. They are likely to go back to National we believe.

    • I’m not so sure, CG, was Chloe even in the party back then?, and is Chloe currently in a party position in the hierarchy to affect such changes? She is a very popular Green MP, so much so I think there are calls for her to be the leader. I agree with this. I think if Chloe were leader, we would see much structural change taking place and the realigning the party to its original game-plan. And a far more disciplined and focused party capable of delivering Green values and policy.

  2. If there’s electorate polling that shows it’s a three way race or that the greens have a chance, yes.

    Till then as a newly enrolled Auckland central voter I’m going red green because I don’t wanna split the vote.

    BUT I CAN BE PERSUADED to vote for the green candidate if polling is released for the electorate that shows it’s not a vote splitter because I’ll vote for whoever has the best chance of beating the Nat candidate, period.

    • Yes its a matter of what combination of voting will deliver as much damage to National and Act. Ruthless as that sounds, its the truth. This country can no longer afford either of those destructive party’s in power.

  3. Chloe comes across as a young intellegent caring person and I have never seen or heard her but I do wonder at her age where is her life skills. Has she been made redundant , been responsible for a family , lost a house or business the list can go on. This applies to so many politicians especially on the left that they come from a middle class background and think they speak for the poor and despise the wealthy just because they have been to university and have a degree. The university of life would tell them life can be tough and is not always fair and what looks good on paper does not work out in the real world.
    That said good luck to her the country does need a Green opinion and it is a shame that they are so poorly lead at the moment

    • One key failing I see and both National and Labour suffer here is far too many lawyers. An occupation that is designed to win arguments no matter how stupid, or drown out logic with arguments or tie progress and issues up in knots with arguments all for the sake of arguing is hopeless for a representative of the people. Yes one or two in respect of law making but no more.

      It explains why so many ministers can never think of a practical solution to a problem or forsee risk except in terms of pure law. They are simply not wired to be practical contributors! They are pure academics and almost always comfortably middle class.

      We need, but won’t get, more working class MP’s.

    • Trevor, what a load of rubbish, sorry. I don’t see you asking the same question or applying the same criteria about William Wood or Simeon Brown.

      Except for the wealthy and property owners, New Zealand has been thrown under the bus by National and Labour to a lesser extent, both parties containing a number of people with different life experience, most with university degrees, and definitely in the case of National most in thrall of self interest.

      As for politicians on the left having no real experience because they come from a middle class background….ffs where do you think those on the right come from? The ghetto???

      We’re all going through the university of life, and it is the hard times that define us. Your outline suggests a perception that exists in your bubble, and maybe it might be a good idea to step outside that too.

    • “This applies to so many politicians especially on the left that they come from a middle class background and think they speak for the poor and despise the wealthy just because they have been to university and have a degree.”

      Wow Trev, I thought you better than that. However a counter argument to that is so many politicians especially on the right that have come from the upper class and born into privilege and despise the poor just because they weren’t born with a spoon in their mouths. Very judgmental eh?

    • I think we have lost our pioneering can do attitude. It is surprising that many past MP’s were relatively young, and currently we are being lead by one of our most successful and relatively young Prime Ministers of all time. She will will go down in the likes of Michael Joseph Savage in out history books. Adern has broken the mould in almost every account, young, female , a great communicator with a respect and value on human life that is so self evident she naturally draws people to her. In droves.

      Chloe is a sharp, young visionary who again , like Adern shows tremendous heart, stability and common sense. The common denominator between these two women is that not only do they think fast on their feet, and with logical commonsense ,- they also listen to their hearts. And from that, they think of whats best for the larger community of New Zealand.

      Any talk of either of them not having had gone through the hurly burly of what life throws at so many of us is voided by their practical acknowledgement of the plights of others. Now these are people we can work with as elected representatives. They are community orientated. National and Act are the exact opposite and have proven that time and again recently, – and historically.

      I say disregard age or tribal prejudices or whatever, – look at the person, their proven attributes AND their heart and vote in Chloe.

  4. Martyn,
    Your very first word is the exact reason why we should never vote for Chloe or her red party.

  5. Marty
    Im surprised that you and Chris and a number of other commentators have been conned and bought into the right wing tory mantra with regards the Green party. We all know the nats and the tory media have been on a 2 decade long crusade to get rid of NZF in order to help the nats into parliament. From the polls the nats figure that NZF will be off the scene so they now detect a chink in the Green Party armour and their best chance to rid the left of a friend. Best to ignore the commentary and dont give it any air.
    I’ll probably give 2 ticks to the greens or NZF if Labour maintain their lead in the polls.

  6. Achieving discipline in tactical voting is very difficult and a Labour candidate standing for Auckland Central will almost certainly suck away enough votes to doom Swarbrick. That and the ‘green school’ saga.

    Consider that Seymour’s Epsom electorate was the only thing that has kept ACT alive for the last decade, yet still about 10,000 people still voted National in that electorate last time. And that’s Epsom, so imagine just how random Auckland Central will be!

    One point missed by the pundits: Surveys show that since the last election Auckland Central has seen a large influx of Asians. That also bodes ill for the Greens.

        • ….But Winston is Maori and more working class!

          ( but the wokie Gweenies don’t like him, probably because of these things…but most of all because he is a Boomer)

          (….so Denny I hope you understand this little political lesson …it tells us important things about Gweenie values….you can draw your own conclusions….I couldnt possibly comment #@%$**!!!@@@^^ )

  7. I’ve heard ‘don’t vote Green because they are only an environmental party’ and ‘don’t vote Green because they are no longer an environmental party’. If I was in the central Auckland electorate I would vote Swarbrick as the better candidate over White and Mellow. By far the best candidate to represent her constituents (IMO). The green school saga will be yesterdays fish and chip wrapper by the time the election proper gets underway. Totally over this crap about the school ‘planting crystals’ and other snears/smears (see ben thomas q&a) going unchallenged (talking about you Jack/James) just childish bullshit. Back to the real issues such as how does Judith Collins know she doesn’t have covid 19?

  8. Chloe Swarbrick’s a strong young woman with a good heart. Auckland doesn’t deserve her but perhaps it will serve Auckland right if she’s successful.

  9. It is an injustice that the left don’t have the maturity to work together and support a an outstanding candidate like Chloe for this seat.
    In the current panicked environment it’s hard to see Labour not winning this seat in October.
    Chloe is one of those political candidates that will come through regardless of the result in Auckland central and will play a pivotal role in the direction of a future government.
    A win in this seat for her would have ensured that the draconian 5% benchmark would not apply if the Greens can only get to 4.9 after the election.

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