Why the criticism against Government’s border screw up is actually incredibly unfair – chill out Kiwis!

The New Conservative’s Campaign Bus looked a tad amateur

I know that many are feeling frightened.

Māori, Pacifica, beneficiaries and the essential staff working classes are all feeling the bite of inequality that they have always lived with.

The middle classes who feel vulnerable for the first time in their lives see their sacrifice during lockdown as the greatest act of courage since Kiwis stormed the beaches of Gallipoli, so our fuse for incompetence is short and our solidarity that Jacinda has empowered can become a toxic backlash that vents fears as angry bigotry and spite.

It shouldn’t be this way, we should in fact feel huge pride and satisfaction in the border process and the track trace programs.

The science math tells us that for every 1000 infected people who arrive at the border, one will be released from quarantine while still infectious – that we’ve had one leak from 40 000 over the border should be celebrated not lead to a Witch hunt led by Judith Collins!

We are allowing our fear to manipulate us, not solidify our resolution.

This latest spike in cases is not exponentially exploding and the enormous testing that has occurred gives us some security that our processes ARE working!

There are challenges, I won’t lie to you. We have underfunded our country capacity for decades under the neoliberal experiment to cope with a unique event like this and post this election, we must talk about a vast expansion of State capacity.

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This election is being dominated by our emotional response to the fear and insecurity we are feeling. Don’t allow politicians who have a vested interest in seeing the country fail manipulate you into blinding yourself to how lucky we are to have Jacinda as a leader at this time of terrible stress and strain.

This is how the new normal will be until we get a vaccine and the best dates on that are at least until 2022.

Stay strong New Zealanders, we are not faint of heart. Kindness is our strength, not our weakness.


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  1. Maybe if the media weren’t acting like the failures at the border were the only story in town we’d have a but more perspective. All they seem to want is a controversy and since no one has resigned from the National Party this week there is nothing else for them to focus on.

    My big fear is that I might build up so much bad karma in this life time that I’ll be made to come back as a member of the press gallery 🙂

  2. Well said.

    The placard on that ute regarding Flu victims says it all and it’s a dishonest strategy being peddled by the Hosk amongst others.

    As per a per yesterday on RNZ it was well said that many who get this disease are not fully recovering, same may never be fully fit again. It is not death that is the only issue.

    And polio only affected a very small percentage of the population too back in the 50’s, so small using Hoskings theory that i wonder why they even bothered developing a vaccine. Nothing to do with the carnage created to its victims and their families.

    What I cannot get over apart from using thus thing as a political weapon is this is now situation normal. Until a vaccine there is no life as before. Hosking and others can mislead but it’s not going to change this virus. We’re stuck here.

  3. There’s a 50/50 chance that the head immunity is at about 14%. It’s usually about 80%, so quite weird. But for a man made virus, maybe not so weird?
    Early days, but looking possible. That would be a BIG positive IF true

      • Ardern et al is gathering DNA profiles for CCP. We don’t need vaccine we need a Class Action against the traitors.

        • The problem Helene is that you’re regurgitating other people’s fairy tales. There are to be sure some very significant conspiracies going on right now. Most likely, governments, especially the US, pushing through agendas under the crisis of the Covid cloak. And while that happens, people like yourself promoting the Bill Gates theory mean we all take the eye off the ball and focus on the batshit crazy stuff. So please, continue your mission to try and work out what the hell is going on, but please avoid the theories that are out there in order to obfuscate the real stuff.

  4. I can except mistakes happen people are only human whatever their position . The problem for me is the lies that are being exposed and the inability to move swiftly to fix problems such as experienced by the farmers around the lockdown area.Those leading the recovery will need to be able to move swiftly

      • Was the testing of front line workers not happening a deliberate Judith Collins type lie or misunderstanding and lack of clarity on the parts of various people and various agencies?

        • a deliberate Judith Collins type lie

          Funny you should raise that, peter.
          That NewsHub ‘news’ episode where the ‘Big Story’ was broken needs to be stored away safely somewhere. It is a treasure 🙂 It is the stuff of high comedy and farce, and could serve as the basis for many comedy acts in the future.
          It starred Ms Collins, featuring as the wannabe operatic Diva, [crescendo from the orchestra] “It’s a cataaaastropheee” (Sung loudly with joyful notes).

          Sadly the lil diva could not hold a candle to Don Quixote. There were some impressive stage effects, but the script was straight out of the Paula Bennett playbook. As in, “I received… two emails! I followed up on them, of course”. Of course.

      • Trevor. The flu vaccine will not lessen covid19 incidence and may even have a detrimental effect for a covid19 victim, according to some findings by virologist agencies, but a lot more research to be done.
        Assumptions can be misleading.

  5. There would be less pressure on the government if it wasn’t so desperate to deny any possibility that this virus can be caused by surface transmission, particularly surface transmission at minus 4°C and lower.
    Many alternatives to goods being shipped directly from Melbourne remain unexplored.
    Americold routes Victorian produce to Aotearoa via its Brisbane & Sydney americold facilities because Sydney & Brisbane are the two Oz ports which have regular freight deliveries to Aotearoa. Yet the investigation of surface transmission has been denied because the boss of americold Australasia who is far from a neutral observer stated that there hadn’t been any shipments from Melbourne facility direct to the Auckland americold store.
    The other reason was equally facile – that no evidence of the virus was uncovered more than a week after the first americold worker was infected. The most likely source of infection would have been via the heavy polythene wrapping & strapping around the outside of a pallet and that waste would have been disposed of long before anyone became symptomatic.
    We get it, evidence that this virus survives at long periods in low temperatures combined with evidence of delayed surface transmission would require major changes to the global transportation industry and dingbats of the sort who stopped donating blood in the early stages of the HIV epidemic would decide all kiwi produce was suspect. That stupidity which caused the american red cross to stop accepting donations from gay men while claiming their plasma was 100% safe as a result, meanwhile not testing any donations from other groups particularly IV users, caused a major increase in the spread of HIV.

    I have friends and family in Australia & Aotearoa who died because of that, because the red cross kept supplying infected plasma to pharmaceutical companies who then made infected blood products from it.
    Stupid short term moves made in an attempt to prevent a scandal can exacerbate issues not ameliorate them.
    If nobody further up the chain of infection is uncovered, eg someone who was shedding this virus sufficiently to infect the people in this cluster, yet infected no one else, a situation that is almost inconceivable, then I’m sorry the only answer must be that the chain of infection began in the americold store.
    If that is the case prevarication and evasion on this issue guarantees this mode of transmission will continue not just here in Aotearoa, but globally and millions more people will be infected.
    How does that make Aotearoa a ‘good world citizen’?

  6. As a person who underwrites cynical when it comes to AO/NZ politics I have to say Labour is, in my humble opinion, behaving in a rational, sane, clear and direct, communicative, compassionate, intelligent and inclusive way. All those elements mean that they, labour, are working well together which further means we’re going to be OK thanks to that. One would hope…
    Imagine national being in ‘power’ at this point? They’d be tearing each other apart while trying to make a dollar out of us.
    There are many AO/NZ’ers who have Team Labour to thank for still being alive while, ironically, not knowing it.

  7. Comment on ‘head immunity’ part of desparation. Bomber is right, keep calm we’re OK.

    Take notice, Judith says she’s committed to the elimination of covid-19. She’s not alone!!!I think she’s joined the team of 5 million

  8. Infections now happening on public transport, cases showing up all over Auckland, also supermarkets, churches, schools having been visited by Covid 19 infected persons, the situation is anything but worrying.

    This will mean Level 3 will need to be extended beyond 26 August, especially as some cases cannot apparently be linked to the so called Auckland Cluster.

    Tell those trying to save their businesses and also jobs to simply be proud, patient and kind, soon there will be serious unrest, as people can only bear so much.


  9. Meanwhile the WFP are predicting a famine that will affect millions of vulnerable citizens, why most of the Church of Covid cocksuckers, that infest this site pontificate on here about a virus with a 97% recovery rate.
    Kindness is our strength not our weakness,really? Only applies to a virus I guess, not starvation?

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