Call for New Zealand to condemn Israeli bombing of Gaza


Call for New Zealand government to speak up and

  1. Condemn Israeli bombing of Gaza and
  2. Call for lifting of the Israeli blockade on the besieged Palestinian enclave

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa has written to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs calling on the government to speak up on behalf of the besieged people of Gaza who are once more under bombardment by Israeli bombs during the global Covid 19 pandemic.

Israel claims its attacks are in retaliation for incendiary balloons sent from Gaza which have caused fires in Israel. However this is the micro issue. It is subterfuge. The cause of the conflict is the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

We have previously requested the government speak out calling for the end of the Gaza blockade because of the global pandemic but the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister have been silent.

Previously this government has condemned Palestinian resistance but has simply called for “restraint” on the part of Israel. It’s a racist, one-sided policy of support for the aggressors and a kick in the teeth for the Palestinian victims.

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This must change.

Gaza schools opened last Sunday after five months of suspension due to Covid-19 only to be hit the same night by an Israeli missile. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency tweeted that Beach Co-Educational School ‘D’ “was affected” by an Israeli air strike which has been found to be an unexploded Israeli bomb which targeted the school.

Israeli brutality knows no bounds when it comes to attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure.

They are relying on complicity by silence from countries such as New Zealand to continue their abuses of Palestinian human rights.

It’s time for change. The New Zealand government must act immediately to uphold both international law and minimum human rights standards and demand:

NZ must demand:

  1. An immediate end to Israeli military attacks on Gaza, and
  2. The immediate and total lifting of the illegal siege of Gaza

NZ must then follow these up with concrete action which suspends all bilateral agreements between Israeli entities and New Zealand until Israel complies with international law and all United Nations resolutions.



  1. NZ is a small player in the British-controlled financial-political empire. And since Israel was established by the Jew-influenced British government, the chances of NZ standing up for moral principles is close to zero: hence

    ‘Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister have been silent’.

    They know which side their bread is buttered, and even if there were more blatant genocide than is already being they will remain silent.

    In a world of justice there would be no Palestine concentration camp. But that’s not the world we live in. And with our own circumstances becoming increasingly dire, there will be more looking inward and less concern for those overseas who are in a worse state than us.

    • Afewknowthetruth..careful with language. The British government was and still is, influenced by ZIONISTS (as of course, is the American Government) ..the issue is ZIONISM.. settler colonialism

      Language is important!!!

      • Yes, language is important, and using ‘Zionist’ for ‘Jew’ fools no one with regard to your innate antisemitism posing as ‘concern’ for Arabs, who are the true colonists of the ME.

        • And Gaby are you a Zionist and do you support the present bombing of Palestine.

          For a full week now the Israeli army has been bombing Gaza, a population that is about to run out of fuel for its only power plant due to a years-long Israeli program of deliberate siege warfare.

          • The usual pathetic absence of any context…Israel is quite justifiably targeting terrorist Hamas posts because they are launching rockets, mortars and incendiary balloons into Israeli territory. Your choosing to ignore these truths reveals your antisemitic agenda, not to mention your delusional obsessions.

        • gaby is talking out of the Bolsonaro side of his mouth again ,,, for those who don’t know he’s a big fan of Bolsonaro ,,, Just like he’s a fan of Trump

          “Bolsonaro’s 2018 presidential campaign was peppered with the denial of anthropogenic climate change, promises to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Agreement, pledges to expel international environmental NGOs, and vows to cut state funding for science and technology.

          Once taking office, Bolsonaro appointed prominent climate change deniers to head the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These new ministers quickly abolished parts of their departments working on climate change.”

          gaby / james from TS must really love the Bro mance between Bolsonaro and Netanyahu ,,,

          “Confiscating indigenous peoples’ territories, as Bolsonaro plans to do, is something that Netanyahu, his government and their predecessors have done without remorse for many years. Yes, it is clear that the claim of ‘brotherhood’ is based on very solid ground.”

          Greenpeace: “Bolsonaro is not only turning a blind eye as land grabbers, illegal loggers, and miners continue to plunder Indigenous territories during the pandemic, he plans to make things easier for them,

          ” in 2014, during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, which killed thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, Bolsonaro sent a letter to Israel’s Brazilian Embassy announcing his full support for the offensive despite the indiscriminate use of force against civilians.:

          Bolsanaro loves Israel drones … I wonder what he wants to use them for

  2. You’re on the wrong side of history again John.

    Both Gaza and the Palestinian West Bank are controlled by thug regimes that refuse to hold democratic elections because they know they’ll be booted out by their own people. They’re terrorists backed by Iran.

    But there is a new dawn in the Middle East: The UAE has recently opened diplomatic relations with Israel and Bahrain has praised the action and will probably follow their lead. It makes sense because Israel is the only successful, liberal, democratic state in the region.

    Lebanon has been turned into a cesspit by the Iranian backed Hezbollah and the UN Tribunal into the assassination of the Lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri is pointing a finger at (you guessed it) Hezbollah. The recent explosion in Beirut was the fault of Hezbollah, who have been using that Ammonium Nitrate for bomb making for years. Probably an accident due to incompetence but their fault regardless. The Lebanese people are sick of seeing their country ruined by Iran and are now in the streets demanding their removal.

    John, have you ever considered that you might be one of the bad guys?

    • I see you have swallowed the American anti-Iranian propaganda hook, line and sinker.

      It was, of course, America that toppled the democratically-elected Mossadegh government of Iran in 1953 (with the collusion of Britain) and installed the vicious and utterly repressive Shah Palavi,, whom the people of Iran eventually managed to remove from office in 1979, only to have the Americans interfere again.

      The Americans have never forgiven Iran for demonstrating how inept they were at the time of the hostage crisis, and the British have never forgiven the Iranians for wanting a fair price for the oil extracted by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, forerunner of BP…and so began a decades war of words akin to Orwell’s ‘two minutes of hate.

      The US even tried sponsoring Iraq to attack Iran, and failed, despite some of the nastiest tactics in modern warfare -including chemical warfare (the chemicals supplied by you know who).

      The lies and hypocrisy of the American military-industrial-complex know no bounds, and it is only Iran’s superb defensive missile systems that have prevented it being subject to the kind of attack Iraq was subjected to after Saddam Hussein started selling oil in Euros instead of US dollars, threatening to bring down the whole hegemonic US dollar system.

      It all comes down to “How did our oil get under their sand?”

    • Hamas was elected democratically in U.N supervised elections in 2006. So yeah nah Andrew check your facts .
      of course Israel could NEVER be called thuggish dishonest or an illegal occupier of Palestinian land.
      Of course Australia has large numbers of Palestinians where else are they supposed to go? Aussie has large Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish and Armenian communities too. Doesn’t make the issues forcing these people to flee to down under ANY less relevant or the wanton brutality of Israel, the UK or USA any more acceptable.

      • It was elected Democratically – but that’s how these guys operate:
        One Man, One Vote, Once.
        That was 2006 and there was never another election. Same in the west bank.

    • Spot on, Andrew. Hamas are engaging in their recent round of attacks on Israel because Iran, infuriated by the peace agreement with the UAE, are prodding them to do so with typical disregard for their people’s safety. Israel has suffered from 21,000 missiles and mortars launched at them since they unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and the Palestinians elected the brutal thugs of Hamas. The incendiary balloons, which also carry bombs, are sickeningly aimed at enticing Israeli children and constitute eco terrorism, burning thousands of acres of crops. No other sovereign state in this world would tolerate such blatant aggression and Israel’s strikes to protect her people are entirely justified. Minto et al live in an alternative universe and the Palestinians are now irrelevant in a ME turning towards Israel.

    • Andrew you either have no idea about Lebanon and the fertilizer or just echoing lies about the explosion and ignoring Israel’s part

      “Brutal thugs” like Israel with merciless bombing of civilian families but you act with approval of that.
      Kiwis don’t abide with that kind of shit.

      You are transparent as you are wrong in the eyes of the thinking world. The UN has never approved or authorised Israeli bombing.

    • WTF Andrew

      Regardless of the merits or otherwise of the regime, what on earth has that got to do with the sheer savagery of the punishment being inflicted on the population, a population that is basically completely defenceless.

      Are you saying that Western or Western aligned powers have the moral authority to bomb the shit out of people who live under regimes you do not like????

  3. When the largest Christian Palestinians city in the world is Sydney, and the second largest is Perth. Do you think many in this part of the world is going to care about any other palestinians, no matter their faith?

    Even Jewish Palestinians are treated like crap by the Israeli state. Israeli is become the post boy for anarchists the world over, just one more reason why you can’t trust a state – it just lets the beastly nature which bubbles under the surface come out with righteous indignation and self belief that it’s killing is justified.

  4. John;
    Truly we have so many issues to deal with even in NZ now with melting ice caps and now so much shit is coming in November as we have the worst depression and bank failures in global history to try and survive so far away in middle east we cannot really get involved now.

    • If not now, cleangreen, when? It didn’t take long for Winston Peters as Minister of Foreign Affairs to raise a voice when China changed its relationship with Hong Kong. Obviously, NZ has pretty much sat on the sidelines since Murray McCully put the fox in the UN hen house, something that Gerry Brownlee backtracked on within 48 hours of replacing as Minister. Do Israel and the US still control our independence, morals, sense of fairness, respect for human rights and kindness? Sure looks like it.

      • aom, All we should do is follow the UN role.
        We just have to many thing to deal with here now as our future generations need us to make their futures secure and now we have so much work to do there.

        • Agreed about the work and education needed her but humanity cannot be ignored. The deathwish Israel is a road block to rational human cooperation along with the USA.

    • nonsense cleangreen. I s’pose you thought the same about Apartheid South Africa too?All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to say and do nothing.

    • It’s called anti-Israel derangement syndrome, where you continually obsess over the one and only tiny Jewish state in the world. Of course, you chew your tail endlessly and get nowhere.

      • Its called the self appointed “chosen people” murdering and taking what ever they can get away with. Then crying victim.
        Kiwis don’t buy it Gaby in spite of your repeating Isreali propaganda ad nauseum.

        Its disgusting and AntiKiwi.

        • In your morally inverted universe the oppressors, the Pals, are the victims. Now they are irrelevant as Israel forges ties with ME Arab countries. Our govt ignores people like you, Griffiths, Minto et al because everyone knows you are fringe loonies.

          • gaby aka james from TS ,,, is a Bolsanaro, Trump and Netanyahu fan ,,,

            And yet the fool talks about morals and fringe loonies ..,

            Criticizing Israels war crimes, land theft, and lethal violence against women children and civilians ,,, makes one a anti-semite according to gaby and his Bolsanaro calibrated moral compass


            The worst antisemite hate speech is reserved for the Jews who speak out against israel ,,,, because they give the lie to the charge that Israel’s critics are simply anti-Semite.”

            “Bernstein’s grandfather was a revered Orthodox Rabbi of international prominence but neither his family history nor his origins spared him. ….”Read this and weep, you mother-fucker self-hating Jew boy!!!” another e-mail told Bernstein. “God willing a Palestinian will murder you, rape your wife and slash your kids’ throats.” Yet another: “I hope that you, Barbara Lubin and all other Jewish Marxist Communist traitors anti-American cop haters will die a violent and cruel death just like the victims of suicide bombers in Israel.” Lubin is also Jewish, the executive director of the Middle East Children’s Alliance, a one-time committed Zionist but now one of Israel’s fiercest critics. Her e-mails are even worse.”

            “When Nelson Mandela called the struggle of Palestine “the greatest moral issue of our time”, he spoke on behalf of true civilisation, not that which empires invent. In Latin America, the governments of Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, El Salvador, Peru and Ecuador have each made their stand on Gaza.

            Each of these countries has known its own dark silence when immunity for mass murder was sponsored by the same godfather in Washington that answered the cries of children in Gaza with more ammunition to kill them. ”


            War on Arabs, War on Africans , Part II of the “Inside Israel’s Race Wars”

  5. John, what is needed , desperately needed, is for mainstream media to be pressured to challenge competing parties to debate NZ’s relationships with the American and Israeli ..(and for that matter, Saudi Arabian ) regimes. All 3 are militarily powerful, arrogant and lack a sense of humanity. These are dangerous times.
    I agree with what you’ve said . Also, I want to add that New Zealand should demand that Palestinian child detainees be released immediately. One child in detention has already contracted COVID-19. Defence of Children International-Palestine has confirmed this. The Israeli regime is very cruel to treat CHILDREN this way.
    New Zealand leadership is, I fear, not going to come from the political elite, especially not with an election on the way, especially if mainstream media refuse to ask sorely needed questions.
    Leadership must come from grass-roots, flax-roots Kiwis.

  6. It might be more effective John to put pressure on Egypt to open the Rafah border crossing which they rarely do. I would have thought you would have better luck there. It’s interesting Egypt is so unaccommodating to their Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza. I wonder why. Do you think they might have a problem with Hamas?
    When you think about it the Israelis are probably pretty annoyed at having their forests and farmland torched regularly by the incendiary balloons sent over the border by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Maybe if Hamas and IJ stopped doing stupid shit like that the Israelis might be a bit more friendly. I dunno -just a thought.

    • What borders John. The 1948 faux borders set up without Palestinian or Arab consultation or the fences put up by Israel as a part of their land theft.

  7. “Egypt is so unaccommodating to their Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza”, Crawford says.
    Egypt is ruled by a vicious thug, Sisi, the darling of Israel and the US. There was hope for the Egyptian people when they elected Morsi ..but no no no . He had to be removed. As Chomsky has said in a Democracy Now interview and probably on other occasions “The U.S. and its allies will do anything they can to prevent authentic democracy in the Arab world.”… . “Well, plainly, the U.S. and its allies are not going to want governments which are responsive to the will of the people.”

    Perhaps the people of Gaza are “pretty annoyed” at being periodically bombed so the Israelis can test new weapons to sell to their thug friends around the world, annoyed at being held captive in a medieval unlivable siege.. a death camp really.. the situation is so disturbing to anyone with a sense of humanity.
    Israel is allowed by the West to get away with anything..including cruel treatment..dispossession.. of the Palestinians of East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The Zionist agenda has always been to possess the land and its resources without the native people.
    oh, and ps..some Palestinians including some Gazan Palestinians are Christians..the Palestinian Christian leaders plead with the outside word for help on behalf of all the people, including their Muslim brothers and sisters.
    Anther ps Many Gazans are refugees. According to UN Resolution 194, they should have been allowed to return decades ago.

  8. Lois Griffiths why do you bother with all this obvious propaganda? What’s it to you? Or do you just enjoy the grandstanding?

    Morsi was a nightmare for Egypt – within days of getting into office he was imposing radical Islamic rule on the population. Egyptians are too sophisticated and educated to put up with it so for the moment they’re better off with a military ruler.

    If Gaza is a death camp, why is their population increasing so fast? In fact no food or medical supplies are denied Gaza. They just search shipments for weapons or the material to make weapons.

    • What a tosser. Morsi was elected you dimwitted hack. That means chosen in a democratic election. That means that the military dont get the option of chucking him out if he doesnt kowtow to them. That means that if they do countries like NZ dont recognize them as legitimate. The term thug is well used in relation to Sisi

  9. As Chomsky has said in a Democracy Now interview and probably on other occasions “The U.S. and its allies will do anything they can to prevent authentic democracy in the Arab world.”… . “Well, plainly, the U.S. and its allies are not going to want governments which are responsive to the will of the people.”
    Lois do you think the sainted Chomsky was thinking of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority when he had this interview? I’m struggling to find sources which suggest the US and Western governments are encouraging these rulers to not hold elections. Unless I’m mistaken, Hamas has forbidden elections in Gaza since they came to power in 2007 and the last elections for the PA in the West Bank were 2006. Israel has had seven parliamentary elections since 2006.

    • Who is killing Palestineans Israel or lack of elections. Lets not get distracted with Propaganda from Israeli trolls.

  10. Reading through the comments it seems like there are 2 sides who each believe they have the only truth and the other side is completely wrong. That the group they support is totally blameless and the other lot is totally at fault. Maybe that is the root of the problem. Most conflicts arise when you have 2 equally entrenched and totally blinkered ‘sides’ that ultimately want the eradication of the other. Just an observation that I’m sure will go down like a lead balloon.

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