The Waterstone 2020 Election Podcast – special guest David Seymour


Kia ora ladies and gentlemen, good evening and welcome to The Waterstone Election 2020 podcast.

I’m your host, editor of The Daily Blog, Martyn Bradbury with me in the studio is libertarian political commentator and Stuff columnist, Damien Grant and our special guest this week is leader of the ACT Party and the only white male told he could keep the cultural appropriation after everyone saw him twerk – David Seymour
Well, we are now 60 days away until the 2020 election after the Prime Minister pushed the election date out to October 17th in response to a new outbreak of the Covid 19 virus meaning the entire election is shaped by the Covid management.
Damien – Our Podcast ended last week with you declaring it will be a dull week in the campaign, 30minutes after we filmed our podcast, the country was plunged back into Level 3 after an outbreak in Auckland.
Does that highlight the impossible job of trying to call this election?
David – Jacinda was under pressure by National, ACT and NZ First that the September 19th date was unfair because it would rob them of news oxygen – Jacinda put the country’s need for a fair election over her own Party’s drive to win didn’t she?
Damien – We’ve seen loopholes in the quartine process but if you drill down into each of those breaches the issue is the mandatory testing of workers – will the electorate tune on Labour for not forcing medical procedures on individuals?
David – While Jacind led, the National Party spent last week spinning conspiracy theories and then backing away from those conspiracy theories – how dangerous has misinformation and conspiracy theories  become in this election?
Damien – Judith claims she needs more media time but every time the media focus on her, the voters recoil in horror, wouldn’t National get a higher vote if no one saw Judith for 60 days?
Damien – with Jacinda once again shining and taking all the news oxygen, the Greens are screwed aren’t they?
David – Can Chloe Swarbrick win Auckland Central? Did the Merv fiasco hurt National’s chances?
David – Did Winston force the PMs hand over the election date change?
Damien – With more time to panic, how far away is NZ First from cutting a deal with National in Northland to get Shane Jones in?
David – What does it say about the waste land that is NZ politics if the ACT Party can out poll the Greens?
Damien – ACT launched their bus this week, how full is it going to be on election day?
Final word – David – predictions for the week ahead? 
Damien – predictions for the week ahead
Our next Election podcast is Tuesday next week and we are now going weekly through until the end of the election campaign. 


  1. It is worth considering the conditions in which social media is being censored. The 2018 documentary ‘The Cleaners’ follows Facebook moderators in the Philippines, who work ten-hour shifts for pitifully low pay checking posts flagged for violent or explicit content. They do not receive any trading or support for coping with the frequently disturbing material they censor: as you can imagine, many develop severe mental health problems. Furthermore, they are sacked for the slightest mistake, meaning that most regulators will err on the side of caution as far as ‘nudity’ is concerned. Most ominously, the paranoid atmosphere created by Duterte’s government has created an intense paranoia around anything that could be deemed controversial. It is this context that the photographs were deleted: exploited workers, frequently traumatised, caught between a neoliberal social media factory and a toxic political climate.

    • The main reason social media can not be supported is that there are tweets and posts about 5G conspiracy, sexual deviance, or something after shooting by the kind of low IQ individual that is being carried away by American media corporations as if people disappear on bouncy castles and other left-right extremists.

      But all this can be mild and factual based on studies and empirical claims and doesn’t have to be that much of an opinion. I don’t think the social media world was that supportive of Black Lives Matters and there can be research papers for or against. So it is a strategic mistake to pander to these marginal groups. Raising the minimum wage to a living one fixes this and you won’t even have to engage with them.

  2. This is difficult. I am not used to thinking of Seymour as one of the saner MPs. (So, a long pause before commenting.)

    However, in stark contrast to Ms Collins’ hysterical cries of “Catastrophe!” reverberating through the parliament, Seymour sounds remarkably, even radically “sane”. (It’s just the contrast, I’m telling myself.)

    If I were a Nat trapped in the theatrics of their new regime, I’d be sizing up the safe-ish exit that ACT now represents.

    And his ref. to Taiwan, Yes. Their way is one that seems to be working. (Lots of masks and temp checks..)

    • @ Kheala? Ever heard of the concept of ‘logical fallacies’?
      roger douglas’s david ‘blood boy’ seymour is using logical fallacies to mislead the voter mope who thinks ‘ Awe gee… he ain’t so bad.’
      Let me be clear?
      david seymour is not our friend. In fact, he’s the very embodiment of the enemy. roger douglas’s finger prints can be found all over seymour.
      I can’t understand how good people with the unnecessary hardship of the last 36 years breathing down their necks can give the fucker a moments sober contemplation.
      That’s the trouble with we AO/NZ’ers. We’re far too soft and cuddly when it comes to scum like seymour and douglas. douglas fucked us. We should be raging. seymour should be running for his worthless life. Not being a prancing little tv super star show pony with a dick-head hair style.
      ” ACT “…founded in 1993 by Roger Douglas and Derek Quigley, …”
      And TDB lets that smug little scunthorpe sit there and puff the liars gasses!?
      “ACT New Zealand, usually known as ACT (/ˈækt/), is a right-wing, classical liberal political party in New Zealand.[4][2] According to former party leader Rodney Hide, ACT stands for “individual freedom, personal responsibility, doing the best for our natural environment and for smaller, smarter government in its goals of a prosperous economy, a strong society, and a quality of life that is the envy of the world”.[7]
      The name comes from the initials of the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers, founded in 1993 by Roger Douglas and Derek Quigley, from which the party grew in 1994. An associate of Douglas, Richard Prebble served as party leader from 1996 to 2004. Under Prebble’s leadership the party held nine seats in Parliament. Rodney Hide served as leader from 2004 to 2011. ACT was briefly led by former National Party leader and Reserve Bank Governor Don Brash for the 2011 general election, after which the party caucus was reduced to one seat. ”

      Logical fallacies:
      Thou Shall not Commit Logical Fallacies

  3. David Seymour and Act certainly have their appeal .. I’ve been tempted to vote for them .. honestly there is still a chance I’d vote form them. I know my sister is, may the baby Jesus help her.

    .. I won’t vote for a party polling less than 2% so TOP is out. Really is a political wasteland. I want cannabis reform – so I guess the Greens?

    It mean, obviously I care about a great many issues .. but I know cannabis reform is something they mighty ACTUALLY be able to get done!

    If Act said they would make passing the cannabis-law-reform a condition of any coalition agreement, on pain of having a second election – I’d vote for them. But Act doesn’t have the stones, so they are nothing.

  4. Martyn
    In the interest of fairness, and I have known you to be fair, will you now do an article on: LABOUR APPOINTS BABYSITTER H2 FOR INEFFECTIVE MINISTERS!

    • Put it this way, a few decent pre-election polls after one hundred years of the Labour Party struggling over 40%, all of a sudden leftwing twitter come across as gods gift. Absolutely no need to get imaginative with the facts.

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