Death Cult Capitalists John Key and Heather du Plessis-Allan demand us coward slaves get back to work!


Death Cult Capitalists John Key and Heather du Plessis-Allan are not happy.

Key wants us to throw open the borders to rich Americans while Heather thinks we are all cowards for not opening the borders.  

It’s hilarious listening to a white South African who left South Africa to move here lecture us about cowardice.

Key sold NZ out to the 5 Eyes with his mass surveillance legislation so why wouldn’t he also want to fling open the borders and allow rich Americans in as well?

Death Cult Capitalists will keep trying to make money no matter how sick it makes the slaves.

Look at the horror of the mountain of dead globally because of this virus, do any of you reading this right now want any chance of that virus getting into our safe haven?

Do you enjoy walking around free of the virus?

Do you count you lucky stars every day Jacinda moved when she did?

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Do you really want the John Key’s and Heather du Plessis-Allan’s of NZ to decide when to open those borders?

Like hell you do.

They want us to open those closed borders.

The closed borders that keep us safe from the virus.

The closed borders that is forcing an end to the exploitation of migrant workers.

The closed border that is stopping the hyper tourism that gridlocked our roads.

The closed border that is ending the exploitation if international students.

They want those closed borders opened, they mock your lockdown sacrifice.

This election, break John Key’s heart and break Heather du Plessis-Allan’s soul by party voting Labour.

Make them cry.

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  1. I see heather do please me allen is calling us cowards for not wanting to open our borders to more foreigners and rich overseas business peoples. How dare she call us cowards who the fuck does she think she is.
    And then we have john who wants rich a- mirror- cans to be able to come and build mansion providing tens to hundreds of jobs for our builders. Based on his job numbers, where exactly are they going to be building these mansions and on what land and how long does he expect that work to last. I for one am sick of these rich arrogant pricks trying to tell us what to do and what is best when they have the means to keep themselves safe.

  2. I agree. I am a permanent resident here (hoping to become a citizen in the next year or so). I am previously from South Africa (4 years ago) and I am so, so grateful to be in New Zealand. Heather should shut her mouth. There is nothing cowardly about self-preservation. After all, you have to help yourself first, before you can help anyone else. I think she just does it to create a stir and get noticed.

  3. They just want to be able to come and go as the please like they used to (and of course bringing over overseas family members who they haven’t seen in a while) – i.e. their motivation is likely entirely for personal self interest. For 99% of NZers, who don’t go on overseas trips regularly (or ever), having the borders closed makes exactly no difference in their day to day lives. For the record, I haven’t left the country in almost two decades and had no plans to.
    I think the borders should remain closed until an effective vaccine comes out, and from then on simply demand every overseas visitor to NZ have a medical certificate to prove they have been vaccinated, and demand every NZer who leaves the country is vaccinated before departure. If you refuse, then you get a two-week quarantine as soon as you land in NZ at your expense.

    • agreed. I have close family across the ditch as do many thousands of kiwis. Family contact is nourishing to all concerned. NZ and Aussie and the Pacific Islands need the vaccine for our own bubble at the very least. The Islands are broke without us. And I would argue we have an obligation to each other as our countries are inextricably linked for so many reasons at this point in our History.

      • …” And I would argue we have an obligation to each other as our countries are inextricably linked for so many reasons at this point in our History”…


  4. Sick of white South africans coming here and telling us what to do. Look at the f…n mess in your own country and stop bringing your baggage here, it is not wanted.

    • I worked in security with a few white South Africans, they had nothing but praise for the black troops which they served with and sometimes under. Sometimes we can get a bit carried away with lumping them all into one pigeon hole.

      So a shout out to South Africans of all ethnic backgrounds, – you are welcome here in New Zealand just like any other immigrant.

      • Like how us Maori are lumped in the same pigeon hole Wild katipo. I dont mind other people coming here as long as they don’t bring their bad shit/baggage from their own country like the Afrikaner Broederband. And I don’t and will not tolerate being looked down on or judged by foreigners who have been here for 5 minutes no matter what colour they are.

        • Truth is most of em aint.

          They came here because of caustic inverse racism. Thus they were more refugees than protagonists of apartheid. So relax, mate.

          • Thank you Wild Kapito. I do acknowledge that some SA expats who come here and act like assholes make it harder for the rest of us, but it would be unfair to tar and feather us all with the same brush. Most of us are very grateful to be here and love this country. A huge added plus is having a Government and Prime Minister that can be trusted and to be proud of, especially because of where we come from.

    • We shouldn’t automatically assume that white South Africans are racist.
      I work, or have regular dealings, with several.
      In general I actually find them less racist than the New Zealanders I work with.
      No rants about Maori or Chinese, which is pretty common around my workmates’ lunch table.
      Don’t know if my experiences are typical or not, but I needed to say it.

  5. But as for John Key ,… was he ever a New Zealander? if not, whats he doing with a New Zealand knighthood? And as for the other one,..meh,… its time we just brushed these people aside and treated them with the scorn they deserve.

    • The Knighthood? He bought that for himself as a ‘going away present’. Then he refused to actually go away. Pity.

  6. It’s only 5 short weeks till the next election and all of a sudden Key wants to be in the news ‘all the bloody time’. His obsession with being the centre of a photo opportunity albeit his son buying a house in say Mt Albert or Key trying to appear ‘all knowing with an answer to everything’ is tiresome and boring.
    He is a Has-been. We all know he hates NZ and NZers. But right now he would rather be here in NZ due to its low numbers of victims compared to Australia(where he has been living)and his more beloved America.
    Lets face it but both Aussie and America are having huge numbers of COVID-19 victims.
    But Key doesn’t see this. He wants China, another COVID-19 hotspot, to have free access to NZ.
    Maybe in his moment of insanity or dementia Key is still thinking that thanks to COVID-19 the older population will die off faster and so less votes for Jacinda(this time). Looking at the facts most of those dying off in Aussie, America and perhaps China are elderly.
    Heather du Plessis-Allan came from a country that treated its black and coloured population with hatred, persecution and lets call is exlusionist policies. One would think she would view the world through the eyes of someone who has seen what apartheid can do. But no. I would say she probably views those who are not National Party supporters with the same amount of hatred and contempt as those of her same skin colour viewed the blacks and coloured in South Africa.
    And so here we have it folks. It’s likely John Key and Heather du Plessis-Allan are both attention seeking, photo opportunity hunting poor examples of how lowly National has demeaned itself to.
    Long may National linger in the doldrums(like in the lower Southern Ocean) because that is where they truly belong.
    Vote Labour at the next election and prove these two twats of National wrong and show them up for the idiots they are.

      • We are being graced with the continual media presence of his majesty Key to try and prop up an extremely weak National party – which won’t work. It’s desperate fear-based behaviour because they know they’re toast.

        • Add in Steven Joyce columns in the NZ Herald and one asks, why is N.Z’s media a right wing organisation.

  7. Sick of cheapo white Brits coming here too, stunted by being a poor state house boy wheeling around forever with money-glazed eyes wanting – more -more -more – like some Dickensian mud lark, and having the audacity to try and change this country’s flag to reflect his own innate vulgarity – nothing to do with being poor either, but some folk are just born tacky, and likely insatiably greedy as well, and the female in this piece is best not even commented upon although a colleague once saw her and her old hubby seemingly out of accord in Courtney Place, and that is best not commented upon either – but between you and me – shhh – but everyone – everyone knows that we’ve been right to excercise border control and that’s why they like PM Ardern -so that Key’s new role as National’s b**ch isn’t really going to work, and D-P A could be feeling sad inside.

  8. Key had to be rolled out to tell NZ to open the borders to get the economy up and running and the money rolling in along with American investors buying up large, regardless of the threatening consequences of doing so.

    HDPA is there to spread Key’s propaganda and bullshit, as well as that of National, in a lost cause to entice Nat voters out there, believing the “holy” word of Key has to be the truth and nothing but the truth, the answer to all our problems, thereby worthy of giving National the vote!

    To add to the decay, Paula Bennett has been invited to host Magic Talk radio talk back next week. Desperate measures call for desperate means and National is in a very desperate situation right now! Do we laugh or do we cry?

  9. Let’s fast forward 12 months and see the situation if indeed as I suspect the US, Europe and the majority of the world have moved from elimination to management. If the rest of the world has moved on and we remain the Tibet of the South Pacific – what then? Bomber and the majority of this blog will be happy but what of the majority of NZ?

    I think this is finally dawning on poor Ash – at some stage the virus will have to come into NZ because like the flu a proper vaccine might never be found.

    • Really Frank??? Do you have any friggin idea how bad Covid 19 is in the USA? Your ignorance is inexcusable. As if a country led by stupid old rich white assholes is EVER gonna get it’s shit together.
      Aussie medical professionals are wrung out but they are a co-operative paragon compared to their American counterparts.

      • Doesn’t matter if JC or Jacinda led the US, the outcome would be more or less the same. Democracy, human rights and covid-19 don’t work well together combined with a federal system.

        The point you seem to miss is how a country does or does not handle covid19 is beside the point. We are now a global economy therefore dependent on each other. As such our success or lack of it is determined by the worst performer – the US, India or Africa take your pick. The point is if the world moves to management with no vaccine and we stick to isolation at some stage to maintain living standards we will have to have a covid19 outbreak – the alternative, whilst romantic will lead to decades long drops in living standards.

        Hey we could have a vaccine by Chistmas but don’t get your hopes up.

    • You are the only realist here Frank. What saves us is a vaccine. That’s all. The reality of economic survival is doing business with the rest of the world and the rest of the world is fucked. Labour purists who believe we can maintain our present standard of living by isolating ourselves are in my opinion delusional. We’ll plod along for a time then get impatient for some improvement in our lives. I don’t want to let the disease in any more than you people but it will happen. This Government knows this is the eventual outcome, hence the “let’s all wear masks bullshit “. The Keys of this world are realists too. Not as greedy and thick as some here would portray them. Your Government is courageous but not so realistic in my opinion.

      • I prefer our courageous govt. And I do believe they will lead us wisely. None of us has a crystal ball, and some of the things predicted have not happened or have not happened yet. Yet if they do, … this govt is the right one for this time.

  10. Heather Du Plessis-Allan, like her husband Barry Soap Box Soper, is a one-dimensional media hack who, like Soper, does everything she can to criticise and mock Jacinda and the Labour-led Government. While she is obviously a darling of the right-wing media who are ramping up their attacks Jacinda prior to the election she is in all reality just a nobody and a disgraceful one at that. The classic school-yard bully with nothing positive to say.

    The ironic thing is that without the COVID-19 restrictions that Jacinda’s government put in place we would not be where we are now including being the envy of the world. Du Plessis-Allan seems to want it to be the other way, which if it was, she would be attacking the government with even more of her toxic foul spew.

    There are many South African nationals in this country who are good decent people contributing to the economy but Du Plessis-Allan spoils it for all of them.

    • Oh ,… is this a linguistics class? I would never of known. And if that is the criteria of being politically aware and proficient, I would suggest the the linguistics challenged IT nerds attend some classes. Just an observation of mine over the last few decades.

    • Keepcalmcarryon- Attention. There’s also intellect shattering carelessness with commas right left and centre requiring urgent need again of your knitting needles to enumerate them all and try not to drop any stitches along your up hill road winding way or you’ll never get that toe warmer finished and who wants a cold toe ? Life can be so hard.

  11. John loves his wealthy ‘merican brothers.

    He worked hard behind the scenes setting us up as a billionaires “bolt hole”. He worked studiously setting us up as another Cayman Islands tax haven until some bloody journalist ruined it all Edith that Panama Papers thing.

    He must owe them plenty!

  12. H D P-A must be very nostalgic for the good old days.
    The days when Shonkey was PM.
    Everything was good.
    She could sell her journalistic soul to the blue ribbons, bask in her non-credibility whilst the money was rolling in and nobody cared.
    But when your mentor throws in the towel because he can’t his choice of flag accepted then you have to reinvent history to save your own reputation.
    If she had a scrap of journalistic integrity she would stop fawning around Key and go her own way.
    She certainly has the ability but has let it lapse.
    And one more thing.
    How come John Key is suddenly so prominent in this election campaign?
    He was almost invisible in the last one.
    The answer is that National are panicking.
    Despite Judith Collins’ bravado and storm trooper mentality – it is an acknowledgement that they need Key’s personal popularity to rub off on them and give them a chance.

  13. Those who say there is little real difference between the Govt we have now and the one we had before, are wrong. Key and those around him are plutocrats.

    How can we tell when a democracy, or rule by the people, evolves into a plutocracy, the reign of the rich? Easy. We have a democracy when a political system can and does make a good-faith effort to address the problems average people face.

    In a plutocracy, on the other hand, the political system pays no more than lip-service to average people’s problems and works diligently instead at protecting — and growing — the wealth of the already wealthy.

    How would you recognise a plutocracy

  14. Calling Kiwis “cowards” for seeking to protect our own… Yeah. Right.
    Reading through what she has said, it sounds quite like “Get Some Guts!”

    Whose guts will be spilled, I wonder. Innocents, and the bravest among us.
    Just as it was other people’s sons and daughters who died as soldiers in war, so it will be when those at the forefront of the battle against Covid 19 are the ones who fall. In Melbourne a young doctor in his thirties has been on the ventilator… Not sure of his status now, or whether he is still with us.

    A doctor speaks here: The Biggest Lie about Covid 19

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