Prison riot or 501 Gang war – what happens first & why Raptor Force will be back

National's 'Raptor Force' will make a political come back for 2023

It was interesting talking to Dr Jarrod Gilbert on The Working Group last week when he predicted that the looming gang war between 501s and the Domestic gangs will become a major election issue by 2023.

The next prison riot or gang war may well become interconnected.

The intense economic pressure impacting every Kiwi right now is also impacting the criminal world as well and in the criminal world that always ends up in an explosion of violence to settle debts or turf war takeover.

I have written countless blogs on the impact of the 501s in NZs domestic gang environment. Despite what politicians attempt to claim, our domestic gangs are pussy cats compared to the uber violence of the Australian crime scene.

These Australian criminals, birthed in NZ but with no actual community roots here, have been mass deported to NZ and their realisation of how soft domestic gangs here are, have embarked upon a massive take over of the domestic gang economy.

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This violence was especially apparent before Covid restrictions and have been muted but with society opening up after Covid, and with intense economic pain happening, expect  two fronts to erupt at the same time.

The 501s see this as the perfect opportunity to take over completely so expect prison violence to escalate between the 501s and domestic prisoners, but also expect big power plays against the prisons themselves to occur in the understaffed and Covid locked down prison environment.

The lesson from the Waikeria Prison riot was that the Prison management were lying to the Minister about how understaffed they were and how detrimental that was for the Prisoners living conditions, so we won’t know there is a problem inside the prisons until a riot explodes.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see prison deaths or beatings occur while those riots take place as a means to settle scores and jockey for market share while the gang war outside prison begins.

This will come at a tricky time for Police Intelligence. The easily spooked MPs all believe they survived January 6th over the Dumb Lives Matter protest and the SIS agents who infiltrated the camp (and whose intel ultimately convinced Police to move in) has convinced the Executive that they now have Nazi Monster domestic terrorists everywhere. The hundred million dollar budgets being sorted alongside real time Face recognition mass surveillance is supposed to be used to chase these new Nazi Monsters, but it will also syphon off staff from organised crime.

The Government believes there are Nazi Monsters, so the Intelligence apparatus telling them this and getting resources for that better go find some Nazi Monsters, this will take eyes off the flashing red lights inside Prison and the gang community.

Authorities won’t know what the fuck is happening until the Prison riots and Gang assassinations start.

Once an innocent white middle class kid gets caught up in the cross fire, the NZ public will scream for whatever over the top paramilitary Police State National promises them to feel safe.

National have already tried ‘Raptor Force’ and will immediately trot it out again when the next gang violence shocks.

The enormity of what happens next suggests that this time it will work. Kiwis will be so shocked they will demand a Raptor with an Uzi and dynamite riding a Great White Shark to deal to the gangs.


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  1. Labour are doing their bit: giving crims the vote, sponsoring the gangs for 2.8 million dollars and letting them man checkpoints in lockdown.

    Nothing legitimizes criminal behavior like legitimizing criminal behavior.

    • Shot bro.

      Plus, continuing the war on drugs prohibition policy which guarantees criminals a highly profitable trade,

      , with not strict policing, under funding of police operations, anti gang operations or criminal organisation surveillance.

      Add in that millionaire criminals can hide money with relatives and freinds and police don’t have power to seize those stolen or criminal assets (link available – unemployed wife of criminal has millions in assets that police can’t seize.)

      Add in a criminal can get found with millions in drugs, cash and assets and get like 4 years… (Google any newspaper)

      Hey, to more and more, that’s worth it!

  2. Perhaps if Kelvin left his office and showed he had a backbone he would not be lied to and would find out the grim situation in prisons.
    Andrew Little is the same with his hear no evil see no evil in the health sector . Letting the situation get so out of hand the orders are going on strike in the middle of a pandemic.
    Potto Williams seems to have a hand off approach on all the matters concerning the police and state tenants.

  3. The gangs including the homegrown ones are out of control. Nothing demonstrates this more than the disgusting scenes on state highway 1. THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ANYONE OF US now lying in a coma. Most of the negative headlines involve the Mob, Black Power, Headhunters and Tribesmen. These are all homegrown gangs so the argument that this is all the 501s fault doesn’t carry much weight with me. Sure they add to the problem like an obese person having an extra pizza slice HOWEVER we have a GANG problem. The government and the top brass of the police are performing a weird woke experiment to see if being nice will work.

    It doesn’t and never will. Basic behaviorism theory will explain why. This will become electoral dynamite and poor man’s Gordon Brown will be scratching his head why his colleagues agreed to the Maori squad’s demands on this.

    Watch this as a news story explode once the covid cult is extinguished later this year

    • These 501’s have infiltrated the existing gangs here in NZ and are upskilling their leaders and prospects.

      They have taken things to another level, with violence and intimidation.

      Out NZ Police are soft and do not have the necessary training, skills or techniques to deal with these thugs, hence they can get away with anything as our Police, Judiciary and Government do not know what to do and are too frightened to do anything. East to wring your hands and concentrate on the law abiding citizens who are speeding, failing to indicate or expired WOF’s and Registrations.

  4. Is it me or does gun crime and incidents involving guns seemed to have sky rocketed since the gun buy back scheme?

    Why is the government not being taken to task over this? where is the msm?

    • It’s just you Kcc. To say the gun buy back has stoked inter gang tension or increased domestic violence is beyond a stretch.

      What are you implying? Law abiding gun owners having less guns has emboldened the gangs etc? The gangs are preying on each other and whether the “good gun owners” have a shot gun or an assault rifle makes no difference. Were there groups of armed law abiding citizens keeping the law breakers at bay before the buy back(?)…no.

      • The statistics do show a correlation with gun threats, violence and murder higher since the firearms laws, though, as they say, correlation is not causation.
        For all that it does suggest that the firearms laws were ill directed: the bad dudes have still got the guns and can get more while the honest licensed and legitimate users were penalised. The laws failed to address the real problem IOW.

        • The criminal fraternity here in NZ are very well armed. I would say very few criminals handed their guns in under the amnesty the vaste majority would be legitimate gun owners imo.

          There us a steady flow of weapons coming into the country illicitly through falsely declared imports and across the Border by Air or Sea.

    • so your telling us good, normal, safe, responsable, right thinking kiwi gun owners are selling their illegal military weapons to criminal gangsters straight, is that the story?

      • Exactly Gagarin, I was about to raise the same response. How do the bad guys get more? They can’t buy them locally and if the good people have less they can’t steal them either. I would say the rise in violence correlates more to the increase in 501’s and probably people already on edge losing it in lockdown and deprivation. The buy back and gang violence increase are coincidence not correlation

        • How do the drugs get in the country?
          100s of guns are intercepted at the border every year, that’s just the ones they get.
          Clearly drugs still get in.

      • Start with the gang members police licensed to carry firearms.

        Cutting back on vetting was a pretty dumb idea the firearms community tried hard to stop but the government knew best.

        People with a brain would have fixed this issue above all others bearing in mind it was how they mis licensed the Chch shooter too.
        IMO they should go back through the last 5 years of gun licenses with a fine toothed comb.

        But it was more important to lie about the mis licensing and be seen to be doing the worlds fastest buy back.
        How did that go.

  5. Unfortunately various groups in NZ have been enabled to do whatever they like by the woke and government, and the wrong people constantly targeted for new laws.

    AKA former/current/ex gang leaders aka Harry Tam have been given nearly $3 million for ‘rehab’ programs he is involved in, from the police proceeds of crime, appearing on various domestic abuse government enquiries making a mockery of the process to the victims of domestic crime. Gang leaders given special allowances for Covid lockdowns etc Gangs shooting people, axing people and attacking people on the streets now.

    Foreign student turned woke protected person, who tell all and sundry they want to kill Kiwis, are given leave from jail and have 2 armed defenders following them as they knife people in malls, Tarrant was given his semi-automatic gun license, new to NZ, and with only internet character references by police.

    Instead of cracking down on the woke law loopholes they accuse the rest of NZ of micro aggressive racism or suppress the information about the offenders and those that help them. If government and our legal system made the mistakes more transparent they could push through better laws targeting the criminals not increasing their victims.

    When kiwis couldn’t get into NZ in lockdown the ISIS bride family got MIQ instead. Government couldn’t wait to get them into NZ even though she revoked her OZ citizenship. Doesn’t seem very fair that NZ woke can’t wait to get the family here from the refugee camp as a priority. Meanwhile law abiding Kiwis are stuck and get no support from our woke led legal system.

    Government agencies failed to patrol the NZ borders and now NZ is awash with Meth and drugs and people with multiple identities committing crimes and then getting compassionate leaves to stay, aka Sroubek. The guy is from the EU – who have much better human rights than NZ.

    The crims want to come to NZ, as it’s such an easy place to commit crimes, the woke and increasingly our legal system, seem to have more empathy for the offenders and keeping them in NZ, than their many victims.

    Other countries deport people when they lie and cheat.

    NZ want crims to take up NZ housing and health care and resources and expect everyone else to pay for a growing wokeforce that doesn’t have any moral compass or real skills anymore.

    • Great to concentrate on ‘other’ (tinge of racism?) in a long form wild rant. However who causes the real damage to the country?
      Do you get upset when billions get syphoned off to the banks that were gifted to the Aussies so they could capitalise on nothing more than notional finance? Bet you also feel OK about the fact that the bastards avoid NZ taxes in the process. Are you one of the many that get ripped off by greedy trades people (often barely competent) who pull gross figures from God knows where to rort clients. It is the old story, how much can we squeeze out, not what is fair and equitable. Have you noticed that even since the reports on the supermarket duopoly and electrical supply and distribution system, prices have accelerated upward. How do you feel about paying your inflated power bills knowing that they are predicated on asset sales, not goods and services?
      No, these are probably not issues for you, but look no further than that very short list and you will find where the truly criminal acts take place. All this when something like fair distribution of wealth and an end to shovelling ever greater dollops to the already wealthy would make a difference. The only joy for cynics is that there is a bit of finessing in that gangs have learned how to screw the system from the haves, which must be upsetting for you.
      Meanwhile, we know that those you castigate were, as is well researched, abused and deprived by ‘the system’ and grow up reacting in exactly the way the enlightened (not your pretend lefties!) have long predicted. May you not be blessed with the dubious bounty you sew, because it will be painful when it happens, that’s if you are not cloistered and cushioned in your ivory tower.

      • I think Tarrent was from OZ – like the 501’s and the banks.

        Being axed, shot or knived could be in a different league than the banks profiteering unless you value money above security. BTW the topic is Prison riot or 501 Gang war – what happens first & why Raptor Force will be back… not banking.

        but A+ for your diversion and play the woke racism card and empathy for the abusers not the victims. How woke of you.

        Looking forward to the society you want to create in NZ (sarcasm) but not sure how sustainable it is, since many people who are skilled, professional and expert are leaving NZ, tired of woke virtue signalling and the crims getting special treatment all the time and compassion, that others who are law abiding don’t get. (Funny enough, many NZ children in poverty get no special treatment, and real help and support, unlike adult crims – many of which are bought into NZ).

        I also feel for poor Sroubek and his Gang links, his 2 million plus NZ abode while zero income on his tax return in 2009 when he bought his house. I’m sure he really was abused and deprived by ‘the system’ in the EU, and thus deserves to be rewarded for various charges being made in NZ such as kidnapping and aggravated robbery charges, identity charges, drug smuggling, domestic abuse etc

        NZ has become a woke, joke, full of enablers. NZ is increasingly scaling down the OCED ladder into poverty and social disruption, we never used to have.

  6. Flights to the Ukraine for them should be on the cards. They can have all the weapons they want and they can pick a side when they land.

    This can be NZ’s contribution to the conflict from NZ.

    • Hera Cook and gun control NZ should have the gangs sorted by now – after all they have always been the biggest issue for misuse of guns in NZ.

      So naturally absolutely nothing was done in the laws to address the issue- gangs even said straight to police they wouldn’t disarm.

      Hera and gun control NZ instead (with rumored funding ties to Labour) cheerled the disappearance of 100 000 to 200 000 banned guns from licensed owners to who knows where with a combination of arrogance and stinginess and complicated constant changing of the rules.
      If any idiot believes Nash got them all with 40000 bought back then you will believe anything.
      Unfortunately the gangs are going to end up with a portion of those that went missing.

      Poor Hera got in such a woke tangle at submissions hearings on gun law she ended up blathering something about Maori ability to hunt and over 40s (herself over 40 I believe) having cognitive decline and ended up being actually laughed at by committee.
      It was gobsmacking.

      Maybe she could go to Ukraine with the gangs and advise them all on giving up their guns, then again we don’t want to make their situation worse either.

      • At all of the gun collections they destroyed the guns with a press immediately as they were handed in. So i’m assuming they were recycled. Not sure how you came up with “missing”. Back to your “research”….

        • KPMG – you know, the firm the government used-put the number of banned guns at 140 000, others put it higher.
          But yeah show us your research showing Nashy “got them all”

    • I heard through a friend of a friend a lot of the weapons and drugs were coming in on Russian Fishing Boats, I reckon that’s bullshit, more likely Ukrainian Fishing Boats, the Russian’s wouldn’t do that I don’t think, probably both ?

  7. Are…the gangs. Can they be integrated into society and de-escalated? Maybe. But most their offending is not reported and not seen. They live in communities where , believe it or not, the serve a function to some people. The government can’t even get rich people to pay their fair share of tax, can they de-escalate the Gangs? I agree with Mr. Mobile Weapon Against Humanity, that would need to start with decriminalizing chemical highs and putting human resources into gang communities, by which I mean poor areas of NZ, and up lifting those people with housing, meaningful activities, mental health and trauma support for the violence we all suffer the effects of.
    Can we Kiwis be less violent? Do you expect the government to help you stop being violent? I do not see a left wing in this country. I see a lot of wishful Utopian thinking on the fringes and huge middle disenaged robots.

    • point, in the UK late 60s/early 70s very few heroin addicts mainly ex hippy fuckups and addicted doctors(belive it or not) who could get daily supplies on prescription so the market remained small, when thatcher got in she made a ‘moral decision'(always a mistake with social problems) that the state shouldn’t fund addicts, sooooo the existing junkies started dealing to support their own habits by the mid 80s the UK was heroin central….some people speculate that ‘thatchers cheap heroin’ was an operation similar to heroin and cracks introduction to black america.
      I couldn’t possibly comment.

      in short the point is prohibition doesn’t shrink the market but is likely to make the problem worse.

      • Same things he with the war on drugs, attacking the people of colour here in NZ by the NZ POlice, going to jail for a couple of joints and a criminal record.

  8. Anyone with any brains in NZ knew 10 years ago that these AU Gangsters were going to cause chaos when they set up in NZ. They have linked up with certain gangs here in NZ, who are not particularly pleasant.

    I honestly don’t know what the answer is to this problem ?

  9. We can complain all we like about the Australians sending back criminals to NZ but we do the same, along with Australia and the US, to the Pacific Islands resulting in a huge increase in crime in those countries. But yes, the gangs are basically shit. From drugs to ram raids to the dirt bike cowboys terrorising the Auckland streets, these can be all linked back to gangs. Shit people with shit parents basically and we have done very little about it for years so there would be no reason to expect things to change for the better anytime soon.

  10. Shit breeds shit and in some areas there are 4th and 5th Generation Criminal Families. Just lower grade than the Italian drug cartels, different styles of operations. As someone mentioned above many gangs have upgraded, you now see the Mungies (Mongrel Mob) with flash Harley Davidsons, jewellery and well spoken and articulate with PR spokemen/woman. In the old days they had beaten up old Ford’s, Prison Tatoos all over their faces and bodies and big fat huas with pants around their ankles. Some Mungies very flash these days with the Harley’s and flash gears all earned through hard sweat and toil.

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