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  1. If this happens, the future is looking safer and brighter for Wellingtonians:

    Within the next 10 years, Wellington will become the first city in New Zealand where the majority of trips taken are not by car. That’s the goal set out by a major plan presented by NZTA to the region’s eight mayors this week.

    The Wellington Regional Mode Shift Plan sets out ambitious targets to reshape the way Wellingtonians commute, by making cycling safer, building capacity for public transport, and rethinking our approach to housing.

    By 2030, it would see public transport and active travel (walking and cycling) rise from 31 per cent to 45 per cent of trips, overtaking car travel, which would fall from 58 per cent to no higher than 43 per cent.

    No mention of free public transport there, however. Reshaping Wellington

  2. Can the Labour Party action sufficient aid for workers needs on ships around NZ and show how NZ behaves to citizens of the world?

    An estimated 300,000 crew on merchant ships have been left stranded at sea around the world by the coronavirus pandemic unable to go onshore – including thousands in New Zealand waters – in what advocates say it’s a ‘humanitarian crisis’.
    The Ministry of Transport has now allocated $295,000 to help those stuck in New Zealand ports through the Mission to Seafarers’ organisation. Wellington-based chaplain Reverend Lance Lukin is the Oceania Regional Director for the organisation, he talked to Kim Hill on RNZ’s Saturday Morning about the situation.

    Lukin says seafarers are one of the most vulnerable and isolated groups in our society.
    “There’s thousands of ships coming in and out of New Zealand ports a year. There’s about 1.5 million seafarers at work at any one time in the world.

    • “Can the Labour Party action sufficient aid for workers needs on ships around NZ and show how NZ behaves to citizens of the world?”
      As it turns out @ Grey, much as I hate to disappoint people, bugger all difference between what we’ve been doing and elsewhere in the Whurl and pretending otherwise is just becoming embarrassing.
      It’s one of the reasons (despite Jacinda and half a dozen others in the LP), I’ll be Party Voting Green next erection. (Even given Covid19, White Island, and all the rest of it, some things would have been very simple to have done – some even with the support of G and NZ1 coalition partners – so without any substantial opposition).


  3. Canada’s last ice shelf has collapsed.
    Canada’s Arctic has been getting slammed by the climate crisis. The region hasn’t been this hot in at least 115,000 years, and its ice is suffering. But it had one intact ice sheet that was hanging on for dear life. Until now.

    Canada’s last fully intact ice shelf has collapsed, the Canadian Ice Service reported this week. The shelf lost more than 40% of its area in just two days at the end of July, the agency said. May it rest in peace.

    Also, The collapse of the Milne Ice Shelf mirrors what’s been happening on the other side of the Earth in Antarctica, where a handful of high profile ice shelves have collapsed since the 1990s and glaciers are thinning at an alarming rate. So yeah, ice everywhere is having a rough go of it on our rapidly overheating planet. Canada Ice Shelf Collapse

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