WHOA THERE! DANGER LABOUR DANGER! Are you insanely allowing the Ministry of Health waive indemnity for Covid vaccine???


WHOA THERE! DANGER LABOUR DANGER! Are you insanely allowing the Ministry of Health waive indemnity for Covid vaccine???

Government may provide indemnity to NZ supplier of Covid-19 vaccine

The Ministry of Health is planning to fast-track the approval process for a Covid-19 vaccine, and won’t rule out offering a supplier indemnity from any potential claims resulting from its use.


Comrades, do you want to super power the anti vaxx NZPP cult anymore than Facebook ignorance and inbreeding is currently generating?

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We don’t have the bloody virus in NZ – surely one of the privileges and luxuries we have is that the vaccine we get will be safe to use!

Giving an industry best known for its egregious greed like the Pharmaceutical Industry the power of indemnity for a vaccine we aren’t in the clutches of is handing ammunition to NZPP and any other Political desperado (I’m looking at NZ First) who smell the potential in seizing on this as an election issue.

Kill this idea, kill it now. Shut that dickhead at the Ministry up now, why are you saying this to the media? Why are people finding out?

Where the fuck is Chippy?

Once the electorate understand what they are saying there is going to be an eruption, how fucking thick are you people?

Chippy, where are you???


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  1. The old adage is that “Beggars can’t be chosers”.

    I think the ministry already know the writing on the wall with regards to this. Our ‘vaccine’ will be produced under license in the back blocks of some industrial city in China. Might as well sell it out of the warehouse…where everyone gets a bargin

    The law of intended consequences here Bomber. By being successful in our elimination strategy was a Pyrrhic victory in many senses. US never tried; Europe is slowly but surely giving up; Africa, the middle east and South Amercia are well…those areas of the world; even Australia and South East Asia over time might have to give up the ghost. The world is realizing we have to get used to living with covid-19 rather than eliminating it. In this sense we are at the end of the line for any vaccines. Indeed we might never have a vaccine given this virus doesn’t appear to work like a standard influenza or corona virus strain.

    Strategically there are as many cons of being the Tibet of the South pacific as there are pros. These will become more pronounced into 2021.

    • ‘give up the ghost’ ? Doesn’t that mean to die? Do you mean it as the giving up of trying to control (the virus)? ‘Tibet of the South’ is an interesting analogy.

      • This virus isn’t the black plague despite the best efforts of the MSM who seem to delight in exaggerating its effects. The vast majority of infected (98-99%) would appear to make a full recovery. I’m not advocating open borders moreover looking at the facts around the virus.

        Have a look at US and now European approaches to covid-19. There is now an acceptance forming that management as opposed to containment is now the right course. If this continues then it places NZ in a delicate position. We are a small, remote export dependent nation. If management of covid-19 becomes normalised in the world where does that leave us with our policy of isolation?

        If planes and ships don’t call on NZ how do we get goods in and out of the country? Re-integration into the rest of the world is a critical issue – to date no political party is brave enough to talk about this….

        Remember Tibet now forms part of China.

        • Yep, as great as things are for us right now compared to other countries, the outcome you describe is definitely on the cards.

          If there is still no vaccine in a couple of years and countries like the US have full herd immunity a lot of people here are going to get pretty restless. I could easily a strong demand to open up our borders again

  2. This SHOULD be an election issue, right now. It’s people’s well being at stake here, not the well being of a political party; nor will any tyrannical power force me to receive a vaccine from an indemnified originator, and I am not anti-vax.

  3. Same sell out of the public that occurred during the moth spraying in Auckland. If a private company wants what is effectively a captive market in the form of the New Zealand population, then they need to take the risk. Just like the risk for people who will be receiving their vaccine. If noone is willing to accept that then the government need to produce the vaccine themselves or state that they themselves will assume liability through ACC if things go wrong. If the latter is the chosen option, then ACC needs to be reformed away from the pre-privatisation policies adopted to make it more attractive to private “investors” where it is always trying to weazle out of its obligations by employing tame third party specialists to deny cover to its “clients” or claiming the loss of a limb in a traffic accident is age related. Why should we be surprised though? The NZ government, regardless of affiliation has made a specialty of screwing over NZers for the past thrity years.

  4. Our best option is to use the blood test (serology) rapid 99-8% accurate ‘Roche’ Switz test for everyone now as china did to keep us protected.

    “Roche wins U.S. nod for COVID-19 antibody test, aims to boost output
    Aakriti Bhalla, John Miller
    (Reuters) – Roche (ROG.S) has won emergency approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an antibody test to determine whether people have ever been infected with the coronavirus, the Swiss drugmaker said on Sunday.”

    • @Red Buzzard Whoa there Red Buzzard – your Dr Paul Cottrell appeared in a video that had zerohedge links to it, and zerohedhe has been removed from Youtube

      Google bans website ZeroHedge from its ad platform over comments on protest articles. A Google spokesperson said in an email that it took action after determining the website violated its policies on content related to race.


      Twitter also

      Stop Funding Fake News @SFFakeNews
      Apr 3 2/ Dr Paul Cottrell, one source, models financial markets – he’s not a scientist. He recently spoke to Stefan Molyneaux – promoter of antisemitic conspiracy theories – who, according to Southern Poverty Law Centre, “amplifies scientific racism, eugenics and white nationalism”.

      …and your interview was from https://www.brighteon.com/ Website platform, which has articles about Covid19 vaccines being made from foetuses. https://www.brighteon.com/f6f483a1-4c35-4472-81d4-7682513ff3a0

      One look at Brighteon and you can tell it’s a nut-job site. FFS it has OAN news videos, which are further right than Fox FFS

      Come on buzzard, go and peddle your right-wing nut-jobbery videos on the New Conservative Blog, or the Hannah Tamaki’s website. Did David Seymour and the gun lobby have anything to do with this post?

  5. Well Lovely, Google bans a lot of things for their own political corporate reasons….but you are welcome to take a Big Pharma vaccine with no indemnity and without proper long term research and trial safeguards….and then blame David Seymour lol ….if you suffer bad side effects and/or start to die

    … (what was the results of the SARS vaccine btw?)…check it out…not good

    …and last time I looked ZeroHedge was up and running

    • Let’s let the moderator decide shall we dearie who gets banned RB, RT, RS.
      Red Buzzard – and the right wing trolls.
      Great band name btw.

      • ….would you ban me then?…interesting

        ….so you dont believe in free speech, or dialogue or dialectic or evidence or open discussion or scientific method? or critical thinking?

        … well there are several names for this….f..cism and authoritarianism and totalitarianism

        ….and monopoly corporate capitalism which puts profits above all else ….even democracy and free speech

        • “Brighteon © 2018 All Rights Reserved. Privacy | Terms All content posted on this site is commentary or opinion and is protected under Free Speech.

          The refuge of you right wing trolls to spout your conspiracy nut-jobbery.

          Accept your fee for being here and wasting the time of people with your buzztard tripe.

    • @Red Buzzard

      The very idea to “…..fast-track the approval process for a Covid-19 vaccine, and ….. the supplier indemnity from any potential claims resulting from its use.” is shameful, abhorrent and Aotearoa should not have a bar of it.

      The fact that you used the Brighteon website, and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SjE9UKEm6M, to support your case, gave your post little credence:
      https://www.brighteon.com/5816582169001 Q ANON Update
      https://www.brighteon.com/8d436b84-ed0c-4b60-9593-bbfceaf48664 Stable genius.
      https://www.brighteon.com/f6f483a1-4c35-4472-81d4-7682513ff3a0 Murdering babies for Covid-19 Vaccines

      …all video by the same channel, also didn’t help your case.

      There are a few people in New Zealand that I would nominate to be part of a trial of the Covid-19 non-indemnified vaccine, and I might suggest they start with six-fingered, inbred right-wing trolls, of the genus buteo buteo and genus buteotard buteotard.

      Go home, drink a Cuck light, pick the lint out of your navel, watch every single one of your Brighteon.com videos…you’ll still get your fee from David Seymour, or Colin Craig, or whoever the hell that guy is in the New Conservative role.

      ‘Nuff said buteo buteotard.

      Btw, you’re welcome dearie, in the manner of a condescending prick retort.

      • lol..I was called “Lovely”…twice the other day by an English woman …in a bottle store…I was intrigued…I said “Lovely yourself” and she was!….so actually I dont take offence at quaint little Englishisms like “darling” or “sweetie” or “sweetheart”(even if they are used by a traffic cop)…they are friendly

        How about I call you “precious” or “pretentious” or “insincere” or “untruthful” or a ‘bully troll’ or “bought”…would this be more accurate?”

        New Zealanders must be allowed to decide for themselves whether vaccines are safe and whether they wish to take them or not.

        New Zealanders must be protected from BIG PHARMA and the vaccine industry…and have the right and government support to sue if they are adversely affected.

        • 100% of what Red Buzzard watched and promoted on this site, was designed to spread disinformation about “Big Pharma”. He used Brighteon video, ZeroHedge and RT .

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SjE9UKEm6M “Dr” PaulCottrell

          Bubble indemnity: Big Pharma firms will NOT be held accountable for side effects of Covid vaccine 31 Jul, 2020 17:48 / Updated 1 day ago

          Red Flags Soar As Big Pharma Will Be Exempt From COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims by Tyler Durden Sat, 08/01/2020 – 12:35

          Before the aliens probe him; before the illuminati shine ultra violet light on him; before chemtrails kill him; before Black Lives Matters protesters man-trap him; before zombies crack his skull open and munch on the only brain cell in that cavernous empty hole between his ears; before preppers will come out of their caves and bunkers to save him; before the Ministry of Health in New Zealand strap him to a table inject him with Covid 19 vaccine engineered from alien DNA mixed with human foetuses, a couple of things will happen.

          One, he will still collect his fee from one of the right-wing tranches of the dirty politics brigade in New Zealand.

          Two, if he continues to use words like lovie, lovely, dearie, darling towards women, half the population in this world will jump at the chance to put the umbrella he carries up his nose, push the little button, so that the mechanism unfurls the umbrella in the vast cavity behind his eyes. Emblazoned on the fabric of his umbrella will be Red Buzzard’s catch-cry “Misogyny is just a misunderstanding dearie, don’t you worry your pretty little head about it”. The shade from the umbrella erection, will mean that the sun does not shine on his one remaining brain cell and and will not shrivel it. After all, he needs the remaining brain cell to make his chode function.

          Three and lastly, he still has not, and will not address the facts that he promoted a right-wing Brighteon video and two other right-wing sites, to support and supposedly give credence to his “information”.


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