Rich boomers the losers in new Border charges the perfect win win



Those paying for their quarantine will be the wealthy boomers who want to flit and flirt around their global bubble for a wee break because lockdown has been so stressful darling.

Fuck them.

If you are still holidaying globally, fuck you.

And if it’s for business, zoom instead.

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And if you are a ‘Get ahead Karen’, sorry your trans-national commute became less frivolous.

If there’s been a death or an emergency, or if you are returning home, it’s still free as it should righteously be.

So this policy hits all the right people while exempting all those who deserve to be exempt.

It also calms the blood thirsty Nuzilind masses who view their self sacrifice during lockdown as the greatest thing any living NZer has done since storming the beaches of Gallipoli. Their snarling hatred towards the ambitious diaspora returning home after trying to make it big in Hollywood is the Tall Poppy syndrome on low grade homebaked meth.

Labour have decided the most deserving target of that snarling toxic solidarity are wealthy boomers living their snow coloured haircut best lives and travelling for a chance to recharge their batteries.

Fuck them.

The only thing that takes this more perfect is listening to Barry Soper cry his delicious tears that he and his jet setting family won’t be able to afford their privilege any longer.

Perfect. Just fucking perfect.


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  1. Yes. Perfect.

    The good news is, most airlines are recording passenger numbers down around 93% year-on-year -which must be good for the environment…well the privileged few are not fucking it up quite as fast as they were before Covid-19 hit. What is more, with what is coming down the line, we can expect air travel to decline further.

    The bad news is, the Great Barrier Reef has no future (well not as the greatest living entity on this planet) because global consumerism has already delivered the death blow.

  2. I think you miss the point. The largest NZ travellers are the millennials – I will cry tears of delicious irony when the stories start coming out about how unfair the lockdown is to their travelling aspirations. When poor George can’t go to London to pull a pint at the walkabout or Grace can’t visit the colosseum that was her favourite thing she learnt about at school.

    When the penny drops that international travel is effectively rooted until 2022 at the earliest wait to see the pink teddy bears tossed. When no airlines come to NZ in 12 months and nobody can get back or get out – what then? Tibet of the south pacific?

    This story has long to run…..

    • lol Frank the Tank…enjoyed that!…sadly it is true ( sorry Greens …no more air travel for you!….and we should chop your salaries as well and give the money to the food banks….you dont need it!)

    • Frank the Tank: “The largest NZ travellers are the millennials…”

      And as this article points out, those holidaying – who will be charged for quarantine – are a vanishingly small proportion of international travellers:

      I note that the tone of the comments sugggests that the commenters haven’t properly read the article in the first place.

      “When no airlines come to NZ in 12 months and nobody can get back or get out…”

      Were that to happen, we here would be in exactly the position of Maori at the time of first contact with western explorers: running out of food and other resources, and with no means of establishing international trade to enable us to export/import.

      And, judging by the tone of the comments here and in that Stuff article, much of the population would be just as hostile to any unfortunate arrivals as were those Maori.

  3. Samuel Langhorne Clemens you are not Martyn, but then again, I wouldn’t be reading Mark Twain online at 7.30am while smiling and nodding my head.

  4. The truth is few people living in NZ give a flying shit about expats whining about quarantine costs. I do not care about the New Zealander quoted on RNZ as living in Paris who thought it an outrage his parents cannot touch their grandchild because of the cost of returning. The world ain’t about you anymore, sunshine. It is costing us kiwi’s who remain and pay tax a fortune that we don’t have.

    The world has changed, possibly forever. Just get used to it.

  5. As a kiwi working in Sydney who would have to go home if I lost my job (over 10 percent unemployment here and no social security either) I am pleased at the decision. If the right has their way We would be returning with very little and faced the possibility of a quarantine bill we could not pay. Most of us are not wealthy but the past exported unemployed due to lack of opportunities in NZ because of the past economics of unkindness.

  6. Globalists and extremely wealthy are stateless. They do not give a fuck for any particular country, only in what money they can get from a country. Sure it’s nice to visit places, famous spots, unusual scenery, and so on. However they need a passport to get round. So they can pay for junkets into her ether and wherever. They don’t give a fuck. Agree Zoom or similar can be used by business people so no need to travel. But saying it’s all boomers is an over-genrealisation, unfair, ageist and discriminatory, in my opinion.

  7. Soper’s crocodile tears are probably toxic – would not advise tasting them. It’s complete B.S. Anyone thinking that he or his missus/ d.p.a. would hesitate for even a minute before hopping on a plane if they wanted, is fooling themselves. Same for all of the wealthy – They can all go low budget travel-stays.

    To the wealthy, it is little more than chicken feed. It is poor families who are being kept apart. It is just another rotten tax on the poor. And it is also a way of taking money from small NZ businesses, as those families who do come home to visit would have spent that $3,000 ++ that they’d saved up over the year, – they would have spent it on taking the kids to at least one local NZ tourist venture. So, this is a way of the govt saying, “No, not you local Kiwi venture, we’re taking it for ourselves”.

    A fairer option would have been to offer very low budget isolation for the two week quarantine. That way, poorer families spread over two countries could at least have been able to get together once in a while.

    • My bad grammar correction (minor maybe, but it grates) ~ is fooling themselves . Should be, “People who think they’d hesitate to hop on a plane are fooling themselves.”

  8. I am 76 this year and are ‘from the war baby generation’ which is called “the silent generation” historically; and I 100% embrace Jacinda in her care of us all through this pandemic she is along with Megan Woods as both are exceptional leaders who are my hero’s of our wonderful county where I was born and love dearly.

    I am a poor man with a pension and no savings so I wouldn’t want to leave these shores.

  9. And ordinary Australians living here and people with sick family living overseas. How about people who need to go off shore for life saving medical treatment?

    Yet more ugly Gordon Gecko style “greed is good”, “user pays and pays again” neo liberalism from a so called left govt that are little more in the eyes of this voter than National aspirants…..

    No vote for this lot come Sept…..


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