MEDIA WATCH: National Party Housing Spokeswoman a filthy dirty liar!


What the actual hell was she thinking?

National didn’t build 30 000 state houses!!!! THEY PRIVATISED THEM!

National housing spokesperson Jacqui Dean falsely claims they built 30,000 state homes when last in power

National’s new housing spokesperson has falsely claimed her party built 30,000 state homes when they were last in power, and claimed her party now backs rental standards they voted against and recently promised to scrap.  

Jacqui Dean made the bizarre claims while talking to The AM Show on Thursday morning, at the same time acknowledging they could have done better in their nine years in Government. 

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“Judith Collins, our leader, has acknowledged that we could have done better in our last term in Parliament and we certainly endeavour to do much better than that when we do become the Government. 

“Having said that, in our last term of Government we did build 30,000 emergency housing, state housing homes. We had a number of state housing homes in the pipeline, ready for when Labour came into office. Roughly half of those that they have built were already in pipeline under National.”

In fact, the state housing stock fell by 2000 between 2009 and 2017. Statistics show in 2008, when National defeated Helen Clark’s Labour, there were 65,324 state homes. In September 2017 when National lost power, there were only 63,209.

…this is unbelievable bullshit! We all know National didn’t fucking build any state houses! They privatised them and ended up with 2000 fewer!

National also manipulated the meth hysteria to throw state tenants out of their houses in the middle of a homelessness crisis while needlessly spending $120million on decontamination that was never a real health risk!

For the new Housing spokesperson to not know any of this is an obscenity to the state tenant lives National damaged so cruelly and needlessly!

Look at her bullshit justifications for this outrageous lie…

Asked where she got the incorrect figures from, Dean gave two explanations – one, that she was given the figures by someone else she didn’t name, and two, that she found them through her own research.”

“If I’ve got my number wrong… then of course I apologise to you and I will correct what I’ve said. I may have picked the numbers up wrong.” 

…’someone’ told her and she ‘did her own research’?

The! Fuck!

The thousand state tenants National needlessly threw onto the streets while they privatised state housing is an injustice and social damage for which National have never apologised or healed. To now have their self researching spokesperson lie to the faces of those state tenants and tell them National had actually built 30 000 state houses is Trumpian in its deceitfulness.


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  1. Yet again… this is National, under Judith Collins leadership just making shit up, on the fly, as they go. Hail Marys for Africa policy making. They have NO idea.

    These incompetent dishonest creeps are nowhere near ready to govern. They couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery!

    • Did Jacqui Dean also handle the costings for National’s 3-tunnel Roading Policy as well? Did she just ‘look it up on wikipedia”?

      Created another National Fustercluck!

      No wonder Judith had her head in hands the other day and was muttering:
      “FFS, not another one!”

      Colmar Brunton Poll is allegedly showing 32% for National??
      Did Jacqui Dean also handle for National’s internal polling of 72% as well, based on Jacqui’s research?

      Better have another sit down and a cup of tea and make sure the Judith & Jacqui club are singing from the same lie-sheet, using Nat-O-Pedia, instead of Wiki-Pedia, to be sure, to be sure?

      Piss up in a brewery?

      National couldn’t find their own @rseholes, with a braille map, a Te Reo map, or an English map in contoured colour, or even using a smell-o-vision map.

      Just watched 3 News 5.46pm, and Minister Hipkins called National’s leaking of private health details and information, another “disgraceful and grubby political act”.

      I can just visualise Judith Collins at her desk again tonight, forehead in hand, elbow on desk:
      “FFS, not another one!

      Being born-to-rule, comes with a few fish-hooks Judith. Have a cup of tea, write your valedictory speech and pass over the reins to Chris Luxon.


  2. Are they all doing that eyebrow dance thingy then?
    .. as in, “I only have to speak the truth if you can tell where my eyebrows are at any moment”.

  3. ‘Trumpian’. Brilliant. I like that one.
    And you’re correct, of course.
    Just make stuff up, pop on a dead pan face then tell it and sell it like it’s true and some of it will stick in our poor old unarmed amygdala’s.
    “An amygdala hijack refers to a personal, emotional response that is immediate, overwhelming, and out of measure with the actual stimulus because it has triggered a much more significant emotional threat. The term was coined by Daniel Goleman in his 1996 book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.
    Absolutely Tumpian.
    And unfortunately for the unwary, extremely dangerous.
    When that gas bag dean wheezes toxins like that all over rnz, for example, rnz will dutifully run to her dog whistle and beg like a mongrel for a natzo pat on the head while we go, whether we like it or not; ” Wow? That many houses aye? I never knew…? ”
    Well, we fucking know now jacqui dean. And thanks to we human beings, somehow labeled as ‘left’ politically as if we were silly little ‘different’ people, can congratulate ourselves for another win on the battlefront. ‘Humanity versus The Righties’ .
    We’re getting there…
    Dear wishing fairy? Please can I have roger douglas asset stripped and in prison and the graham heart, multi billionaire panel beater money cultist types audited then asset stripped and living on a pension in a block of flats in Aranui please?
    And if you can make that so, dear wishing fairy, there’ll be no need for me to bother you again.

  4. Deans needs to be exposed by our media, she needs to be made an example of because housing and the lack of it is such a critical issue for many NZers. Her blatant lies show why her party are not fit to be in government. The fact she didn’t even bother to do her homework before appearing on TV also shows her party cannot be trusted and they don’t actually care.

    • Jacqui Dean is coping the leader Collins to lie to us; -so the take from this is; – don’t trust National Party ever.

      • Yep, she should have just said that they’d build 100,000 houses in ten years because that was never a lie was it?

        • Honestly so what if they lie? we have a huge massive problem with the economy and we need results!!!

        • Or build 10 bridges to get to those homes, whilst not raising GST, whilst wasting 30 million on a vanity flag.

      • typo; ….. what she’s talking about.
        No excuses these people are on the public purse . Born to rule doesn’t cut it.They are effing incompetent and they always were. They are always looking to use their public position to accrue more wealth for themselves and the current economic situation is exposing more and more of our politicians from all parties for the useless parasites they are. The ever shrinking pool of MP’s with any technical or hands on skills in their set is a case in point. Pontificating, report writing, policy plonkers the lot of them. Hence the steady stream of sacked ministers and inexcusable failures . Housing, Auckland light Rail ,Climate policy. It’s a standing joke here in fast growing forest country in the North, how many useless consultants on growing trees you can count in your local area on any given day. Lot of money being thrown at unplanned poorly thought out “solutions” to our problems which are in reality sloganeering BS. Our governments are all full of shit. And do not give a fuck people . Wake up.

  5. That is a pretty weak and pathetic excuse and shows they (national) are not fit to govern cause aren’t they suppose to be a strong team or is that all bullshit Brian?

  6. “MEDIA WATCH: National Party Housing Spokeswoman a filthy dirty liar!”
    Careful @ Martyn.
    It’s only OK to use that sort of language if you’re a gNatzi shill (a la Garner or Richardson or Hosking and ilk, and/or even every man’s darling, leopard skin suphusticut, and ladder manager: Pullya).
    Otherwise you’re likely to be branded as a bloody far left communist radical.
    Might be time to have one or two counselling sessions with Efeso Collins and leave the polemics to @Countryboy – he’s bloody good at putting what a growing number of what people think in plain language
    And there’s always the children to think of! AND the effect clutching has on poor unsuspecting pearls

  7. Thanks for expanding the lexicon, Martyn

    Trump’s ego is finally satisfied! He gets to be remembered long after he dies.

    To trump: to win using a superficially inferior weapon which is actually superior.

    To Trump: to ensure one’s own demise by behaving like a complete dickhead.

    A trump; something that can overpower/conquer/render useless other playing cards/arguments.

    A Trump: a person (often a spoilt brat) who lies, pronounces white is black, and generally behaves outrageously

    Trumpian: abstract adjective describing a person or group with Trump-like characteristics.

    Trumpish: abstract adjective describing weird behaviour and policies similar to those of Trump.

    It’s good to see National become so Trumpian and so Trumpish. With so much bad stuff going on in the world we are in need of a good laugh.

    Keep drinking the bleach, Jaqui.

  8. ” What the actual hell was she thinking ”
    She doesn’t have to think like the rest of the National caucus they are so used to not being challenged when they deliberately lie and and exaggerate about their time in government and the media are complicit in the dishonesty.
    Jacqui Dean has absolutely no interest in fixing or taking a minute to realise that its her very policies of privatisation that really cause the current crisis because her party receives big donations to keep the current status quo exactly where it is.
    I never take anything any of them comment on seriously because they only govern for their donors and vested interests and not for the majority of New Zealanders.

    • Lovely link Zack – I am proud of you, Winston Smith and George Orwell would both have given you the thumbs-up, or more likely, a slight raising of the eyebrows, so as not to be seen by the ubiquitous telescreen.

  9. The National Party a.k.a. the cactus party —- full of pricks is fond of making things up. At the moment they have no Cameron Slater to spread their lies so they have to do so themselves.

  10. Train wreck of an interview. But remember they are only dirty filthy lies when the “Tories” do it.

  11. Politicians live and die by poll results. They are constantly reassessing and making adjustments based on what polls are saying. Any suggestion that a politician, especially a desperate one in an election campaign is not aware of very recent poll results is pure fiction.

    Do National Party MP’s lie?

    You listen and decide. Ironically, the MP who seemed the most truthful is the one Bridges described as fucking useless.

    How dare Lisa Owen try and get to the truth. Chucky was not happy.

    • Great link Jacindafan – thanks for sharing:

      But, I hear that when Judith Collins saw Lisa’s video, Judith was seen, with her head in BOTH,/b> her hands, shaking her head, fists clenched, little gobbets of froth, mingled with shards of her back molars, spilling through her grinding teeth and muttering:

      FFS – 4 more of these f-ing useless no-names that Key, English Bridges and Muller left me! with How can I ever fucking win, if these low-listers keep throwing me to the media pack!!”

      But, the most telling part of Lisa’s interview was the last 10 seconds of the report:
      Checkpoint did request an interview with Judith Collins, and through her press secretary, who said,
      “I appreciate you have been doing your own straw poll of our MP’s, accordingly Judith won’t be contacting you tonight!”

      The transparent press secretary for Todd Muller, blithely announced, “He’s gone for a cup of tea and lie-down.

      Judith’s press secretary was a little more circumspect and less….forthright and he might not have mentioned that Judith could be seen shredding a John Key flag she had kept as a souvenir of her relationship with him, running around her neighbourhood and dobbing in to police, cars with expired warrants and rego’s, and baying at the full moon.

      Apparently, a freelance reporter in the area said she was howling and screaming at the top of her voice and knocking cats out of trees with her vibrato rants:

      “16 fucking days in the job. 16 days in the fucking job and every fucking useless tool in the fucking National is pushing me under the fucking media bus!”

      She turned and saw the freelance reporter, looked at her, gathered her wits, wiped the spittle off with her forearm, lifted her eyebrows and said to her:

      “Don’t you know who I am, I’m born-to-rule, can’t you see my eyebrows? I’m just joking!”
      Enough said Judith.

      Hand over to Chris Luxon, let John Key’s dirty politics influence, re-stiffen the spine of the National Party going forward. Do you think Melissa Lee, Jacqui Dean, Alfred Ngaro, Maureen Pugh, Nicola Willis, Harete Hipango would have been as useless under John Key?

      But, you do need to get out quickly, while you can Judith, while you still have a modicum of credibility and respect left. After all Jacinda came in after two other failed leaders. Chris Luxon needs to show his mettle now, not later, especially with John Key unequivocally backing Luxon as the real deal PM in waiting.

  12. Collins says her MP “just” made a mistake and won’t make it again. Haha. I’m sure the MP would have reached for “I was only joking” if you’d given her half a chance. I can see a Tui Billboard coming. “National, we don’t know, we can’t recall, we joke about important statistics and we mislead and bullshit all the time”

  13. So where are these houses Ms Dean? The rest of us must have been fast asleep for nine years when National built these 30000 state houses, because when we woke up, they weren’t there! Please don’t insult us!

  14. Jacqui Dean’s blatant bullshit ‘we built 30,000 state houses’ claptrap is just business as usual for National in 2020. Trouble is a decent chunk of NZers continue to support them regardless of what their incompetent muppets masquerading as parliamentarians make up. At least this is one example of a Nat being called out and pushed to substantiate their BS.

    A sizable percentage of the voting public blindly continue to support a National Party lead by Judith Collins and Gerry Brownlee. Even tanked and bottoming out National will still capture 20+% of the votes this election.

    This is regardless of the scandals, corruption, deceit, dishonesty, incompetence, perversion, and hubris. Critical thinking has been suspended indefinitely in most of these NZers. The rest are either sociopaths, greedy, or both. These folk call our honorable PM nasty things like ‘horse’ and ‘eeyore’ – I’ve heard these ‘characterizations’ being made by acquaintances. Most of which I had thought are articulate, decent, well meaning people, and yet they come out with immature school kid like nasty insults about the PMs physical appearance. It’s just gross. Gross willfully blind National supporters.

    So National and all they represent can still carry 20+% of the voting public in their dire current state with the queen of dirty politics at the helm. Why? IMO directly due to NZ MSM. Pertinent questions are not asked (most of the time), narratives not challenged, core party values not examined. All translating into ‘media bites’ and consumable click bait headlines. The consuming National voting public effectively programmed by MSM setting the narrative. Editorial hubris at such heights they deem themselves narrative managers and the arbiters of power.

    I sincerely hope this election is a turning point in NZs political landscape and economy. The alternative is another wrecking National government in the future that will be worse than previous iterations.

    • I’m afraid you are right.

      If National were to have a chicken, or a donkey, or a rabbit as a candidate, the fuckwit voters you referred to would still vote National; it’s a matter of pride or habit, and has nothing whatsoever to do with past [miserable] performance or current competence to govern.

      You can bet your bottom dollar National will be ferrying senile old folk from rest homes to the polling stations. Where there’s money there’s a way to get votes. Cheat, lie, churn out meaningless slogans or utterly deceitful slogans, and avoid talking about any of the crucial issues of the times. It’s worked well in the past.

  15. Cats out of the bag now. What she meant to say was that they plan to sell off 30,000 state houses this time around. I nearly choked on my coffee when the MSM commiteriat suggested bringing in former ministers from the Key government at the begnning of the Covid crisis to lend their experience to Jacinda. Not sure how experience at not acheving anything for nine years would be of help to a government that seem to have perfected that outcome in three. Lets have some progressive policy this time if Labour govern alone. Dont abandon housing, admit you screwed up in this term and promise to do better. We have now seen what the alternative is from the other side.

  16. What is it about the NZ National Party and their love of the Number 30?

    To date we have heard Judith Collins ‘promising'(Tui billboard time) $30billion towards perhaps the mostly congested Auckland region if there is a National government.

    And then this twat of a National Party MP brings up information possibly for the intent to mislead and deliberately mis-inform the viewers that National are all fantastic and have never made mistakes even whilst in government!

    Their perfect ability to lie even with a straight face certainly has demeaned National in the eyes of quite alot of people. They just don’t know how to behave with honesty or credibility. It all seems a mis-mash of false and fake information presented by mostly white National MPs.

    I pity those in Jacqui Dean’s electorate who are in State Housing because I bet not one of the 30,000 state houses she claimed National built are in her electorate. But then she could be in one of those blue-lined safe National seats.

    Still with all the lies and codswallop National are putting out I am so hoping a huge number of so-called National seats are trounced by Labour at the election. It would be the oh so perfect Karmic Payback for all the years National denigrated NZers especially those on low incomes.

  17. The fact Judeath gave Jacqui Dean that portfolio says she doesn’t really value housing she should have left that with Nicola Willis.

  18. Heh. This is just National doing National. Lying is like breathing to them. It probably doesn’t help that some of these careerist muppets have never had their feet held to the flames and they swiftly find being interrogated by the media too painful to endure. Consider it a trial by fire, Jacqui. Whatever doesn’t burn you to a crisp will only make you stronger (and probably even less honest).

    The sooner this reeking sackful of weasels gets tossed into history’s dustbin, the better.

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