The Waterstone 2020 Election Podcast – Judith, Falloon, China + Winston vs Seymour


The Waterstone Election 2020 Podcast on The Daily Blog with Damien Grant and Martyn Bradbury discussing the Judith Collins handling of Falloon, National’s un-costed Infrastructure policy, NZs subservience to China and Winston Vs Seymour.


  1. Damien again talks about the “new and improved” Collins.

    Yeah, right. Same old leopard, just new spots.

  2. The PM was not “grovelling” to China. A Prof of International Relations has something to say about that here .

    Would a response such as that by the Almighty Trump (SARC!) have any better effect?

    Of course we all wish that we could protect smaller states and nations (I am very concerned for Taiwan now). But just shouting out empty threats at them, …how would that help? IMO, Jacinda dealt with it with appropriate diplomatic finesse, the only way that would not threaten further encroachment of others’ freedom, and of human lives.

    • New Xi Land

      Yes. Indeed.
      And if we want to stop that ongoing process, then we have stop giving them our land and our water, our underground aquifers. That is some kind of insanity. Why would they have other than contempt towards anything we say about what they do in other countries when we’re so eagerly rolling over and saying, “Take me! Take me!” We have lost all self respect as a nation.

      As I wrote elsewhere:
      They already own vast tracts of our land, of the body of Aotearoa, and no end is in sight.
      They already own the rights to empty our aquifers, in effect.
      They already own most of the invasive mono-forests.
      They already own many NZ businesses.
      They own many NZ farms.
      They own many NZ homes.
      They have their own bank here.
      They have their parliamentary influence and representation.
      It would be a relatively small step only, to owning us completely.
      …Unless or until we start saying, “No”.

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