Te Ao with MOANA – “He treats us like second class citizens” John Tamihere on Mike Hosking


Fresh from an out of court settlement which included a payment and apology from Mike Hosking and NZME – we have John Tamihere in the studio to ask him why he took a defamation case against one of the most well-known broadcasters in the country.

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    • And very anti Ardern. Called her queen Ardern this morning and some of his accusations this morning could bring about another defamation. The man doesn’t learn. The irony in the Tamahere case is Hosking hid behind the Newstalk ZB banner, talk about personal responsibility! He is an overpaid buffoon.

  1. John Tamihere: Mr. Frontbums, who is notorious for his pernicious attitude to women. Speaking of being treated like second-class citizens…..

    I cannot think why anyone would defend him.

  2. Wow…? How odd?
    I’ve just tried to find ETV, the so branded early morning television show hoskings shoved out of the way.
    ETV was excellent. It was like reading a good and add free newspaper with coffee before going to work.
    Where is ETV’s history..?
    What we should remember is that hoskings is a product. He’s nothing more. He’s the product of a corrupt political system that’s becoming ever more unhinged day by day thanks to ever more people coming to understand just how head fucked they’ve been for more than 36 years.
    He’s a plant and not the garden variety, he’s not that interesting. I know thistles that are more interesting and less of a pain in the arse.
    hoskings is an all bought and paid for national party plaything. He has the mad oily hair that he hopes says ” Hey!? I’m cool and urbane and I’m witty and brilliant.” when really it says it’s somewhere to keep rusty screws. And lets ponder the squeaky, sneering belittleling whiny voice, then there’s the bitter, nasty aftertaste of burned potatos he will leave in your ears if one tries to hang in there in case there just might be something he puffs that’s worth listening to, and of course, there never was nor is.
    The dirty little neoliberals ( Code word for criminals. ) have cashed up our resources, pocketed our assets and now they’re outa here man. ( How’s that $50 million dollar apartment in NYC working out for you @ graham hart? Bet you’re glad you bought OUR government printing office at below capital value then? )
    So, sorry little man but no more need for an oily, sub Antarctic TV super star like you anymore. Perhaps you should flog your Ferrari before we’re all forced to buy Tesla’s.
    If you’re dumb enough to buy a Ferrari and the seat’s pulled all the way forward? You’ll know it belonged to wee mike. Step ladder on the door sill? That’d be another clue. Seat cushions? A mirror glued to the steering wheel hub? Empty tubs of hair gel in the boot? ( Do Ferrari’s have boots? They have wankers, that much we know.)
    But we shouldn’t worry about little man mike. He’ll be ok. He’s best bud’s with the jonky, remember?

  3. Tamihere is absolutely correct when he describes the way that any person accused of a crime who happens to be Maori is outed in the Herald.
    All sorts of meaningless, surely bred out of poverty petty crimes are still reported in the herald despite their worth being purely for the vicarious nosiness of curtain twitchers.

    When suppression orders prevent them from printing a name (herald makes certain full name including any Te Reo handle always gets printed if possible), they never fail to find a way to mention something that assures pakehas, the guilty party is one of that lot.

    “The defendant was supported by his/her extended family in the courtroom” is another Herald code, it makes me wonder if there isn’t a sub at the Herald who specialises in inventing this code. If there is, the low life scumbag could make a better earner as a copywriter.

    It really blows me away that in 2020 Aotearoa’s ‘best’ fishwrap still gets up to these nasty, cheap & transparently racist slams.

    ps if you feel stuck with the daily natz but don’t want to give them your dosh anymore? Go to github where there are a number of paywall bypass browser addons that will allow you to access all of the daily natz plus a huge range of other news sources which cower behind paywalls incl the wall st journal even FT.com
    It is bad enough they publish these lies without them making us pay to be deceived.

  4. With reference to the NZ Herald treating Maori as second class citizens.
    Not such a surprise really
    Without much trouble I accessed an article in the NZ Herald dated March 18, 1869 in which settlers were urged to kill Maori.
    The Granny Herald apparently has a problem with anyone not from an Anglo-Saxon background.


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